10 Best Front Door Decor Ideas with Inspirational Photos

A beautiful front door is a must if you want to create a great first impression about your home design. Luckily, it’s easy to achieve by decorating your door or the porch area. The variety of front door decor ideas is truly overwhelming, ranging from rustic door wreaths to statement colors. Here are 10 exciting ideas about how to decorate a front door with 40 examples that can make your heart skip a beat.

How Can I Decorate My Front Door Entrance?

When it comes to decorating your front door, you may either work on your door itself (painting it or adding nice sidelights), find a nice decor to hang (be it a wreath, a funny hanger, or a flower basket), or decorate the surround (set up a seasonal display near the entrance or on the front steps, place matching planters, get statement front door lighting or a custom house number). Scroll down for all the tips and inspiration photos.

1. Crown Your Door with a Wreath

Door wreaths have gone beyond a traditional Christmas decoration, giving home decor enthusiasts plenty of room for creativity. You can change wreaths on your door as seasons change each other, injecting a special seasonal vibe into your entryway.

A floral wreath can add a beautiful, fresh accent even to a door painted in statement yellow. To make the wreath stand out, choose flowers and leaves of contrasting colors. Perfect for spring and summer!

Yellow Front Door with Sidelights Decor

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Of course, no one banned Christmas door decor, but what if you step a bit away from traditional forms and decorations? This thick Christmas wreath decorated with pine cones, cinnamon sticks, and dried orange will definitely mesmerize your guests.

Front Door Wreath Idea with Pine Cones and Dried Orange

via @thecountrysidehouse

This is another example of an unusual (and budget-friendly!) holiday door decoration. Traditional fir branches are replaced with green foliage foraged in local woods, while Christmas red is represented by real berries. A dark red ribbon is a cherry on top, adding style and elegance to this pretty wreath.

Unusual Christmas Wreath Front Door Decor

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For a nostalgic fall vibe, adorn your entrance with a foliage wreath. With an impressive variety of fall colors, make sure you choose the hues that match your front door and wall best.

Creative Rustic Front Door Decor Ideas

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And this boho door wreath made from pampas grass is an excellent way to express your personal style. An unusual alternative to foliage and flowers, a pampas wreath is sure to catch the eye.

Boho Style Front Door Decor Ideas

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2. Let Your Sidelights Pop

Apart from letting in more natural light to your house, sidelights can do a great job performing a decorative function. You can easily juice up your entry by decorating sidelights with window film, imitating stained glass, or adding lovely curtains.

The geometric pattern on this sidelight repeats the pattern on the door glass. For such a bright front door color, a minimalist sidelight design is an ideal option, indeed.

Front Door with Patterned Side Lights and Wreath Made of Lemons

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Obscure glass paired with delicate mosaic is a totally unique way to decorate your front porch. These sidelights perfectly complement the brick wall and muted blue door.

Blue Front Door Decorated with Stained Mosaic Glass and Matching Planters

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You can also play with different glass textures, combining them to create elegant and stylish sidelights. Adding stained glass is welcome, too!

Black and White Front Door with Stained Glass

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If you’re looking for door decorating ideas that can perfectly align with the classic style of your interior, go for stained glass. You’ll be astonished how dramatically these tiny colored pieces can transform the space.

Framed White Front Door with Stained Glass and Curtains

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Lovely curtains have the power to add welcoming warmth and inspire a stronger feeling of home. What is more, with a great variety of fabrics, you can change your entry design whenever you want.

Cottage House Sage Green Front Door Floral Curtains

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3. Make the Best of Front Door Hangers

A door hanger is a simple and fun way to adorn your front door, giving your house instant curb appeal. With a family name or welcome lines, funny or serious, hangers come in a virtually limitless variety of designs, making it easy to choose one that will best match your style. You can also DIY your unique hanger to impress your visitors and neighbors.

Make sure your cute sign matches the overall color scheme, like on this porch.

Front Porch Decor with a Door Hanger Sign Board and Classic Planters

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Door hangers can be also used for seasonal accents. This wonderful door hanger made in the shape of a Christmas ball is sure to add to a magic holiday vibe.

White Front Door with Black Christmas Hanger and Sign Board

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White a welcome message is good, a funny welcome message is a thousand times better! It will demonstrate your excellent sense of humor and bring smiles to your guests’ faces.

