25 Beautiful Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Are you going to remodel your kitchen in the color of the sky and ocean? Great choice! In this article, you will find 25 captivating ideas with blue kitchen cabinets that you can use as references. Feel free to stick to them and bring your dream kitchen to life. You can use any shade from the light sky to deep and dark blue. We will show kitchen interior design examples in the blue color palette and explain how to combine different shades and textures.

There are a lot of classy and modern stylish designs with blue cabinets, kitchen islands, dining tables, and trendy decor that you will love. Get ready to find what works for you!

1. Open-Plan Space In Japanese Style. The combination of blue kitchen cabinets and gray ceiling and flooring looks exquisite in this interior. The room is enhanced with natural wood surfaces and black accent tiles on the backsplash and kitchen island. Clean lines, potted plants, a throw blanket, and pendant lights make the space very cozy and relaxing. Just perfect for spending quality time with the family!

2. Bluish-Gray Cabinetry With Matching Hood. As you can see, the bluish-gray cabinets don’t look dull and dirty at all. Moreover, together with wooden shelves, a copper pendant light, and a matching kitchen hood, they create a stylish and pleasing-to-the-eye look. You can also notice a butcher block countertop that serves as a bar counter. Such a bold decision!

3. Juicy And Bright Accents As Focal Point. Even the gloomiest day will not spoil your mood if you are in such a bright place. For this interior, the designer used a combination of blue, yellow, and terracotta colors, which are very beautifully blended. But don’t overdo it with vivid splashes! The room should also have neutral elements to balance the brightness of accent colors.

4. Go Wild With Vibrant Colors. This partly white and half wooden space looks flawless with touches of blue and yellow. The idea of colored concrete for a kitchen island is unique and mesmerizing. It complements the blue cabinets perfectly. And the tabletop is best combined with white elements of the room.

Sophisticated Kitchen with Yellow Island

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5. Optical Illusion With Birch Wood Panels. Covering the entire space with birch wood panels is quite a bold idea. This way, the designer separated the dining area from the kitchen. These two spaces are also divided by different colors. As you can see, the cooking zone is done in sleek blue tones, and the dining area is covered in pale orange paint. It gives the apartment a unique touch.

6. All White Kitchen With Splash Of Turquoise. This kitchen has a Mediterranean vibe thanks to the white color scheme, just like in traditional Greek homes. And the splash of turquoise conjures up thoughts of a crystal-clear sea. Nothing ruins the overall look: neither the refrigerator nor the oven. Such a great corner of the house for cooking!

7. Stunning Navy Cabinetry And Portuguese Tiles. Everything here goes perfectly together. Classy navy kitchen cabinets complemented by a backsplash with patterned tiles in Portuguese style. And wood countertops are well-matched with the grayish-beige of the rest of the room. How simple yet stylish!

8. Paint The Room In One Color. It is your sign to do something extraordinary to your kitchen. If you want it to stand out, feel free to cover the entire room in one color. Do not be afraid to go overboard with paint. As you can see, it looks modern and appealing. To add the finishing touch, hang an abstract painting.

9. Add Some Color To Your Minimalist Apartment. It is another stylish example of the classy combination of white walls, blue kitchen cabinets, and wooden elements in interior design. This option is perfect for those who want to add a unique feature to their minimalist apartment. The navy blue serves as an accent color and, at the same time, harmonizes well with the rest of the room.

10. Dark Color Scheme With LED Lighting. In this project, the designer created a stunning combination of deep blue cabinets and dark wood surfaces with various black elements. Marble countertops, backsplash, and kitchen island give a chic feel to the room. The dark color scheme captivates with LED lighting that makes the space even more mesmerizing. Such modern kitchen design can not leave anyone indifferent.

11. Neutral Blue Cabinets For Small Kitchen. This kitchen is cute and simply adorable. The cabinets, open shelving, and walls are the same hue of blue. This shade blends nicely with the gilded cabinet hardware. The countertop and sink are white to complement the softness of the room.

12. Flawless Blue And Copper Combination. Blue is not the primary color of this kitchen. It is a part of the composition, and together they look magnificent. These blue cabinets go very well with the copper hood and pendant lights. As stylish accents, they give the room a unique touch. The floor and countertop tiles are gray with a concrete texture. Such a great solution when you want to use more different colors!

