35 Ways to Make a Bold Statement with Black Walls

A black accent wall is an ultimate way to add style to your home. The dark tone brings a moody vibe, adding a touch of elegance to any interior. Do you believe that dark colors make compact spaces appear smaller? Designers would disagree with this! With the proper application, black will look good in any room, regardless of size. This post brings spectacular black wall ideas and professional designer tips on making it work for your space!

1. Visual Interest. Black is like a plain canvas, ready for you to experiment with colors and materials. Ornated with artwork and other elements, the black wall doesn’t look dull. The detail-rich rug and camel sofa add liveliness to this design, making the living room look cozier.

Room with Benjamin Moore Jet Black Walls and Picture Frames

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2. Black Feature Wall that Blends with Cabinets. If moody is your vibe when coming up with the kitchen design, let this example be your guide. With black cabinets and a black wall, the sophisticated kitchen conveys a refined feel. Of course, the textured rug adds a dose of playfulness, so the kitchen doesn’t appear too dark. The result is a sleek design with tons of style.

Nerissa Sarantos, designer:

A perfect lesson in contrast. The dark cabinetry was a bold but stunning choice that offers depth and a beautiful balance with the lighter tones and warmer textures throughout the home. Absolutely gorgeous!

Black Kitchen with Wood and Brass Decor

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3. Geometric Accent Wall. A dark gray tone enhanced with geometric shapes is a perfect fit for a modern bedroom. And you don’t need to spend much money to recreate the desired look. Making a focal wall is a relatively simple DIY project you can do with a few supplies from the craft store. All you need to do is get cheap furring strips and come up with your unique geometric pattern. Paint over it, and your dramatic wall is ready to be shown off.

Bedroom with Textured Black Walls

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4. Fireplace Black Accent Wall. The fireplace is a natural focal point in your living room. The black wall enhances its beauty, adding drama to your living room. The color choice is ideal for a wide range of styles, so you can find a way that works for your interior.

Living Room with Paneled Black Walls Around Fireplace

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5. Pair with Exposed Bricks. The combination of black paint color and exposed bricks adds charm to any space. The combination conveys the industrial vibe while still feeling cozy. Get inspired by this gorgeous kitchen and recreate the same look in your home.

Black Kitchen with Brick Accent Wall

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6. Gallery Wall. If you are not ready for the entire wall painted black, break it down with decor. The white board and batten add a touch of freshness to the design. The black wall ornated with frames doesn’t feel visually heavy. If your black wall feels plain, go to your nearest thrift store and get decorative frames to curate a DIY gallery wall.

Dining Room with White Board and Black Walls

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7. White Ceiling. White ceilings will bring contrast to play, perfect if you wish to get the modern feel. In this design, black and white allow the beige marble with black veins take a center stage.

Kitchen with Marble Splashback and Black Lower Cabinets and Table

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8. Black Board and Batten. The black board and batten adds a touch of character to this bedroom. The mirror is one of the perfect decorative accessories to make black walls feel less visually heavy. With a pop of green and intriguing patterns, the room feels uplifted and modern.

Green White and Black Bedroom Design

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9. Create Zones in Open Space. A black accent wall is ideal for separating the space into different zones. In this case, it perfectly defines the dining area. It is a stunning point of interest with built-in shelves that adds individuality to the open-plan space.

Black Accent Wall with Built In Shelves

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10. Black Walls in Bathroom. A black wall and ceiling add elegance to your bathroom design. Recessed lighting is one of the common tricks that designers use to elevate dark colors. Complemented with patterned flooring and a walk-in shower, the dark tone ideally fits the aesthetic.

Bathroom with a Walland Ceiling Painted Black

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11. Leap to the Dark Side. Painting an entire room black creates a unique interior. After all, you should feel free to express your signature style in your home. The bedroom with dark walls feels mystical and moody, while the colorful bedding adds visual interest.

Entire Room Painted Black Design

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12. Dramatic Entryway Painted Black. The entryway sets the expectations for the rest of your home and makes that first impression. When white walls aren’t your aesthetic, go for black. Thanks to the generous amount of natural light, the space looks bright and airy.

Bold House Design with Black Walls and Trim

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13. Black Wallpaper. When all black feels too dark, go for a moody wallpaper print. The dominating black color adds the desired vibe, while the gorgeous florals add liveliness.

Sarah Coe from Sarah Coe Design:

Black is back! Take a look at how we used darker elements to create this elegant, garden-inspired dining room.

Dining Room with Black Floral Wallpaper

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14. Living Room Black Accent Wall. No wonder living room black accent wall ideas are so popular! They do bring a modern feel to your home. Ornated with prints and a mirror, the dark wall doesn’t overwhelm the room design. With plenty of details, the space feels refined yet full of essence.

Living Room with Black Wall Decorating Ideas

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15. Adding Depth to Small Spaces. Most people would skip black when decorating small spaces. However, this example proves that this isn’t always true. A black focal wall adds much depth to this small bathroom featuring a stylish bathtub and shower combo.

Small Bathroom with Black Accent Wall

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16. Patterned Black Accent Walls. Enhance the black wall with an intriguing pattern to introduce visual interest in your living room. It follows the black and white color scheme, creating a sophisticated space with a perfect sense of style.

