50 Floating Shelves Ideas for All Your Rooms and Spaces

There’s no surprise that floating shelves are steadily growing in popularity. They can be incredibly versatile and it’s easy to find a perfect floating shelf to match any interior design and fit into any room in your home. Whether you’re looking for a stylish way to display your family photos and keepsakes or a functional storage solution, here are fifty stunning floating shelf ideas to get you inspired.

Best Floating Shelf Ideas for Kitchen

1. Triple Floating Shelves. Wooden floating shelves placed on each side of the range hood make this modern farmhouse kitchen look exceptionally stylish. If you want to adopt this idea, make sure you stock up on nice dishware for display.

2. Corner Shelves. If you’re keen on utilizing every space in your kitchen, you’ll love corner shelves. They are great for displaying decorative items and holding dishware you use most often.

3. Minimalist Wooden Shelf. This beautiful kitchen doesn’t have any upper cabinets, which makes it look incredibly spacious and full of natural light. However, the designer decided not to waste the precious wall space and incorporated a corner shelf into this kitchen design.

4. Floating Kitchen Shelves with Exposed Brackets. ʼOpen shelving is a hot kitchen design trend right now, usually incorporated into rustic kitchens. They are loved for their ultimate simplicity, but why not add some unique details? For example, these wooden floating shelves look pretty unusual thanks to rugged iron brackets.

5. Rough Wooden Shelves. Unfinished wood looks gorgeous in a white kitchen. Floating shelves can beautifully adorn empty wall space and provide you with that so much wanted extra storage space.

6. Kitchen Display Space. Floating shelves placed on the central wall of your kitchen are doomed to become the focal point of the room. Therefore, it’s best to use them as a display space for sophisticated decorative items and potted plants.

7. Thick Wooden Floating Shelves. This is an awesome example of how you can effectively utilize the space between the wall and a built-in fridge. Roughly speaking, you need just two pieces of unfinished wood to get a stylish home bar.

8. Trendy Corner Shelves. Interrupt your excessively bulky and boring kitchen cabinets with trendy corner shelves to give your kitchen a fresh (and incredibly stylish) look. It’s essential to choose a contrasting color and texture to make the shelves stand out.

9. Simple Shelves Wrapped Around the Corner. If you’re a fan of utilizing each and every empty space in your home, you’ll fall in love with this idea. These simple shelves wrapped around the corner are perfect for keeping your staff within arm’s reach.

10. Ultra Long Floating Kitchen Shelves. Floating shelves allow you to use the space right in front of the windows while still letting plenty of natural light in. Steal this idea if you’re looking for an additional storage solution or a comfortable spot for light-loving houseplants.

Dining Room Floating Shelf Ideas

11. Dining Room Bar with Floating Shelves. A pair of floating shelves placed on a blank wall above a cupboard can make an excellent dining room bar idea. What we love about open shelving is that it allows you to rearrange or replace the items on display whenever you wish, creating a totally new feel.

12. Gallery Wall. Placing framed family photos on floating shelves is a great alternative to hanging them on the wall. What is more, narrow shelves will be enough to accommodate pictures and won’t occupy much space. A great idea for your next DIY project.

13. Floating Shelves with a Wine Glass Rack. Floating shelves featuring a wine glass rack are an ultimately stylish solution for a rustic dinette. When choosing decorative items, make sure you elaborate on a color scheme to match the overall space feel.

14. DIY Wooden Floating Shelves. The dining room is often used for family celebrations. You can use floating shelves as a setting for festive Christmas decor or Easter crafts to create that special atmosphere.

15. Thick Wall-to-Wall Shelves. Placing two long wall-to-wall shelves above a cupboard in your dining room is virtually the simplest way to get a home bar. Remember about contrast! For instance, combine a white cupboard and unfinished wood floating shelves like in this photo.

