18 Finest Round Dining Room Table Ideas

In this article, you will see a selection of fascinating round dining table designs and tips on how to combine them with other materials and furniture. We have collected the best examples of dining area arrangements. So get ready to find inspiration and check out these 18 round dining table ideas for your sweet home!

1. Round Dining Room Table And Rattan Chandelier. This dining room design looks colorful and welcoming. A mix of classic pieces with wooden furniture is always a good idea for interior design.

The round dining table is simple and minimalistic. It occupies the middle of the room and becomes its focal point. The wooden chairs are beautifully crafted and blend effortlessly with the table. Such a lovely place to gather with the family!

2. Trendy Round White IKEA Dining Room Table. This white round table is perfect for your home if you have a small dining area. It is very compact and provides more room for chairs.

We love the combination of shades and shapes of dining chairs in this interior. Any color can be used with a white table, but these natural wood textures look especially good since they match the floor. It is a trendy and budget-friendly idea, for sure.

3. Stunning Round Concrete Dining Room Table. This round dining room table is quite eye-catching yet minimalistic. It is made of concrete with hints of terrazzo and has a solid pedestal base. Its white design goes perfectly with the chairs. We see nothing extra here, and that’s fantastic.

No wonder simple shapes always look good when it comes to round dining room table ideas. Together with natural textures and colors, they create a sense of simplicity and airiness.

4. Rustic Round Wood Dining Room Table. Wooden textures for flooring or furniture always bring warmth to a room. So if you want to make your home cozy, we recommend using lots of wooden pieces and decorations.

This rustic round dining room table is sure to be used in this room to make it more inviting. Also, a mix of chairs is the perfect choice for this dining area, especially with the seat faux fur pad and beautiful flower-shaped lighting above the table.

5. Elegant Round Dining Room Table And Round Rug. Why do designers often choose round tables? Firstly, they are safe to use due to the absence of corners. Secondly, they look amazing in the dining room spaces, especially in the white design. This terrific set proves our point.

Here we see a round dining table next to the windows that offer a magnificent view. Notice how the round area rug emphasizes its shape. This room looks elegant with a few decorations on the table and lighting. Spending time with family and friends here must be a pleasure!

6. Round Glass Dining Room Table With Gilded Pedestal Base. For some simple and ordinary rooms, it is better to use a chic furniture design to decorate the space. Here we see an example of a striking combination that makes the dining area look more elegant.

The round dining room table has a gilded pedestal base with a glass top. Despite the limited surface area, it has enough space for a family of four. The chairs are upholstered and go perfectly with this glamorous table.

7. Black And White Dining Area Design. We are fans of minimalism, and in our opinion, it is just the perfect color choice for this interior design. The contrast of the black and white combination makes the room deeper and more intriguing.

This round table fits perfectly into the dining area. A stone bowl is placed on it, which becomes a beautiful centerpiece. The chairs are also black and minimalistic. A mix of two finishes — matte and glossy — is a must in such a place.

8. Round Dining Room Table For Family Reunions. This dining area has prominent features of Scandinavian style. Wooden and white pieces are typically found in such interiors. Undoubtedly, the interior designers of this place have done their best to make it cozy and inviting.

There is also an impressive chandelier above the table. It resembles spider legs and gives a vintage feel. Combined with candles, such a light fixture creates a stunning effect. And just look at this table! It becomes the perfect place for family gatherings if you add round placemats.

9. Colorful Place With Round Dining Room Table. For those who like to experiment with colors in their interior, we recommend choosing round dining tables with bright splashes. This interior has a striking color scheme: warm yellowish walls, wooden flooring, and red and green accents. It creates a sense of autumn.

Only four people can get a seat at this compact dining table, but it perfectly complements the interior, especially in combination with the red chandelier.

10. Breakfast Nook With Round Dining Room Table. We want to show you this great idea for your interior design if you have a bench near your windows. Just place a rustic round dining room table to sit, eat and enjoy the view overlooking the street.

The interior designer hung a large rattan chandelier over the dining table as a zest of the room. And, of course, fresh foliage always looks good on the surface of dark wood.

11. Round Dining Room Table With Extraordinary Chairs. Round tables are ideal for limited spaces. No wonder designers give them preference. An oval shape can also be an option if the room is narrow. Such tables look favorably in all styles and become their main decor element.

Check out this gorgeous white and gold round dining room table. Paired with chairs of different tones, it creates an elegant ensemble. The perfect choice for small coffee shops!

12. Gorgeous Round Dining Room Table In Light Green Interior. It is always better to choose natural wood or stone textures. And if your budget allows, go for high-quality materials. Marble, for example, the natural pattern of which is always beautiful and unique.

This striking round dining room table is made of natural stone. To make the space look cozier, the designer placed home decor: a table lamp, candles, and a bowl.

13. Tempered Glass Round Dining Room Table. It is a truly fascinating round dining room table model, the base of which is metal, and the tabletop is made of black tempered glass. It goes very well with walnut shade wooden flooring and light gray walls.

The chairs have a back with flowing lines, and the seat pads are made of bright yellow fabric. In general, it’s always good to combine the texture of walnut shade with yellow or mustard. It looks stunning in any interior.

14. Boho Style Dining Room With Rattan Decor. Boho style in interior design always reminds us of some tropical places. Therefore, rattan elements are a must. You can also use a lot of different wooden surfaces and place some big green plants.

In this project, the designer used a beautiful wooden round dining room table with rattan details in its base. The dining area can be complemented with weave chairs and fresh flowers in a vase.

15. Stunning Round Dining Table With Stone Top. At first glance, this interior design looks pretty simple, but it has a lot of terrific details that make this room look special. The kitchen decor, the unusual design of the console table, and, of course, the gorgeous round dining room table — everything goes well together.

The base of this round table resembles a column from Ancient Greece, but in black. The tabletop is made of natural gray stone and looks very elegant. This bright and airy room is complemented by simple chairs with thin legs.

16. Round Dining Room Table With Golden Base. Round dining room tables look more luxurious with a solid natural stone top. It’s not for a small budget, but sometimes it’s worth the money.

A round dining table like this complements a white design very well. Since the appearance of the chairs is quite simple, even though they are upholstered and comfortable to sit on, the stone countertop and its golden base become the main accent of the room.

17. Round Dining Room Table With Spherical Base. Some round dining tables are like works of art, masterpieces. This example has a rather unusual shape and combines two different materials: a marble top and a metal base.

The interior is in a gray color scheme, so the red marble table top is a colorful accent of this interior design. Since the two stone ashtrays and the branch do all the decorating, there is no need for additional embellishment.

18. Round Wood Dining Room Table With Rustic Decor. For the interior, it is always better to choose natural materials: wood, stone, glass, and ceramics. This photo shows a great example of a wooden round dining table design. The shade of the wood is a little darker, but it is warm and calm.

Also, the base of this dining table is quite interesting. There is a perfect match between the shade of the table and the wooden floor, and the walls have panels in the same shade as the chairs’ bases. As a result, we have a dining room that is stylish, tranquil, and natural.

You’ve seen 18 modern and stylish round dining room tables. Whether you are looking for a completely new concept for your interior or just seeking inspiration, our goal is to help you implement your best ideas. So we hope this selection was useful!