30 Backsplash Tile Ideas to Decorate Your Kitchen

Choosing a ceramic or matte backsplash is one of the most pressing issues when arranging a kitchen. It is stylish, easy to care for, durable, and not afraid of water. At the same time, this is where the problem lies. The variety of backsplash tiles is so great that it will drive you crazy. But worry not! We are here to help you make the right choice.

1. White Kitchen Backsplash With Clean Lines. No one is afraid of white facades anymore: the myths about their impracticality have been dispelled, and designers boldly use this universal color in their projects. A white back wall is a versatile solution for any kitchen.

What are the pros of white worktop cladding? First, the room always looks fresh and new with it. Second, light shades tune in to the positive and give a feeling of freedom.

2. Black Subway Wall That Conquers. If you have a lot of warm materials in your kitchen, including wood and textiles, it makes sense to dilute them with colder black so that the space doesn’t look too yellow. The main thing here is to choose the shade that best suits your kitchen. As you see, our version contrasts the stylish matte black back wall with the wooden cabinets.

3. Strawberries In White Chocolate. We associate this design with such a yummy! The soft pink, strawberry shade of the walls and shelves gives the kitchen an exceptional taste. And this white subway tile with a matte surface fits perfectly into the overall ensemble of colors. A black grout plays a vital role as a separator here. No matter what anyone says, standard subway tile always wins.

4. Unusual Green Backsplash Tile. Forget about boring texture! Not only the kitchen set can be green, but also the backsplash. However, do not paint everything the same color. Otherwise, all the effectiveness of the back wall of your kitchen will be lost.

5. Small Glass Subway Tile. A delicate and feminine glass mosaic back wall is ideally combined with plain white cabinets and home appliances in a gold metallic shade. Against the background of such a finish, glassware and copper decorative elements that are incredibly popular nowadays look very advantageous.

6. Improvise. Natural stone subway tile has always been a fantastic option for any kitchen. And if you add some of your design forms here, for example, a cute landscape of a house in the forest, the kitchen will sparkle with completely new notes.

7. Grayish Accent Wall. Nobody canceled the square shape of the subway tile. This warm, classic kitchen immediately grabs attention with its expressive backsplash. It matches the color of the room perfectly. The photo shows how nice a brown grout looks with gray.

8. Add Turquoise To Your Kitchen. Depending on the material, the blue color of the kitchen backsplash looks fundamentally different. You can’t even imagine what variety of options this color can bring to your house! This warm turquoise shade reminds us of the ocean waves. The desire to create is in the air!

9. White Kitchen Design. A white subway tile is a timeless classic. This kitchen has a traditional look, for sure. Neutral colors, soft light, and chic chandeliers fit perfectly into the design of these gray cabinets. Glass subway tile reflects the snow-white ceiling. Isn’t it striking?

10. What About Marble. Even the word marble itself sounds expensive and whispers about beauty. You may be surprised, but subway tiles can also imitate this material. Thanks to the play of color transitions and the elegant natural pattern, marble back walls become a real precious decoration of the interior. The stone is suitable for both classic and modern interiors.

11. Light Blue Tile. When talking about subway tiles, we can pay attention to their more complex shapes and styling. Look at these small rhombuses. Aren’t they fresh and neat? A white grout puts all the accents together.

12. Classic Subway Bricks. Here we can see a universal option. A back wall made of decorative stone looks stylish, expensive, and durable. Its reliable, practical material makes it possible to show imagination and create an original design. Ideal for those who love loft style.

13. Labyrinths. Such a solution looks sophisticated. The complex blue and white pattern on the backsplash creates additional visual interest. You can spot rainbow accents in this photo that make the space full of fun. The carpet on the floor creates a cheerful mood as well. The owner of this kitchen has excellent taste, for sure.

14. Out Of Box Design. “No more classic!” With this slogan, you can start updating your kitchen room. Subway tile in nature plant style can’t leave anyone indifferent. It creates a great contrast with the white ceiling and wooden floor. But the real features of the room are the golden chandelier and deep sapphirine cabinets.

15. Combination Of Styles. You can reduce the kitchen hood’s visual volume in a small area if you highlight the central zone, usually above the sink and stove. It’s worth replacing the one-color finish in the center with a mosaic image or material with an ornament. A white subway tile on the sides organizes the overall look nicely.

