50 Adorable Dining Table Décor Ideas

The dining room and, more specifically, the dining table is the heart of a home. The place where friends and families come together for meals and memories. And many of us want others to know how much we love and appreciate this space by making it beautiful. So here are 50 dining table décor ideas to help you feel inspired.

How to Decorate Your Dining Room Table

Your dining table reflects your personal taste and sets the tone for the rest of the room. Do you want a raucous dinner filled with laughter? Or something more sedate and formal, with polite conversation? No matter your goal, we have just the idea for you.

1. Go Big. If you have a robust, heavy dining room table, you need a big, bold centerpiece. It can be a larger vase full of greenery and flowers or a dramatic candelabra, but it should be big enough not to be swallowed by your table.

2. Simply Scandinavian. The trendy Scandinavian style, also known as Hygge, is sweeping homes across the country. Keep your centerpiece natural and straightforward to achieve this cozy and direct aesthetic in your dining space. Wood, wicker, and neutral colors will help you achieve this look.

3. Coordinating Cushions. A centerpiece isn’t the only way to accessorize your table. For example, adding cushions to your dining room chairs that coordinate with your wall color or other fabrics like curtains or throw pillows is a great way to give the room a cohesive feel.

4. Round and Rustic. An easy way to bring a rustic feel to your dining space is to add some natural materials. Wicker or linen place settings and a wooden bowl for your centerpiece should do the trick.

5. Sample Different Styles. There is no rule stating you must pick one design style and draw inspiration solely from it. Mix styles that appeal to you for a unique and lovely dining room. Try a sleek, modern table with a bold, Victorian centerpiece or a Mid-century modern dining table with fresh-cut flowers and a cottage-core vase.

6. Changing with the Times. One of the most fun things about dining room table décor is the ability to change it up with ease. Choose a seasonal table runner or cloth and some themed items like pumpkins, holly branches or Easter crafts, and then swap them out in a couple of months to create a whole new feel.

7. Define Your Dining Area. Having a rug under your dining room table is an excellent way to define your eating area in an open concept home. Just be sure to choose a material that is easy to keep clean because spills do happen.

8. Big in a Small Space. A small dining room doesn’t mean you have to settle for a small character. Adding a bright flower arrangement to your modest dining area can take the space from meh to marvelous.

9. Mixed Materials. Using different materials on and around your dining room table is a great way to add texture and visual interest to the space. For example, choose one fabric for your table runner and something totally different for slip-covers or chair cushions. Just keep a similar color palette, so it feels exciting but not chaotic.

10. Pretty Placements. If a big centerpiece just isn’t your style, consider building smaller focal points with individual place settings. Then, using place-mats and coordinating dinnerware, you build a unified look that is all your own. And your table will be ready for a dinner party at a moment’s notice.

11. Fantastic Farmhouse. Modern Farmhouse is a style defined by a clean, uncomplicated look. The neutral colors and natural materials allow you to add contrasting design elements such as wicker place-mats with ceramic vases and still maintain a harmonious feel.

12. Marvelously Modern. Choosing an austere table with simple lines lets you go bold with other pieces. For example, a dramatically colored hutch or chairs with rich color and texture adds just the right amount of flair.

13. Funky Feel. Vibrant colors and eclectic pieces make for a unique and fun space. However, if you are leaning towards a bolder overall look, keep it balanced with a simple centerpiece. One large vase or a single dramatic plant are great ideas.

14. Statement Lighting. Over your dining room table is one of the most common and acceptable places to hang a light fixture that makes a statement. Whether your taste runs to an elegant crystal chandelier or strings of industrial Edison bulbs, this is the ideal place for it.

15. Rug It Up. Instead of having a traditional centerpiece, turn your entire table into a centerpiece by adding a rug to your space. A large carpet with a bold pattern placed under your table will pull your guest’s eyes and make your home’s dining area a focal point.

16. It Takes all Kinds. Mix up your dining table décor by using pieces with different finishes and varying heights. Use different items from the same collection or the same article in various sizes. Stick to neutral colors or a specific color scheme to keep all your unique details feeling unified.

17. Delightfully Dried. Fresh flowers make a beautiful dining room table centerpiece, but they can be difficult to keep up. Using a dried bouquet is a lovely alternative and costs much less than frequently replacing live flowers. Your dried bouquet doesn’t even need to be flowers, any foliage that strikes your fancy will do.

18. The Long Haul. If you have a long dining room table that is just made for entertaining, one piece of décor right in the middle might not cut it. In these situations, choose more delicate decorations and run them several feet down the center of the table. This way, no matter where your guests are, they will have a front-row seat to your centerpiece.

