22 Refreshing Beach Bathroom Ideas

From light color schemes to bright tropical ones, the examples below will inspire you to create the beach-style bathroom of your dreams. No one said that coastal decor is something that is suitable only for your country home! Transform your everyday bathroom into a luxurious and tranquil oasis with these inspiring ideas.

Deep colors are not reserved for bedrooms, just as a beautiful painting is not something to be seen only in the living room. Undoubtedly, you have everything you need to implement myriad beach-inspired bathroom design ideas. So this selection, full of astonishing and budget-friendly inspirations, is made for you.

1. Let’s Go To Pier. As this bathroom is strongly associated with water, it might be a good idea to decorate it with objects inspired by sailing.

Add some rope towel holders, DIY jute rope mirrors, and other things to create a more realistic ship deck atmosphere. And let your washroom space be hospitable to light colors. Simplicity in all its beauty!

2. Decorative Towel Ladder. Would you like to have something special to decorate a coastal-style bathroom without changing the look of the walls and floor? All it takes is bringing a small towel ladder into your beach-themed bathing area, and it will serve as one of the most outstanding home decorations.

Made of natural materials, the wooden ladder will bring a coastal feel to your bathroom.

3. Touch Of Nature. Do not hesitate to invite Mother Nature into your home and ask her to become part of your beach-themed bathroom! Wooden elements and plenty of plants will be the best choice if you are aiming to create your own zone of tranquility and freshness. Natural materials are very appropriate in all corners of the house. And when it comes to beach-themed ideas — stone, wood, and marble are your best friends.

4. Choose Your Favorites. Check out the different colors and shades to find the one you like the most. Then paint the walls in it. And if your favorite color is blue or turquoise, you will have the perfect base to create a beach theme in your home.

Get ready to find the most comfortable space for rest and self-care. By decorating the walls with a few live plants, you will bring a natural touch to your bathroom. The simple design with rich natural colors will give you the feel of an untouched wild beach.

5. Creating Comfort With Accents. If you are interested in classic contrasts, paint the walls of the beach bathroom in plain white.Such small black nuances as frames for favorite photos, shelves, and other decorative elements will help to create an extraordinary minimalist atmosphere.Blue and yellow accents, on the other hand, will make your guests think of the sea, sand, and relaxation.

6. Count On Blue And Yellow. What an exceptional combination you can achieve with a light wood floor, a sunny yellow bathtub, and a beautiful blue wallpaper ceiling covering!

Yellow and blue and their shades are closest to the colors of the beach theme. Therefore, you can look for the best coastal bathroom ideas by using these colors as the main ones.

7. Fill Walls With Art. If you love collecting artwork and all kinds of paintings, try decorating your walls with them. So, it’s not just wallpaper or tile that can be useful for embellishing your bathroom.

You can change the composition whenever you want. Each item can be a reflection of your most desired dreams. Since we’re talking about beach-themed ideas, you can cover walls with lots of nautical-inspired photos. As you can see, the result is quite unusual, and this idea can be absolutely versatile when it comes to changing and improving the design of your beach bathroom.

8. Make It Stand Out. Of course, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Believe it or not, items designed for washrooms as the most practical can also be the most decorative.

If you want to find something new for your beach bathroom, try using unusual towel hooks to decorate the walls. These things may or may not be standardized in color and form — you decide. Once again, it’s time to talk about natural materials. The more wood or wood-like items you use in decor, the more beachy the atmosphere will be.

9. Shelves Have More Than One Mission. The shelf is extremely useful in terms of usability. And it can also be handy for decorating your bathroom. Don’t forget to use lots of shelves of the same shape, and you’re sure to get not only plenty of room for personal hygiene items but also an unusual accent wall that everyone will love.

And here’s the hack. The more simple and natural your shelves are, the more beach-themed your washroom will be.

10. Creating With Your Own Hands. There is a lot of DIY content online, so feel free to visit your local store to purchase the most interesting items to bring these DIY ideas to life.

Many unique goods can only be purchased locally, and not everything can be found and bought on the Internet. So let these things be the finishing touch to your bathroom design.

