50 Modern Kitchen Islands for Food Prep

The kitchen island is not a new invention. Still, it has become prevalent nowadays. More and more people appreciate its convenience and cooking process optimization. For the most part, a full-fledged kitchen island can only be installed in a spacious room. But there are acceptable options for owners of small spaces as well.

The kitchen island best combines the characteristics of versatility and convenience. What tasks it performs depends on your desires and capabilities. Manufacturers offer many interesting options these days. So focus on the interior style, your taste, and your needs to choose the best one just for you.

1. Marble Is More Than OK. The kitchen island is not only an extra surface but also an additional storage space. There may be shelves or drawers inside to keep utensils or food. Moreover, it can be a part of room decoration. Just put a vase of flowers, a plate of fruit, or other dining table decor on the countertop to brighten up the space.

2. Pendant Lighting. It is better to cook food in good light. But the natural one from the window usually does not reach the kitchen island. Choosing a quality lamp to protect your fingers from accidental cuts is best. Adjust its height to suit your parameters so that it is visible and you do not hit your head.

3. Seating Area. Why not add a bench with the backrest to the kitchen island? It saves space and creates visual interest. The only thing is that you can not place a stove on this kind of surface. Otherwise, everyone at the table will breathe smoke and steam.

4. Countertop Space. If your kitchen is spacious enough, feel free to install a large island to satisfy all family members. One side may be used for cooking, while the other can be transformed into a dining or bar area. Family life is booming in this kind of space!

5. White Marble. The white color looks gorgeous in any room, while the marble texture adds a sense of luxury to the space. Such a combination of color and material is perfect for those who appreciate interior design in all its beauty. You don’t have to make the whole kitchen of stone, but a marble island will add a hundred points to the space. Breakfasts and dinners can not be tasteless in a room like this!

6. Small Kitchen Island. A small area does not mean you can not place a kitchen island. If you want, feel free to do it. Choose a small option instead of a large one. It may contain a storage space inside to save the area from overloading.

7. Add Character. Use the kitchen island as an opportunity to add accents to the interior design. Choose an unusual shape or unexpected decor. The example in the photo shows a unique mosaic on one of its sides. It is made of crumbled plates, which are the room’s theme. The island itself stands on a foot arch, making it visually interesting.

8. Appliances. If there is no free space for kitchen appliances, install them on the island. It not only benefits the room but also complements it well. After all, you can choose unusual appliances or additional gadgets that do not fit into the standard kitchen design. The only thing is that you have to care about the correct location of pipes and cables to avoid extra fuss in the future.

9. Creative Countertop Space. The design of the kitchen may be pretty simple. However, you can brighten the space with one thrilling detail, as in the photo. As you can see, the glass top of the kitchen island rises above the colorful pebbles. But you can use anything instead of them: dried flowers, sand, and shells, family artifacts, old recipes, etc.

10. Dining Table. The kitchen island is often used as a dining table. You can store vases, food, or utensils on the countertop when you are not using them for cooking. If you are sure this is your option, consider designing furniture with free legroom. It will add convenience to your everyday kitchen routine.

11. Hood Over The Stove. Chefs, cooks, and just food lovers need a good stove to cook delicious meals. In such a case, a large kitchen with a stove is a must-have. It simplifies life and adds a few points to the result. However, the place may turn into a sauna when several burners run simultaneously. That is why installing a hood above the countertop is required.

12. Bottom Shelf. Pay attention to the shelves if you consider transforming the kitchen island into another storage place. First, this design option looks good against the background of conventional cabinets. Secondly, you can store fruits, bottles, snacks, books, souvenirs, and more there. However, if you have a naughty pet, you should not put things that might interest it on open shelves.

13. Unusual Shape. Considering the size of the kitchen and its appearance, designers can fit a kitchen island of any shape into the overall plan. Against ordinary furniture and materials background, simple decor and the kitchen island’s unusual shape will highlight your interior.

14. Breakfast Bar. An organizer with different utensils may be an interesting detail of the kitchen interior. The photo shows an example of storing pots and pans most conveniently. As you see, it has permanent access and does not take up much space. Similar organizers for glasses and bars also have practical and stylish options that complement the room nicely.

Imagine a perfect start to the day: sitting on a bar stool and enjoying a cup of coffee or a glass of orange juice. How lovely!

