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How to combine vintage and modern furniture in the interior

Interiors tell stories, keep memories, unite eras and can look balanced, even if you add the most unexpected ingredients to the “recipe”.

Vintage things, remembering our grandmothers’ childhood or those found in the treasuries of antique stores and flea markets, can harmoniously coexist with the hottest trends, collections of modern designers and practical mass-market. Here’s how to make them work together.


One way to twin retro with modern is to make vintage items the main protagonists of the interior, and all the rest of the furniture and decorations pick up under them. Nowadays it is an easy task. To assemble an interior in the style of a certain era, it is not necessary to hunt for rare items at auctions, or to arrange excavations in attics.

Contemporary designers are actively nostalgic for bygone eras, regularly reviving them in their collections and projects: glamorous art deco from the roaring ’20s, practical mid-senchuried modern on thin lacquered legs, relaxed hippie era and bold Memphis from the ’80s are all relevant and relatively easy to access now.

Characteristic styles from bygone decades are constantly traveling through time and appearing on the trend list. This year the most fashionable trend is the ’70s: terrazzo texture, rounded furniture, corduroy upholstery, macramé and other signs of the hippie decade are massively present in designer collections. Authentic vintage of the period will feel good in such company.

Striving for one hundred percent conformity to a particular era is not necessary, after all, we are not talking about an art production in a movie, but about a residential interior. 


A mix of styles and eras in one interior has every right to look contrasting. And the sharper and more noticeable the contrast, the better. The most relevant technique at the moment: take a simple, solid interior base and expressive accents. By solid base we mean a neutral finish and modern interior minimalism, and by expressive accents – accentuated non-residential furniture and accessories. 

If you want to beat the vintage sofa, add contrasts in the form of cushions with modern prints. Put modern tableware in a vintage sideboard, or misuse it at all – for example, to store hats. Surround an antique homestead wooden table with modern chairs – all to make it clear that you’re only playing with retro.

As always, the key is the right proportions. The abundance of vintage can squeeze the air out of the space, turning it into an antique shop. Use retro elements as condiments.

Making furniture shapes from different eras come together is a challenge; it’s easier with accessories. The more minimalist the interior, the more interesting a vintage object will look in it. In an abode of glass and concrete perfectly fit “beaten by time” wooden stool. On the shelves of minimalist kitchens with smooth fronts without handles vintage utensils will take root. Faded carpet will lie beautifully on the stone floor or porcelain tiles, it is desirable that the furniture and other accessories in the room looked emphasized modern, then the contrast will look like a deliberate decision, and the carpet will not seem like a random relic of bygone times. 

The principle is simple: the cozy vintage contrasts with the modern technological. In such a contrast, retro things seem even more “alive”.

Especially brave ones can hang a nostalgic carpet on the wall. But it is better not to pull this trick in a classic interior among the massive wooden furniture – it may look too Soviet. 



Sometimes we want to nestle a vintage piece in the interior not only because of its aesthetic or practical qualities, but simply because it is memorable. Some of these items can no longer be used for their intended purpose, but you can always give them a new life. 

Your grandfather’s vintage suitcases can become a bedside table.A three-liter jar, in which grandma rolled cucumbers, can be used as a colorful vase. Do not be afraid to fit such a seemingly unsightly accessory into a modern interior, the main thing is to pick him the right neighbors.

Old boards that have already lived the life of a rustic fence or the wall of a private house can be used as screens for radiators, decorative panels or bed headboard cladding. Window trim will turn into a frame, Dad’s bicycle into a creative coat rack. And such things as a samovar, kerosene lamp, typewriter or gramophone and did not need to look for alternative uses, they can be seen purely as decorative objects. 

Vintage and modern things can look like forced neighbors, to turn their cohabitation into a thoughtful interior, you need a concept.

lounge chair

Chaise lounge chair, pros and cons of models, recommendations of specialists

Designers increasingly offer owners to buy a comfortable chaise lounge chair for home, although for many such furniture is more associated with dacha, but they are wrong. Produced such furniture in a variety of design, is appropriate as in a modern office, living room, nursery, and on the loggia, balcony. Decorated in different styles, made by the latest technology chairs look original.

Basic characteristics

Chaise in the form of an armchair refers to the furniture, which has an easily adjustable back. It is possible to lower the back to a half reclining or lying position. The height of the backrest can be anything, but more often it is high enough for a seated person to have a base under the head. That is why the chair is so popular among dacha owners.

The structural solution is based on:

  • a rigid body;
  • soft upholstery, or trim of natural, artificial or other material.

The design solution of such that successfully such furniture is suitable for carrying newborns and children under a year. Children’s chairs lounger easily fits in the car, it can be installed in any room, to use for transportation. But you can not use a child’s lounge chair as a car seat.

Engineers, technologists develop different models. The basis of all lounger chairs is a rigid frame, a comfortable seat. If a few years ago the word lounger meant – a device for relaxing on the beach, but now it is a multifunctional furniture.

Advantages and disadvantages

Products have pros and cons. There are disadvantages in chaise lounge chairs made of plastic. They are as follows:

  • plastic is a man-made material, which emits toxic substances when heated;
  • subjected to mechanical stresses, scratches quickly appear, burst from strong impacts;
  • is exposed to sunlight and low temperatures;
  • difficult to combine with different styles in the interior.

But if you use the furniture correctly, according to the instructions, it will last a long time. Many of the advantages of such furniture. Products made of plastic have the following advantages:

  • low cost, the furniture is budgetary;
  • shelf life is unlimited, the furniture is durable;
  • plastic does not corrode, does not deform under temperature changes;
  • practical furniture, care does not take much time, it is enough to wipe with a damp cloth;
  • light weight, easy to transport, carry from place to place;
  • the variety of shapes, colors, so you can always choose for each home, site.

But in addition to plastic, chaise lounge chairs come in other types.

lounge chair

Types of chaise lounge chair

If the first models were designed as cheap dacha furniture, but now come in different versions, finished with different materials.

Mainly there are such types of armchairs:

  • for sitting position;
  • for a reclining position of the body;
  • for a half-lying position of the body.

The most popular types are:

  • for newborns and older children;
  • rocking and motionless;
  • for giving.