Front Door Hanger for Dog Parents

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Here is another great example of a funny door hanger. A good idea to warn your visitors against stepping on a Lego brick or tripping over a cookie jar.

Front Door Hanger with a Funny Message

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4. Express Your Style with Color

Seeking to spice up your house exterior without breaking the bank? Paint your front door! Want your door to stand out? Paint it in an unusual color! Colors have the power to completely transform your front porch, adding personal style to your home.

If you want to create a romantic atmosphere on your porch, you’ll never go wrong painting your door in light pink. Add a couple of delicate door decorations and observe your house get a totally new feel.

Sage Green Porch with Pink Painted Doors Hangers and Cursive Written Out House Number

via @lollyjaneblog

An ebony black door beautifully stands out against the light wall. If you prefer to keep things minimalist but still driving a lot of attention, this is the way to go.

White Porch with Black Doors Chairs Lights and Rain Boots Decor

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A sunny yellow door is the best way to brighten up your space and make it look cheerful even on a gloomy day. Yellow and green go exceptionally well together, so adding some plants to your porch will make it look even lovelier.

Front Door Painted Yellow with Simple Stained Glass Ornament Against Brick Wall

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Muted shades like this beau blue are a perfect choice for refreshing the exterior of a traditional home. Although this color is attention-grabbing, it harmoniously blends with the architecture.

Beau Blue Front Door Decorated with Bright Funny Hanger and Rug

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5. Hang a Flower Basket

You might want to try hanging a flower basket on your front door if you crave more outstanding door decor solutions. Flowers never go out of trend, they are beautiful and bright. The fascinating variety of their colors, sizes, and shapes allows you to create unique compositions matching different seasons, color schemes and styles.

This sunny porch looks stunning thanks to the basket filled with bright yellow flowers. One of the loveliest door decorating ideas, this is an awesome way to welcome fall and make your porch attract amazed looks.

Front Door Decorates with a Large Flower Basket

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Flowers can go a long way if you prefer seasonal-themed door decor. These delicate spring flowers look absolutely gorgeous on a light pink door, injecting a fresh spring vibe into this porch.

Blue Gray Porch with White and Blush Pink Door and Upcycled Chairs Planters

via @themustardseed205

This is a bit of a different way to create an enchanting fall vibe with the help of door decor. The flowers are of muted shades to blend with the overall color scheme, while the basket is placed lower than it usually is.

Mustard Front Door with Flower Basket Hung Low and Autumn Decor

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A basket with yellow flowers awesomely complements the dark front door. Steal this idea if you love bright accents.

White House Black Front Door and Shutters Basket with Yellow Flowers Decor

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6. Get Matching Planters

Are you passionate about gardening? If space allows you, you can adorn your entry with plants. By matching planters with the door, it’s possible to achieve outstanding designs and breathe style in your front porch.

Experiment with contrasting colors to make your porch thrive. While the yellow door and lemon trees look incredibly interesting together, vibrant cobalt blue planters make this porch pop.

Lemon Trees in Bright Blue Planters at the Sides of Bright Yellow Front Door

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Classic doors call for classic decorations. This is an awesome example of how classically shaped planters can enhance the total look of your entryway.

Sage Green Front Door with Vintage Canister and Planters Painted Black

via @mycreatedcottage

Copper planters with signature green deposits are all about style! They beautifully pair with the pink door but, being monochrome, they don’t steal the show and allow the door to remain the focal point of the porch.

Pink Front Door with Large Glass Sidelights and Oversized Planters

via @christmasdecoratorslondonnorth

If you focus on textures rather than colors, make sure you choose planters that match the overall scene. This lovely entry roof with solid wood framing is nicely complemented by the natural textures of the planters and the rug.

Front Door Decorated with Wood Entry Roof Flowers in Wicker Basket Planters and Rain Boots

via @painter.andrea

7. Arrange a Dazzling Holiday Decor Display

A front door is an ideal setting for your holiday decor. Christmas, Easter, Halloween, or Thanksgiving — let your creative juices flow and make your home shine through with festive vibes.

This cozy deck is absolutely ready for the Halloween celebration! Pumpkins look more interesting when painted in different colors.

