20 Stylish Vaulted Ceiling Design Ideas You’ll Fall in Love With

The vaulted ceiling is a popular concept in today’s interior design and for a good reason. Besides bringing in more light and space, vaulted ceilings can add visual interest to any room and work with most design styles.

If you’re wondering what to do with vaulted ceilings, stay on this page. From minimalist sophistication to bold statements, here are 20 modern vaulted ceiling ideas to explore and get inspired.

1. Arched Kitchen. Arched beams can beautifully adorn a cathedral ceiling, making the space feel more enclosed and cozier. Moreover, wood is a universal choice complementing both traditional and contemporary interiors, so such an addition to a vaulted ceiling will last for long even if you decide to switch to a different style.

2. Full of Light. A vaulted ceiling can become a statement feature of a minimalist living room — it definitely catches the eye without compromising simplicity. This living room is designed with a focus on light, with the window wall, a skylight, and sophisticated pendant lights hanging from the ridge all contributing to this ambiance.

3. Warm & Cozy. Wood does wonders making spaces feel warmer and more welcoming. A wood ceiling with exposed beams painted in white is a stylish choice for living rooms. It best combines with neutral colors and organic textures, creating a relaxing and cozy atmosphere.

4. Attic Story. This gorgeous attic bedroom also has a wood ceiling painted in white, which makes it look really charming. The ceiling pairs well with English windows and the poster bed, while a chic chandelier hanging from the ridge introduces tasteful contrast.

5. Smart Division. Incorporating a vaulted ceiling allows for creating visually distinct areas in an open-concept living room. One classic example is a living room area adorned with a wood vaulted ceiling transitioning into a conventional ceiling above the kitchen zone.

6. Simple & Elegant. A partially vaulted ceiling is an elegant choice for a contemporary living room. The play of light and shadow accentuates the architectural charm, creating a sense of vertical spaciousness and adding visual interest to the space.

7. Mix & Match. Massive weathered beams decorating the vaulted ceiling help create an impressive eclectic aesthetic when paired with contemporary elements. A vaulted ceiling allows for incorporating pendant lights, making it a stunning choice for dining rooms, home bars, and kitchens.

8. Rustic Design. If you strive to create a rustic, cabin-y look in your living room, a wood vaulted ceiling has you covered. The warm, natural tones of the wood add an inviting ambiance, beautifully complementing the white brick fireplace and natural wood floor.

9. Luxurious Retreat. Having an attic bathroom means being blessed with a perfect canvas for a stylish statement, so consider this idea if you’re hesitating on how to use your attic bonus room. A vaulted ceiling with wood beams looks unusual in this bathroom, adding a sense of luxury and amplifying its organic feel.

10. Classic Chic. To give your bedroom a softer look with a vaulted ceiling, consider incorporating a vaulted cove ceiling. Combined with a statement lighting solution and a fireplace, this type of vaulted ceiling is a perfect choice for a master bedroom, creating a luxurious retreat.

11. Dramatic Vault. If you love minimalist interiors with a few vivid accents, your heart must have skipped a beat. This dining room shines through thanks to the stunning combination of natural oak and stone, while the sophisticated artwork and the dramatic vaulted ceiling serve as eye-catching accents.

12. Pleasing Contrast. While vaulted ceilings are known for making rooms seem airier and more spacious, you might want to lessen this effect for a more enclosed feel, which is especially true for bedrooms. The good news is that it’s easy to achieve with the help of beams attached to the ceiling. This bedroom features dark wood beams that create a tasteful contrast to cream white walls.

13. Welcome Sunlight. A vaulted ceiling is a popular choice with homeowners adding extensions to their houses. This allows you to get your creative juices flowing and build your dream space from scratch, choosing the shape of the ceiling you like best and deciding whether to include skylights or exposed beams.

14. Farmhouse Charm. A vaulted ceiling of reclaimed wood is a lovely addition to this cozy farmhouse game room. Unfinished wood beautifully pairs with dusty blue shiplap walls and the coordinated sofa, resulting in a refreshing blend of colors and textures.

15. Snug Reading Nook. This is a nice idea of how you can use a small extra room in the attic, with the vaulted ceiling playing the key role in this project. A small space under the roof is great for arranging a cozy reading nook where you can indulge in your favorite books.

16. Classic Serenity. A vaulted ceiling covered with white shiplap is a classic choice for a traditional bedroom with white walls. Such a ceiling pairs well with English windows and accent textiles, creating a soft and soothing look. So if you’re looking for vaulted ceiling paint ideas to match your classic bedroom, white could be your way to go.

17. Rustic Elegance. A small living room with a vaulted ceiling looks more spacious and feels airier due to added vertical space. The statement lighting fixture serves as the focal point, drawing eyes up to the beautiful high open beam ceiling.

18. Add More Space. Crisp white and unfinished wood make for an aesthetically pleasing combination, which looks even more beautiful when coupled with a vaulted ceiling. By the way, this is an extension project — the homeowners added a family room that transitions into a kitchen — so steal this idea if you’re considering extending your house.

19. Open Heights. Here’s another example of how organically a vaulted ceiling can complement open-plan spaces, emphasizing the vertical dimension of the room. This is one of the raised ceiling ideas that are relatively easy to recreate without compromising on the wow effect of the final result.

20. Scandinavian Vibes. This Scandinavian-inspired beach house is all about airiness and tons of light. Beams painted in white to match the walls largely contribute to this feel, making the space feel open and inviting.

Vaulted ceilings look great in virtually any type of space, from living rooms and bedrooms to kitchens and even bathrooms. Painted drywall, shiplap, or weathered wood beams — there are various ways to finish a vaulted ceiling to match different design styles.