16. Floating Shelves with Black Brackets. Although very simple, these floating shelves perfectly match the design of the room. The secret is that the shelves themselves and the items they hold have colors that blend seamlessly with the overall color palette. Black brackets are a bold accent that perfectly combines with the light fixtures above.

17. Perfect Home Bar. Giving a second life to old things is a great way to spruce up your space, and can also be a fun family activity. It’s hard to believe but this lovely home bar is the result of DIY furniture upcycling. Thanks to the perfectly matching colors, an old cupboard and floating shelves look like a single unit.

18. Narrow Display Shelves. This is a good example of how two simple, narrow floating shelves add to the coziness of your dinette. You can add a unique vibe to your space by placing framed family photos, decorative plates, small plants, wood cut-outs, candles, or even a clock on the shelves.

19. Functional Floating Shelves. According to the author, the primary goal of this project was to free the cabinets of her small kitchen. However, these well-made wooden floating shelves stacked with dishware have become a decent addition to the dinette’s design.

20. A Focal Point. If you’re looking for ideas to enhance a blank wall in your dining room, consider getting a pair of thick but narrow floating shelves. The wall is sure to draw a lot of attention, so select the most beautiful and unique items to place on your shelves.

Floating Shelves for a Living Room

21. Floating Shelves for a Family Room. This spacious living room features multiple floating shelves placed on either side of the fireplace. Long wooden shelves provide ample surface area for a gallery-style display.

22. White Floating Shelves. Floating shelves can be an ultra-stylish solution when it comes to decorating your living room. Elaborate accents and the color palette make the shelves and their content fit in with the other elements of design.

23. Display Floating Shelves. You can adorn an empty wall in the corner of your living room with two wooden floating shelves like these. Being narrow, they don’t overload the space but still provide enough room to accommodate framed photos, candles, and small plants.

24. Wood Floating Shelves. In this living room, the deep blue accent wall has all eyes on it. Either side of the fireplace and TV is enhanced with a pair of thick, well-made floating shelves stacked with decorative items.

25. Floating Shelves on the Accent Wall. You can make your accent wall work double duty by incorporating floating shelves and decorating them with items that add more charm to your place. Mount the floating shelves on wall studs to make them secure. Navy blue, white, wood and brass make a perfect combo.

26. Floating Shelves above the Sofa. Why not utilize a wall space above the sofa to showcase some art? In addition, you can always change the collection on display, making your living room look different each time.

27. Open Shelving with LED Lights. Mixing wood and metal in interior design will help you add character to your modern home. Apart from the daring combination of wood and black metal, these edgy floating shelves boast unusual forms and soft LED lights.

28. Open Shelving in the Living Room. Your living room will feel cozier if you surround yourself with your favorite items. Thick wooden floating shelves can serve you a good job in holding your so much loved candles, figurines, vases, and art.

29. Minimalist Floating Shelves. Mounting two floating shelves will complement a lovely cupboard turning the installation into a single unit. Stick to neutral, natural hues to achieve a fresh spring vibe.

30. Edgy Asymmetrical Shelves. These shelves that seamlessly blend into the wall are a perfect solution for storing books. A floating shelf in your living room will help you save room on your regular bookshelves and have your favorites close at hand.

Floating Shelves for a Bedroom

31. Over the Bed Floating Shelf. The wall above the bed is the prime focus in many bedrooms, which makes it a perfect fit for a floating shelf. If you decide to hang a shelf above your bed, make sure that it’s either narrow enough or hung high to prevent bumping your head. Note how the shelf decor and plants enhance the natural vibes of the green bedroom.

32. False Fireplace and a Niche for Floating Shelves. Create a cozy nook in your bedroom by incorporating a false fireplace and floating shelves to stack with your favorite things. These shelves are hung at different distances one from another, giving the owner of this bedroom more freedom in choosing the items for display.

33. Floating Shelf for Sweet Knick-Knacks. A narrow floating shelf hung right a few inches above the headboard can become a perfect addition to your bedroom design. Framed art prints, mini-neons, and small figurines pair with a narrow bedroom shelf best.

