50 Relaxing Bedroom Ideas to Create the Dreamiest Space

It is the place for having sweet dreams, taking physical and mental rest, and staying in touch with ourselves, our loved ones, and our family. Bedroom design can be as unique as its owner, so be sure it represents your inner world. Bringing favorite colors, furniture, patterns, textiles, pictures, and other things to this room will help you create an extraordinary bedroom that matches your personality.

Check out these 50 bedroom ideas to help you build the entire room in the best way possible.”

1. One + One = Incredible Master Bedroom. If you have a new house with two single rooms, but without any space left for the main bedroom, merge them into one!

Creating such a room can be challenging. But in the end, you’ll have an extraordinary huge bedroom for bringing all your ideas to life. The project’s designer decided to complement this all-white space with a few gray accents. Take notice of the upholstered headboard. Doesn’t it look cozy and stylish at the same time?

2. C is for Comfort and… Concrete. We want to introduce this incredible bedroom to continue with gray motives. The interior designer of this space created a great mix of dark elements and bright natural light, which is quite possible with these huge windows. There is no need to style windows if your bedroom walls are covered with rich concrete texture. Otherwise, it looks tasteless.

3. Bring Nature Inside. This small bedroom gives such a cozy feeling. Sage green combined with wooden elements can be a great solution if you are in love with natural vibes and vintage motives. The interior designer of this room decided to create a space full of accents. Look at this wooden bedroom furniture and patterned wallpaper that feels like a sunny garden.

Don’t worry if your bedroom is tiny. You can make this space more extensive and comfortable by installing a mirrored sliding wardrobe door.

4. Minimalism in All Its Beauty. Less is best. This bold statement was brought to us by the modern and postmodern era when minimalism came to light and possessed people’s minds. Minimalism means living with only the things that we really need.

Suppose we are talking about small bedroom ideas. In that case, the best decision is probably to have only a cozy bed with a classic metal frame. Put a lovely minimalist bedside table next to it. Paint the walls your favorite color. And you will get the most delightful place to sleep and relax after a productive day.

5. Night Sky As The Focal Point. If you are a happy owner of the second floor, this bedroom idea is for you. Roof windows have always had a special place in our hearts because of the freedom feeling we have when looking at the sky at night.

Put your bed with a cozy upholstered headboard, so the window is right above it. Thus, you’ll have an unforgettable good night’s sleep each time you visit your attic bedroom.

6. Rustic Bedroom. Another lovely attic bedroom idea but it has a more rustic look. Take notice of these wooden pillars and the unusual placement of the bed. How stunning! This bedroom sanctuary, with plants and plain white walls, exceeds all expectations.

7. Have You Ever Slept in Entrance Hall. This guest room is in the middle of the house, surrounded by the entrance, living room passage, and gate.

Of course, the interior designer could let this hall stay as it was. Still, he decided to make such an unusual space by keeping all original elements, giving them a new look, and placing them near this great four-poster bed.

8. Some Extra Storage Never Hurts. If you are a bookworm, this small bedroom idea is definitely for you. Try making special storage for your library on the balcony. It saves a lot of much-needed space and prevents wall overloading with shelves. A window seat is a great way to add interest and make your bedroom space feel more expansive.

9. Fresh Atmosphere. Take into account this elegant small bedroom idea. As you see, adding uneven lines to the space creates interest. At the same time, combining yellow and rich blue accents with wooden flooring and white walls can make an incredibly fresh and bright look.

10. South America Vibes. This bedroom idea is gorgeous. Its palette mixes calm warm colors with black and matte gold accents. The interior designer of this room used a lot of natural materials and created a unique place. You can notice many wooden elements, natural stone, rattan, ceramics, etc.

As you see, standardized paintings are an excellent option for creating a gallery wall in your room.