16. Full Visualization. Not everyone chooses such a hypnotic pattern for the kitchen back wall. But if you’re bold enough, you definitely won’t regret it. You can also use black grout in a similar interior. Check out how beautifully this polished wood floor goes with the white ceiling and doors. Simply lovely!

17. Perfect Blue Subway Wall. This modern muted blue ceramic backsplash looks perfect. Pay attention to the play of colors, where an apparent white rubbing separates the subway tiles. Did you know that blue shades reduce appetite? We advise everyone who wants to lose weight to take note of this technique.

18. Earth Inspired Palette. Who said your kitchen backsplash should look like New York City subway mosaic? A great choice for those who think otherwise is rounded tiles in yellow, gray, white, and skin tones. This delicate and thoughtful pattern suits both small and large rooms in the most beautiful way.

19. Sand Shades. It’s no secret that sand shades dominate in most interior designs. They complement the kitchen nicely and make it much warmer. Brown and black colors usually successfully accompany them, creating a stylish look. But it may look too gloomy without green elements. Thus, be sure to place some plants to brighten up the space.

20. Honeycombs. Let’s digress a little from the classic subway options. Now we can see the beauty of honeycombs. They fit perfectly into small areas and don’t overload the space. You can play with honeycomb tiles in every way. We are talking about grouting, laying, colors and combinations.

21. Need For Focal Point. To freshen up a plain white backsplash, designers added a few splashes of color with trendy handmade subway tile. Look how the kitchen becomes visually interesting! We are sure its owner bakes delicious pancakes in such a place with joy. A little bonus tip: instead of white tiles in such a kitchen, you can use gray ones.

22. Delicate Mosaic. Although this type of tiling doesn’t look picturesque, it isn’t boring. Moreover, it makes the room look stylish and elegant. However, dealing with seams and grout may be quite challenging. But if you are brave enough, just go for it!

23. Broken Subway Style. This subway tile is laid out in a herringbone pattern and gives an impression of stringency and orderliness. A classic white grout looks unusual here but slightly off the beaten track. By the way, the kitchen design deserves attention too. Everything is appropriate: white countertop, wooden appliances, and, of course, plants.

24. Add Some Dots. When you need to achieve a wow effect without using bright colors, bet on the texture to emphasize the kitchen back wall. A black and white pattern can help you. This photo shows how simplicity decorates the space.

25. Sea Dreams. If your flat is quite large, you can easily install big subway tiles on the backsplash. Give preference to something that attracts attention. Feel free to use ocean colors: from aquamarine to dark blue. A white grout creates the effect of foam on the sea wave. Thus, you feel like you are on vacation every time you come home.

26. Herringbone Style. Does the backsplash made of white rectangular subway tiles bore you? Then take a slightly different approach and go for a herringbone style. On the one hand, it may seem too ordinary. But isn’t true beauty in simplicity?

27. Purple Pearl Tile. A back wall decorated with purple colors gives a spring mood. This kitchen design is suitable for a predominantly white high-tech style. A lilac interior looks great against a white kitchen. You can complement the design with wooden or white cabinets.

28. Make It Unique. It is a non-traditional option for those who love to create. This trendy decor fits perfectly into the design of a bachelor’s kitchen, but not necessarily. The main features of this back wall are its visual interest and quirkiness. So check out this seductive Mermaid backsplash if you search for something new and original.

29. Motley Subway Tile. Designers have been increasingly choosing patterned tiles recently. And we understand why they do so. They never get bored and are unlikely to go out of fashion. And look at these lovely open shelves! There you can store everything you need without taking up extra space.

30. Glossy Backsplash and Light Green Cabinets. The duo of light green and gray subway tile is one of the most timeless combinations. It looks pleasant and inspiring without any sharp contrast. You can use glossy finish tiles even with no grout. But they are more appropriate in modern-style kitchens. Warm and lovely, isn’t it?

As you can see, the kitchen backsplash can be the brightest accent of the entire space. Missing the opportunity to customize it to your taste is just a crime! We hope you enjoyed our selection and found the subway tile backsplash idea that meets all your needs.