Entrance Porch with a Vintage Bench and Farmhouse Decor Display

via @flowertowncharm

Can you feel the vibe of the harvest festival? Such a display can serve as door decor all fall long, up to Thanksgiving when you finally can switch to your Christmas scene.

Harvest Themed Front Door Decor Display

via @mindylawhorne

If you have a red front door, you probably can’t wait for Christmas time when you can add some awesome holiday decor. If you’re tempted to have it all — a wreath, a garland, and a Christmas tree (okay, three Christmas trees) — you’re welcome, but remember to leave some of these without any decorations not to overwhelm the place.

Red Doors Christmas Porch Decor with Sled and Different Hight Fire Trees

via @christmasheartandhome

Reds, greens, and lights — this is a go-to combination you can use when decorating your porch for Christmas. The classic Christmas design looks exceptionally festive and vibrant against the white background.

Decorating Front Porch for Christmas with Candles and Fire Trees in Red Planters

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For Easter, add bright bunnies and Easter eggs to your front porch. This door decor grabs attention with the bright blue details that pair so well with the door color.

Creative Easter Front Porch Decor

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8. Decorate with Vining Plants

Although they require a bit of maintenance, vining plants are definitely one the most beautiful (and sustainable!) ways to adorn your doorway. You can opt for an evergreen climber or choose a plant that will lose its leaves for the winter and give you the joy of watching it undergo transformations as seasons change.

Lush and leafy in the summer, this vining plant creates the right vibe in the fall, too. And when it sheds its leaves for the winter, you can throw a string of lights to make your vine beautiful again.

Front Door Decorated with a Vining Plant and Large Clay Pots

via @grove_cottage_

A climbing rose is a really chic choice for decorating your doorway. While choosing your rose, make sure you pick one that will have the best conditions for blossoming on your porch: some roses thrive in full sun, while others feel better in a shadowy spot.

Front Door with Arched Window Abow and Vining Rose Climbing the Wall

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White blooms look great when paired with brick walls and a white door. They make this porch look really elegant and beautiful.

Lush White Flowers for Front Door Decor

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9. Leverage the Beauty of Front Door Lighting

Front door lighting is another way to bring your exterior design to a brand new level. With such a stunning variety of lighting options, from contemporary to rustic, it’s easy to choose one that will perfectly fit your home’s style.

Minimalist wall light fixtures placed symmetrically on either side of the door are just great for this porch. Since it is full of bright details, more outstanding lighting would overwhelm the space.

Farmhouse Front Door Decor with a Cute Sign Sidelights and Bucket Planters

via @painter.andrea

For a classic-style home, pick vintage lantern lights. Apart from giving out soft light, they can become an incredibly stylish addition to your entrance area.

Classic Style Front Door Lighting

via @housebyjulieann

If your porch is blessed with a high ceiling, you can draw attention to that generous vertical space by adding a pendant light. Farmhouse pendant lighting is a wonderful choice for a porch boasting plenty of natural textures.

Gray Porch Decorated with Large Pendant Lights and Checked Rug

via @ourfloridanest

10. Stand Out with a Personalized House Number Sign

Your house number is not just a combination of digits, it’s a great opportunity to express your creativity and make your house stand out. There are tons of creative ways to display house numbers. For starters, they don’t have to be placed exactly on the door — a wall next to or above the door will also work well. You can put your house number on a wall planter, inside a wreath, or print out a poster with your house number (what about spelling it out?), frame it, and hang it next to the door.

A delicate house number plate adds an ultimately romantic touch to this front door decor, feeding into the overall floral theme. This house number sign is made in simple colors, but you can use the ones you like best!

Front Door with Small White Roof and Unique Wall Decor

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This house number sign is sure to drive attention! A huge-sized, framed house number on the contrasting background is your best option if you prefer things minimalist but bold.

Bench Near the Front Door with Farmhouse Decor and Statement House Number

via @courtneyfitzp01

Light is always appropriate in exterior design. An illuminated house number sign will add a welcoming glow to your entrance and tell your visitors about your excellent style.

Oversized Modern House Number

via @bythereseknutsenno

With such a lot of front door decor ideas, it’s easy to come up with an impressive entryway design. You can make your door a statement by painting it in a vivid, unusual color, or take advantage of seasonal decor ideas. Just get creative and don’t hesitate to mix and match!