Chaise Lounge Chair: Pros and Cons of Models, Recommendations of Specialists

Designers increasingly offer owners to buy a comfortable chaise lounge chair for home, although for many such furniture is more associated with dacha, but they are wrong. Produced such furniture in a variety of design, is appropriate as in a modern office, living room, nursery, and on the loggia, balcony. Decorated in different styles, made by the latest technology chairs look original.

Basic characteristics

Chaise in the form of an armchair refers to the furniture, which has an easily adjustable back. It is possible to lower the back to a half reclining or lying position. The height of the backrest can be anything, but more often it is high enough for a seated person to have a base under the head. That is why the chair is so popular among dacha owners.

The structural solution is based on:

  • a rigid body;
  • soft upholstery, or trim of natural, artificial or other material.

The design solution of such that successfully such furniture is suitable for carrying newborns and children under a year. Children’s chairs lounger easily fits in the car, it can be installed in any room, to use for transportation. But you can not use a child’s lounge chair as a car seat.

Engineers, technologists develop different models. The basis of all lounger chairs is a rigid frame, a comfortable seat. If a few years ago the word lounger meant – a device for relaxing on the beach, but now it is a multifunctional furniture.

Advantages and disadvantages

Products have pros and cons. There are disadvantages in chaise lounge chairs made of plastic. They are as follows:

  • plastic is a man-made material, which emits toxic substances when heated;
  • subjected to mechanical stresses, scratches quickly appear, burst from strong impacts;
  • is exposed to sunlight and low temperatures;
  • difficult to combine with different styles in the interior.

But if you use the furniture correctly, according to the instructions, it will last a long time. Many of the advantages of such furniture. Products made of plastic have the following advantages:

  • low cost, the furniture is budgetary;
  • shelf life is unlimited, the furniture is durable;
  • plastic does not corrode, does not deform under temperature changes;
  • practical furniture, care does not take much time, it is enough to wipe with a damp cloth;
  • light weight, easy to transport, carry from place to place;
  • the variety of shapes, colors, so you can always choose for each home, site.

But in addition to plastic, chaise lounge chairs come in other types.

lounge chair

Types of chaise lounge chair

If the first models were designed as cheap dacha furniture, but now come in different versions, finished with different materials.

Mainly there are such types of armchairs:

  • for sitting position;
  • for a reclining position of the body;
  • for a half-lying position of the body.

The most popular types are:

  • for newborns and older children;
  • rocking and motionless;
  • for giving.

For newborns

For the modern mother, the chaise lounge for newborns is a lifesaver. Many parents often have to travel to different places with a baby in their arms. It is especially difficult for mothers, and having such a device, there is an opportunity to solve all problems. Engineers have specifically designed small chairs for babies. In these lounge chairs a baby can play, sleep. The backrest is easily lowered and raised. The chair becomes a crib or rocking chair in minutes.

Features of children’s models:

  • are made of quality materials;
  • special design is made in such a way that makes the chair completely safe;
  • all the trim is made of environmentally friendly materials;
  • colors are chosen based on age features, for boys – cool colors, for girls – warm.

Demand chairs rocking chairs. They are specifically designed for babies under a year. The main objective of these models:

  • Promote physical development of the baby.
  • With their help, the vestibular apparatus is well trained.

Modern models are made so that they can be moved in different directions. Pediatricians do not recommend putting the baby in a lounge chair until the muscles in the neck strengthen.

Models for babies are calculated in detail, so when you set the chair in the lying position will provide a comfortable place to sleep. A big plus is the built-in special liner, its role does not allow the child’s fragile spine overloaded.

Rocking chairs are designed for newborns, with age they will be bored to lie down and rock, they will need to move, sit, learn the world. For older children we need more comfortable models. Specialists have taken into account the needs of parents and children. They offer chairs that can be fixed in different positions: sitting, semi-reclining.

The advantages of children’s chaise lounges are:

  • mobility;
  • comfort;
  • high strength;
  • aesthetics;
  • eco-friendliness.

Each product has its own disadvantages. These models also have disadvantages, but they are insignificant. These are such as:

  • high cost;
  • are designed for a certain age, to use for a long time will not work.

But for these disadvantages are valid arguments:

  • for moms leading an active lifestyle this accessory is necessary, thanks to him and things will be done and the child is safe, in a comfortable position;
  • The product is of high quality, made by the latest technology, so after the baby will grow out of this model, the chair can always be given to another child or sell it again.

