68 Ideas for Farmhouse Kitchen Design Inspiration

Farmhouse kitchens are a callback to down-to-earth and simple rural living before technology even existed. It’s a nod to the simpler times, the times when people would wake up at the crack of dawn and eat cooked eggs freshly laid by hens. Practical in both style and function, the farmhouse style has become timeless and goes beyond trends, embraced by both designers and homeowners alike for its warmth, charm and rustic feel.

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Ideas

In kitchens, the farmhouse style today is all about recreating the look of traditional kitchens found in barns or farms. Whether you’re living in a rural farm or ordering takeout from your modern apartment, adding touches of these farmhouse kitchen ideas will give your kitchen a welcoming attitude.

1. Mood Lighting. While it’s essential to keep a kitchen bright, eating after all that hard work cooking calls for some mood lighting. It doesn’t have to be limited to vintage, antique or farmhouse style lights. You can also add a touch of whimsy with a mini chandelier or a classy pendant light to make the kitchen cozy for dinner every once in a while.

2. Vintage Accents. Period touches add to the charm of the farmhouse kitchen. If you ever wanted a reason to put out your vintage copper cookware, then now’s your chance to do it. Consider adding pottery, vases, jars and other accessories to amp up the nostalgia. Modern ceramic jars and vases against a vintage background can also pop out and make your kitchen look homier.

3. A Cozy Fireplace. In old farmhouses, the fireplace was a gathering spot. If you have an existing fireplace, don’t close it up yet or if you don’t have one, a faux fireplace is achievable by laying bricks on a small section of your kitchen wall. You can opt to whitewash it to mesh into a white kitchen or use bricks in its natural terracotta color for a warmer country kitchen look.

4. Exposed Beams. Exposed architectural details are a beautiful reminder of how much craftsmanship went into the house so go ahead and utilize those beams. You can leave your wood beams as is or hang some pendant lights on it if the structure allows for it. If your house doesn’t have beams, you can opt to add it yourself, much better too if you can source reclaimed wood as your beam material.

5. Marble Countertops. While marble isn’t exactly an element of the farmhouse style, the idea of a white marble countertop is just as dreamy in a farmhouse kitchen especially when paired with bright white cabinets. The farmhouse style is all about streamlined functionality so don’t be afraid of exploring outside of wooden materials as long as the material can be both aesthetically and functionally pleasing. Marble countertops also add a contemporary touch if you’re aiming to have a blend of both styles.

6. Wall Paneling. Wall paneling has been a mainstay material in traditional homes and for good reason. Shiplap walls, beadboards and tongue and groove panels all add beautiful linear texture and character to a farmhouse style kitchen. Your home can benefit from this look even if you have plain drywalls. Here, the white shiplap walls are complemented by the wooden frame of the entrance to the kitchen.

7. Brick Range Hood. Oftentimes, range hoods are an overlooked part of a kitchen. Adding a custom range hood instead of a stainless steel model can really elevate your kitchen’s style. Although this may need some customization, a brick range hood can really be eye catching and a perfect addition to Farm house kitchens.

8. Arched and Beaded Cabinet Doors. The Shaker-style may be the more popular cabinet door style for farmhouse kitchens but the classic arch or the more fancy cathedral arch doors are also largely seen in traditional and cottage style houses. The buttermilk colored arched and beaded cabinet doors in this kitchen is very reminiscent of a traditional kitchen without looking tired and old.

9. Adding a Pop of Color. A surprise pop of color especially to a central element in a space like this blue farmhouse kitchen island is a very welcome addition to an otherwise neutral kitchen. Unique light fixtures with candles in the metal frames contribute to an interesting modern farmhouse look.

10. Brick Backsplash. Brick is one of the oldest building materials and lends a historic and rustic feel to your kitchen. If you’re hesitant to get spills and grease on masonry, bricks can be used on other parts of your kitchen to create an accent wall, maybe a breakfast nook or a small corner for your wine collection.

11. Shaker-Style Cabinetry. While flush cabinet faces are more minimalist, shaker cabinets provide just the right amount of style for farmhouse kitchens. It can be painted, washed or even left on its own to show beautiful wood grain patterns.

12. White and Seafoam Hues. White farmhouse kitchens are all the rage right now but adding a subtle hint of color can be refreshing. Here, light green cabinets against the ash gray floor provide just the right amount of color that’s pleasing to the eyes.

