30 Perfect Living Room Designs Featuring Green Velvet Sofas

A green velvet sofa is a fantastic piece that can become the main focal point of your living room, adding a pop of color to the space. With so many gorgeous tones available, you can always find the right fit for your interior style. From rich jewel tones to vivid greens, setting the desired mood is easy.

In need of ideas and inspiration for incorporating green velvet sofas in your interior design? Let’s go through them together and find your favorites!

1. Olive Green Velvet Sofa. A gorgeous green velvet sofa surrounded by neutrals creates a cozy vibe. The mix of materials and the touch of greenery add visual interest.

Boho Living Room with Green Velvet Sofa

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2. Moss Green Velvet Couch. Moss green is a unique color to use in your living room. We love how they implemented it in this contemporary space, with many neutral elements to ground the vivid color. For curating calmer color schemes, opt for sage green.

Modern White Living Room with Forest Green Couch

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3. Forest Green Sofa in the Living Room. A fresh green color creates a gorgeous contrast in a moody room. It stands out nicely against the gray walls, adding character to this distinctive design.

All Black Home Office with Built In Shelves and Bright Green Sofa

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4. White Interior Green Couch. A green velvet sofa is a perfect way to add interest to an all-white living room. Dress your space in neutrals and let the gorgeous sofa become the focal point. The subtle rug anchors the seating area, making the lovely tone stand out.

Sage Green Velvet Sofa and White Cushions

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5. Rich Jade Green Sofa. With botanical and animal prints, this space looks like a tropical retreat. The green couch goes along with the exotic vibe, and the details strengthen the decor theme.

Eclectic Living Room with Dark Walls Green Sofa and Leopart Prints

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6. Emerald Green Sofa. An emerald green couch with clean lines and a simple design is excellent for your contemporary space. Decorated with black and white prints, gold details, and luscious plants, the living room is stylish yet inviting.

Modern Design with Emerald Green Sofa

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7. Nature-Inspired Living Space. The green loveseat ideally pairs with natural textures to add a touch of warmth. The hardwood flooring, jute pillow, unfinished wood tabletop, and rattan coffee table perfectly support the vibe.

Interior Design with Light Wood Floor and Decor and Green Velvet Sofa

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8. Dark Green Tufted Sofa Design. A tufted sofa in a rich color adds elegance to any space. The mix-and-match approach in this design creates a balanced space full of character.

Southwestern White Living Room with Tufted Green Sofa and Accent Cushions

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9. Light Green Loveseat. A green loveseat will complement your main seating area, adding a touch of style. It pairs perfectly with a botanical print wallpaper creating an elegant setting with a retro vibe.

ClassicDesign with Plush Green Sofa and Patterned Wallpaper

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10. Neutral Cushions. If you feel the space needs to be calmer, introduce neutral colors. The neutral throw pillows make the couch feel cohesive with the color scheme.

Green Velvet Sofa in Open Space Apartment Living Room

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11. Green Sofa Against Feature Wall. A green couch against a detailed focal wall sets the mood in the living room. With so many possibilities to execute a textured wall, you can always find the right fit for your interior style.

Unique Wooden Accent Wall and Green Velvet Sofas

via @ritalewisdesign

12. Stylish Living Space. With its versatility, green is a perfect fit for any style. The elegant and refined space features a high-end look and minimalist vibe. A green sofa with sleek lines and a round silhouette flatter this style. The gold elements and gray curtains add a touch of luxury to this space.

Modern Design with Green Velvet Sectional and Gray Curtains

via @asterio.design

13. Moody and Elegant. If you’re going for a moody and chic vibe, the combination of black walls and green velvet sofas is winning. With black and white details, this space has a modern chic vibe while still having drama. A perfect way to introduce style and personality to your space.

Moody Living Room with Black Walls and Green Velvet Sofa

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14. Small Living Room Packed with Style. Having a small living room doesn’t have to mean it will lack style. You can inject a generous dose of style with the right combination of colors and elements. A green tufted sofa is a perfect way to make a statement in a compact space.

White Living Room with Fireplace Mantel and Tufted Green Sofa

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15. Blue Green Velvet Sofa. The lovely blue-green tone, complemented with sage, creates a serene ambiance. The rich tone feels calm thanks to the right combination of colors and patterns. Greenery helps turn the place into a cozy, inviting home that feels truly yours.

Blue Green Velvet Sofa Living Room

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16. Layered Green Tones. A green sofa can become a part of colorful pallets that convey vitality to the space. A blue board and batten wall and your favorite green couch set a bright mood. With patterns and yellow accents, the living room feels fresh and memorable.

