22 Modern Kitchen Ideas That Will Make It Unique

The modern kitchen is a room that is constantly being modernized. It’s a place to meet, spend time with loved ones, cook and sometimes even work together. All this makes the kitchen more than just a cooking area. It is a space that speaks about yourself even more than your living room. Thus, leading a modern lifestyle implies having a contemporary kitchen.

What is a modern kitchen? Above all, it is a comfortable space to live in with the same variety of materials, shapes, and tactile sensations that you can experience every day. Let’s look at the many different but truly unique modern kitchen ideas that are both expressive and impressive.

1. Get Rid Of Upper Cabinets. The ultra-minimalist kitchen is housed in a historic building with high ceilings, classically sculpted cornices, and richly detailed moldings. There are no upper cabinets, no visible hood, and not even an extra color. The entire space is low-key and monochrome.

The beige-blue color is shaded only by noble touches of brass, which draws attention to important details such as light fixtures and kitchen faucets. Furniture set in rustic style brings balance to the interior. And the rough texture of the wood is emphasized by a simple pendant light that hangs from an exquisite ceiling rose molding.

2. Paint Your Kitchen In Gold. What do we see in this modern kitchen? Everything here is simple yet elegant. Muted earthy tones create a feeling of calmness and comfort, and the backsplash, painted in gold metal color, attracts the eye and states itself with all its strength. The shelf above the worktop is also made of the same brass material. There is no need for extra decor. The main goal is to attract more natural light, and quality materials will do the rest.

The kitchen island is a monolith but not bulky. It looks like it is carved out of stone, but it is actually covered with a decorative coating of microcement. The modern design of the chairs echoes the parquet on the floor. Recessed lights do not create visual interest in the room but provide additional lighting. The golden backsplash is a central focal point of this space.

3. Playful Classy Mixed Shelving. When rustic touches are combined with minimalist lines, and the warmth of oak wood meets the cool shade of limestone countertops, modern kitchen design is what you get as a result.

Custom cabinetry with open and closed shelves is an idea that catches the eye. White cabinets paired with wooden shelves are the perfect combo to make your kitchen unique and modern. Stainless steel faucets, together with a built-in sink, look quite simple. Bespoke framed cabinetry with no handles adds even more volume to the interior, and the natural limestone chosen as the material for the worktop brings more elegance to the space.

4. Hidden Kitchen Is One Of The Timeless Design Trends. Here is an almost all-white kitchen, barely visible behind the large cabinet doors. A minimalist approach is clearly seen in this built-in interior design. The white color of the walls and ceiling continues in the cabinets. The glossy finish reflects even more light, and the neat marble panels on the kitchen island bring some visual interest.

All functional devices and small appliances can be concealed behind this sliding, frameless cabinetry. Only an induction stove and an undermount sink on the island indicate that food is being prepared in this room. The bright whites create a cohesive look in this modern kitchen, and the tulle covering the panoramic window brings more air and charm into the room.

5. Sliding Doors For Main Kitchen. This apartment space is clean and, at the same time, leaves a lot of impressions, so it is just a perfect place for modern living. Therefore, the simplicity of the design scheme is the key to successful results.

Check out this kitchen nook with a marble island and a niche in the wall unit. As you can see, it is separated from the hallway by a partition with a white wooden railing. When the kitchen is not in use, it can be closed as much as possible, so that it does not interfere with the living space. Sliding cabinet doors can hide the refrigerator and oven, as well as open shelves above the countertops. The black pendant light above the dining table gives it a stunning look.

6. Trendy Modern Kitchen Glass. One of the modern kitchen ideas that everyone would love is glass cabinetry. If you want to bring more daylight, volume, and focal points to a space made in dark colors, this solution will definitely work for you.

This design gave us a combination of glass, wood, anthracite gray, and just a hint of brass. Glass cabinets can be used to house a beautiful crystal set or as a handy wine storage to impress your guests. The hoop-shaped pendant light above the island brings everything together and adds even more elegance and style to this modern kitchen.

7. Brick Loft Space Is Still On Trend. This kitchen has a bright white matte finish, which visually continues into a full-size island, black glossy surfaces, and a rough red brick wall. These three textures are perfectly combined and emphasize the industrial edge look.

The open kitchen is the focal point of this space. It also overlooks the dining area and living room. The bare brick wall is reflected in the mirror in the left corner. The downdraft vent system is located on the countertop next to the kitchen stove and is not visible at all.