19. Versatile Vases. To give your table a rustic feel, forgo traditional vases in exchange for vessels that once had a practical function. Ceramic pitchers, tin milk jugs, and mason jars all make excellent vase alternatives.

20. A Gathering of Greenery. Green walls are a popular dining room design choice and make a great backdrop to a foliage-centric centerpiece. Whether this is a holly wreath set in the middle of your table or vines of ivy running the length of your table, going green is never a bad choice.

21. Bold in Black. Your table decorations don’t need to be huge to make a substantial impact on your space. Something as simple as black bowls or platters paired with candles creates a striking look. This works exceptionally well in rooms with muted tones.

Dining Room with Black Accents on Wall Art Chairs and Table Decor

22. Mixed Yet Matched. The chairs you choose for around your dining table play a large part in setting the mood of the space. Choosing chairs with funky, textured fabrics will help create a fun atmosphere where your guests will want to hang out. Don’t be afraid to place the centerpiece off-center if there are other décor elements of a lighting fixture that supports the idea.

Dining Room Table Surrounded by Different Color Chairs

23. Less Is More. Elegance doesn’t necessarily mean the old-world décor, dramatic table cloths, and gilded candelabras. Forgo all of the extra trappings, choose one item that you genuinely love, and make it the focal point of your table. The clean simplicity will create a sense of modern elegance.

Dining Room with Fireplace and Dining Table Surrounded by Sage Green Chairs

24. Take Down a Notch. Go neutral if you love all the texture and charm of a boho style but find the loud colors too much for your dining room. Choosing a muted color palette allows you to select unique items without a loud or busy feeling.

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Dining Table Decor Idea

25. Cute Cottage. No design rule says “only one centerpiece allowed.” So to create a sweet, cottagecore vibe, scatter a few vases with different flowers or large feathers around your table. Choose blossoms with soft, coordinating colors for the best effect.

Cottage Style Dining Table with Several White Vases with Flowers

26. Design on High. Skip the table and suspend your décor from your ceiling for a unique dining room décor idea. String garlands, vines, or similar items between and around your light fixtures for a dramatic look.

Contemporary Dining Table with Different Chairs and Decor on and above the Table

27. Simply Delicious. A classic and practical table décor idea is a dish full of fresh fruit. Choose a serving platter or bowl that compliments the rest of the room and fill it with bright apples and oranges or acorns and squash in the autumn.

Dining Table Surrounded by Black Chairs Topped with a Bowl of Fruit

28. Stellar Ceramics. Your dining room table is a great place to display your favorite glass or ceramic pieces. Instead of tucking them away in a buffet or on a shelf, give them a place of honor at the center of your table.

Wooden Dining Table with Two Ceramic Pieces

29. Shape Matters. Oblong or oval dining tables are an interesting divergence from the usual square or round. And while they bring visual interest, they can also present challenges when it comes to decoration. For these tables, stick to a simple centerpiece; go up, not out, if you are looking for drama.

Wooden Oval Dining Table Centerpiece with Dried Flowers

30. Classic Elegance. For a chic and classic look appropriate for any occasion, from ladies’ brunch to a baby shower, pair crisp, neutral linens with crystal décor. Toss in a bit of color in the form of flowers or foliage, and your guests will be in awe of your impeccable taste.

Elegant Dining Room with Run Under the Table and Chairs

31. Pop of Color. If you have an open-plan apartment with a white kitchen, living room and dinette, you cannot go wrong with a simple vase filled with fresh flowers. A bouquet brings a pop of color and romance to even the most understated dining room designs.

Open Space Plan Design with White Kitchen and Wooden Dining Table

32. Take a Step Out. Don’t be afraid to step outside your interior design box. Having a big, rustic table does not mean your centerpiece must follow suit. Crystal glassware and graceful candles make a stunning contrast to a rugged kitchen table.

Dining Room with Eclectic Mixing of Materials and Decor

33. Family Friendly. Building a centerpiece takes on new challenges if you find yourself hosting many meals that include small children. For a stylish yet durable look, choose strong materials like wicker and wood, and maybe skip the live plants; for now, a fake one will do just fine.

Modern Dining Room with White Table and Chairs

34. Laid-Back Luxury. Enjoying a quaint, rustic sense of style doesn’t mean you can’t feel fancy sometimes. So, take your woodsy centerpiece up a step by adding gold accents in the form of candlesticks or flatware. This is also a quick and easy way to take your dining table décor from its everyday look to dinner party ready.

Dining Table Set Idea with Foliage Decor and Candles

35. Small Solutions. If your dining space is on the small side, elaborate table décor can feel overwhelming and cluttered. Skip the table runner and whole place settings in favor of one really great piece in these situations. A favorite bowl with fruit, a small grouping of candles, or a vase of flowers is just the ticket.

