70 Kitchen Design Ideas You Need to See

We do not doubt that the kitchen is the most popular room in any house. It can be easily described as ‘the heart of the home.’ Does it resonate with you? Then you probably agree that furnishing can be challenging. And it does not matter if you are a professional chef or a fan of instant food.

Thus, if you are trying to make your best kitchen and looking for extraordinary references and ideas, we are here for you and ready to share these fantastic 70 kitchen ideas.

1. Marble Is More Than OK. Recently, Carrara marble became a trendy wall decoration piece. More and more customers choose it when decorating almost every room in their houses. Look at this beautiful modern kitchen design which includes classic elements and stylish contemporary kitchen furniture. These crown molding and marble tiling complement the room and make it look astonishing.

2. Futuristic Vibes. The interior designer of this project created an incredibly futuristic look for the kitchen space. The island unit is flawless as it is a dining table and a workspace simultaneously. Gilded wall cupboards combined with marble tiles look just right. And not only previously mentioned elements but also those bar stools and a stylish lamp make this space look elegant and irresistible. One of the most exciting kitchen ideas, for sure.

3. White As Snow. It might be one of the brightest kitchen ideas. This exceptionally white space still radiates warmth with a few lovely yellow accents, including a teapot and glass table. They add visual interest to the place and remain functional. Yes, the white color doesn’t always meet kitchen needs. But if you are ready to care about such an ideal space and accept all challenges, what stops you then?

4. Add Some Black Nuances. Black is always in trend. And marble fits brilliantly almost everywhere. That is why we want to introduce this beautiful backsplash made of black marble that goes well with a kitchen island and shining stainless steel appliances. This kitchen design is different from the previous ones as it is darker and toned down.

Such a color scheme made this space more practical and ready for any cooking accidents. One of the bravest kitchen ideas as well, but in a different way.

5. It’s All About Nature. We always will be a part of nature. And we will be surrounded by it no matter how hard we try to deep dive into the world of modern technologies. This stylish kitchen shows the beauty of contemporary novelty made with natural materials. Also, the marble island unit and wooden herringbone parquet look stunning together.

6. Perfect Lines. This lovely white kitchen design stole our attention with its colors and lines. Using white for walls and brown for furniture would be a great solution in attempts to reach an astonishing contrast while adding some geometry to a false gypsum ceiling. It will become a highly required final touch in such a brilliant interior.

7. Gilded Dreams. Have a look at this beautiful modern kitchen. Here we have another excellent example of how brilliantly gilded surfaces, marble tiling, and crisp white might get along. Classic herringbone parquet is on point. It makes this modern space look like some sort of a traditional kitchen. It is one of the loveliest white kitchen ideas.

8. Can Never Have Too Much Black. Here we have another example of a black and white modern kitchen design. Recessed track lightings and leather chairs give the nightclub vibes to this space. In contrast, the white marble kitchen island becomes a great feature among all these black elements like flooring, cabinetry, and wall panels above the sink.

9. Aesthetics Of The Mid-30s. Have you ever watched The Great Gatsby? If you haven’t seen this movie, you should do it immediately. You will be amazed by the set design.

This room is Christopher Nolan’s, for sure. Solid lines and an abundance of gray and bronze color schemes are perfect here. It can be a great source of inspiration for your future glamorous kitchen.

10. Coffee Palette. Here we have one of the softest kitchen ideas. This minimalistic space with a perfect palette of coffee captures our attention with its contemporary table and pendant lights, beautiful gray shutters, and concrete-like walls. Wooden wall cupboards can be a perfect addition to lower cabinets in champagne and black colors.

11. Country House Atmosphere. Let’s go back to the kitchen ideas that relate to life beyond the big cities. Country style is one of the most popular because it’s all about coziness, freedom, pets, and family. The designer of this kitchen tried to create a perfect area for eating freshly baked croissants and listening to the birds singing outside. Tight spaces are perfect for such interiors. Different paintings and glass front cabinets made of natural wood complement the room, as well as quartz countertops and Carrara marble white backsplash.