For newborns

For the modern mother, the chaise lounge for newborns is a lifesaver. Many parents often have to travel to different places with a baby in their arms. It is especially difficult for mothers, and having such a device, there is an opportunity to solve all problems. Engineers have specifically designed small chairs for babies. In these lounge chairs a baby can play, sleep. The backrest is easily lowered and raised. The chair becomes a crib or rocking chair in minutes.

Features of children’s models:

  • are made of quality materials;
  • special design is made in such a way that makes the chair completely safe;
  • all the trim is made of environmentally friendly materials;
  • colors are chosen based on age features, for boys – cool colors, for girls – warm.

Demand chairs rocking chairs. They are specifically designed for babies under a year. The main objective of these models:

  • Promote physical development of the baby.
  • With their help, the vestibular apparatus is well trained.

Modern models are made so that they can be moved in different directions. Pediatricians do not recommend putting the baby in a lounge chair until the muscles in the neck strengthen.

Models for babies are calculated in detail, so when you set the chair in the lying position will provide a comfortable place to sleep. A big plus is the built-in special liner, its role does not allow the child’s fragile spine overloaded.

Rocking chairs are designed for newborns, with age they will be bored to lie down and rock, they will need to move, sit, learn the world. For older children we need more comfortable models. Specialists have taken into account the needs of parents and children. They offer chairs that can be fixed in different positions: sitting, semi-reclining.

The advantages of children’s chaise lounges are:

  • mobility;
  • comfort;
  • high strength;
  • aesthetics;
  • eco-friendliness.

Each product has its own disadvantages. These models also have disadvantages, but they are insignificant. These are such as:

  • high cost;
  • are designed for a certain age, to use for a long time will not work.

But for these disadvantages are valid arguments:

  • for moms leading an active lifestyle this accessory is necessary, thanks to him and things will be done and the child is safe, in a comfortable position;
  • The product is of high quality, made by the latest technology, so after the baby will grow out of this model, the chair can always be given to another child or sell it again.

For armchairs designed for infants, that is, for the smallest children made a special anatomical seat, in which the child will be comfortable to sleep, as well as to entertain. Models designed for older children, equipped with additional features. They are built vibrating mechanisms, music blocks. Attractive and interesting chairs for children are models with built-in or attached bright toys.

Rocking and stationary

No mother will remain indifferent to the models that allow you to rock the baby at a distance. Such chairs are made using innovative technology. They work with a remote control. It is possible to set the intensity of rocking.

New models are very comfortable, but most moms prefer automatic chairs. Parents who have purchased such models claim that the child falls asleep in them very well.

Fixed models are made so that the child is in a rigid frame, could move his arms and legs, and the chair at this time did not change its shape. That is, during the movement of any part of the structure should not change its position. That is why a rigid frame was made. The backrest and seat have a common design. Changing the position by special fasteners made on the metal frame at the back. The design is reliable, the baby is ensured complete safety, reliability.

Sunbeds for villas

Dacha is designed for a good and useful pastime, and the quality of rest will depend on what furniture is purchased. There is no better place to relax than near a small pond or on a sunny terrace. You can sit comfortably in these places on the comfortable chaise lounges.

Technologists have developed different models of lounge chairs. They can be made of:

  • plastic;
  • wood;
  • metal.

Chairs can be:

  • made in the form of cot;
  • in the form of rocking chairs;
  • with fully reclining backrest;
  • in the form of a recliner.

The main function of furniture for dacha is to provide a comfortable rest. The latest models are such that they can serve not only as a cot in the cottage, but also as a decorative element. Used in the design of such materials as wood, bamboo, straw make the chairs very refined, ornate.

There are budget and expensive models. Cheap plastic chairs are made with special seats. Their advantage is that there is no need to use an additional mat or mattress for comfort. The soft seat is already attached to the chair. It is aesthetic, made of practical material.

Rules for selecting a children’s model

There are more and more models of children’s chairs on the market every day. Parents are often lost and do not know how to choose the right one among the huge variety. Professionals, medical professionals advise to pay attention to the following:

  • first of all, you need to look at the size of the seat;
  • It is important that the tilt of the back can be adjusted;
  • the chaise should be completely safe, pay attention to the safety straps, their quality;
  • materials must be environmentally friendly and comply with all standards and requirements;
  • design features, immediately take into account how you plan to use the chair, because for indoor use only, you will need a simpler version;
  • equipment with toys is important, if the models have toys, then the baby will be more interesting;
  • musical devices, they will allow you to distract, soothe the baby;
  • Rocking function will help to lull the baby, put him to sleep;
  • additional features, some models have the ability to protect your baby from the sun, rain, wind;
  • care feature – you should consider that the chair will get dirty, so it is important to clean it easily. It is good if you can remove the covers, wash, remove dirt;
  • cost – there are different models, different equipment chairs, so you can choose according to your financial capabilities will not be difficult.

It is proven that the seats are not only safe, but also useful and reliable. Thanks to the chair the child quickly calms down, falls asleep well. All the developmental accessories are chosen correctly, taking into account age. Built-in toys not only distract the baby, but also develop. Music chosen is calm, pleasant to the child’s perception.

Doctors recommend to pay attention to the swing when buying. Seat must be comfortable and safe. Improper seating will affect the future development of the muscles of the back and neck. It is important to choose the right models for children in the form of swings. They should be age-appropriate and of the right size. A child in them should be comfortable and safe. Not only are chaise lounges good as accessories for children, they are also necessary for home, cottage.


No matter how high quality and safe the chaise lounge chairs are, you should always follow the rules of safety. This is especially true for children’s models:

  • the child must always be strapped in with the safety belts;
  • Never leave your baby unsupervised in the lounge chair even if he is wearing the harness;
  • never place the lounge chair with your baby on a surface, even if it is a low chair. It is allowed to use the product only on the floor;
  • Before placing the lounge chair on the surface, check that it is clean and dry;
  • It is not allowed to carry the lounge chair together with the baby. First set the chair, then sit the baby;
  • You should take into account the temperament of the baby, active and restless should not be ignored;
  • Do not forget the main thing that the lounge chair is not a car seat, so it is not allowed to use it in this role.

The rules of use are simple. Although engineers have taken into account all the nuances, parents should not forget that situations are different, so under no circumstances should you leave a small child unattended. No matter how reliable modern gadgets are, we must remember that the health and safety of children depends primarily on the parents.

zero gravity

What is a zero gravity chair

Very often we get inquiries that are looking for a massage chair, which must necessarily have a function of weightlessness or zero gravity. Now most massage chairs are equipped with this option, although there are other interesting options. Usually when customers visit the showroom and start testing our zero gravity chairs, they invariably ask the consultant “so, what is zero gravity?”

