18 Open Kitchen Shelving Ideas that Bring In a Wow Factor

Here you will find a selection of 18 open-shelf ideas that are worth checking out. These design options depend on the function of the kitchen cabinets, but they all achieve the same goal: to turn the space into something that makes this corner of the house special.

1. Combination of Metals. Kitchen shelves serve not only as ideal storage space but also as decorative elements. You can add an interesting detail by using different frame materials, such as black metal. Or with warm gilded accents at the top of the shelf structure. Feel free to place stainless steel countertops, tables, and chairs. Knobs and handles can be made of brass.

2. Living Plant Wall. If you are a huge fan of gardening, you definitely will like this idea. How about creating a living wall with your favorite plants? You can do it like a professional chef and use only natural spices grown by you. All you have to do is attach special LED lighting to your beautiful kitchen shelving. Natural wood as a frame material would also be great.

3. Reclaimed Wood Floating Shelves. Absolutely love it! You can sand wood shelves, round off the edges, stain, and then apply a protective layer of wax. Be careful when using sticky wet bowls! They can damage wood shelves. We highly recommend covering them to preserve their antiquity. Place your items on the shelf to create a unique display, and enjoy the result!

Also, check out this amazing tile backsplash. It will protect your wall from water splashes and food stains.

4. Coffee Bar. Notice how you can connect wooden surfaces and emphasize the height of the room. It works great when you’re not cluttering the shelves with plates, cups, pots, and pans. In this photo, however, we see how open shelves can be used to display kitchen utensils. Just perfect for a coffee bar!

5. Natural Stone. The material in the photo that was used to create this kitchen unit is natural marble. Check out this great combination of countertop and open shelving! Such a solution will give the house a beautiful look. As a more budget-friendly option, feel free to consider artificial stone.

6. Kitchen Rack. Instead of cabinets, you can use steel tubes with wire hooks for your utensils. Have you decided to buy plants, but there are no shelves? Pay attention to a kitchen stand or wooden ladder. In the last few years, they have been gaining popularity. Place them against the wall or in a free corner.

7. DIY Organizer. Do your kitchen spices and tools need orderliness? The DIY wall organizer will help you to store things properly! You can make it yourself using professional metal wire of any form.

8. Great Place To Store Belongings. Do you need storage space but don’t have room for open shelving kitchen options? Feel free to fill your windowsill with stuff! It looks mesmerizing when the surface is made of artificial stone or, less frequently, wood. But please make sure that you have free access to open the window.

9. Built-In Open Storage. An arch nook with open shelving is a great choice that will brighten up your kitchen. With its help, it is easy to create a Scandinavian vibe. Just put some candles and cookbooks on the shelves. And if you don’t want your pots and dishes to collect dust, opt for kitchen cabinets. They can be installed directly into the arch.

10. Floating Shelves. Check out these fantastic wall cabinets. Hanging shelves allow the use of glass and metal profiles running along the edges. Why is it a striking accent? The fact is that this design is lightweight and ultramodern. And how ravishing when LED lighting is installed on the floating shelves! The ones with sliding doors look especially stunning.

11. Glass Open Shelving. The best Dutch sellers have something to offer from the novelties of the furniture industry. These are new modular systems for the kitchen. Fastening takes place with the help of glass profiles. Their position can be changed anywhere and anytime. The main detail is the lighting built into the floating shelves.

12. Rustic Touch. Open shelves in rustic style are quite popular all over the world. They are easy to install, very functional, and always add a natural look to the room. You can store antiques on such open shelving. If you do so, be ready to get tons of compliments from your quests! Reclaimed materials, for example, brass pipes, will emphasize the beauty of the shelf. By the way, this option would work great for a pantry of any kind.

13. Add Some Decor. It’s time to put your favorite things on display so you can enjoy them. Glass bottles, flowerpots, or candlesticks — what would you choose? And keep in mind that open shelving should match the overall style. Thus, feel free to opt for built-in options and paint them the same color as the walls.

14. Macramé Floating Shelves. It is more like wall decor but with benefits. Macramé shelving will definitely adorn any room, making it the coziest corner of the house. You can buy it from an artisan or make it yourself.

15. Custom Shelving. Want something original for your space? Use mesh boxes that can simply be hung on the wall! Not only do they serve as additional support for the shelves, but they also add a unique touch to the room. How clever!

16. Shelving with Support. Have you already decided to renovate your kitchen but don’t want to overpower the space? Add in long floating shelves with additional support to make sure they handle the job well. Perfectfor both kitchen appliances and decor!

17. Corner Space. Corner open shelves are ideal for a kitchen with limited space. For a complete look, decorate the hood above the stove with the same wood material. Choose white seamless tile for the back of the kitchen. Paint the lower cabinetry in dark blue. And voilà!

18. Trendy Cabinetry or Open Shelving. What to choose for a small kitchen with limited space: a shelf or cabinet? If you cannot decide, opt for both! Minimalist reclaimed wood cabinets will not clutter up your space. On the contrary, they will give it a stylish look. Also, pay attention to the ceiling shelves with LED lighting, as in the picture. Doesn’t it look stunning?

All of these 18 open shelving kitchen options are in trend now. So feel free to choose the ones that will satisfy your needs and preferences. Don’t hesitate and add these kitchen shelving ideas to your wish list!