12. G Is For Green. It is nice to mention another example of a traditional galley kitchen made in country style. Beautiful open shelving with task lighting is perfect for the walls, while the floor can be covered with remarkable glazed tiles. Lower cabinets in green color, along with the black kitchen hood and ‘U’ shaped faucet, will make a brilliant ensemble. What a cozy galley kitchen was made by bringing these ideas to life!

13. Have Some Space Left For Art. This gorgeous kitchen has additional space above the sink. While working on your kitchen layout, save some room for the open shelving above the worktop to place your favorite artworks there. Such a solution will highlight your personal style.

If you are a fan of crown molding, try to choose less detailed furniture. Create storage space to stay minimalistic. Thus, the balance between carved crown molding and cupboards can be reached. Notice how the farmhouse sink became the central axis of this symmetric picture.

14. Hide Everything Extra. Pay attention to this fantastic idea that saves a lot of space. As you can see, all of the kitchen utensils are hidden because of the pocket door technology. This system will help you to conceal all the extra objects, plates, stainless steel appliances, etc. So the room won’t be overloaded with stuff.

15. Minimalistic Era. This incredible kitchen is full of green color. Black backsplash made it into a beautiful ensemble together with uniform green cupboards. Look how the wooden island became a center of attention and made the room as comfortable as it only could be. Stunning!

16. Tremendous Kitchen Island. This cozy kitchen captivates attention with its huge kitchen island. If some extra space is reserved for the kitchen in your house, you can fill it with a beautiful marble island. It may be useful not only as a work surface but even as a dining table. Nevertheless, minimalist bar stools, open shelving, and pendant light fixtures should be a priority.

17. Southern Vibes. This interior design is an excellent example of how modern technologies and natural materials coexist within a room. The kitchen radiates a brilliantly brought-to-life southern vibe. Natural wood can be spotted almost everywhere, from the wall cupboards and lovely bench next to the dining table that performs a butcher block function simultaneously to the wicker light fixture and bamboo shutters.

18. Bring Some Colours To Your Kitchen. Have a look at this lovely loft kitchen. The creative designer of this space decided to make the room bright and colorful. Notice how beautifully brick walls and open shelving units look, along with red chairs and mint cabinets. Colorful glass pendant lights became the main accent of this cozy small space.

19. Functional Beauty. Furnishing small spaces has always been challenging for interior designers, but they never failed. This kitchen has everything you need in the 21st century, including stylish and space-friendly track light fixtures, hidden storage furniture, Carrara marble backsplash, and a beautiful color scheme of white, urban gray, and soft wood tones.

20. Emerald Dreams. Working with kitchen layouts may be difficult if the furniture is already bought. But we assure you that the result won’t disappoint you. Don’t ask yourself whether you should use the sand and emerald colors within a room or not. Do it, and you will get a unique kitchen look.

21. Go Scandinavian. Look at this one of the most restrained kitchen ideas. It is space-saving, comfortable, and highly functional at the same time. Such a laconic and minimalist interior design in soothing colors will be a perfect choice for young people.

22. Modern Classics. Let’s go back to more traditional kitchen ideas. This elegant black and white design boasts an unexpected harmony between lavishness and pure minimalism. Light-colored and less-detailed furniture made it into a beautiful ensemble with the black Carrara marble backsplash and golden accents that are reached by adding a stainless steel hood and massive chandelier.

23. Big Plants, Small Dining Table. Bring Mother Nature to your home not only by using raw materials but by adding beautiful plants inside. This remarkable almost white kitchen design steals attention with light-toned furniture and flooring, backsplash covered with white subway tiles, and many green accents achieved by placing big plants and chairs of the same shade.

24. Less Is Best. When dealing with a small space, saving as much free space as possible is always important. This white kitchen in Scandinavian style can be a great example of how you can furnish the kitchen with all the necessary and still be satisfied.

25. Flamingo Kitchen. This extraordinary kitchen boasts with classic black and pink interior design. Gray pendant lights and a black kitchen island surrounded by cabinets in a flamingo color complement the room very well. A genuinely stylish idea!