The all-white island enhances the beauty of the other textures and countertop material. Minimalist bar stools are hidden under it. Horizontal clean lines give a modern minimalist vibe. All these options can be used both in kitchen renovation and in designing from scratch.

8. Bold Splashes Of Pink. If you decide to do a monochrome kitchen design, that does not mean it has to be boring. Feel free to use almost any muted or bold color, even pink.

Have a look at this modern kitchen design. While the entire room is done in the same color, the ceiling, walls, and floor also have the same finish. This kitchen design provides a colored boxed unit, which successfully divides the space.

The black faucets and door handles are the only elements that somehow stand out, but it only emphasizes the unified spirit of this kitchen. The lighting is also designed in such a way that the lamps are hidden in the recesses on the ceiling and under the kitchen cabinets.

9. Make Your Kitchen Invisible With Mirrors. Take a close look at this picture. Does this room look like a kitchen? Well, not really. If you are not a big fan of kitchen space, just make it almost invisible. It can be a wonderful option for the office, where you don’t want your customers to pay attention to whatever is going on in the kitchen and don’t want anything to distract you from your work.

Such mirrored cabinetry not only reflects what is in front of it but also enlarges the space. Open shelving on the side can accommodate small appliances. So if your kitchen lacks space or bright light, this modern design idea will do all the work for you.

10. Eclectic Kitchen With Personal Touch. This lively modern kitchen design will leave no one indifferent. The combination of bright colors, textures, and shapes looks captivating.

The subway tile on the floor is repeated on the kitchen backsplash behind the stove. The deep navy blue of the back wall neatly conceals the hood and flows seamlessly into the countertop. The color of the wall sconce echoes the red of the dining chairs and adds contrast, and the greenish-gray cabinetry successfully shades the rest.

11. Wallpaper Is Not Only For Living Room. Modern trends in kitchen design show that you should not be afraid of unusual materials, but rather experiment until you find something you like.

So this kitchen is a completely unexpected combination of materials. As you can see, space is quite limited. There are no top cabinets or shelving. The walls are covered with wallpaper instead of the more traditional subway tiles or artificial stone. The same wallpaper print is used on the backsplash and cabinet doors.

Matching blue chairs in the dining zone complements the color theme. The trendy modern pendant light above the table does not interfere with the visual perception of the design.

12. Creative Approach To Hood Arrangement. What seems like an ordinary modern kitchen with clean lines is now considered a work of art. This perfectly planned kitchen layout offers a panorama of the city and certainly has its own style.

The black glossy irregularly shaped island with rounded edges inside the all-white kitchen set elegantly resembles a piano. The vertical sculptural vent hood makes this room truly outstanding.

13. Space Of Contrasting Forms. The design of this open kitchen is based on contrasts. The monochromatic color palette still looks very expressive. The matte black kitchen unit is made of NTM material and creates a beautiful accent against concrete and wood slabs.

The standard kitchen cabinetry is deliberately avoided in this design. If you look closely, you can see that the adjacent walls, floor supports, and furniture have a common element — a shadow gap, which demonstrates a basic minimalist approach, emphasizes common forms, and creates the impression of a suspended kitchen.

14. Less Is More Kitchen. Here we see a very minimalist white kitchen space with dark wood cabinetry against a black niche.

Concrete industrial floor, white matte wall, black square niche with hidden hood inside, and rich natural wood furniture — a classic recipe for kitchen design in less is more style. What else do we need?

15. Green Urban Jungle. Bringing nature into a cramped city apartment with a minimalist modern kitchen is always a good idea. This cooking space tells everything about how to satisfy legitimate interests.

The dark color of this monochrome interior emphasizes the green jungle inside. There is no visible cabinetry, as a rack storage system is used on the side wall. We see a lot of open shelving for storing the necessary household appliances, and all cooking processes take place on the kitchen island in the middle of the room.

The sink with a beautiful high-rise faucet is located on the kitchen island, which is separated by a pot with greenery. Recessed lights on the ceiling that look like fireflies and a rock-textured wall give the place a cozy cave feel. Well, who would have thought of such a style solution here in the concrete urban jungle?

16. Kitchen Made Of Solid Wood. This modern kitchen seems to have been inspired by pure simplicity and practicality. The project was limited by the square footage and the load-bearing walls, so it was necessary to fit all the functional parts into such a small space. Despite this, we see that the surface of the countertops is enough for cooking, and the storage space is also sufficient.