13. Stone Walls. If you aim for a modern farmhouse kitchen style, you can still enjoy the rustic touches of a farmhouse kitchen. The light-colored stone backsplash offers a luxurious backdrop to the equally elegant dark gray kitchen cabinets. Finishing the look is gold hardware, creating a balance between modern and farmhouse.

14. Open Shelves. Open shelving, although often used in modern kitchens, is actually a classic staple and the oldest form of storage in most farmhouse kitchens. Floating shelves give you a space to display your precious collectibles for you to enjoy them every day. Compared to bulky closed cabinets, open shelving makes the space feel more open. It’s also an easy way of bringing materials such as reclaimed wood into your kitchen for added warmth.

15. Weathered Metal. Too many stainless steel appliances in your kitchen may not end up bringing you the farmhouse style you want. A good tip to add a touch of metal in your kitchen is to use weathered metal instead, which makes sense because old farmhouses had their own touch of metal in the form of pails or tools. The vintage dresser is left in its weathered state, turning into a focal point as it becomes the farmhouse kitchen island counter.

16. Gray Kitchen Cabinets. If you’re looking for a color other than white but afraid to go bold, cool gray kitchen cabinets are a safe choice. The rich hues of the wood floor boards and the kitchen island counter complement the neutral gray cabinets.

17. Gallery Wall. A gallery wall consisting of old photos, needle artwork and other period memorabilia propped right against beaded cabinetry and spindle back chairs all add up to create a farmhouse vibe. You can also use decorative plates to hang on the wall.

18. Large Dining Table. A large dining table can serve many purposes for both eating and food prep. Opt for barn-style tables in reclaimed wood or oak to give warmth to your kitchen. Pair it up with a bench for a casual, laid-back kitchen style and top it off with soft furnishings like catchy plaid table cloths and natural textiles like wool and leather.

19. Subway Tiles. Whether it’s for a kitchen backsplash or an accent wall, subway tiles are the perfect modern meets traditional accent to add to your farmhouse kitchen. White subway tile originated from the Victorian era, arising from a certain fixation on cleanliness because it’s stain-resistant, glossy and easy to clean. While there are now a variety of colors available, white backsplash remains a popular choice for its clean look, perfect for the farmhouse kitchen. Subway tiles can be laid in the traditional brick pattern or the herringbone pattern for a unique look.

20. Wooden Floors. Wooden floors in a farmhouse kitchen are a staple. A key element in farmhouse style is imperfection so don’t stress over those worn wood floor boards yet and embrace the look as a part of the farmhouse flair. The black chest of drawers is a nice added touch to break the wooden island and floor.

21. Whimsical Pantry. Pantries are an essential part of authentic farmhouse kitchens whether it’s for storing food or kitchen tools and appliances. If you have a small space in your kitchen, maybe a small corner can be set aside as small storage area. Adding a framed glass pantry door will help you easily find what you need from the outside.

22. Cement Tiles. Cement tiles aren’t exactly a common finish you would find in a farmhouse kitchen but the rich patterns and colors are too enticing making it difficult to resist using them. Neutral colored cement tiles will give just the subtlest hint of a pattern without taking away from the rest of the kitchen’s style.

23. Chartreuse Walls. Chartreuse is a hit and miss color but done tastefully, it will add the right amount of zing in your farmhouse kitchen. See how beautiful it looks with the blue mugs, the red gingham curtain and the green vase with yellow daffodils? Chartreuse walls may be the pop of color you need to perk up your farmhouse kitchen.

24. Intimate Farmhouse Kitchen. If you thought muted colors are boring, think again. Sheer valances, a candelabra pendant light, shiplap walls, dried flowers on a finely aged wooden table all in muted and neutral tones helped create this dreamy farmhouse setup.

25. Brick Doorway. We’ve already touched upon bricks and know just how much character and warmth this beloved material brings. Here’s another idea using bricks, an arched doorway framing and giving you a peek of your kitchen. The brick doorway also nicely frames the center of the kitchen.

26. Farmhouse Sink. It can’t get any more farmhouse than with an apron-front sink. This farmhouse sink is available in a variety of materials (porcelain, stainless or ceramic) suited for any color and style of cabinets. Instead of the more modern recessed kitchen sinks, the apron-front sink serves both as a functional and decorative fixture. Make sure you have the right type of cabinet to house a farmhouse sink and include this in your renovation plans.

