25 Gray Kitchen Cabinet Ideas that Will Inspire You to Remodel

For many years, gray has been one of the most popular choices for kitchens. And it is not surprising! After all, gray is considered neutral and combines with almost all other colors. So with the right approach, you can create a perfect cooking zone.

For those who prefer a strict and, at the same time, fresh and calm atmosphere, the best choice would be to decorate the kitchen in different shades of gray. You can be sure that it will look trendy even after many years. See some of the best ideas to copy below!

1. Gray And White Combination. Why not paint the kitchen cabinets gray? Many designers advise opting for this particular color and combining it with white to avoid unnecessary fuss when cleaning.

Look at how originally decorated this gray kitchen is: beautiful sakura flowers found their place. And natural wood in the interior adds a touch of chic.

2. Classic Gray Kitchen Cabinets. Light gray cabinets, even in a monochrome interior, can be many-sided. It can be achieved with accents and decor that make the room lovely and cozy.

Gray paint is suitable for the walls and ceiling. Although, you can choose a more appealing color or shade to diversify your kitchen.

3. Rigidity In Everything. A few years ago, such an interior would have seemed dull and office-like. But not today! Notice how the clear lines emphasize the nature of the single gray, making the details more contrasting. This solution is mesmerizing in both matte and glossy finishes.

4. Design Subtleties. Anyone who follows trends should pay attention to the dark gray cabinets, which emphasize the atmosphere of peace and also serve as a background for original accents. The deep color of wet asphalt pairs well with wood flooring, white and brown paint, and, of course, plants.

5. Gray Kitchen Cabinets In Scandinavian Style. This kitchen is made in a modern style and is one of the most current options in interior design. Its advantage is the ability to experiment with soft and dark tones. Beige, white, and even black: your gray kitchen is sure to stay on trend for more than a few years!

6. Marble Countertops. Gray cabinets go well with marble countertops. They are not only robust and functional but also prestigious. Their simplicity, aristocracy, and solidity can bring a fair share of exclusivity to every fashionable interior.

It is also essential to choose the right backsplash idea. The ideal pick would be one made of the same marble.

7. Flawless Cooking Area. When choosing a kitchen design using gray as the primary color, thoroughly select the tone and its companions so that the interior does not turn out dirty.

In this case, white is absolutely versatile. White accents can be added to the walls and backsplash and mixed with various hues of light gray.

8. Sleek Gray Cabinets. Choosing gray walls or cabinets is always a versatile solution when flooring, wallpaper, and details can be of different colors. Extensive and modern kitchens require radical and bold decisions.

Pay attention to sleek metal cabinets. These accents will easily complement the composition in gray tones, and such elements decorate any interior design.

9. One-Stop Solution. The kitchen backsplash not only protects but also serves as an element of decor. The one made of subway tile complements the space and is practical and original in appearance.

In such a tandem, gray kitchen cabinets will sparkle with new colors. They indeed can not be called dull and gloomy!

10. Kitchen Island As The Heart Of The Home. The gray shade has a range of saturation and tones: graphite, platinum, etc. Choosing the right one is the key to success. Hue does make a difference when the gray kitchen is modest.

If the design concept involves dark gray fronts, which are undesirable for a small kitchen space, the absence of a line of cabinets can be a compromise.

11. Wooden Kitchen Cabinets. Designers’ love for the gray color of cabinets can be explained by the fact that it is versatile. Do you want to install a farmhouse sink and white backsplash in your American-style kitchen? No problem! Do you like to mix different shades of gray? Go ahead!

Any decision you make will be the right one. Feel free to paint the kitchen cabinets gray yourself to blend in with other furniture.

12. Herringbone Pattern. If your kitchen has limited space, the gray color can create a feeling of lack of comfort and coldness. Thus, the room should have good access to light and a large window.

Classic, modern, loft, or country-style kitchen: all these options go well with the color gray, especially when you add a herringbone tile backsplash and white countertops.

13. Modest Yet Stylish. Why are gray tones so attractive? The reason for its popularity lies in the interior of the kitchen. It is muted yet fashionable. That is why kitchen cabinetry of this color is so popular.

In modern design, gray indicates good taste and says a lot about its owner. So do not delay with the repair of the kitchen!

14. Light Gray Tones. Almost all hues of gray go well with the classic white. But if you’re worried about the cleanliness of your flawless surface, it’s best to abandon this idea. So instead of white cabinets, choose neutral gray or beige ones.

Feel free to install a farmhouse sink and compact kitchen island of the same shade, even if the space is too limited. The result will delight you!

15. Pinterest-Like Kitchen. If you properly combine different textures with gray paint and add a couple of color accents, the atmosphere will sparkle with new colors. A gray kitchen will become a cozy corner of your house.

You can easily dilute the space with white cabinets, an original backsplash, and a farmhouse sink. This way, your home will be transformed into a cozy place!

16. Directly From IKEA. By combining hues of gray, you can get different optical effects. Expand your kitchen or visually stretch the ceilings upward, and even hide design flaws with such a color.

This interior, as pictured, is characterized by luxurious furniture, subdued lighting, metal decorations, and the predominance of geometric shapes. Simply stunning!

17. Do Not Be Afraid Of Dark Gray. Just look at how elegant and minimalistic these dark gray cabinets are! They do not steal space by filling it with color. Thanks to the wooden floor, the feeling of emptiness and complete monochrome disappears.

It is also the case when an ordinary vase with flowers can become a great piece of kitchen decor. A touch of nature is always a great idea for home adorning.

18. Minimalism Of The 21st Century. It is another option for decorating a room in dark gray tones. Matte gray looks ultra-modern and is used more often because the velvety gray texture of surfaces gives a noble satin sheen, and the color is deep and rich. Try experimenting and see what the gloss and matte look like.

19. Not-So-Small Space Feel. Just look at how different design trends fit perfectly into the graphite kitchen! Notice how cleverly the lighting is done here: the illumination on the top and bottom provides complete comfort and practicality in use.

The backsplash is classic white and looks good against gray cabinets. This is another proof that the gray and white combination always looks winning.

20. Table As Centerpiece. It is an ideal choice for aesthetes and minimalists. Here the maximum functionality and absence of excessive decor reign. The gray color excellently emphasizes the practicality of things and the freedom of space. It is totally an IKEA kitchen!

21. Kitchen And Dining Room Combo. To combine the kitchen and dining area, use the zoning technique. This method is complex. It includes using unique features and various attributes in the form of paintings, mirrors, and plant compositions. This way, you can fill the room with coziness and high aesthetics.

22. One More Stylish Island. Gray can quickly become the main color in any style: Scandinavian, Provence, Eclectic, and even Rococo. Therefore, any kitchen can shine with an exceptional charm, depending on your chosen option and the color accents. Also, think about an island in the kitchen.

23. Add Lower Cabinets. Dilute the white kitchen with gray color. Choose unusual furniture, such as stylish low cabinets. As you see, they can be perfectly paired with a gray table and dark chairs, although the backsplash is left white.

24. Brick Accent Wall. In the design of any space, a crucial point is the arrangement of accents. Gray cabinetry with antique, original handles and lovely decor will adorn your kitchen. Bricks painted in gray look not only beautiful but also practical. This design is well suited for large kitchens.

25. Touch Of Naturalness. Plants always give exceptional naturalness. Flowers in a vase will decorate any gray kitchen. Here the whole space is filled with light. Well, if you get bored with the gray color, do not hesitate to add a few brown details, and the space will change dramatically.

Despite some seriousness of the color decision, painting your kitchen gray has many positives, and it’s definitely worth a try. So go for it and enjoy the beautiful results!