Origin of the term

This term is used quite often in the massage chair industry because almost all chairs have this feature. But like the terms 3D / 4D massage or L-track and S-track, it is not always immediately clear what it is and what it means. I hope I can shed some light on this terminology below.

According to the Scientific and Technical Encyclopedic Dictionary, the definition of weightlessness is: “It is the state experienced by an object in which there is no action of weight.

And, of course, when each of us imagines a state of weightlessness, we immediately think of an astronaut hovering in weightlessness, who like no other corresponds to the encyclopedic dictionary definition and is in a state “in which no action of weight is manifested” … because the gravitational force is extremely weak in space. Of course, it is obvious that such a state in no way applies to a user who is sitting in a zero gravity chair and who is fully affected by the gravity of planet Earth.

The definition of weightlessness in a massage chair is quite different and is determined not by the force of gravity but by the position of the body in the chair. In this position, the weight of the body is distributed more evenly with respect to the gravitational pull of the Earth. This position can be understood more clearly by referring to the research of the NASA space agency, which introduced the concept of a “neutral position” of the human body in the chair. The term ZERO GRAVITY (weightlessness) was first introduced in the industry massage chairs by American company Human Touch, when they called their chair PERFECT CHAIR, which translates as “perfect chair. According to their website, “the ergonomics of the ‘perfect chair’ are based on the ‘neutral reclining position’ developed by the space agency to support astronauts as they orbit their spacecraft.” This is how the massage industry coined the term ZERO GRAVITY “weightlessness,” which has expanded to the point where virtually every chair model on the market now has this feature.

So, we’ve defined the term “weightlessness” and have broken down how it originated in the world of zero gravity chairs… but, again, what is it and how is this feature built into a massage chair?

Central to understanding this feature, which is designed to prevent and relieve back and neck pain, is the concept of a “neutral position.” This position of a person in a massage chair is a set set of tilt angles that allows the spine to be as relaxed and resistant to stress as possible. This, in turn, reduces pressure on the intervertebral discs, improves blood circulation and relieves soft tissue tension associated with a static resting position.

More specifically, according to the NASA MSIS (Standards for Human and System Integration) development, the angles relative to the spine are 128° (+/- 7°) between the torso and the hip and 133° (+/- 8°) between the hamstrings and the calves. When we are outside of these general degrees of alignment, the spine suffers and the risk of injury increases.

Neutral body position

Many people believe that the “weightless” position involves placing the calves of the legs and feet above the level of the heart. This is not the case. While no one would argue that elevating the feet above the level of the heart is a useful thing, it does not apply to the concept of a “weightless”/neutral body position.

It is often the tilt angle parameters described above that play a role in the positioning of a weightless massage chair. The neutral body position minimizes the effects of gravity on the spine by distributing the body weight evenly. In other words, body weight is distributed in such a way that there are no one or two points on which the maximum body weight falls, let alone an unbalanced distribution of that weight. If you sit on a normal kitchen chair, all of your body weight is transferred to the seat. In the zero gravity or neutral body position, you are in an optimal position in which your body weight is evenly distributed along the entire length of the chair. This is exactly what the massage chair is trying to reproduce.

zero gravity

The zero gravity position in massage chairs

I can tell you that almost all massage chairs try to align the angle of the seat and back of the chair, but I can’t say that they all fully meet the stated parameters. Most weightless chairs have a higher or lower calf-to-thigh angle, the arm-to-shoulder angles are also higher or lower, and the calf-to-shin angle is lower. They are uneven in all directions, but the parameters of torso tilt relative to thighs are usually within the required measurements (taking into account the margin of error). When the massage chair goes into a weightless position, it leans back with the user.

But what about the massage chair feature with 2 or 3-step levels of weightlessness, which is available on some massage chairs? These massage chair positions usually involve even more deviation from the “true” weightlessness position. Such arrangements are nothing special or noteworthy, other than helping you recline even further with the simple push of a button. Such positions are not weightless positions at all. In other words, these extra “weightlessness” settings do not distribute the user’s body weight in the same way as a true neutral body position setting.

Hopefully, the term now makes some sense to you and doesn’t baffle you anymore!

club chair

What is a club chair

Club chair is a type of chair, usually covered in leather. It was created and manufactured in France . Before it became known by its current name, it was first called fauteuil confortable , “comfortable chair”. The name was given to it to distinguish it from the fauteuil de style, which had straighter lines and was less enveloping.

The craftsmen involved in the development of the armchairs were unknown. The origin of the term “club” is unclear, but perhaps it is a reference to the gentlemen’s club .

Although the club chair is undoubtedly a classic interior feature in France, it remains as relevant as it is today. Over time, the charm, variety, and prominence of the chair grew.

With great simplicity, the Art Deco era created armchairs with clean, flexible lines, unlike the Art Nouveau style of the 1910s.

After World War II, dozens of different shapes emerged. Some have stood the test of time, such as the “mustache” and the “gendarme hat,” named after the shape of the back. The round shape became the most symbolic embodiment of the club chair.


Design, carpentry, sewing, upholstery and dyeing are the main crafts used in the manufacture of the club chair. Each chair is the product of a cumulative experience.

The club chair was first introduced in the early 20th century with a new padding technique, using double tapered springs not only in the seat cushion, but also in the backrest and armrests. Coconut filling added to the elasticity of these springs.

Industrial advances have led to the replacement of this method of padding with non-sag springs or elastic tape along with synthetic foam.


Coatings have changed developed industrial technology, and have included mercerized , velvet, calfskin and, most recently, Bicast leather . Nevertheless, sheep’s leather is still considered the authentic material for chairs.

With a vegetable-tanned sheepskin covering, the marks and imperfections of the leather are visible through the dye, making each chair unique. In addition, the particularly fine grain gives the chair a unique patina over time. French leather has been known for its quality since the 19th century.