The light wood texture blends well with the black countertop. The refrigerator is built into the cabinet, and the sink is recessed into the work surface. We can notice the wooden doors of the kitchen cabinets that run along the wall, continuing the design of the apartment. And even the window opening on the right is framed with the same wood panels.

17. The Kitchen Is An Art In Itself. If you are an art lover like us, take a look at this stunning kitchen design. Instead of putting a lot of unnecessary appliances, it is better to decorate the space with works of art, author’s ceramics, and cute souvenirs to cherish memorable moments. The combination of colors and materials is crucial.

The perfect emerald green color of the cabinets is combined with brass cabinetry hardware, the texture of the marble countertop continues on the backsplash, and the wooden parquet is used not only underfoot but also on the ceiling.

The paintings on the shelf are well-lit by numerous wall light fixtures, creating a truly cozy atmosphere. This modern kitchen is a work of art, for sure. So get inspired to assemble your own dream home museum.

18. Mid-Century Modern Vibes. If you are an art lover like us, take a look at this stunning kitchen design. Instead of putting a lot of unnecessary appliances, it is better to decorate the space with works of art, author’s ceramics, and cute souvenirs to cherish memorable moments. The combination of colors and materials is crucial.

The perfect emerald green color of the cabinets is combined with brass cabinetry hardware, the texture of the marble countertop continues on the backsplash, and the wooden parquet is used not only underfoot but also on the ceiling.

The paintings on the shelf are well-lit by numerous wall light fixtures, creating a truly cozy atmosphere. This modern kitchen is a work of art, for sure. So get inspired to assemble your own dream home museum.

19. All About Kitchen Island. The details of this contemporary kitchen can be looked at for hours. Everything here is unusual but well thought out. All kitchen processes are performed on the island, which seems to levitate above the floor.

A thin linear pendant lamp is barely noticeable above the kitchen island. The stainless steel sink pipe goes down to the floor, hiding all the sink fittings, and serves as a support on which the final countertop rests. The hood is also not visible. It is hidden in the pipe on the ceiling above the island.

The white wall behind the island with milky glass blocks allows some daylight into the other room and gives the impression of 80’s futurism. On the floor, we can spot similar technologies of using light concrete in the kitchen area. And the black walls make everything stand out.

20. Narrow Subway Tile Can Look Chic. This kitchen looks so elegant! Modern black cabinetry, gilded cabinet handles, and marble countertops. Indeed, it is an ideal place for cooking.

In contrast to the minimalist approach with no upper cabinets, the space above the worktop is decorated with three-dimensional tiles, which helps shape the back wall and makes the room more textured.

Moreover, the combination of silver and gold looks so modern and up-to-date. The ceiling is clean and plain white, with a small art deco surface-mounted lamp brightening the kitchen with golden furniture.

21. Monolith Stone Kitchen. Kitchen decoration with natural stones such as marble is a win-win idea for modern style. The simplicity of form is emphasized by the unusual and unique texture of marble, which covers the backsplash and the kitchen island.

Black matte wooden kitchen fronts with hidden handles create a flawless background for the stone. The sink is also made of carved marble, which makes the work surface perfect. The black faucet does not attract much attention, the interior designers tried not to leave anything extra on the surface, so they carefully provided a built-in soap dispenser.

The electric worktop is located on the island. It is also flush with the tabletop, so it is practically invisible. There are no pendant lights above the island, so the overall lines are simple, and the space looks uncluttered.

22. Arc-Shaped Kitchen. Here we see a great example of a minimalist yet the thoughtful design of a modern kitchen. Pretty classy snow-white kitchen cabinetry with rounded corners goes great with an arched niche. There is only one top shelf that can hold several cookbooks, and that’s good enough.

The faucet with a black finish looks great with the marble, and the lighting around the arch gives this space a light and airy feel. Wall lamps repeat the shape of the arc and are placed symmetrically. Feel free to decorate this niche with beautiful vases to make it look like a magazine cover.

Whatever design you choose for your kitchen, we are sure you will get the most out of your cooking space. It does not matter whether the room is large or small or whether the materials are expensive or cheap. The key is how you integrate it into your overall plan.

Play with colors, textures, and shapes, use your imagination to the fullest, implement the most daring ideas, and do not be afraid to be unconventional. Modern kitchens are, first of all, a reflection of the lifestyle, preferences, and aspirations of their owners.