13. Abundance Of Colors And Textures. Notice how the natural oak flooring gives the blue kitchen cabinets a greener hue. Brass chairs and paired light fixtures are accents, along with black utensils, a hood, and a stove. Without a doubt, the cooking area looks stunning with this combination of colors and textures!

14. Soft And Cozy Open-Plan Apartment. The space of this apartment is almost entirely white. The floor is made of light oak, which blends well with various wooden décor. The kitchen cabinets are pale blue, which is very suitable for the calm atmosphere of the apartment as a whole. And the gallery wall and a compact bench with a blue throw pillow make this room especially warm and cozy.

15. Luxury Kitchen With Hidden Appliances. This space looks quite expensive and gorgeous. The turquoise color of the cabinets is perfectly combined with a wooden kitchen island and gilded elements. There is some beautiful and unusual cabinet hardware painted gold to match the rest of the metalwork. The space looks neat, thanks to hidden appliances. In this project, you can find really good and intriguing ideas.

16. Perfect Place To Store Things. This room is not very big, but it has enough space for cooking and storage. Painted azure blue cabinets are perfect for storing things and, at the same time, serve as an accent wall. The lower cabinets are used for cooking and are white with interesting brass metal-like doors. There is also a breakfast nook for two, which is perfect for having coffee in the morning.

17. Playing With Geometric Shapes. This charming kitchen proves that wood floors and marble counters are perfect for rooms with blue cabinets. Such a combination looks simply stunning. And the abundance of geometric shapes is worth paying special attention to. Thus, you can give the room a unique touch without adding extra decorative elements.

18. Pay Attention To Terrazzo Tiles. Terrazzo tiles are one of the best options as they are easy to clean, and dirt stains are not visible on the surface. In this project, terrazzo is used to finish the backsplash and countertop. It goes well with the light blue cabinets. You can also see some black, beige, and terracotta accents made of different materials. Thus, creating harmony by experimenting with textures is quite possible.

19. Opposites Attract. As we all know, opposites attract. The same thing happened with this glamorous place. The owner of this kitchen dared to combine bright blue walls and cabinets with dark blue chairs and lower cabinets and was completely satisfied with the result. It is also good to use some details, such as black hardware or lighting fixtures, as they look stunning in any design.

20. Traditional Kitchen Painted Blue. It is an example of a stylish and traditional kitchen in shades of blue and white. The blue kitchen cabinets go beautifully with the white stove and hood, and the countertops are made of white marble. The tile on the back wall has a beautiful blue pattern and blends pleasingly with the overall look. And, of course, we can also see gilded hardware because they always work nicely with any hue of blue.

21. Big Plans For Big Place. In this project, we see a stylish color combination for the kitchen with dark blue cabinets: the floor and sitting areas are gray, and the rest of the space is all white. The larger the room, the more ideas you can bring to life. So the owner of this house decided to place a corner sofa set for friends and family gatherings. Good choice!

22. Trendy Subway Tile. In this kitchen, the designer used navy blue not only for the kitchen cabinets but also for the island and hood. They provide a nice contrast to the white subway tile on the backsplash and countertops. Subway tile is a great option because it is easy to clean, and the sleek surface makes it shine. There is also an open shelving unit with decorative items that are perfect for this kitchen.

23. Add Personal Touch To Your Kitchen. It is an example of a stylish kitchen in shades of blue and white with personal touches. The owner hung beautiful glass lamps, placed unique wooden chairs, and decorated the room with gorgeous flowers. Another feature that catches the eye is the built-in sink in the center of the dining area. Quite a bold decision, isn’t it?

24. You Can’t Have Too Many Drawers. Extra storage is always needed, especially if you like experimenting with different cooking techniques. Why not install as many drawers as possible to store old and brand-new cookware? And, of course, do not forget to paint the kitchen cabinet a mesmerizing deep blue color. It always looks stylish and is easy to keep clean.

25. Minimalist Yet Stylish. Place only the lower cabinets to create a sense of spaciousness. Paint them blue to add a unique touch to a minimalist room. As you can see, concrete flooring and stainless steel surfaces look amazing in combination with blue, beige, and green. If you want to add warmth and coziness to the kitchen, consider using natural wood and live plants.

We hope you got inspired today and are ready to design the kitchen of your dreams. As you already know, there are many ways to decorate your kitchen with blue cabinets. So feel free to experiment with different shades and materials to be completely satisfied with the result.