30 Living Room Curtain Ideas that Are Perfectly on Point

Updating your living room curtains is a quick and easy way to freshen up your living space. They are also an easy DIY project that won’t take up too much of your time. If you know you want something with more character than simple roman blinds but aren’t quite sure what that “something” is, take a look at these 30 living room curtain ideas and get inspired.

Best Living Room Window Treatments

Available in styles and fabrics to fit any budget, new curtains can be a statement piece with bold prints and bright colors or a soft backdrop to the rest of your decor. Once you know where you want them, it’s time to decide on the fun stuff, like pattern, fabric, and hardware.

1. Heavy Hangings. Choosing curtains made from heavier fabrics can create a bold, luxurious feel without the use of patterns or embellishments. A fabric such as velvet or corduroy can add texture while still maintaining a classic style and elegance.

2. Simple Sophistication. Linen curtains are the perfect design choice to help your living room feel instantly brighter and more sophisticated. Their sheer weave allows plenty of light, and they are easy to clean, making them an excellent choice for even the busiest households.

3. Pull It Together. Choosing one fabric for both curtains and some of your living room accent pieces is a great way to pull an area together. Of course, you don’t want to go overboard and do all of your couches and overwhelm the space. However, coordinating just an accent chair or ottoman can create a great sense of unity and add personality to your living room.

4. French Doors Curtain. Floor-length drapes are a no-brainer for tall living room windows, but what about your French doors? Adding some sheer curtains to your French doors, whether they lead outside into the yard or the home office, adds character and privacy to a space.

5. Go Geometric. Choosing living room curtains with a bold, geometric pattern is a great way to create a focal point for the room. These will draw eyes to your windows and add interest to the space. You will want to stick to simple color schemes to avoid a busy or cluttered feel.

6. So Much Drama. A jewel-toned window dressing is a sure way to create the right kind of drama in your living space. A bold color can add warmth and character to an otherwise humdrum room. Be sure to choose a hue that coordinates with your existing color scheme, unless you want to renovate the entire room, in which case, the sky’s the limit.

Huge Living Room with Blue Velvet Sofa Accent Curtains

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7. Subtle Solution. Patterns are a great way to add some visual interest to a living room, but they can also be overwhelming if not done right. Picking a curtain with a subtle pattern and neutral palette is an excellent middle ground between boring and busy.

8. Hanging Trick. When hanging curtains, one must consider more than just color and fabric, the where and how you hang your curtains makes a world of difference. For smaller spaces, consider installing the curtain rod near the ceiling instead of directly above the window or door, and then purchase taller curtains. Doing this draws the eyes up and creates an illusion of greater height.

9. Bay Window Treatment. Bay windows are such a lovely addition to a living room, but they can seem daunting when hanging window treatments. Don’t be discouraged; they simply require a little extra measuring. Instead of one long curtain rod, plan on purchasing one smaller rod for each angle of the window and more petite, simple panels. A bay window is already a prominent feature, and it doesn’t require elaborate dressings.

10. Warm and Cozy. While lovely, oversized windows can be drafty during the winter months, especially in older houses. In this situation, insulated window treatments can be a double blessing, adding to the aesthetic of your room while also helping to keep the cold out and warmth in.

11. Bold Botanicals. Large botanical prints are back in style in a big way. Over-sized flowers and immense leaves are taking over everything from upholstery to wallpaper and would make a great addition to your living room curtains if you are looking for something a bit wilder. These prints look amazing when paired with deep moody colors like navy blue, charcoal, or hunter green walls.

12. Cozy Corners. Adding curtains to windows that meet in the corner of your living space can help create a cozy nook perfect for reading and unwinding. However, you don’t want to lose all the wonderful natural light, so stick to more sheer fabrics to keep the corner from becoming cave-like.

13. Nice and Neutral. As with any type of interior design, curtain styles come and go every few years, and re-outfitting an entire home with curtains can be a rather significant expense. However, one style that remains timeless is sheer panels in neutral tones. These curtains can be paired with almost any living room decor and won’t need to be replaced just because you feel like changing your wall color.

14. Two Is Better Than One. When choosing curtains for large picture windows and patio doors, it can be hard to choose between letting in as much light as possible and privacy. Why not have both? You can give yourself options by selecting a thicker, more opaque curtain fabric for your outer panels and then running sheer white curtains on the inside. This allows you to adjust how much light you let in and how visible your room is from the outside.

15. Sweet Naturals. The fabric you choose for your curtains is essential not only for its color but also for its texture and weave. Different materials give different impressions; velvet is luxurious, cotton is practical, and linen is earthy and soft. Before purchasing new living room curtains, know what vibe you aim for. Do you want a formal, elegant feel or something more relaxed and cozy?