It takes six to eight skins of about 0.8 square meters (8.6 square feet) each to cover a chair. They are applied wet, stretched as much as possible and shrunk as they dry. They will last about 40 years.

club chair

7 trendy chair shapes: from the “Shell” to the “Director’s Chair”

In living room interior design, the chair is a particularly atmospheric element responsible for harmony, completeness and depth. The chair symbolizes individualism, but in the early 2000s it lost much of its relevance in small-sized interiors. Now armchairs are making a comeback, experiencing their new Golden Era in design – we haven’t seen such a variety of formats, styles and upholstery.

Berger Armchair

“Bergère” (“Berger”, Bergère) is a special armchair that came to us from the reign of Louis XV, French from back to feet. There are several dozen varieties of it, and even more chairs in this style are produced now than before. With its grace, slim armrests and luxurious looking back, it is gaining love all over the world.

The Club Chair and the “Taxido.”

This chair belongs to the Art Deco era and has many variations, such as with semi-circular or straight armrests. Some experts also refer to the Tuxedo club armchair, which is correct in principle. But the silhouette of the latter is more straight and sharp, without soft roundings. Do not confuse club chairs with Tub Chair, the latter is more simple and affordable.

The Slipper Chair

“Slipper” is a small chair without armrests, similar to a pouffe with a backrest. Small height and more suitable for a tiny living room, hallway or corridor, waiting room. In the U.S., slippers are commonly referred to as any chair (but not chairs) without armrests.

Cogswell armchair

Cogswell armchair with its low seating, practical upholstery and rather inconspicuous silhouette is just what you need for mid-century modern or safari-inspired interior. Its main difference is the landing line. It is essentially an “L” where both sides. are almost equal! The length of the back and seat are almost the same, whereas in other chairs the back is always much higher.

Shell chair

This chair has an amazing shape. Thanks to its soft, slightly curved vertical lines, it resembles a seashell. Such upholstery in velvet not only looks glamorous, but also very pleasant to the touch. The chair is considered a cocktail chair because of the low back and narrow armrests.

“Director’s Chair.”

Luxury chairs with a geometric metal frame (Metal Frame) date back to the Art Deco era. But the truth is that more variations have been invented in the last twenty years than before. Although metal frame is found in many styles, in this case we are talking about armchairs with a sleek thin frame, geometric, Art Deco style. For example, the Hollywood “director’s chair” is of this type.

Art Deco armchair.

Velvet armchairs with a geometric and symbolic “cut” silhouette are Art Deco style armchairs. They are quite minimalistic, elegant, “straight” and are almost always upholstered with velvet.

The standard of comfort: Eames Lounge Chair

Meet the favorite chair of Dr. House and “Iron Man”, the pride of American design and the most comfortable piece of furniture of the twentieth century.

The creation of the Eames has been one of the most recognizable and best-selling pieces of furniture in the world for more than half a century. What is the mystery of the popularity of the legendary Eames Lounge Chair with an ottoman?

Manufacturing history

In the early 1940s two young architects, Charles Eames and Eero Saarinen, won a competition at the Cranburg Academy to make a chair out of a single piece of plywood for mass production. But it proved unsustainable. After several unsuccessful attempts, Eero gave up, and Charles continued the development with his wife and colleague Rhea.

Charles and Rhea met in an architecture and design course at the University of Michigan.

The first generation of Eames chairs made of molded birch plywood rolled off the assembly line in 1946. At the same time, Charles and Ray signed a contract with the furniture factory Herman Miller to produce budget furniture. Ten years later, in 1956, they produced the first mass-produced luxury Eames Lounge Chair.

According to one version, the designers were inspired by a baseball glove, another by a gentlemen’s club chair, and a third by the uncomfortable chair of their friend, the movie director Billy Wilder.

After the presentation of the chair at the American Home show in 1956, the Eames’ creation gained many fans. A year later the designers got the first prize at the Milan Triennale and launched sales in Europe. Today the Eames Lounge chair is known and loved all over the world and has become a true design icon.

One Eames chair each is in the collection of more than 20 major museums in the United States and Europe.

Design Philosophy

“We don’t make art, we solve problems” is the main approach to the work and creativity of the Eames couple. In the ’40s and ’50s, American luxury furniture was more about aesthetics than comfort. Charles and Rae set out to fix that and created the Eames Lounge Chair, taking a twentieth-century club chair as the basis.

The designers made a bet on the stylish status design, high-end materials and maximum comfort.

According to the authors’ idea the user of Eames Lounge Chair should feel as comfortable as “a baseball in a soft worn out glove of a top player”. Ergonomic design of the furniture follows the contours of the human body, and the constant angle of inclination (15º) of the back takes the weight off the lower back. A wide ottoman armchair turns into a relaxing chaise lounge helps to increase the degree of comfort.

The design


Each of its three parts (for the seat, back and headrest) is made from a sheet of seven-layer plywood, which was bent with heat and pressure.

Densely stuffed and leather-covered cushions were inserted into the resulting molds. They are fixed with furniture nails, but thanks to convenient zippers, the upholstery is easy to remove and change.

Interesting: the designers named the armchair and ottoman after the factory part numbers – “670” and “671”.

The headrest and backrest are fastened together by two aluminum supports. The seat is connected to the backrest by means of leather armrests and special neoprene washers (shock-absorbers). The 360º swivel base is supported on a cast aluminum base with five stable legs.


Its structure is almost identical to that of the armchair. Except there is no backrest and headrest and there are four legs instead of five. The cushion surface is decorated with two taffeta buttons and the removable cover is trimmed on the side with a black inconspicuous zipper.

The cushions are attached to the plywood panels with hidden clips and rings, which protects the upholstery from damage. It is convenient to use the ottoman as a soft mobile stool.


They may differ depending on the modifications, replicas and copies. A number of manufacturers produce models to individual order.

The original dimensions of the Eames lounge chair:


All parts of the first Eames Lounge set are based on Brazilian rosewood plywood.

Today the range of materials has expanded, but their quality remains consistently high. Among the popular upholstery options for the armchair and ottoman is premium semi-aniline leather. Over time it acquires characteristic creases and a rich patina, which adds nobility and aristocratism to the chair.


The first models of the armchairs and ottomans Eames Lounge were made only in black upholstery surrounded by reddish-brown rosewood veneer. The white leather covers were made exclusively to order up to 2007. Today the factory Herman Miller offers Eames Lounge mainly in two basic shades. And the Vitra company has a wider color range including black, brown, terra cotta, cream, plum, chocolate, gray and white.

Much richer is the palette of the companies that sell copies and imitations of the legendary chair. If desired, you can choose any color of upholstery and materials.