11. Rest Space For Boosting Energy. If you are a highly energetic person, you probably need to have a perfect place to rest. Take a look at this calm bedroom. While a vibrant color scheme sounds like something typical, this toned-down color palette is a great way to make the space feel safer and softer.

This bedroom is an excellent energy charger with a simple bed frame, feature wall, and cozy bedding. It is one of the best bedroom ideas, for sure.

12. Modern Lines. Give your bedroom a more modern look by using perfect vertical lines. Look at this unique headboard that blends into one ensemble with window dressings and the feature wall itself. It is so beautiful, isn’t it? Floor-to-ceiling mirrors, minimalist bedside tables, and a mint color scheme complement the room so nicely.

13. Modern Lines. It is one of the loveliest modern bedroom ideas. Interior designers and owners tried to balance the feeling of absolute relaxation and simple calmness in a laid-back atmosphere. As a result, this room is full of vibrant colors that give us the vibe of a sunny vacation.

14. Artistic Choices. This bedroom is perfect for a young couple as well as for a single independent woman. The space is full of natural wood and stone colors, making the room look fresh and stylish. Modern furnishing complements it nicely and adds a luxury vibe.

15. Welcome to Jurassic World. This bedroom design is created for all dinosaur fans, without a doubt. It has a vivid dino theme made in rich green, violet, and yellow colors that contrast the all-white wall nicely.

The T-Rex wall painting became the focal point of this room. At the same time, it makes a beautiful ensemble together with the bed linen of the same colors.

16. H Is For Harmony. This bedroom design is astonishing. Gorgeous crisp white bedding, a grand square window to stay in touch with the beautiful world outside, and a wooden headboard make the room look fresh and airy.

A canvas print complements the bedroom nicely and makes it look pleasant.

17. What About Art Deco. Concerning bedroom design in old buildings, preserving history and authenticity is always important. Upgrading its furniture to modern standards is more than enough, while white molding on the walls must be untouchable. It is best to think about art deco elements when it comes to such tasks.

Try to cover the walls with white color. Use artworks with abstract patterns together with cozy green bedding. Add some black accents to the furniture. Thus, you get an extraordinary all-white bedroom with a unique atmosphere.

And have a look at the bay window dressing. The sheer curtains are so airy, aren’t they?

18. Deep Dive to Colors. Using concrete became almost number one idea in modern bedroom decorating ideas. The interior designer of this main bedroom also followed the trend.

Combining the dark gray soil-cement walls and linen bedding in deep colors is a great decision when trying to make your bedroom look magnetic. Do not limit your room to only one table light source. Placing a beautiful black floor lamp can add some intrigue to the space.

19. Indian Summer. Using concrete became almost number one idea in modern bedroom decorating ideas. The interior designer of this main bedroom also followed the trend.

Have a look at this minimalist white bedroom design. You can not find plenty of decorations or a bed frame here, but there are many rich fabric textures. The white bed linen, carpet, and bamboo ladder are great accents to make a small bedroom feel airy and comfortable.

20. Vibrant California. Here is one more example of a minimalist but exquisite main bedroom. If you are into art and an easel is your close friend, find a place for it somewhere in your room. The bed linen and crisp white walls are a great combination. At the same time, a simple mirror can be an excellent alternative for bedside or dressing tables.

And look at this wooden bedroom flooring, wicker bed frame, and California shutters. This bright room would not be that cozy without them, for sure.

21. Blue Is for Sky, and Yellow Is for Sun. Combining yellow and blue colors has always been a great idea. Suppose you are looking for bedroom decorating ideas. In this case, you should pay attention to this great ornament on a deep blue wall and the sunny yellow bedding.

The white bedside tables and black chair go well with this modern bedroom.

22. Never Enough Of Vibrance. We can see another great example of blue and yellow accents in this modern bedroom. An upholstered headboard and plenty of wicker elements, such as chandeliers and bedside tables, add warmth and comfort to the home. At the same time, a pair of red chairs and a gallery wall make this space look voguish.