16. Don’t Forget the Hardware. Choosing the proper hardware for your curtain hanging can pull the entire project together. You, of course, want to make sure your curtain pole is the appropriate length and the right style. Consider simple, sheer curtains with bold black or bronze hardware for a sleek, modern look.

17. Colorful Camouflage. Match bold patterned curtains to your wall color for a truly stunning look. For example, choose a curtain with a large floral or geometric print, and then color match your wall paint to one of the colors on your curtain fabric. This allows you to incorporate grand patterns into your space without taking over or suffocating your other decor.

18. Talk About Tassels. Much like macrame plant hangers and floral wallpaper, tassels are coming back into style. These dainty embellishments can be just the trick to add some charm to otherwise straightforward curtains. Generally best on simple fabrics, but if you are feeling dramatic, they are easy to add to almost any curtain design.

19. Celestial Style. If you are looking for a more whimsical design for your living room curtains, maybe these are the ones for you. These lovely curtains will give your room an out-of-this-world feeling when light shines through the small stars cut out of the stunning, opaque material. They would also be great for children’s bedrooms.

20. Accentuate Existing Pieces. When you decide to hang curtains, whether for the first time or in exchange for old ones, you must consider existing furniture and decor. If you have a bold-colored couch set or rug, coordinating your new curtains colors with these already loved pieces can pull an area together beautifully.

21. Switch It Up. Double curtain rods are an excellent and versatile solution for hanging your living room curtains. Double rods allow you to hang two totally different styles of curtains on the same window. Doing this makes it easy to change up the feel of the room or the amount of natural light being let in.

22. Soft and Simple. If you are struggling to choose the most suitable color and pattern for your curtains, consider forgoing both. Sheer white curtains add a soft, homey vibe to any living space. They allow enough light to keep a room feeling bright and open while also creating a sense of seclusion and intimacy.

23. Too Much Light. A living room with multiple windows is terrific for growing house plants and enjoying a view of your outside space. However, they are not the best room for an afternoon rest. If you’d like the ability to dim your area, blackout curtains are the answer to your napping woes. These functional curtains come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, making them an option for almost any room.

24. Fresh Florals. Vintage-inspired floral prints are a great way to add a soothing and comfortable ambiance to your living room. Choose patterns with muted colors on white backgrounds and pair them with soft furnishings and plenty of throw pillows for the ultimate cottagesque space.

25. Rustic Retreat. Your curtains can be a tremendous tool in your quest to curate a specific feel or style in your living room. For example, if you are a fan of rustic decor and want a country chic living space, look no further than plaid or gingham. These prints immediately invoke a sense of wide-open pastures and a simpler life. However, these are robust patterns and don’t pair well with many other prints, so keep your other fabrics simple if you decide to go this route.

26. Create a Feature Wall. Creating a feature wall in your living room is a great way to add visual interest and character to your space. What does this have to do with curtains? Simple, solid-colored, floor-length curtains work as a great natural frame for the area you are trying to highlight. They help define the space without overshadowing the photos or artwork you have on display.

27. Marvelously Moody. Dark paint colors are having their moment in the sun. However, they can also soak up the sun and leave your living room feeling dreary if you don’t accent them properly. For moody living rooms, sheer curtains with similar deep colors are best. These panels match the style of your room but also let in more light than a traditional curtain and help keep your space feeling fresh.

28. Ride the Wave. Floor to ceiling curtains are beautiful and classic; however, primarily when they cover a large space, they can also be awkward and unwieldy. Instead of trying to wrestle tall, heavy curtains into submission, install wave curtains. They are a breeze to tuck aside with well-defined pleats and smooth folds and give your space a clean, elegant feeling.

29. Classic Style. While less popular than they once were, cornices are still a timeless option. If done correctly, there is no quicker way to upgrade the feeling of your drapery from average to elegant. Stick to clean lines and simple fabrics for a stunning finished product.

30. Sweet and Solid. Solid white curtains are such a beautiful design element that often get passed over. White lifts the entire room’s energy, creating a crisp, tidy feel, and choosing solid over sheer gives your curtains a more substantial presence. In addition, these curtains pair incredibly well with a modern farmhouse or Scandinavian aesthetic.

Regardless of whether you have your heart set on delicate florals to set off a dark wall or bold geometric patterns to liven up your living room, your new curtains will make a great addition to your home. So now that you have a better idea of your wants, call that interior designer or head down to your local home store and get started.