Despite the large number of companies imitating the legendary armchair, the official rights to manufacture Eames Lounge Chair have only two: since 1956 Herman Miller (USA) and since 1984 Vitra (Sweden). The products of both brands are almost identical except for the design of the legs.

Official modifications.

For 60 years the design of the Eames Lounge chair has not changed much, except for details, materials and manufacturing techniques. Five modifications of it are known:

  • 1956-1959: the classic model featured five-ply rosewood plywood, three screws under the armrests, goose down filler and round silver clips on the cushions.
  • 1960-1971: number of screws reduced to two, rubber block added to cushion for softness, shape of legs changed.
  • 1971-1974: black rectangular clips were added to remove the cushions, rosewood veneer was varnished and natural filler was replaced by synthetic fiber and latex foam to better retain the shape of the chair.
  • 1974-1991: instead of five layers of plywood they used seven without increasing the overall thickness of the material.
  • 1991 to the present day: rosewood is replaced by cherry, walnut and other types of wood because of environmental problems.

Features of the original

Buying an original Imzow chair is a serious and long-term investment. To avoid overpaying for a fake, take note of a few tips:

  • Ask for a certificate of authenticity (it should be inside the package),
  • Look for the paper label on the upholstery, labels, barcodes and stamps of official manufacturers (Herman Miller or Vitra) on the chair,
  • check all the panels of the chair and ottoman: they should have the same numbers, initials, tags or the signature of the factory worker,
  • make sure the shock absorbers are original and the appearance of the legs of both parts of the set are the same,
  • inspect the backrest of the chair – its angles should be correct, symmetrical,
  • check the cushion filling – it should correspond to the modification,
  • always pay attention to the surface of the back panel around the fixtures – any cracks or damage can damage the case.


Eames Lounge Chair is a self-sufficient and charismatic thing, able to adjust the interior and become the center of attraction. Universal, timeless design of the armchair is harmonious both in neutral classical style and in experimental eclecticism. It is important to find the right combination of furniture palette and materials with the overall atmosphere of the house.

Eames Lounge especially fits well into trendy modern styles: loft, neoclassic, bionic, futuristic, grunge, contemporaries, vintage and eco.

In a private house or apartment it is appropriate to place it in a home library, in a bedroom or living room, in a home cinema, in a corner for reading or hobbies.

It is difficult to call it a work chair because of the lack of height adjustment. Rather, it is an anti-stress furniture for office or home relaxation corner.

What are chairs for the culture house, and how to choose the right one

In Soviet times, such a concept as a clubhouse was born. They were built both in large cities and in small villages. Basically, clubs were used as centers of cultural and educational work, and had to accommodate a large number of people. Therefore, their halls were equipped on the principle of theaters. The heads of such institutions faced the task of, which would allow seating as many visitors as possible, and would be as comfortable as possible.

Furnishing a modern clubhouse

Although many years have passed since then, but houses of culture are still a place where people gather. Such institutions hold various cultural events, and to make visitors feel comfortable, an appropriate environment is necessary. This should be kept in mind when choosing armchairs for the hall. The optimal option is models with a reclining seat. The installation of such furniture allows people to freely pass to their seats, located in the central part of the row.

But in addition to the structural design, other characteristics of the chairs are also important, such as:

  • ergonomics;
  • strength;
  • durability;
  • ease of care;
  • stylistic solution.

This is due to the intensive use of products and often not quite careful attitude to them by visitors.

However, it is quite difficult to make the best choice of model and configuration of furniture. After all, it should take into account the peculiarities of the hall, its size, the method of arranging the chairs and even the financial capacity of the institution.

The main stages of the choice

To ensure that the chairs for the cultural center were comfortable, combined in style with the design of the room and met your financial capabilities, it is worth paying attention to the products of major manufacturers. It always has a more attractive price, because you do not have to pay for the services of intermediaries, and higher quality, in contrast to the products of handicrafts.

But in order to choose the best option, you must have a clear idea of what criteria it must meet. You should start by determining the intended use of the room in which you intend to install the furniture. There are armchairs for the following categories of rooms:

  • theatrical;
  • In the institutions of power and government;
  • for conferences;
  • in the Philharmonic;
  • cinemas;
  • circuses;
  • educational establishments.

If your house of culture is expected to use the room multifunctional, then the chairs for it must be chosen with different target audiences in mind. In this case, you should pay more attention to anti-vandal properties of furniture than to its design and comfort. The best option – it is products with high repairability, in which it is possible to change the soft elements directly in the room without dismantling them. It is much cheaper to change only one part than to buy a new chair.

If you have limited space in the club room, you should pay attention to such parameter as width of armchairs in axes. Optimal is considered a slope of 17-21° back and 4 to 15° seat. In this case, the width of products designed for adult audiences should be at least 52-53 cm. The height of the furniture is chosen depending on the slope of the floor. If it is insignificant, then to ensure a good overview will require models with a backrest 5-10 cm less than the standard value.

Glider chair

Glider chair, varieties, recommendations for selection

Furniture has long ceased to be an ordinary household item, from it expect a higher level of comfort and maximum functionality. One such product is a glider chair, which provides a high level of comfort and will please you with its practicality. Manufacturers present a variety of models, colors and additional elements: pockets, wide armrests, foot bars and so on. Each piece of furniture is equipped with a lighthouse mechanism that allows you to turn it from an ordinary chair into a movable chair.

Design features

Gliders appeared on the market not so long ago, but managed to fall in love with consumers. Externally, they are almost indistinguishable from the usual rocking chairs. To have a complete idea of what a Glider chair is, it is worth considering the features of the design, get acquainted with the original solutions offered by manufacturers. The main characteristics of the product:

  • There is a lighthouse mechanism that provides light rocking. Works absolutely silently.
  • Provides a footstool, which allows you to get comfortable in the chair.
  • Varying angle of tilt makes it possible to adjust the product for each person. You can securely lock your chosen position.
  • Easy and comfortable to operate – electrically, mechanically or by touch.
  • Easy to adjust: the desired position can be locked simply by touching the backrest, raising the lever or pressing the corresponding button on the remote control.
  • The footrests are available in different versions: a pouffe, a ledge or a pull-out design. The latter option is equipped, for example, the Glider Rydberg chair.
  • The presence of additional functions: massage, aromatherapy, heating.