23. Feel Ocean Breeze At Home. This master bedroom would not be that airy without a bright color palette. Look how blue window curtains and bedding complement white walls! It feels like being near the ocean and enjoying its breeze. The cloudy day painting became a lovely focal point of this place.

24. Black Is Always Elegant. We are happy to introduce this beautiful black and white modern bedroom. Making this space all dark would be a brave decision, so the interior designer of this project decided to avoid a solid black color. That is why he added some white accents to the bed with a black velvet frame to create luxurious and rich contrast.

25. Earthy Tone Room. This cozy room has an extraordinary accent wall covered with a classic but modernized Mediterranean ornament in rich earthy tones. A lovely yellow pillow creates one more accent. It looks unique and well-furnished, doesn’t it?

26. B Is for Bath. A bathtub in the bedroom is not an option for a limited space. But if your bedroom is large enough, you can install such a plumbing fixture. We recommend placing a freestanding bath in front of a classic bed as a focal point of the room. However, it may be pretty challenging to deal with it in real life because of moisture.

27. Sailor’s Fate. A cozy captain’s bed itself is already a great bedroom design idea. Historians say sailors invented this type of furniture to have more room for storage drawers and save a lot of space.

It is quite practical even when it comes not to ships but tiny houses. So, a small bedroom is not a problem anymore. By the way, decorating all the space in nautical style is an excellent idea for children’s bedrooms.

28. Trendy Norfolk Blue. Do you know that just a couple of twists can renew the whole bedroom’s look? Try to use Norfolk blue paint together with oak framing and pewter handles. And you get an exceedingly fresh, modern room that fascinates everybody.

29. Green Is For Relaxation. This calm and as fresh as a green forest bedroom idea is mainly popular among those who are in love with nature and minimalism. The designer of this astonishing room created a beautiful ensemble of creamy walls and wrinkled green linen. A great big window gives a lovely forest view and makes it look absolutely stunning.

30. Modern Classic. Although you may get the impression that the room is pretty dark, its colors are more about wisdom and pure harmony. The old crown molding, green linen, and gray walls create a striking look. Nothing extra, the bedroom is modern and stylish.

31. Not So Many Shades of Gray. This minimalist bedroom design is absolute perfection. A black window frame, laminate flooring, bedroom furniture, and walls of the same gray color make it into a gorgeous monochromatic room which is still full of contrast and brightness. As you can see, gray is not as sad and dull as many people think. Don’t you agree?

32. Make It Airy. It is another awesome and almost monochromatic bedroom idea. A simple bed frame, headboard with a richly textured fabric, blue walls, and gray linen make this bedroom feel airy and calm. That is why well-combined colors must always be a priority.

33. Black Is Never Oldy. We want to introduce this rich but simple interior design to continue with monochromatic bedroom ideas. As you see, the apartment is made within a black and white color scheme. It has brick walls and a concrete ceiling. The bedroom is separated from the other space by black curtains, which are gorgeously combined with empty gray walls, parquet, and a black window frame.

34. As Fresh As Mint. A Ukrainian designer created this extraordinary bedroom design. Look at this lovely combination of light mint walls and abstract painting, along with a bed, chair, and bedside tables in coffee tones. The beige curtains and shelving successfully create a smooth transition between those areas. Refreshing, isn’t it?

35. Titanic Era. Of all the captivating bedroom ideas, this is one of the most interesting. Wooden herringbone parquet is a lovely addition to these sliding mirror doors and crown molding walls made in Empire style. This place gives a Titanic Era vibe.

36. Stylish, Modern, Simple. This bedroom is an excellent example of a contemporary interior. Adding a bed with a winged headboard, minimalist shelving, and an abstract wall artwork is a great way to modernize your room. It is suitable for children as well as adults.

37. Stylish, Modern, Simple. Farmhouses have always been a popular choice in rural locations. There is something special about them. No wonder, the smell of fresh veggies, warmth, and morning dew charm every visitor and create unforgetful memories.