Dining Room with Multiple Framed Images and Understated Floral Centerpiece

36. Regal and Rural. Pairing an elaborate chandelier with mismatched thrift store chairs and a butcher block table may sound crazy, but it is crazy gorgeous. Choosing one major piece of your design scheme and making it as luxurious as possible and then adding in provincial accents can significantly enhance the style of your room.

All White Rustic Dining Room with Empire Beaded Chandelier

37. Pillow Talk. A fun new take on softening up your seating is to exchange traditional chair cushions for throw pillows. Throw pillows are much more versatile, coming in an endless array of shapes and styles; there is a choice to match any aesthetic.

Boho Dining Room with Round Table and Wicker Place Settings

38. Modern Blooms. A love of modern design style means your space is most likely full of clean lines and stark contrasting colors. However, don’t let this keep you from indulging in a love of florals as well. Lilies and orchids and foliage like snake plants provide the necessary symmetry while adding a pop of interest to your dining room.

Windowless Dining Space with Wooden Table and White and Black Decor

39. Double the View. Adding some large mirrors to the wall directly behind your table will give you a great view of your décor and is an excellent way to maximize your lighting. Plus, mirrors can help make a small dining room feel more spacious.

Different Centerpieces and Dining Room Mirrors Idea

40. Tantalizing Textures. Color isn’t the only way to make your dining table décor stand out. Choosing pieces with various textures is a wonderful way to produce contrast, especially when working in a neutral palette. For example, match woven table runners with wicker place settings, and if you’re feeling adventurous, maybe even a wicker light fixture.

Blue and White Dining Room with Wicker Decor Open Shelves and Houseplants

41. Go with the Grain. To build a seamless look for your dining room, try to stick to one wood shade. Whatever stain your table is, from beech to dark walnut, choose items such as decorative bowls and picture frames in the same color. This will produce a cohesive look without being too matchy.

Dining Room with White Wood Paneling and Black Decor Accents

42. The Long and Short. If you have a rectangular dining table but a traditional table runner isn’t your style, don’t fret; there are still plenty of options to tie your long table together. Using a long, narrow piece of driftwood or stone is an excellent idea. Bonus points if you can find one with notches to hold candles.

Contemporary Dining Table with Long Candle Holder

43. Second-Hand Seating. Your dining chairs are your table’s most outstanding accessory, so be sure to choose them wisely. Buying an assortment of thrift store chairs and giving them a matching coat of paint is an excellent way to bring a little eclectic flair to your dining room for folks who are up for a little DIY project.

Wooden Dining Table Surrounded by Different Design White Chairs

44. Bench Dress Up. Swapping out chairs in favor of a bench on one side of a dining table is a popular décor option. However, if you feel like your bench is missing something, dress it up with a throw blanket or small hide rug.

Dining Table with a Bench on One Side

45. Serving Up Style. A fabulous idea for keeping your centerpiece unified is to give it clear boundaries. For example, place your chosen items on a pretty serving tray and then set it in the center of the table. This also makes removing your centerpiece quick and efficient when wiping down your table.

46. Tea Time. Decorative tea sets make fabulous centerpieces. Keeping a cute kettle with a few matching pieces like cups and sugar bowls will make your dining table feel warm and welcoming. You can even add a tin of cookies or biscuits.

Veranda Dining Space Table Decor Idea

47. Match Your Mediums. To build a unified dining room design, keep your materials aligned. Something as simple as matching the materials of your candlesticks to your chandelier can make a big difference. People will naturally notice the symmetry.

Farmhouse Dining Room with a Bench Taupe Runner and Candlesticks

48. Star of the Show. Is your table incredibly ornate? A family heirloom? Custom made? If your table is a star in its own right, keep your centerpiece to a minimum. Instead, highlight your showstopping table with a simple vase or elegant tapers.

Simple Decor for a Square Wooden Dining Table

49. Artfully Done. If you are struggling to find the perfect centerpiece, look for inspiration in other areas of your dining room. Whether family photos or a favorite painting, your wall art can serve as an excellent starting point for colors and aesthetics.

White and Light Blue Dining Table Decor Ideas

50. Go Green. House plants are enjoying their moment in the décor limelight, and your dining room can be the perfect place to display your collection. Many dining rooms have lots of natural sunlight, and adding a plant or terrarium to your centerpiece and others around the room will freshen up the space.

Old Wooden Table and Centerpiece Paired with Modern Pendant Lights

Hopefully, these suggestions have helped you find the inspiration and sparked an idea for your own dining room table. However, don’t be discouraged if you can’t immediately find just the right piece or your items feel slightly out of sync; the journey to the perfect centerpiece is half the fun. And the people around the table matter far more than what is at its center.