26. Light Gray And Rich Blue. Look how this small space beautifully turned into a stylish Scandinavian kitchen. The designer of this project successfully solved the minor space issue and added a beautiful feature by hanging striking statement lighting. The goal was to create a highly functional room with blue accents and wooden elements in light gray tones. And it was reached.

27. Turn Your Balcony Into The Kitchen. Without any doubt, this is the cutest ever-existing kitchen. The Ukrainian designer solved the tight space issue of this apartment by turning the balcony into a tiny but functional non-traditional kitchen with all the needed stuff, like an oven, cupboards, and a table which is a butcher block at the same time.

This full of natural light black and white kitchen made it into a beautiful loft ensemble, together with the living space of vibrant colors. What a beautiful place to live if you are a proud single!

28. Don’t Overload Walls; let Them Breathe. Sometimes saving your kitchen walls from many different objects is the best decision. Speaking of this particular kitchen, you can see the beautiful square window above the work area. Placing massive cupboards next to that window would be dangerous if you want to create a stylish picture. So the creative director of this project decided to use minimalistic wooden shelvings instead.

Mix green color with subway tile for backsplash, and the final interior design will become simply brilliant. Fantastic area to prepare food and share moments with friends and family!

29. Get Some Diversity In Details. Have a look at this extraordinary white kitchen. The interior designer of this project created a beautiful bright kitchen by using many different elements. The stainless steel hood was placed right in the center of this kitchen cabinetry. You can spot an outstanding ensemble of open shelving and wall cupboards here.

The backsplash above the wooden countertops is covered with white subway tile. A cozy and elegant dining area became the center stage of this white space instead of some long island unit.

30. Minimalist Decisions. This remarkable design is made with a functional tip-on system. The kitchen hood is hidden in the cupboard here. The color scheme contains only three warm colors: white, light wood, and deep black.

31. Blue Accents. This beautiful kitchen design is achieved by mixing light-colored furniture with lots of wooden elements and a deep blue backsplash made of glass. A completely white minimalistic table instead of a kitchen island became a great addition to this open-plan space.

32. Perfect Flat For Rent. To fill such an apartment with exquisite (if not the best) materials and furniture is a must-do task. Here we have one of those kitchen ideas when the room isn’t affected by the lack of space. We have everything that can be needed for the galley kitchen and even more! Look at this fantastic color palette of white and black with yellow splashes. This galley layout is gorgeous, isn’t it?

33. Blue Is For Sky. This tiny kitchen steals attention with a beautiful combination of white and blue. It also has a remarkable feature achieved by covering the backsplash with white hexagonal tiles. It gives cloudy sky vibes, doesn’t it?

34. Perfect Picture, Perfect Essence. We want to continue with kitchen ideas, so here is the story. The owners of this space can’t imagine their life without cooking. So the designer of this project had to develop a stylish but also highly functional space.

As a result, they have a beautiful spacious room full of earthy tones. Everything that is needed for a perfect kitchen is here, including a space tower, quartz countertops, and kitchen sink.

35. Never Enough Of White. Here is one more example of a beautifully made white kitchen that you can add to your list. Of course, wood cabinets painted in black sound reasonably practical. But simple white cupboards should be reserved for kitchens as well. By the way, you can play it a little classic by placing a wooden butcher worktop and tiling the backsplash.

36. Still Never Enough Of White. This kitchen has its own gripping international story. The house was built for Austrians by a Spanish architect, while a Ukrainian creator developed its Scandinavian interior design. Looking at this gorgeous minimalist kitchen, you can see how brilliantly such a co-production works. There is enough space for working and having meals. And the lighting is on point.

37. Make It Wider. Here we have a pretty vast area. Thus, due to its size, the owner had an opportunity to add as many details as possible. However, he decided to play it safe. And made this place even more beautiful by installing narrow horizontal windows!