11. Go For A Rustic Look. Perhaps sometimes we just have to let some things be as they are. The exposed earthy-toned walls will create a unique, authentic atmosphere, and the thin wooden shelves will help you get more space for towels and self-care essentials.

It may not be a classic coastal bathroom, but it definitely has a country lake feel.

12. More Than Coastal Interior Design. Consider an all-white shower room. These tiles are like white sea foam, like a blank sheet of paper, waiting for your exceptional and creative input.
Search for a fresh green branch for decor, and you will not only get a unique beach-themed bathroom design, but it will also provide aromatherapy as a bonus. Changing the branch allows you to get a completely new look every time.

13. Airiness And Breeziness. This coastal bathroom design has such a strong beach vibe. The amazing accent wall, covered with turquoise tiles, together with the snow-white walls, united into a beautiful breezy ensemble. And look at these wooden and brass nuances — what a match!

The fresh green foliage can be the perfect finishing touch to this part of your residence.

14. Real Beach Shower Room. Why not create a real beach shower room? It is an especially relevant idea for the lucky owners of a bathhouse. Decorate the walls with classic white subway tiles. Add a few gilded accents, cover the floor with a contrasting blue ornament, and hang a beautiful piece of art over the towel hooks. Voila! Now it’s an unusual shower room with lots of beach-themed touches.

15. Lighthouse Atmosphere. Take a look at this astonishing beach-themed bathroom. The minimalist design of the walls adds a lot of space, while the rustic furniture gives the vibe of an old lighthouse. And what do you think about these blue tiles? We believe that they create quite a captivating accent wall.

16. Colors Can Be Quite Neutral. This beach-inspired bathroom features Boost Clay tiles that create a modern look in a neutral, earthy tone. Bright ornamental objects and a towel ladder made this room cozy and full of natural hints.

17. Gifts From The Sea. There is something warm and cozy about the interior design of this small bathroom, despite the abundance of blue and gray colors.

A starfish? Sure! This starfish, together with a piece of coral, is a cute accent that enhances the unforgettable atmosphere. Feel free to use any nautical-inspired decor, even in the form of a seahorse.

18. Turquoise Dreams. Blue subway tiles in the shower gave a coastal feel to the whole room, as they were beautifully reflected in the mirror. Coral pieces will also look great in such a beach-themed bathroom.

As always, wooden furniture is highly recommended to enhance the seaside atmosphere.

19. Search For Peace In Your Own Place. If you are the lucky owner of a beautiful house on the coast, your living space must be represented by Mother Nature in all its glory.

Large bay windows overlooking the beach can be the best idea for your coastal bathroom. And consider this gorgeous light fixture as a glamorous finishing touch. Is there anything more comfortable than an exquisite moment of harmony and pure intimacy between you and, for example, the coastline outside your window? We doubt it!

20. Similar Ideas Yet Different Approaches. Even with so many references and ideas, it’s still possible to act in a unique and creative way. This beach-inspired bathroom with rope lights and a marble sink gives its owners a tranquil and breezy wild coastal vibe. And look at the frame of the mirror! It definitely reminds us of shells scattered on the beach.

As a result, this minimalist design is a testament that less is definitely more.

21. Opt For Sturdy Rope Hooks. Once again, we would like to remind you that items with a rope in their design can be an amazing finishing touch to your beach-themed bathroom. So why delay going to the store to find the ones?

Here are some rope wall hooks that are sturdy and well-designed. They would be perfect for your coastal-themed apartment.

22. Breathtaking View To Fall In Love With. There is no doubt that the team that designed this Australian residence got it right. This unusual modern beach bathroom has a unique focal point: the window. The site of the house allows its owners to turn the expansive ocean view into a beautiful work of art. What a great place for a retreat!

Just as you are different from other people, your beach-inspired bathroom design should stand out from the rest. Regardless of the colors, shades, textures, forms, textiles, or materials you choose for your beach bathroom, there is always plenty of room for your creativity. So get inspired to create your dream home!