15. Bar Stools. Kitchen islands are usually higher than regular dining tables. That is why bar stools are typically used instead of ordinary chairs in such a combination. Buy a few bar stools, and you can use the island as a table for breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea and coffee breaks, or relaxation.

16. Functional Kitchen Island. Note that the kitchen island must perform at least two functions. For example, it may be a cooking surface and a place to store things. If you only like it as a decorative element, think twice. You may not need it at all.

17. Countertop Material. Let’s talk about worktop materials. Marble and stone ones are solid and durable, so they are suitable for constant contact with water and sharp knives. A regular wooden surface assumes that you use the island mainly as a table. Therefore, you must be careful not to damage the surface during cooking. If you only like it as a decorative element, think twice. You may not need it at all.

18. Extra Layer. The design of kitchen islands is not limited to a simple square or rectangular box with a door and countertop in the middle of the room. Modern designers and architects work on new forms and visual solutions. There are options with a double surface, where the top layer is movable, or the one that goes beyond and imitates a table. If you need extra space from time to time, there are islands with a worktop that folds and unfolds.

19. Aesthetically Pleasing Kitchen Island. Look how you can make the island a central element of your kitchen! This project’s designer added some color, turning a simple interior into an exciting solution. Against the background of white furniture and walls, the turquoise kitchen island looks stunning. Besides, the glossy surface and crystal luminaires create a chich vibe.

20. Cook Like Chef. It is not a secret that chefs use professional equipment while working in restaurants. The ones that you will not find in the supermarket. They also prefer stainless steel surfaces to avoid moisture and damage. A kitchen island of this type is also suitable for an ordinary house. So why not buy it?

21. Ample Seating. A corner sofa is often preferred in small kitchens. But even if the area of ​​​​the place for cooking is spacious enough, you can still put a table with corner seats. In this case, pay attention to the combination of the dining area and kitchen island. Look how the island’s backside turns into a sofa’s backrest! Isn’t it a smart decision?

22. Island Unit. Choose a minimalist style if you want your kitchen to look modern and stylish. Avoid complex shapes and unnecessary details. Use one material when furnishing the room. You can install an island that looks like a solid monolith and add some seats of the same material. Thus, the visual unity of the kitchen will be even greater.

23. Entire Kitchen. Kitchen furniture may or may not be different from the island units. However, it is better to choose plain furniture in one style. The fewer details, the better. Avoid extra handles and decoration. As a result, you will see how chick and luxurious your kitchen can look.

24. Extra Prep Space. Check out this lovely kitchen option for those who have a big family and need extra space for cooking purposes. As you see, two island units may be used instead of a dining table. It helps to save space and make it more functional.

25. Custom Kitchen Island. Non-standard details add uniqueness to the interior. Replace usual materials and typical shapes, and the already familiar objects will take on a different look. Change the plywood to solid wood or marble, the square shape to a rectangular one, and the kitchen furniture will look fabulous.

26. Open Floor Plan. Combining a kitchen island with a dining table is a good idea as it saves space. Visually, you get a solid surface. The convenience is that you do not touch the legs of the table because they do not exist. The chairs also stand freely and do not interfere with anything.

27. Store Cookbooks. If you have a sizeable culinary library, place it in the center of your kitchen. Store a collection of recipes in the place where you usually use them. Even if you do not flip through books so often, let them inspire you with their appearance and become a focal point of the room.

28. Deep Drawers. Deep drawers mean you can store many things in the kitchen: dishes, cutlery, food, etc. On the other hand, it may be a problem for you, since it is difficult to get things out of there. Therefore, take care of your comfort in advance. Although it is more expensive, opt for deep drawers on wheels inside kitchen cabinets rather than shelves.

29. Small Kitchen Design. A small kitchen can also accommodate an island. In the photo, we see an example of how to use space wisely. The island is not yet wholly separated, and one side rests against the wall. It is also relatively narrow but still used as a table because there are chairs nearby.

30. Essential Part In Kitchen Design. Unlike ordinary kitchen furniture, the island should look good from all angles, as every corner is visible. You can choose the one with doors on both sides to constantly access the inside. You also need legroom if you use the island as a table.

31. Visually Arresting Island. A large angled semi-circle kitchen island creates a special space where you can fully devote yourself to cooking. It may be a protected area that others are not allowed to enter. They can only watch from the sidelines and admire your culinary skills.