For armchairs designed for infants, that is, for the smallest children made a special anatomical seat, in which the child will be comfortable to sleep, as well as to entertain. Models designed for older children, equipped with additional features. They are built vibrating mechanisms, music blocks. Attractive and interesting chairs for children are models with built-in or attached bright toys.

Rocking and stationary

No mother will remain indifferent to the models that allow you to rock the baby at a distance. Such chairs are made using innovative technology. They work with a remote control. It is possible to set the intensity of rocking.

New models are very comfortable, but most moms prefer automatic chairs. Parents who have purchased such models claim that the child falls asleep in them very well.

Fixed models are made so that the child is in a rigid frame, could move his arms and legs, and the chair at this time did not change its shape. That is, during the movement of any part of the structure should not change its position. That is why a rigid frame was made. The backrest and seat have a common design. Changing the position by special fasteners made on the metal frame at the back. The design is reliable, the baby is ensured complete safety, reliability.

Sunbeds for villas

Dacha is designed for a good and useful pastime, and the quality of rest will depend on what furniture is purchased. There is no better place to relax than near a small pond or on a sunny terrace. You can sit comfortably in these places on the comfortable chaise lounges.

Technologists have developed different models of lounge chairs. They can be made of:

  • plastic;
  • wood;
  • metal.

Chairs can be:

  • made in the form of cot;
  • in the form of rocking chairs;
  • with fully reclining backrest;
  • in the form of a recliner.

The main function of furniture for dacha is to provide a comfortable rest. The latest models are such that they can serve not only as a cot in the cottage, but also as a decorative element. Used in the design of such materials as wood, bamboo, straw make the chairs very refined, ornate.

There are budget and expensive models. Cheap plastic chairs are made with special seats. Their advantage is that there is no need to use an additional mat or mattress for comfort. The soft seat is already attached to the chair. It is aesthetic, made of practical material.

Rules for selecting a children’s model

There are more and more models of children’s chairs on the market every day. Parents are often lost and do not know how to choose the right one among the huge variety. Professionals, medical professionals advise to pay attention to the following:

  • first of all, you need to look at the size of the seat;
  • It is important that the tilt of the back can be adjusted;
  • the chaise should be completely safe, pay attention to the safety straps, their quality;
  • materials must be environmentally friendly and comply with all standards and requirements;
  • design features, immediately take into account how you plan to use the chair, because for indoor use only, you will need a simpler version;
  • equipment with toys is important, if the models have toys, then the baby will be more interesting;
  • musical devices, they will allow you to distract, soothe the baby;
  • Rocking function will help to lull the baby, put him to sleep;
  • additional features, some models have the ability to protect your baby from the sun, rain, wind;
  • care feature – you should consider that the chair will get dirty, so it is important to clean it easily. It is good if you can remove the covers, wash, remove dirt;
  • cost – there are different models, different equipment chairs, so you can choose according to your financial capabilities will not be difficult.

It is proven that the seats are not only safe, but also useful and reliable. Thanks to the chair the child quickly calms down, falls asleep well. All the developmental accessories are chosen correctly, taking into account age. Built-in toys not only distract the baby, but also develop. Music chosen is calm, pleasant to the child’s perception.

Doctors recommend to pay attention to the swing when buying. Seat must be comfortable and safe. Improper seating will affect the future development of the muscles of the back and neck. It is important to choose the right models for children in the form of swings. They should be age-appropriate and of the right size. A child in them should be comfortable and safe. Not only are chaise lounges good as accessories for children, they are also necessary for home, cottage.


No matter how high quality and safe the chaise lounge chairs are, you should always follow the rules of safety. This is especially true for children’s models:

  • the child must always be strapped in with the safety belts;
  • Never leave your baby unsupervised in the lounge chair even if he is wearing the harness;
  • never place the lounge chair with your baby on a surface, even if it is a low chair. It is allowed to use the product only on the floor;
  • Before placing the lounge chair on the surface, check that it is clean and dry;
  • It is not allowed to carry the lounge chair together with the baby. First set the chair, then sit the baby;
  • You should take into account the temperament of the baby, active and restless should not be ignored;
  • Do not forget the main thing that the lounge chair is not a car seat, so it is not allowed to use it in this role.

The rules of use are simple. Although engineers have taken into account all the nuances, parents should not forget that situations are different, so under no circumstances should you leave a small child unattended. No matter how reliable modern gadgets are, we must remember that the health and safety of children depends primarily on the parents.