The floor is tiled and has a stone texture, while the island has a beautiful cappuccino color. Also, you can spot an elegant gray backsplash and the quartz countertop under the windows. The whole black cabinetry is built around them. Simply stunning!

38. Cave-Like Apartment. The owner of this open-plan apartment left a lot of space for the designer’s artistic vision. So now we can see an exciting interior design that contains dark gray and soft ivory elements.

The main idea was to create an unusual mix of the cold cave and creamy milk cocktail furnishing. And this goal was successfully reached. Non-detailed light cabinets and dark terrazzo panels turned out to be the best choices for bringing this idea to life. And look how beautifully the metallic hood contrasts with the abstract painting! The vibrant wooden parquet perfectly unites the zones of this apartment into one fantastic area.

39. Size Doesn’t Matter. Whether your kitchen is small or big, the only thing that matters is how you zone and use it. Have a look at this particular side of the modern minimalist apartment. It definitely has some Scandinavian motives. Although this space is not huge, the designer made it perfect for work and meals. The kitchen looks so artistic and entertaining with all these abstract paintings, plants, and a partition made of matte glass.

‘Maytoni’ shaped pendant lightings became one of the remarkable features of this space.

40. Big Kitchen Means Big Events. This project designer says this kitchen has a classic linear kitchen with top cabinets to hide the gas equipment. A big wooden table is right in the center, perfect for friends and family cozy meetings.

As you see, this dining space is illuminated with three beautiful wicker lamps. Remember that it is crucial to hang the lighting at a distance of 295 inches above the table surface. So, don’t be afraid to lower the lights! It is quite an optimal way to illuminate the surface and create a cozy atmosphere for your guests.

The color scheme is in the ivory, blush, and vigilant blue tones that make this room soft and elegant.

41. Window To The World. Take a look at this lovely design decision. This space is a kitchen and an elegant dining saloon at the same time. It mesmerizes with the rich gray color of the cabinetry and walls. A table together with the floor and ceiling of the same white color made it into a beautiful ensemble. The black Carrara marble backsplash perfectly fits the island of the matching material.

The kitchen also boasts beautiful windows that have a breathtaking outside view. The one above the worktop hits different. It is installed into the backsplash, allowing its owner to cook and enjoy a beautiful view simultaneously. What a remarkable interior design!

42. Lamella Ceiling. Take a look at this stylish Scandinavian kitchen interior. It impresses with the solid geometric lines all over the place. The lower and upper cabinets, island, tools, and even a cozy rustic ceiling are covered with wooden lamella.

We see a beautiful combination of dark gray, wooden and metallic elements here. And do you see a perfect stainless steel hood placed right above the workspace? This practical element became the main feature of this room, without a doubt.

43. Stainless Steel Appliances. This remarkable interior design invades our minds with its ornamental and geometric patterns. The kitchen is beautifully covered with square cabinets that fit the black track light fixtures and lamella partition. As usual, we see some wooden elements here, but most of the furniture is in a grayish turquoise color. And take a look at that gorgeous flooring with glazed ornamental tiles. It’s just astonishing!

Stainless steel appliances aren’t about practicality only. They also create a great look in any interior. This kitchen is not an exception.

44. Subway Aesthetics. A lot of people are so in love with subways. There is something romantic about standing behind the yellow line and waiting for a train. Why not create such a feeling at home?

We can shape our own homes with the subway aesthetics. Have a look at one of those minimalist black and white kitchen ideas. In this case, marble tiles are used on the flooring, while all the walls and a backsplash are covered with the classic subway tiles. Extremely visible black horizontal lines give us the impression of the railway station halls. Simply gorgeous and impressive interior design for all the subway fans.

45. Make It Blush. This lovely open-plan apartment reminds us of soft blush tones. You can see beautiful storage furniture and chairs in a dusty rose color together with the wooden parquet and wall that zones this space into different areas. What a soothing interior idea!

46. Make Your Kitchen Changeable. Have a look at this lovely space. The kitchen designer says she was supposed to make the entire place filled with gray and black colors as they are always in fashion. Colour splashes were required as well. However, finding a place for vividness in such a monochromatic and dark place was a little bit problematic.