27. Barn Door. The dominant red color in the kitchen including the terracotta backsplash tiles and the aged barn door really amp up the warmth in this kitchen. If you have the space for it, a barn door can elevate your farmhouse kitchen’s style.

28. Open Shelving on Patterned Mosaic Tiles. Like the cement tiles, these patterned mosaic tiles are not common farmhouse kitchen ideas but they are effective at providing a subtle hint of pattern in your kitchen. The humble organic pattern doesn’t take away from the beauty of the open shelving and instead draws the eye to the items on the shelves.

29. Bold Cabinet Color. Cobalt blue kitchen cabinets are a bold choice but it’s a color choice that actually works especially well with dramatic hardware and butcher block countertops. If you’re hesitant about painting all your cabinets blue, an accent piece like your china cabinet will also work.

30. Mixing Materials. Traditional farmhouse kitchens owe their charm to mismatched accents and natural materials. The copper pendant lights, the different wood tones of the dining table and chairs, the mixed countertops on the seafoam cabinets and the rug all work together seamlessly to create this kitchen.

31. Hanging Pot Rack. Hanging pot racks complete with copper kitchen decor and those industrial bar stools give this farmhouse kitchen with white cabinets a retro vibe.

32. Black and White Kitchen Cabinets. Another bold color choice! The clean, streamlined look and feel is maintained in this kitchen because of the black and white cabinets. Limiting the black onto the base cabinets and using a light wood floor helped maintain brightness into the space. The shiplap walls and the x-trim glass cabinet doors provide the elements needed to complete the farmhouse kitchen style.

33. All-White Kitchen. An all-white kitchen is not for the faint of heart but if you choose to go with it, it’s one of the best choices to show the elements of the farmhouse style. Stainless steel appliances blend seamlessly while accents such as wood beams and barn door spice up the area.

34. Add a Hutch for China Display. If you’ve always wanted to put out your china collection for everyone to see, add a traditional hutch. You can also use it to store your everyday kitchen items. Don’t worry about it looking cluttered and disorderly, that’s all part of the farmhouse kitchen design.

35. Butcher’s Block Countertops. When you use a butcher block for your kitchen counters, you’re not just adding style to your kitchen, you’re also making a sustainable choice. Sustainable butcher’s block can come from reclaimed wood and as an added bonus, your knives get some benefit from the surface too. Butcher’s block can be maintained with some sanding and food-grade oil.

36. Free Standing Furniture. A traditional farmhouse kitchen didn’t have modular cabinets sets or built-ins. It instead had a collection of freestanding pieces. This freestanding farmhouse table serves as an island counter and serves as an accent to break up the bland continuity in most kitchens. To make it even more interesting, look for traditional dining table decor pieces painted in a different color from the rest of the cabinetry to make it more noticeable.

37. Traditional Farmhouse Furniture. If we’re talking about a farmhouse look, we can’t forget about going back to its roots and using traditional period pieces. Look for barn-style tables and chairs, Windsor chairs, and furniture with traditional leg styles such as the cup and cover and baluster legs. Flea markets are a great source of period-style furniture for a good price.

38. Transitional Style. If you have existing items that don’t match the farmhouse or rustic style, don’t fret. You can mix and mesh these items and create what is known as the transitional style. The items used in this kitchen are all from different periods but they all go so well together. The velvet Louis XVI bar stools, the oversized pendants, the patterned floor and the corbels may seem too much but the simple white palette managed to keep the look from getting messy and instead created an elegant farmhouse kitchen.

39. Robin’s Egg Blue Walls. Robin’s egg blue derived its name from the color of the eggs laid by the Robin. The color is prevalently used for porch ceilings of colonial houses which makes it a great fit for a farmhouse kitchen. It’s a color that’s easy on the eyes so you can use it either on all your walls or cabinetry.

40. Contrasting Cabinets. If the cobalt blue cabinets were too much for your liking, maybe these deep blue kitchen cabinets will change your mind. It works because of the contrasting colors keeping the upper cabinets white to avoid a heavy and cramped feeling in the kitchen.

41. Modern Farmhouse Style. The key idea of a kitchen in farmhouse style is the combination of modern technologies with natural, rustic materials. We see a great example of it in the photo. Modern cabinetry goes well with the wooden floor, the decor is in harmony with the lamps, and the dishes contribute to the overall mood of the room as well. There is even a kitchen island, the convenience of which is beyond doubt.