Dark Green Sofa and Navy Blue Wall Paneling

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17. Modern Organic Living Room. A green sofa will perfectly fit a modern organic living room. The natural textures, flowy shapes, and green color create a soft and relaxing space.

Velvet Green Couch with Round Cushions for Contemporary Interior

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18. Chic Living Room Inspiration. This living room with plenty of details feels charming. The appealing floral wallpaper is the perfect backdrop for a green sofa. Complemented with plants, the space looks like a green jungle while still having a chic look.

Cozy Room with Grass Green Plush Sofa Wainstotching and Wallpaper

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19. Fresh Decor. A green sofa, together with decorative accessories, defines the mood. Whenever you feel like updating the space, you can switch the decor. A patterned rug, floral print, fig tree, and a bar cart create a charming living room with a dose of personality.

Living Room Wall Art Above a Green Velvet Sofa

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20. Grass Green for Freshness. The grass green couch and camel ottoman are the right choices for an edgy and vibrant living room. The blue walls follow the bold vibe of this space, creating a colorful space that conveys the owner’s personality.

Bright Blue and White Walls Green Sofa and Orange Ottoman

via @kenilworth.house

21. Clean Lines for Sleek Look. Whether elegant or relaxed, you can always find the right green velvet sofa design for your style. The rich green finds its way into a sleek and sophisticated space, becoming the main point of interest. We love how they anchored the sofa with framed prints for a stylish look.

Neutral Beige Living Room with Emerald Green Velvet Sofa

via @my_midcenturymakeover

22. Pops of Coral. The living room depicts a cheerful vibe while keeping the homey look. The muted green walls are complemented with a saturated tone of green in the form of a velvet sofa. The coral accents freshen the space, creating a modern and fresh color scheme.

Green Sofa and Green Walls Living Room with Coral Accent Cushions

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23. Green Sofas and Fresh Color Scheme. For added character, feel free to introduce antique pieces. Go to your nearest thrift store and see what you can find there. The captivating solid wood side table complements the green sofa uniquely. With golden accents and an intriguing pattern, the living space screams art deco.

Green Velvet Couch with White and Gold Accents

via @ashleygoforth

24. Art Deco Vibe. As bold as it is, the green sofa perfectly flatters authentic styles such as art deco. The vivid color pops nicely against the beige tones. The black and white pattern is rich with details, typical for this style.

Chick Living Room with Bright Green Velvet Sofa

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25. Modern Minimalism. You already saw how green couches fit many different interior styles. When you need inspiration on how to do it in modern and minimalist homes, let this design guide you. The green sofa is the perfect choice for a modern apartment. The space carries a subtle black-and-white color scheme inspired by the framed photo. In a monotone environment, green introduces liveliness.

Apartment with Forest Green Sectional and Large Black and White Picture

via @justin.charette.design

26. Green Velvet Sofa as an Accent. The framed prints introduce a dose of personality, reflecting the owner’s interests and hobbies. For a relaxed vibe, introduce a textured tabletop and a patterned rug. The hairpin legs perfectly complement the casual mood.

Dark Green Velvet Sofa with Pink Cushions and Colorful Wall Posters

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27. Green Velvet Sofa and Ottoman. A matching set of a sofa and ottoman are ideal for tiny spaces. Even though you might naturally want to go for light colors, it doesn’t have to mean you should skip your favorite dramatic tone. Dark colors can work fine for small rooms if used correctly. Thanks to the vast amount of natural light, the owners had plenty of freedom to introduce bold colors. The blue statement wall and remarkable lighting fixture add a touch of style without overwhelming the room.

Small White Living Room with Green Sofa and Ottoman and Blue Feature Wall

via @hazel_hood

28. Edgy Interior. A blue-green sofa is ideal if you wish to create an edgy interior that feels unique. Enhance it with intriguing throws and make a bold focal point with a bookcase. A lighter shade of the same color for the walls will work perfectly.

Eclectic Blue Green Living Room with Bright Decor Accents

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29. Elegant and Dramatic. A tufted velvet sofa anchored by a black accent wall introduces sophistication to the home. If you want your home to look magazine-ready, then try to copy this look. Add subtle zebra print for an added feature, and your home is Instagram-ready.

Color Ideas for Living Room with Dark Green Velvet Sofa

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30. Touch of Luxury. Green is a color that conveys luxury and an upscale feel. With golden touches and an abundance of emerald green, the room looks extravagant and expensive. Style the coffee table with black and white books for a professional approach.

Jevel Green Sofa Paired with Black and Gold

via @casa505interiors

If you’re looking for a way to make a statement in your living room, let the velvet sofa become the main star. Save some of the fabulous suggestions to help you curate a well-rounded interior design with a luxurious, plush fabric.