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15 Small Home Gym Ideas for Smart Fitness Lovers

Limited home space isn’t a convincing excuse for skipping your workouts, really. In addition, creating a workout space in a small home is perfectly possible. An aesthetically pleasing, functional home gym will help you meet your fitness goals without leaving your home. You already know what I mean, right? Today, we’ll explore 15 amazing small home gym ideas you’ll definitely want to recreate.

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30 Perfect Living Room Designs Featuring Green Velvet Sofas

A green velvet sofa is a fantastic piece that can become the main focal point of your living room, adding a pop of color to the space. With so many gorgeous tones available, you can always find the right fit for your interior style. From rich jewel tones to vivid greens, setting the desired mood is easy. In need of ideas and inspiration for incorporating green velvet sofas in your interior design? Let’s go through them together and find your favorites!

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35 Flawless Built-In Bookshelves Design Ideas

Built-in bookshelves will always be a popular design feature, regardless of the interior style. When a blank wall feels too sterile, the built-ins are here to break down the look. Designers love how they add character to a room and convey the desired mood. Whether you wish to display your precious souvenir collection or admire your books, the built-in shelves become a focal point. Let’s get through our styling tips and curate built-in bookcases to enhance your home!

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