The solution came on the scene soon, and the designer decided to add some bright color accents. But only the ones that can be replaced easily as time passes. That is why these grayish-green chairs and stools were chosen.

47. Heaven For Bachelors. This minimalist kitchen belongs to a young man. It is a stylish, monochromatic, and functional space with enough room for a single person to live. The creator of this project decided to use a gray color for walls and cabinetry. The coffee table, stools, and sink became black accents for this open-plan apartment.

48. Don’t Be Scared Of Diversity. It is another adorable addition to the minimalist kitchen list. This interior design shows that we can combine many different shapes and textures. Look how these light-painted cabinets, marble backsplash, and monochromatic brown lower storage look good together! And yes, we have already told you that the Carrara marble is quite trendy.

49. Tourist’s Dream. This minimalist open-plan apartment for tourists locates in Lviv, Ukraine. It is classic and modern because of its typical layout where the kitchen area separates from the living room with a table. This place steals attention with space-friendly decisions and the color scheme of black, white, and brown. And, of course, that gorgeous backsplash made of white subway tiles is simply in the right place.

50. Let The Nature Inspire You. It is the most wooden interior design idea of all listed here. The designer of this project was mesmerized by the view of the forest outside. And therefore, he decided to create a kitchen filled with wood materials, objects, and textures from top to bottom. It is a great choice to add some gray and champagne colors to such spaces as the appropriate color balance occurs.

51. Use Unusual Wooden Shapes. To continue with the dark-toned kitchen design ideas, we want to show this brilliantly made project.

The black kitchen can be as stylish and cozy as the white ones. It’s all about how you blend materials and colors. The island here performs as a table for having meals and a work area. Statement lighting is of the same color as the cabinetry. Those unusual wooden stools and wine racks create the main interest. Light-toned herringbone parquet looks gorgeous here.

52. Dimness Can Be Cozy. This remarkable interior design stands out from all the other kitchen ideas because of its color scheme. Light gray cabinetry creates a beautiful ensemble with a deep black dining zone and a backsplash of the same color. Correctly installed lighting adds some golden splashes to this gloomy room.

53. Add Some Circles. Our kitchen ideas list wouldn’t be that exquisite without this interior design.

The main idea of this space was to combine dark gray or black tones with light wooden elements. That is why the floor is covered with stone and wooden tiles. Although this space looks quite industrial, a warm and cozy feeling is reached by adding pendant lighting.

And have a look at these incredible circle-shaped light fixtures. What a gorgeous feature!

54. Hygge Style. This adorable kitchen interior design took much from the Danish ‘hygge’ philosophy. Have a look at the herringbone parquet and minimalist shelvings decorated with plants. Simple wooden tables and chairs with blue accents steal attention, while unusual pendant lights add coziness to this place.

55. Let The Nature Be Your Designer. This unique kitchen is located in a private house. It is only in black and white colors. The main decor element of this place is nature. As seasons change, this entire space has a different mood. Notice how brilliantly pendant lights above the kitchen island go with the fence lines outdoors. How stunning!

56. Combine Different Textures. This beautiful interior design stands out from the other kitchen ideas because its colors and textures are united in one remarkable piece. If your place is white, feel free to extend the space with green shades, concrete walls, and Carrara marble. We promise you’ll be amazed at the result.

57. Wooden Heaven. The owners of this place wanted to bring some modern American vibes to the house.

Firstly, the kitchen was visually separated from the living room by adding the dining area. Then the interior designer decided to fill the apartment with gray, black, white, and wooden colors. The black table and a fridge became the dining area’s main accents, while the cabinetry’s core was entirely made of wood and became the prominent feature of the kitchen.

58. Ample Storage Space. We want to introduce this remarkable design to continue with light kitchen ideas. All the space is made in soft pastel tones. The cabinetry and walls are the same color, and all the handles are copper. The best decision for this place was to install some furniture into a niche to create ample storage. Decorative wood wall panels became a central feature of the dining area.

