10 Best Wall Paint Colors for Kitchens with White Cabinets

White kitchen cabinets are a design staple that is never out of style. They look great in a large or small space, in sunshine or in artificial light. But if not handled correctly, they can also make a kitchen seem boring and uninspired. A sure way to make the most of your kitchen is to match your white cabinets with the right kitchen paint colors.

Whether you like dark colors or prefer light shades, adding some color to your space can make all the difference. Here are 10 of the best paint colors for a kitchen with white cabinets followed by inspiration images that will help you set on the right one.

1. Light Gray. Light gray is very much the color of the moment, and you can find it everywhere, from furniture to floor tiles to walls. Using a light gray color is an excellent choice for your white kitchen, not just because it is trending but also because it brings a fresh and clean feeling to your space, and everyone appreciates a crisp kitchen.

Light gray walls also pair nicely with any hardware finish. Silver, gold, black? All look great against a classic gray.

Kitchen with White Cabinets Light Gray Walls and Copper Decor

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White Kitchen Cabinets and Light Gray Wall Paint Idea

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White Kichen Cabinets Paired with Gray Countertop and Light Gray Wall Tile

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2. White on White. It’s hard to go wrong with white paint on your walls and bright white cabinets. Choosing an all-white scheme for your walls and kitchen cabinets amplifies the light in the space, making it feel bright and airy while also allowing you more freedom with your kitchen decor than many other paint colors.

Whether you want to stick to a soft farmhouse or Scandinavian style, or if you are looking to add some bright colors and bold accent pieces, white walls with white cabinets make for the perfect backdrop.

White on White Kitchen with Black Hardware

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Kichen with White Cabinets and White Backsplash Tile

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3. Beige. The days when beige wall color was seen as a boring choice are long gone, and this warm shade is finally getting the love it deserves from homeowners and interior designers. Against the soft brown color, your white cabinetry will appear bright and pristine.

Beige is an excellent paint color for kitchens with a mid-century modern aesthetic or any style that highlights natural materials or wood grains and has warm white accents.

White Kitchen with Beige Upper Cabinets and Wall Paint Colors

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White Kichen Cabinets Butcher Block Countertop and Beige Walls

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4. Greige. So you know you want a neutral color palette but can’t decide between gray and beige color ideas? Greige is the shade for you. Greige is either a warm gray with a beige undertone or a light beige with cool undertones, depending on who you ask and the lighting.

Greige walls are the perfect color to complement your white kitchen cabinets and the plant life that is so often found in boho and farmhouse kitchen design styles.

Rustic Kitchen with White Cabinets and Plank Walls Painted Greige

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Modern Kitchen with White Lower Cabinets and Upper Cabinets Painted the Same Color as Walls

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Bright White Kitchen Cabinets Against Darker Gray Beige Walls

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5. Dark Blue. Not all kitchens are meant to be soft and feature neutral colors; some need a dramatic flair. A dark navy blue is a fantastic bold color choice for your kitchen space. White kitchen cabinets and countertops will shine when paired with dark walls.

For some added texture and visual interest, consider using tiles with a dark blue color for your backsplash or even an entire wall.

White Kitchen Cabinets with Navy Blue Wall Tile and Kitchen Island

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White Kitchen with Deep Blue Semi Glossy Hexagon Tile and Floating Shelf

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6. Light Blue. If you like the cool sophistication blue walls bring to your kitchen but also want a light breezy space, switch up the navy blue for a soft sky shade. Bright blue works great as an accent wall paint color or backsplash to bring a pop of color to your kitchen without overwhelming the space.

This shade works well not only with your white cabinets but is also stunning with wood countertops and decor pieces.

Farmhouse Modern White Kichen with Light Blue Backsplash Tile

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White Kitchen with Long Floating Shelves and Minty Blue Wall Tile

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7. Blue Gray. For a contemporary blue wall, check out some blue-gray paint samples. This gray color with strong, blue undertones is one of our favorite darker colors of the moment. Blue-gray walls are a wonderful backdrop to kitchen decor pieces with warm tones, things like brass accents and butcherblock counters, as well as your white cabinets. We love that it works as both neutral paint color and an accent, depending on your styling.

Kitchen with White Cabinets and Backsplash with Walls Painted Blue Gray

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Classic White Kitchen with Long Hexagon Blue Gray Backsplash Tile

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8. Black. What color combination is more classic and chic than black and white? Black walls make a bold style statement anywhere in the home, but they are stunning when paired with white kitchen cabinets. This dramatic wall color works best in rooms with plenty of natural light and modern or industrial decor choices such as wood accents and clean lines.

Something to consider when choosing any color, especially black, is if you want cool or warm undertones, as this can change the entire feel of your space.

Kitchen with White Cabinets and Black Backsplash and Hardware

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Rustic White Kitchen with Black Paint on Walls

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9. Green. Another daring color choice that will look marvelous in your kitchen and help your white cabinets stand out is green. Whether you choose a dark emerald or soft sage, green walls will add charm and a cozy feel to your space while highlighting earthy colors in your countertops and decor.

Green is the perfect wall color for folks who like a rustic or country feel but are bored by white-on-white and neutral paint colors.

Country Kitchen with White Cabinets and Block Painted Earthy Green Walls

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White Kitchen Cabinets and Walls with Green Tiled Accent Wall

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10. Brick. Another choice for a kitchen with white cabinets we couldn’t omit is incorporating texture and color through brick. There are many easy ways to add a brick accent wall to your kitchens, such as paint, wallpaper, or natural stone tile, and all of them look great against white or off-white cabinets.

The rough texture and warm colors of bricks are a lovely contrast to cool white or gray kitchen walls. Brick also works well in many aesthetics, from industrial to farmhouse.

White Kitchen Cabinets White Walls and Brick Backsplash

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Rusty Colored Brick Wall with White Kichen Cabinets

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White Kitchen Walls and Cabinets with Rosy Stone Brick Tile

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Kitchens are the hearts of our homes. They are not only the place we make meals for our families, but they also serve as a gathering place as we congregate to chat about our days or let our kids finish their homework at the kitchen island. And what better way to show our love and appreciation for this room than make it beautiful with a fresh paint color? Choose something that not only highlights your white cabinets and lovely countertops but brings a smile to your face when you step into the room.