30 Living Room Accent Chair Ideas to Create a Statement

Accent chairs are an excellent way to add texture and color to a living room. Depending on your choice, these functional pieces can refresh your space or create a bold statement. And with today’s profusion of available designs, styles, colors, and textures, your options are virtually endless.

Where should accent chairs be placed in the living room?

It primarily depends on their function: whether you’re going to use your accent chairs for reading, watching movies, having drinks, or chatting. Here are the most popular options:

  • on opposite sides of a coffee table
  • on each side of a sofa, creating a U-shape around a coffee table
  • creating an L-shape with a sofa
  • creating a square with two sofas
  • facing a sofa
  • in a corner
  • in front of the window
  • next to a bookshelf, fireplace, or TV

Do accent chairs have to match the sofa?

While some people prefer a cohesive feel with matching furniture, accent chairs don’t necessarily have to match the sofa. Actually, mixing different styles, colors, and patterns can go a long way toward creating an interesting look. However, it’s essential to ensure that the pieces complement each other.

Here are the ideas that will sure serve a nice source of inspiration!

1. Freshen It Up. These four accent chairs create a beautiful pop of color in the low-key living room. Cheerful mustard yellow and green perfectly complement each other and the neutral color scheme, giving the space a refreshing feel.

2. Boho Vibe. Two radically different accent chairs perfectly complement this artsy, laid-back living room with a touch of mid-century charm. Bright orange and leather seamlessly blend with wood, marble, and greenery, creating an ultimately harmonious look.

3. Urban Chic. A pair of comfy industrial-style chairs create a stunning contrast in this traditional living room. This is a great option for those who want to add a contemporary touch to a classic space.

4. Transitional Retreat. A minimalist gray living room sofa and a mid-century wood-framed chair are a perfect combo for a transitional space with a vintage twist. The chair features the same geometric shapes as other objects in this room, allowing it to seamlessly integrate with them.

5. Rustic Bliss. Two bright blue wingback chairs look great in this rustic living room filled with warm colors, organic textures, and daylight. Fair enough, since blue and yellow oppose each other on the color wheel, which is the right choice if you’re looking to create a harmonious look.

6. Comfort & Elegance. A rich cognac leather accent chair is an excellent option for a more formal space. It cohesively complements classic wooden furniture and the neutral color scheme without depriving this living room of its elegant feel.

7. Garden Story. This living room looks so airy due to the full-height windows, thin lines, and natural colors. A creamy white hanging chair placed in front of the window contributes to this feel, delivering a vibe of coziness and comfort.

8. Comfy Classic. A super comfy accent chair and warm lights do an awesome job softening this huge classic living room. The chair adds the feel of comfort and warmth to this formal space, beautifully combining with natural wood.

9. Relaxation Island. A reclining chair with an ottoman is an asset for those who cherish comfort and relaxation. This black set makes for a stylish focal point that draws all the attention, standing out in this light living room.

10. Hard & Soft. This tastefully eclectic Scandinavian living room features two unique, designer chairs placed diagonally to define the relaxation area. This combo of strikingly different low chairs beautifully complements the texture-rich space.

11. Playful Trio. Accent chairs of different shapes and colors are sure to transform any living room, adding personality and style, especially if there are three of them. This small living room with accent chairs oozes a distinctive naive vibe, so if you’re considering giving this style a go, it’s a lovely idea to copy.

12. Juicy Yellow. Simple accent chairs like this one are all about elegance and modern charm. The vivid lemon yellow color of this tub chair serves as a transitional shade between the cold gray hues and the warm wood.

13. Teddy Bear Hug. If you’re looking to add an ultimately cozy vibe using an accent chair, a white faux shearling chair has you covered. And if it’s a comfortable wingback chair with an ottoman, you’ll get an ultimately stylish and cozy nook.