Why not bring this wonderful feeling home? Transform your bedroom into a lovely small farmhouse by adding plants, large windows, and bright elements.

38. Creamy And Cozy. This spectacular modern bedroom idea is one of those that should be shown to many people. Check out the cozy atmosphere achieved by the creamy walls, honey carpet, wood parquet, and brilliant black accents. Warm and lovely, for sure.

39. There Is Never Enough Of Gray. Have a look at this urban master bedroom. Many shades of gray and concrete-like carpet make this space feel almost like a cave. However, it is still bright and warm as this panoramic window shows nearly all the world outside. At the same time, it has an incredible dark decoration on the wall right in front of it.

40. Let Your Walls Be Soft. This main bedroom is different. A lot of attention was given to upholstered headboards previously. But what about upholstered wall panels? This element of decor makes the space feel soft and extravagant at the same time. Padded wall panels are a perfect addition to any modern interior. So, why not try them?

41. Cappuccino Bedroom. Another beautiful master bedroom features a coffee color scheme. This monochromatic room steals attention with contemporary table lamps and beautiful curtains. The curtains also zone the space into two different parts. It is an ideal solution for a small studio apartment.

42. Dreamy Childhood. Mixing modern elements with classic motives is a fantastic idea for a kid’s bedroom design. Look at how the upholstered wall panel and modern yellow chair make this space perfect for children. The color palette of champagne, olive green, and bright yellow is astonishing. Simply lovely!

43. Monochromatic Wall. This modern bedroom captures attention with perfect zoning. Monochromatic textures and simple forms are lovely options for studio apartments with workspace. Beautifully framed bedroom mirrors and black shutters became stylish accents that complement the space nicely.

44. Red Is For Passion. But passion should be accompanied by wisdom, calmness, harmony, and relaxation. This beautiful modern bedroom combined them by choosing the right color palette.

The red upholstered wall panel, gray bedding, and wooden wall work together beautifully and make this room look stunning. This space perfectly represents the character of its owner.

45. Best Guest Bedroom Idea. This modern bedroom is simply gorgeous. A minimalist contemporary bed frame with a winged headboard that can be easily separated from the living room by linen curtains is a perfect place for guests to rest. It’s simple, bright, and calming. Nothing less, nothing more.

46. The Less The Better. Sometimes placing only a bed in the bedroom is more than enough. Find a spot for wardrobe and shelvings somewhere else. Use beddings made of quality fabrics with a lovely texture. Paint the walls a neutral color. And you will have a perfect modern bedroom for having really sweet dreams!

47. Perfect Place For Self-Growth. The designer of this bedroom believes it is a perfect place to start working on self-improvement. And we can’t but agree. There is a lot of free space for working out and lovely yellow accents to boost your creativity. The colors work well for a man’s bedroom too. How inspiring!

48. Home Sweet Home. Although we have a substantial king-size bed here, this interior is a perfect example of simplicity and coziness in each detail. Combine some dark and light tones with the beautiful wall panels made of wood, and you get the best room for your nighttime ever.

49. Terracotta Accents. This bedroom is beautiful and functional at the same time. The interior designer of this project says that the task was to create a work space in the room. As you can see, there is a pretty computer nook for this purpose. He also added some interesting accents to make this space modern and stylish.

50. Perfect Nursery. When we talk about a space suitable for self-growth, we mainly talk about the room for kids. Children need a private area where they can be themselves, improve their personality, and get creative. Let all your kid’s favorite stuff become a part of the interior decor, just like in this yellow and blue nursery.

Remember that your personality is always a priority. There is no specific color, furniture, or style you should choose for your bedroom. Ask yourself which option is best for you and go for it. Of course, toned-down colors are more associated with relaxation than acid ones, but only you decide.

To sum up, these home decorating ideas are here to help you find the design you like and create the bedroom of your dreams.