59. Brooklyn Apartment Atmosphere. This kitchen space is remarkable. Although it’s not giving the perfect Brooklyn apartment indoor vibes, the color scheme is all about the outdoor life of Brooklyn.

All the facades here are veneer, while all the vast devices are built-in. Also, there are a few black accents like track lighting, pendant light, hood, and classic Windsor chairs.

60. Perfect Zoning. This kitchen was separated from the other space in this apartment by the green color. It is full of natural and warm light, and wooden textures can be spotted almost everywhere. Owners had a perfect picture of what everything in this area should look like, so designers added only a few personal touches here.

61. Make Your Kitchen Bloom. This white interior design is different from other kitchen ideas. While it has all the traditional elements like the bar, storage, and work surfaces, a unique feature is placed on the kitchen walls.

Of course, you can install open shelving to keep plates, cups, etc. But what about turning this area into a garden where you can grow all your favorite spices?

62. Laconism At Its Best. The interior designer of this project created a modern, minimalistic and laconic space for living. This apartment was made in a calm light color palette with black splashes. Herringbone parquet perfectly matches wooden cabinetry and light walls. It looks creative and completely free of the intrusive aspects of space.

63. Confident Gray. While looking through many different kitchen ideas, there are always gray ones. It suddenly became trendy because this dark color is full of confidence and strong energy. The walls and floor in this place are covered with terrazzo that made it into a beautiful ensemble with cabinets of matte gray.

64. Add Some Safe Graphite. The kitchen itself became the main feature of this Scandinavian apartment. Half of the cabinets are made of Fenix material in graphite color, while the other part of the cabinetry remained wooden. As it is an open-plan space, it was necessary to separate the kitchen from the dining room. The beautiful wooden bar was extremely helpful in zoning, while light fixtures of the Ukrainian brand ‘The Fild’ became the lovely bright accents for this kitchen design.

65. Try More Terrazzo. Here is one more stunning design idea for an open-plan living space. This apartment is full of cappuccino colors. Cabinets are milky, upper cupboards look like coffee beans, while chairs and curtains combine both these colors. The wall, which was reserved for the backsplash, became the main feature. It is fully covered with terrazzo as well as the area above the cupboards.

66. Gray But Warm. Have a look at this astonishing modern interior design. While working on this project, the interior designer decided to install the wooden bar as a border for this open-plan living space. It starts on the floor, grows above the chairs, and then, enriched with shelves, ends on the ceiling. Although the kitchen is gray from top to bottom, this wooden color makes it cozy and warm.

67. Full Coverage. Although the task was to create a spacious and bright interior design, the designer of this project decided to add some contrast by separating the living space from the kitchen with colors.

Looking at this open space, you will find out that the living room is entirely white, while the kitchen is in dark tones. The backsplash made of blue hexagonal tiles became this area’s central feature.

68. Full Coverage. This apartment is located in a historic building. Interior designers did a lot of work here to save important vintage pieces and create a striking look.

Also, this interior design wouldn’t be that amazing without the vibrant backsplash made in patchwork technique and those black accents achieved by chairs, lighting, and flowerpots. Countertops and other work surfaces are made of artificial stone with terrazzo textures.

69. Ornamental Backsplash. You can find a compelling combination of green and white colors in this extraordinary kitchen.

Minimalistic storage splits here into green upper cabinets and white lower cabinets, while the backsplash between them has beautiful white ornamental tiles with a black pattern. An airy statement light fixture became an exceptional feature of this room.

70. Dark Tone Kitchen. You can find a compelling combination of green and white colors in this extraordinary kitchen.

This urban design mesmerises with its strong and confident beauty. Dark gray and blue tones perfectly fit this kitchen area, making it monochromatic. Stone-like walls and black California shutters made it into a great set, extended with emerald almost blue accents.

To sum up, we will say our traditional afterword. Always remember that the best ideas for decorating your home are stored in your mind. And they can be brought to life with the help of a professional designer. Remember that your home always needs your personality as the best places for a living are those that reflect ourselves.