32. Compact Space. In a small space, it is crucial to calculate the required area. Don’t do it randomly. Determine how much space you need for cooking and dining areas. What size sink should be for you to be comfortable? Think through every detail.

33. Natural Look. The kitchen island should fit organically into the interior. The one in a strange place or another style is unlikely to improve your kitchen. It will constantly annoy you if the island stands out too much from the overall picture. Sometimes it is better to do without than create a terrible kitchen design.

34. Sink Zone. A large sink as a kitchen island is a must-have for those who do not have a dishwasher. Feel free to make it from another material. As you see, the one made of stone looks great and complements the room nicely. Installing it at a distance from other kitchen furniture is also advantageous. Thus, you will prevent excessive moisture and surface damage.

35. Dining And Food Prepping Space. Boiling pasta and adding the sauce from cans is certainly cooking, but not what it is commonly believed to be. By cooking, we mean that you will have to cut a lot of ingredients.

You will definitely need a kitchen island if you often prepare dishes according to complex recipes. It is preferable to find a solid and durable one. So you can cut directly on the surface and avoid looking for cutting desks. Try it once, and you will not be able to refuse such convenience.

36. Child-Friendly Kitchen Island. You should always be vigilant in the house with small children. Safety must be taken care of in advance. A kitchen island means sharp corners. Why not make them rounded? Then the child will not be able to get injured accidentally.

37. Extra Space For Guests. Homeowners with a large number of guests must provide sufficient seating. Feel free to use kitchen islands to create enough space for everyone. The first one can serve as a bar counter with stools. In contrast, the other one may be like a corner seat where the island becomes its backrest.

38. Maximize Space. Do not be afraid to choose an unusual place for the island’s location. If it is better for the interior, take a risk. Do everything to increase the space and your comfort. You can even cut its corners, as in the photo.

39. Ideal Kitchen Island. It is important to understand which side of the kitchen island you will be on most often. It may be vital for you to watch what’s going on outside the window. Or you need to keep an eye on the front door. Based on this, choose where to place the kitchen island wisely.

40. One Kitchen Island. The island can be placed even in tiny kitchens as the only piece of furniture with a worktop surface. It looks unexpectedly interesting in the interior and does not overload the space.

41. Unique Countertop Surface. This example demonstrates that there are no barriers to imagination. Look how this unusually shaped countertop creates two tiers of the kitchen island! One flows into another, forming one continuous dining table. Isn’t it amazing?

42. Open Shelving. Open shelves are a real gem for collectors. It allows you to arrange your treasures so that everyone can see them. The collection of earthenware or potted plants will look best in the kitchen.

43. Easily Adaptable Kitchen Island Design. A kitchen island on wheels that can be easily moved around is a real find. However, make sure it is not too mobile. Otherwise, cooking on its surface will be inconvenient, as it will move away from you.

44. Living Space. The island can be used in the interior to transform part of the kitchen into a living room. Hang the TV on the wall, put chairs and you will have a kind of rest area.

45. Beach House. For a beach or summer house, a kitchen island can be a barrier between a clean cooking zone and an area where you can relax whenever you come from outside. It is not always possible to completely get rid of sand or grass, so it is better to play it safe.

46. Add Sockets. Be sure to add sockets to your kitchen. You will need them if you have a lot of food processors. It can also be the perfect place to work on your laptop as there is no need to go to another room to charge it.

47. Don’t Overload Space. Do not clutter the kitchen area. Even if it is big, it doesn’t mean you have to use every inch of it. If there are four of you in the family and guests in your house are rare, place only four chairs. There is also no need for a large countertop if you don’t cook often.

48. Drawers And Storage Space. Are you sure you need a kitchen island to increase storage space? Then do it wisely. Now it is possible to choose special systems for different types of storage: spices, bottles, pots, frying pans, etc.

49. Wine Fridge. Make your kitchen the perfect spot for wine tasting with friends. Feel free to install a special refrigerator for wine and enjoy it cold. Your guests will be impressed, for sure.

50. Prepare Food And Enjoy View. The best aesthetic solution is to install panoramic windows in the kitchen. Thus, you will have the most beautiful view to relish. If the dining table is also turned to the window, you can enjoy it more often.

A kitchen island can fit into any space because there is a wide variety of this piece of furniture. Choose what color, material, and shape you like. Be ready to use it not only as a cooking surface but also as a bar counter and dining area. Have fun!