14. Pumpkin Spice. Orange is a great choice for an accent chair, especially if the room features a richness of green shades and natural wood. By the way, with a couple of such big and comfortable wingback chairs, you can get away with using only chairs in the living room.

15. Cozy Nook. This spacious living room with a subtle art deco touch features a neutral color palette, with a dark olive accent chair standing out. The chair creates a cozy corner sitting area, perfectly fitting between the fireplace and the wall.

16. Soft Serenity. All white and beige, this living room pleases the eye with its richness of textures. A beige wingback chair upholstered in faux shearling beautifully complements the total feel of this space.

17. Flower Power. A green velvet sofa and a chair upholstered in floral fabric are all you need to create a living room that will ooze a cheerful spring vibe no matter the season. For a small room, choose a mid-century wood framed chair — it looks light and airy while making a stylish statement.

18. Royalty Seat. A baroque chair is an excellent choice for an accent piece in a classic living room. You can always add a refreshing touch with details like this floral cushion and matching flowers.

19. Neutral Peacefulness. This is a good example to follow if you prefer a more cohesive design. A rich olive accent chair seamlessly integrates with the overall greige palette enhanced with warm wood and greenery.

20. Awesome Beige. Here’s an excellent example of a sofa and two narrow accent chairs arranged in an L-shape to create an ample conversational area. These wonderful armchairs upholstered in french beige sherpa are just the thing to ensure a seamless visual transition from gray to dark wood.

21. Go Green. A celadon green wingback chair beautifully pairs with the yellow sofa and natural wood, creating a refreshing effect in this airy living room. Pay attention to the chair’s position: it’s used to visually separate the relaxation and dining areas.

22. So Organic. For those loving organic textures and nature-inspired interior designs, a rattan chair can be the best choice for an accent piece. A comfortable wingback chair seamlessly fits in this space teeming with natural textures and greenery.

23. Double That. Two different accent chairs in a living room? Why not, especially if your living room embodies the essence of contemporary design. This luxurious living room features a minimalist chaise lounge and an oversized metal frame chair that perfectly fit in with this richness of shapes.

24.Velvety Embrace. The traditional placement of an accent chair near the fireplace is one of the best options. This beautiful wingback chair upholstered in soft olive velvet is complemented with an orange ottoman, seamlessly blending the classic design of this room with its vivid color scheme.

25.Soft Contrast. Matching living room chairs aren’t just about the color — the accent chair and the sofa in this living room have similar designs but strikingly differ in color. Yellow is a great choice, creating a bright accent which seamlessly integrates with the overall design due to a similar style.

26. Colonial Style. Bay windows and accent chairs seem to have been made for each other. This luxurious club chair perfectly fits into the alcove, creating a harmonious ensemble with the L-shaped sofa. Consider this palette if you prefer smooth transitions for your classic interior.

27. Lovely Couple. While natural wood, textiles, and warm colors make for an ambiance of warmth and comfort, you can amplify this vibe by adding an accent chair. This inviting living room has two unusual accent chairs — a soft and comfy one resembling a beanbag and a wood chair responsible for the stylish statement.

28. White & Soft. A tub chair is the best option for an interior dominated by curves and circles. This one has a cocoon-like shape and thick sherpa upholstery, creating a snug nook for reading or just enjoying the view.

29. Refreshing Pink. An accent chair is an excellent way to fill an empty corner in a room. This pastel pink chair is bright enough for an accent piece but still seamlessly integrates with the greige palette of this lovely space.

30. Naturally Sleek. Simple and stylish, wooden armchairs add a touch of rustic charm and comfort to this living room. While the room already features plenty of textile details, wooden armchairs help achieve an irresistible airy feel.

Final Thoughts

You can create a truly stylish interior by using plain or patterned chairs, wood or metal framed, tub, club, chaise lounge, or whatever the type, and even mix and match absolutely opposite styles for a more interesting look. Using accent chairs allows for adding character and personality to the space while introducing a functional piece that will definitely serve its primary purpose.