Each model has a detailed description and instructions for use. The chair can be used by all members of the family. Breastfeeding mothers especially like to sit on it. Reasonable price combined with high quality, functionality and increased comfort makes this type of armchair popular, despite the fact that the product is relatively new on the market.

Glider chair

Advantages and disadvantages

When choosing a model, it is worth considering the main advantages of the furniture. These are:

  • Comfort and safety. Rockers are equipped with armrests, footrests, some – a retractable footrest.
  • Beacon system ensures the smoothness of movement, does not damage the flooring.
  • Quiet operation.
  • One view of the design creates additional comfort in the room.
  • Fits into any interior.
  • Quickly adopts the desired position, can change the angle of inclination.
  • Thanks to additional functions allows you to easily relax.
  • Manufacturers use only high-quality material.
  • Ideal for people of age, office workers, as well as young mothers.
  • A variety of models and colors.

Some users note small shortcomings of products. Some argue that the chair takes a lot of space and is difficult to rearrange, so not all models are suitable for small rooms. Others complain that the fabric upholstery gets dirty quickly and is difficult to clean. Others are confused by the price.


Manufacturers took into account all factors and created several varieties of chairs that are suitable for both home and office. The most popular models:

  • Standard chair with a footrest. The element is often a pouffe, which moves out from under the base of the furniture and becomes an extension of it. An example of a standard chair is the Glider-G1. The product has a wooden frame, fabric upholstery, decorated with embroidery and art painting.
  • A folding daybed. These products have a footrest that is a direct extension of the seat. An example of such an armchair is Glider-68, made of eco leather or embroidered fabric. It can hold up to 100 kg. A great option for austere or refined interior.
  • Rehyner. Chairs are equipped with a special mechanism by which the product is transformed and a convenient footstool comes out of the front part. Recliners can be mechanical and electric. An example of such furniture is the Glider-G2.
  • Massage. As a rule, such glider chairs can perform 3 types of massage, equipped with an additional reclining cape. One such model is the Glider, which can support up to 120 kilograms.

Materials of manufacture

A variety of materials are used in the production, and all of them are of high quality. Frames are strong, durable, wear-resistant due to steel or aluminum arcs framed with strong wood. They are made from the following materials:

  • Natural wood. Durable material that can withstand considerable loads. The wood has a beautiful structure, lends itself well to processing, shaped cutting, so it is very popular with manufacturers.
  • Lightweight plywood. On the characteristics is not inferior to wood, but has a lower price. Only thick sheets are used for manufacturing.
  • Metal. Durable and very plastic material. It is not often used, since elements made of it can squeak when in use.
  • PARTICLEBOARD. Resistant to moisture, perfectly withstands loads. Its disadvantage is that it contains harmful resins.

Upholstery chairs are made in a variety of colors. Popular materials of manufacture:

  • Natural leather – characterized by durability, presentability.
  • Chenille – characterized by an elegant appearance, high wear resistance.
  • Velour – soft and durable material.
  • Tapestry is natural, has anti-allergic properties.
  • Jacquard – budget, durable.
  • Velveteen is ecological, stylish and dense.
  • Flock – wear-resistant, durable.
  • Artificial leather – durable, hypoallergenic, not afraid of the sun, has a presentable appearance.
  • Eco leather – practical, has a large variety of textures.

How to choose correctly

Make a choice is not difficult – just sit down in an armchair. The body itself will prompt, which design is most comfortable. When choosing, you should also be guided by the main indicators, characteristics. Recommendations for buyers:

  • It is necessary to understand for what purposes the product is purchased: for the office, home recreation, for the use of a schoolboy and so on.
  • It is important to determine which upholstery is preferable: leather or fabric. It is worth considering hypoallergenic features, environmental friendliness, find out the disadvantages of materials.
  • It is necessary to decide on the color scheme, dimensions, so that the chair easily fit into the interior. It is recommended to pay attention to the design of the room where the product will stand.
  • It is necessary to take into account your weight.
  • It is desirable to get acquainted with the functionality, choose a preferred mechanism of rocking. The product should work quietly.
  • Additional accessories should be studied.
  • It is important that the furniture is wide enough for comfortable accommodation in it.
  • It is recommended to choose furniture with a high backrest.
  • It is necessary to review quality certificates and other documentation to make sure that the manufacturer is reliable. An equally important selection criterion is the fame of the firm.
  • It is recommended to determine the price. It is not necessary to choose the cheapest furniture.

Glider chairs – these are modern designs, characterized by high comfort, durability and attractive appearance. Many models have additional pleasant functions. It is important to competently choose a product that meets all the requirements, so as to fully enjoy the possibilities of modern furniture.

papasan chair

The papasan chair, the possible options of products and their application

Original and quite unusual for our compatriots the word combination papasan chair implies a comfortable piece of furniture, which has a number of advantages. Let’s talk about how useful, comfortable and attractive in appearance can be such an accessory for the home.

What is papasan furniture

The rotating papasan rocking chair was developed half a century ago. It is an original design, which is actively used today for the decor of living spaces. The main qualities that are inherent in such home accessories are high comfort, practicality and conciseness of design.

The design has the form of a bowl and consists of two parts:

  • A rigid frame of rounded shape, made of natural rattan or artificial materials similar to it in its performance qualities. This hemisphere is mounted on a base with a spring block;
  • Soft seating surface made in the form of a cushion, which is placed on the vertical frame. The papasan chair cushion is often very soft and comfortable to use. It can be made of textiles of different texture, color and pattern, which allows you to pick the actual option under the finish of the room.

Due to the absence of sharp corners, such a piece of furniture is relevant in the room of any purpose: bedroom, living room, children’s room. If you remove the soft cushion from the chair and fix the structure on the ropes to the crossbar, you can get a real swing.

Advantages and disadvantages

Papasan chairs are incredibly popular, which has not subsided since the manufacture of the first unit of such furniture. And all because the design has a number of significant advantages that have come to the liking of tens of thousands of buyers around the world. Among them it is worth noting:

  • a high level of comfort – the chair promotes relaxation, allows you to lie down in it, curled up with a cuddle, fenced off from the outside world for reading your favorite book;
  • The possibility of using it to rock the baby. Through the presence of a spring block, the chair can rock;
  • the originality of design allows you to use this furniture as a stylistic accent of the whole interior. Hard rattan frame looks incredibly sophisticated and stylish, and the soft cushion may have thousands of shades, original texture and unusual print. Such an armchair is able to fill a room with home warmth, comfort and love;
  • a wide variation of sizes – you can pick up a papasan chair mini, standard, maxi, depending on the size of the room for which it is intended;
  • Long life of such furniture is provided by using high-quality materials in its creation: rattan, wicker, textile, leatherette and so on.
  • Design simplicity allows a person to create such an element of the interior with their own hands.