34. Bedside Floating Shelf. If you have a small bedroom and don’t want to overload it with furniture, consider installing a floating nightstand. This way, you’ll save your precious square feet and still get a functional storage solution.

35. White Picture Ledges. Make your bedroom stand out with the help of several narrow ledges adorned with hand-picked artwork. Black and white photos are a stylish addition to the all-white bedroom.

36. Colored Built-In Shelves. Built-in floating shelves are a great solution for a bedroom. They are as efficient in terms of storage and make room for all the sweet decor indispensable in a small girl’s bedroom.

Bathroom Floating Shelves Ideas

37. Contrasting Color Bathroom Floating Shelves. Floating shelves come in a variety of textures, colors, forms, and sizes, but you can never go wrong with the classics. Wooden shelves and the matching decor look great in a white bathroom and fill the space with style.

38. Minimalist Design. Bathroom floating shelves are the most stylish approach to storing your towels, making them a vital element of the overall bathroom design. You can also add some plants to inject a fresh and vibrant vibe into your bathroom.

39. Glass Shelves. Glass floating shelves are a winning idea for a small bathroom. They are usually produced from tempered glass to be able to hold a few jars and bottles with your favorite beauty products.

40. Gray Bathroom Floating Shelves. If you prefer a monochromatic approach to styling your bathroom, choose matching shelves. This bathroom uses two floating shelves that accommodate a minimum of decorative items and a woven wicker towel basket, still, that’s quite enough to draw attention to the wall.

41. Reclaimed Wood Floating Shelves. If you want to add a rustic touch to your bathroom, you can start with floating shelves from reclaimed wood. They look gorgeous when paired with decorative items in natural colors and textures.

Closet and Laundry Room Floating Shelves

42. Ultra Long Wooden Floating Shelves. Floating shelves are a stylish and easy way to add some extra storage space to your laundry room. Apart from using your shelves to hold the most frequently-used items, you can add some decorative items to give your laundry room a more sophisticated look.

43. Built-In Shelves. Floating shelves are the best way to maximize the empty space between two walls, a laundry room being no exception. Four wide shelves provide enough space for storing towels and sprucing the whole thing up with some plants.

44. Add Some Coziness. A laundry room is a perfect place to incorporate a bit of cozy aesthetic. You can start with hanging a couple of floating shelves to create a setting for some gorgeous decor.

45. DIY Floating Shelves. If your laundry space is small, a floating shelf or two is a great way to add storage space. Feel free to bring a couple of your favorite items and elaborate an outstanding design solution.

46. Closet Floating Shelves. These wood floating shelves are a simple solution for an uncluttered closet that doubles as a laundry space. A wonderful idea for a DIY project.

Floating Shelves in a Closet

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Floating Shelves for Home Workplace

47. Plant Ledge. Lush greens look exceptionally good when paired with wooden texture, this stunning home workplace being clear evidence. A floating shelf provides extra space to place even more plants.

48. Straight Lines. Add a touch of style to your workplace by hanging a couple of floating shelves above the table. You’ll never go wrong with dried flowers, framed art prints, and decorative candles, but do your best to stick to a single color scheme.

49. All Eyes on the Corners. Here’s a great idea for small spaces: not to overload the wall above the table, you can hang two pairs of floating shelves in the corners. Dark-colored wooden shelves contrast sharply with the white wall and table, making the space visually wider.

50. Wall Art Ledges. If you love to surround yourself with beautiful things at all times, you might like the idea of placing a couple of ledges above your writing table. It’s a great way to accommodate your favorite art prints and some cute knick-knacks.

Floating shelves surely deserve their popularity. They save space and look modern and interesting. What is more, floating shelves are a perfect match for small rooms due to their lightweight look. Whether it’s a kitchen, a bedroom, or even a laundry closet, it’s easy to find floating shelf ideas that will work for the overall design.