42. Cold Shades. One of the main features that often accompany the rustic style is the original design elements. At the same time, it is important to make it look modern. What can satisfy all your needs? Of course, the proper wall decoration and flooring! Note that the exposed white brick is increasingly used in the farmhouse style. The cool colors of this kitchen convey Scandinavian motifs, don’t you think?

43. Lovely Window View. This modern farmhouse design captivates at first glance. The presence of windows is especially attractive. Imagine cooking in this rustic yet modern kitchen and watching what’s happening in your backyard.

Bright white cabinets and open shelves are the perfect choices for modern farmhouse kitchens. They are full of charm and the perfect, welcoming centerpiece for a family home!

44. Ideas For Spacious Farmhouse Kitchens. The farmhouse-style kitchen includes natural materials, a clean design, and ample kitchen storage space. As a rule, modern style is easier to create in spacious rooms. That’s why it is a crime not to put a kitchen island in such a space. By the way, don’t forget about shaker-style cabinets. They can serve you for loud parties.

45. Exquisite Simplicity. Farmhouse style requires you to make bright decisions. For example, checkerboard floor covering in tandem with dark green kitchen walls. What is this, if not a real must-have?

Keep in mind the layout of the kitchen. In modern farmhouses, they are usually average, but even tiny ones can be comfortably equipped. Practical modern furniture in an antique style allows you to use the space as efficiently as possible.

46. Classic Subway Backsplash. The modern farmhouse kitchen preserves rural and aristocratic features in the best proportions for the 21st century. If you have a small room that doesn’t get enough natural light, or you’re just looking for easy-to-reach, space-enhancing effects, consider opting for a white or off-white kitchen. White hood, white backsplash, white fittings… Don’t be afraid to go overboard with this color.

47. Gorgeous Kitchen In Farmhouse Style. The abundance of wooden textures in the interior and the designer decorations on the walls make this room colorful and incredibly cozy. Let’s look at the details. The original chandelier in the shape of a bird’s nest deserves special attention. And it’s adorned with real candles! It seems that it is very pleasant to spend family evenings in such a kitchen.

48. Solid Wood. Modern farmhouse furniture can last 40 and 60 years without replacement, as it is made with high quality and chic. No wonder there are 60-year-old houses for sale with original kitchens that still look modern and stylish. Can you tell how old this kitchen is? It is another big plus of farmhouse designs.

49. Put Some Fruits For Color Accent. A warm rustic kitchen would be incomplete without a bowl filled with juicy fruit. Alternatively, a hanging metal fruit basket can be used to free up storage space without taking up an inch of the floor (or countertop). As for creating an authentic look for the rest of the kitchen, you can paint the cabinets and a butcher block in cool pastel colors.

50. Modern Lines In Farmhouse Kitchen. A contemporary arch is always a good solution for a kitchen. Why clutter up the space with massive doors? Especially in a country house. Staying true to the classics, the owners of this modern farmhouse opt for white furniture, stainless steel appliances, and a typical sink.

51. Hang Floating Dish Organizer. If you want everything in the kitchen to be at hand but at the same time not in the way, give preference to floating shelving and organizers. Notice how beautifully white and blue look together. This color scheme creates an additional contrast with the warmth of the original floor tiles, powder-coated walls, and joinery.

52. Place Where You Want To Stay.

What does create real comfort and style in any kitchen? Of course, putting your heart and soul into its repair! Take a look at this warm photo below and say that you would not like to have a cup of herbal tea here. Reclaimed wood on the floor, open shelves, natural light, brick backsplash, lovely wicker furniture — everything is just right.

53. Yellow Bee. Nothing energizes and invigorates like yellow in a farmhouse interior. In creating this cozy design, the experts used two styles: a typical rustic with wooden elements and more modern with clean lines, an abstract ceiling, and open shelving. This kitchen emanates warmth!

54. Your Cozy Cooking Place. In a modern farmhouse kitchen, the main thing is not size but quality execution. Made in the traditional country or neoclassical style, it practically does not become obsolete. Another important point is lighting. The original metal chandelier will not only decorate the space but also benefit.

Do not neglect home appliances. High-quality built-in devices are the key to success in the design of your kitchen. Choose the best samples according to reviews, and you will not lose.

55. Kitchen Island in Modern Farmhouse. The kitchen island today is a functional place that can include a stove, a farmhouse sink, and a range hood built above the countertop. There may be a wine cooler, a dishwasher, and more.

The centerpiece of this spacious rustic room is an old wooden table and kitchen island. The table also separates the kitchen and the dining area.