Of the disadvantages of such furniture voiced some bulky, specific design, the risk of creaks in prolonged use.

papasan chair

Types of papasan chairs

If you are only acquainted with the papasan chair from rattan and want to pick up a model in your home, then you should know what types of such furniture exist today in the sale.


In round chairs of this plan, the frame, woven from rattan, has a shape of a hemisphere. It is comfortable to sit down and enjoy your rest. Hemisphere fixed to stationary legs mounted on the floor. Stability of the design is enormous, so do not be afraid to roll over, sitting in such an object of interior.

You can hang such accessories in the garden at the country cottage or in a big game room at the country cottage. Every child, and maybe even many adults, will definitely want to enjoy riding the papasan, because it is fun, safe and entertaining.


In addition to the standard papasan designs, there are models that can rotate around their axis. They are relevant in children’s rooms, where kids love to indulge in games. And the rotation on a soft cushion in a comfortable chair will definitely be to their liking. Although, if desired, this armchair can be put in the living room, because the rotating element will bring a lot of fun and adults. The main thing is that the chair was as high quality, durable and practical.

Rocking chair

You can pick up papasan rocking chairs, in which the legs are made in a non-standard way. It is easy to rock on such furniture, feeding a baby, enjoying reading a book or watching your favorite movie. Due to the fact that the manufacturers provide this furniture plan high security, the risk of roll over on a rocking chair papasan practically zero.

chair decor

Modern chair decor with their own hands

Furniture is not eternal. Over time, even things of excellent quality, fall into disrepair. The first to suffer a blow, of course, chairs. And these elements of furniture only the upholstery suffers, while the framework retains almost all its functional qualities.

If we take into account that a set of dining set includes at least six chairs, then to part with them at once and it’s a pity, and expensive. Yes, and is there a need for this? After all, the decor of chairs can bring them back to life, making them even more attractive.

If you have even the most rudimentary skills of a furniture maker, with the help of a simple set of tools and simple materials you can create a real miracle. By the way, the chair can be an excellent training ground. Having mastered the technique of its decoration, you can try to solve even more complicated tasks: upholstering armchairs and reupholstering sofas.

Home chair decor

You can return old chairs to their youthfulness in several ways:

  • With the help of fabric.
  • The technique of decoupage.
  • Using jute rope.

Decor with fabrics

It happens that after the repair and change of the background of the walls, the chairs no longer match the environment. Change comfortable accessories do not want to change at all, therefore, it will be necessary to simply retie them.

The main difficulty of the event will be to find a durable and reliable fabric, which by its coloring would meet the interior requirements. Look for suitable solutions among:

  • Microfiber.
  • Jacquard.
  • Furniture silk.
  • Tapestry.

The last option is the most optimal for chair decoration, since tapestry is characterized by high wear resistance, provided by the presence of artificial fibers in the composition.

When cutting the material, make sure that the pattern or ornament on the fabric is centered on the back or seat. This will help to do the preliminary marking of the fabric. So plan first – then cut.

If you are not ready for global work on retouching, sew just covers on the chairs or use capes. It will turn out no less beautiful. In addition, several sets of covers will help you to update the atmosphere of the interior. They can be changed seasonally, or used as a festive chair decoration.

Decoupage decoration

Modern designers consider decoupage the most successful way of decorating furniture items. With the help of this technique extend the life of chairs without upholstery, made of plywood and wood.

Everything is done quite simply. Initially, the surface is prepared by scraping with sandpaper and puttying. After that, the chair is covered with paint. In principle, any paint will do, but ideally, it is necessary to use white, and on a water basis. Not her background decoupage looks especially charming. After the preparatory work, decorative elements, cut out of a special type of napkin, are glued to the surface. The finishing touch will be the final painting and covering the finished chair with a protective layer of acrylic varnish.

Decorating with jute rope

With all its simplicity, jute brings to the home atmosphere a special coziness and warmth. In addition, the material can become an accent line, favorably emphasizing the style of the interior. Decorating chairs with jute is not difficult. Even children can be involved in the work.

To begin with, the old upholstery is removed, and then, the structure of the chair is completely wrapped with sisal or jute rope. To give the chair a more harmonious look is possible in this way: remove the soft insertion from its back and perform a rope weaving in the resulting window. If you do not know the technique of macrame, weave a regular large or fine mesh mesh. Do not forget to change the upholstery of the seat.

Holiday chair decor

Chairs in the festive interior play not the last role, so you should not forget about them. Especially since to perform their decor with the modern assortment of materials and ideas is not difficult at all. Very attractive look fabric decors.

chair decor

Chair decor with fabric and flowers

For them use:

  • Covers, which you can make yourself or rent for the event.
  • Wide strips of fabric that are simply wrapped around the chair.
  • Lush bows.
  • Gorgeous fabric flowers.

The main advantage of fabric decorations is the possibility to choose the decoration in such a color and such a texture, which will match the stylistics of the event.

The fabric chair can be additionally decorated with figures, beads, emblems, plaques and other elements appropriate to the subject of the event.

A garland of triangular cloth flags makes an unusual impression. On each of these elements you can write letters and then, when assembled, it will symbolize the name of the hero of the day or any wish. The latter is relevant for corporate events.

Wedding chair decor

“You can also use stuffed animals in your wedding chair decor.

I wonder what you will think of when it comes to wedding decor? Most likely visions of garlands, floral arches and arrangements, a decorated table will come to mind. About the chairs you will not even remember, and after all their traditional appearance can spoil all the impression of the situation. So how can we decorate the chairs to make them a full part of the wedding reception and fully reflect the style and theme of the event?

Garlands and fresh flowers. These elements become an addition to the fabric trim of the chair. You can use one large flower, making it the center of the composition or several small ones. Other gifts of nature, like wildflowers, decorative greenery, tree branches, spikelets will also be suitable. The main thing is that the theme of the event allows it.