56. Romantic Mood. The simplicity and conciseness of this space create a particularly pleasant, relaxing atmosphere. This kitchen is designed to spend long and enjoyable romantic evenings here. Bright colors are pleasing to the eye. Neat furniture, funny pictures, and a sideboard are the best features of this room.

57. Creating Modern Farmhouse Kitchens. Nothing makes a kitchen more rustic than an exposed brick wall with an accent. Follow this rule and frame your subway backsplash with pastel cabinetry for a truly contemporary style. Pay attention to the chairs. They don’t have to be neat and uniform. Round glass lighting will add a special chic.

58. Granny’s Pots. What an inexplicable coziness and warmth the pots, plates, and teapots create on the open shelves! To get a similar look, you should visit a couple of flea markets or thrift stores. A reclaimed wood rack gives this farmhouse kitchen a touch of aristocratic antiquity.

59. Let It Snow. We love Christmas time because of its special atmosphere. Why not create it at home? Imagine drinking hot mulled wine and enjoying gingerbread cookies in this stunning kitchen. By the way, using wreaths is a popular choice for a farm-style house.

As we can see, accessories, lighting, and decor play an important role in the interior. They help create coziness, organize the kitchen space and increase its functionality.

60. Candles Everywhere. A small kitchen has an undeniable plus: it is easier to create coziness in it. But for this, it is important to strike a balance, trying not to overload the farmhouse kitchen with decor. The main features and details here are a small cooking area, a pretty table, flowers in a vase, and, of course, candles. This neat range hood is perfect, shiplap walls and ceiling are outstanding!

61. Vase With Sunflowers. A key element of a comfortable and inviting farmhouse kitchen is perfect orderliness. If the butcher block countertops and window sills are full of household appliances, the room will not cause the desire to stay in it for a long time. Wood flooring goes well with white furniture, but black cabinets will look just as good. The highlight of this space is a beautiful vase with sunflowers. We absolutely love this interior design!

62. Big Ideas For Ample Farmhouse Kitchens. A calm color palette, wood tones, and well-thought-out combinations will be the basis for creating a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Often, this does not even require a full-fledged repair: repainting the headset and walls, as well as transforming the shaker cabinets, will come out much cheaper. And don’t forget about natural lighting to create a modern farmhouse feel.

63. Exposed Brick Wall. Fresh flowers are perfect for home decor, while unpretentious plantings can embellish your kitchen. They give volume and slightly increase the space visually. Here we can see only the modern farmhouse colors. The exposed brick and wood beams don’t look rough. On the contrary, they give this rustic kitchen a distinct look. Massive furniture becomes the focal point of this space.

64. Farmhouse Twist. The dining area in the kitchen can be distinguished in many ways. Let’s consider one of the options. The choice of original bright colors and materials made this interior unique and gripping. Also, do not sleep on these blue metal chairs, which fit perfectly into the interior.

65. Show Your Silverware. If you want to create a truly modern look with original details, consider open kitchen storage. Feel free to show guests your unique tableware, organizers, and cookbooks. Geometric light fixtures are not chosen by chance: they add interest to the room.

66. Minimalist Farmhouse Kitchen. This discreet design is accentuated by brass hardware. Against the backdrop of a white brick wall, it looks really great! Paired with classic pieces like brass faucets and a stone sink, these muted gray and blue kitchen cabinets add a touch of elegance to the space.

67. Hidden Household Appliances. Since the modern farmhouse style requires a rural look, it is better to hide household appliances. It can be achieved by using built-in household appliances and contemporary curtains. Those household appliances that cannot be hidden (for example, a stove) are best chosen in retro style. Warm beige, gray and white shades will come in handy.

68. Woven Carpets. By itself, the modern farmhouse look does not impose restrictions related to size, shape, or decoration. However, there are some design nuances to consider. For example, floor carpets. Someone may say that they have sunk into oblivion, but experts say this is not so. Especially when it comes to a contemporary rustic kitchen.

The traditional farmhouse kitchen or style celebrates craftsmanship, a detail we rarely see anymore in more modern and contemporary setups. Those exposed beams, those worn and weathered rustic wood boards or that aged copper pot all add up to the quaint charm of the farmhouse style. Don’t be afraid to explore styles even if you don’t think they’ll match. These ideas prove that traditional and modern elements can meet in the middle to create a beautifully imperfect farmhouse kitchen.