Fabric applications. They can be made in any form: gorgeous flowers or funny faces. The latter, settled on the backs of chairs, will bring a special mood to the decor of the banquet hall. In comparison with traditional chair covers, this festive chair decoration looks very unconventional.

Decorative cushions. Their presence will be appropriate at a wedding organized in the country style. Funny pillows in bright colored pillowcases fulfill fulfill two functions at once:

  • Decorate the chair.
  • Allow you to sit comfortably on it.

Plaques and letters. These elements are quite common in wedding decorations. Usually they are used for designation of seating places. Beautifully carved monograms initials of guests are attached to the backs of chairs. It turns out too original and practical.

Sacks. Two bags are attached to each chair with colorful ribbons. One hides a symbolic souvenir for the guest. Subsequently, it will be a nice reminder of the pleasant event. The second one is made as an alternative to the guest book. In it they put a note with a request to leave a wish to the young people and attach a sheet and a pen.

Balloons. Although they add to the atmosphere of the mood, however in the decoration of the chairs they are used infrequently. The reason for that is the low durability of balloons, which literally burst by themselves. For this reason they are mainly “settled” on the main table.

Wreaths. This is one of the varieties of plant decorations. They can be woven from whatever you want. In combinations, you can use everything: and flexible twigs, and spikelets, and leaves. It is a great solution for the exit ceremonies, weddings in the spirit of country, eco-style. Such elements wonderfully emphasize the unity of a person with nature.

An excellent budget option for decorating chairs can also be cones. They can be wonderfully combined with lace.

Paper. This material makes great appliques and garlands. Preparing for a wedding – it’s time to master the technique of quilling. Openwork lace, elegant swans and other wedding symbols will look very worthy in such a performance.

Toys. In the wedding decoration of chairs can be involved and soft toys. For winter weddings, Christmas tree balls will do. All this wealth is attached to the chairs with beautiful ribbons.

Handkerchiefs. The accessory seems to be unchirable, however, we can say that it is universal. It is possible to decorate chairs in such a way at weddings in the spirit of chebby-chic, Provence, country. It turns out very nice.

Gifts of the sea. Their use is justified in a celebration organized in the maritime style. Sprigs of coral, starfish, palm leaves, shells, bags filled with pebbles – everything is suitable in this theme.

Stenciling, decoupage and other original techniques. If the celebration is organized at home or at the cottage, it is possible to solve the problem of ugly chairs with any of these techniques. Chairs with stencil painting and original drawings will produce a real sensation.

Chair decoration for newlyweds

The festive decor of chairs for newlyweds should be allocated to a separate topic. It should be eye-catching and incredibly elegant. Contrasting fabrics will do an excellent job. One chair is draped in a white cloth, imitating the bride’s attire, and the other is “dressed” in a black tuxedo. You can choose as symbolic elements a textured hairpin that will clearly indicate that the chair is for the bride, and a bow tie, appropriately highlighting the groom’s seat.

An interesting solution would be to decorate the chairs with drawings, cartoons or photos. This is sure to appeal to lovers of unconventional approaches.

In a classic wedding, the backs of the newlyweds’ chairs are usually covered with floral garlands. They give them a luxurious and expensive look.

As a design option, you can also consider anagram signs, with the inscription “groom”, “bride” or use the standard symbols in the form of doves, rings, hearts.

If the chair has a decent look and is quite consistent with the stylistics of the wedding, it is possible to hide only its back behind the drapery. The finishing touch of such festive chair decor will be a long bow, a bud of a living flower or drapery of a contrasting shade.

Chair decor with drapery of contrasting colors

If you do not want to hide the beauty of the chairs under the layers of drapery, you can do with decorating them with colored ribbons. This solution is especially good for take-out ceremonies, where guests are offered folding chairs. Bright ribbons perfectly replace bulky covers and, fluttering in the wind, will cause a lot of positive emotions with their colorful appearance.

New Year’s Eve chair decorations

The approach of New Year’s Eve celebrations develops a lot of activity in us. This is probably the only holiday, for which they begin to prepare long before it arrives. For us it is very important not just to set the table, but to emphasize the importance of the event. The finishing touch to the New Year’s Eve decorations will be the decorative decorations that have appeared on the backs of chairs.

New Year’s chair decorations.

It can be:

  • Simple compositions of tinsel, balls, garlands and bouquets.
  • Elegant covers.
  • Elegant drapery.

New Year covers.

It is worth thinking about them in advance in any case: whether you are going to rent them or make them yourself. In the latter case, there is no need for long capes. For the festive decoration of chairs, a cap sewn according to the shape of the back is quite enough. The main time is better spent on its unusual decoration. What can it be? Themed embroidery or applique depicting a snowman, a dressed up Christmas tree, Santa Claus, a bell, a cobbler, etc.

Very popular are covers made of red fabric with a white trim. They really resemble a Santa Claus hat. By the way, such variants of covers can also be knitted. Sitting on a chair with such “warm” decoration will be incredibly comfortable. To complement the impression will help to make a fluffy bubon made of white yarn. It will fit both kinds of “hats”.

In the absence of covers, the decor of the chairs can be done with drapery. To make it beautiful, you need to use one and a half meter sections of fabric in the work. This is quite enough to decorate a standard model of chair. If your chairs have too high backs, then you will need, of course, more fabric. Do not miscalculate with the proportions of the flap will help “trying on”, organized with the help of a sheet.

The rest is easy. A piece of fabric is randomly thrown over the chair, adjusted to its shape and on the back is tied with colored ribbons and decorated with sprigs, Christmas balls, cones.

New Year’s compositions and other ways to decorate chairs

If you do not want to work with fabric, you can decorate chairs in a simpler way, using a variety of Christmas compositions. They can be purchased and have the form of pine wreaths, garlands and bells. You can try to make such elements of decor yourself. The Internet is just a treasure trove of ideas in this matter.

Another way to quickly decorate a chair in the desired style is to tie a luxurious bow of organza or satin on it.

Got an artistic gift? Use it! Paint your old chairs with themed designs. The effect will be stunning.

Whatever you did the decor of the chairs, the main thing is that it should be in harmony with the theme of the holiday and the surroundings. The classics will always find its admirers, but this does not mean that the unconventional solutions developed by you are mauvais ton. Do not be afraid to experiment, let the atmosphere of the celebration acquire individuality.