Living Room with Black Walls and White Ceiling and Furniture

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17. Black Walls with Texture. A textured black wall will make the simple bedroom setting look more high-end. To recreate the look, you can get textured wall panels. It is a relatively easy DIY project that doesn’t require experience or skills.

White Bedroom with Sloping Ceiling and Black Texture Wall

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18. Black Wall & Light Furniture. Light furniture that stands against the black walls creates a gorgeous contrast. Opt for white and cream to set the mood.

All Black Home Office

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19. Dramatic Bedroom Wall. This bedroom design is another perfect example of how to implement black. The large piece of art and golden sconces add visual interest to the wall. The mid-century modern nightstands and Morrocan rug inject personality into the room, creating an elegant retreat that reflects the owner’s classy taste.

Small Bedroom with Black Wall and Framed Art Above the Bed

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20. Natural Light. With plenty of natural light, you have the freedom to play with dark colors. The oversized window lightens the room, while the hardwood flooring adds a touch of warmth.

Birch Hill Interiors on their project:

This dining room absolutely transforms throughout the day… Light and bright in the morning…dark, moody and cozy at night. We added a textured grass cloth wallpaper on the ceiling and kept a neutral woven rug for underneath the round walnut table.

Dining Room with Black Walls and Wood Floor

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21. Chic and Edgy. The combination of a black wall, neon sign, pink velvet, and animal prints adds a chic vibe. Perfect if you’re going for an edgy feminine interior that feels luxurious.

Bold Feminine Room with Black Walls and Furniture and Pink Decor

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22. Black Kitchen Cabinetry. Black is the perfect color to add drama to your kitchen. The combination of black, white, and golden hardware looks sophisticated and expensive.

Sarah Coe from Sarah Coe Design:

You may not think black cabinets can open up a space – but our combination of this dark millwork paired with mirrored cabinetry, helped us visually expand this small kitchen.

Black Kitchen Cabinets with Mirrored Doors for Small Spaces

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23. Black Accent Wall for Mix of Colors. In a room with lots of colors, black will ground the space. Perfect if you wish to play with colors without going overboard.

Modern Design with Red Floor and Structured Black Wall

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24. Matte Black Wall in a White Dining Room. This is a simple option to consider if you wish to zone a banquette. The black accent wall anchors the small dining area, creating a pleasant spot for having breakfast, and it pairs so well with the green velvet fabric of the seat.

Jackie Venneri from Style with Jackie:

The contrast of the dark wall with the bench makes for a perfect kitchen corner moment.

Modern White Dining Room with Black and Green Accent Colors

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25. Home Office Black Accent Wall. Your home office is your designated space for creativity, so shaping it according to your preference is a must. A black wall is an intriguing feature, complemented by oversized print.

Office with Large Window Black Walls and Large Artwork

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26. Black Wall White Trim. The combination of black walls and white trim creates a remarkable contrast, highlighting the architectural features. The result is a simple yet sleek look that fits different styles.

Living Room with Black Walls White Trim and Red Sofa

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27. Cozy Bedroom. A black paned wall is a perfect way to elevate a modern organic bedroom. The subtle texture adds visual touch, and the dark color sets the mood. With a mix of natural textures, the space looks cozy and inviting.

Neutral Bedroom with Black Wall Panelling

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28. Charming Powder Room. Just because the powder room is small, it doesn’t have to mean it should lack personal touches. With black walls and patterned wallpaper, the tiny space has a retro vibe. They balanced the dark tone with stark white subway tile, creating a timeless look.

Black Paint and Black Wallpaper Powder Room Walls

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29. Awkward Walls. Black is an ideal choice for making awkward walls look less prominent. If you think a wall looks odd in your home, you might want to consider painting it black. Here, black walls are also used for the perfect zoning of the space.

Open Space Zone with Black Walls and Brown Leather Sofas

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30. Layered Neutrals. When black brings too much drama to your living room, be sure to cozy it up with neutrals. The mix of warm earthy colors adds a homey feel, softening up the dramatic mood.

Living Room Black Fireplace Mantel Decor

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31. Living Room Accent Wall. A black accent wall and charcoal sofa feel so sophisticated. Complemented with a plush rug and golden details, the living room coveys an upscale feel.

Living Room with Black Walls Gold Decor and Moss Green Curtains

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32. Eclectic Style. Black paint is ideal for styles that show the owner’s identity. An eclectic home with a mix of colors and textures will benefit from this color. With a large mirror, antique pieces, and a luxury chandelier, the edgy living room gets a unique style of its own.

Eclectic All Black Room with Antique Brown Furniture

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33. Transitional Bedroom Accent Wall. The bedroom design shows a perfect combination of elements, allowing the dark color to become a statement. The tufted headboard adds texture, and the print breaks down the look. We love how it helps create symmetry with the window. If black is not the perfect fit for your current color scheme, go for a deep gray tone for a softer look.

Bedroom Deep Gray Accent Wall and Black and White Poster

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34. Faux Exposed Bricks. The black brick wall is ideal for adding a decorative touch to a neutral bedroom. It comments the beige tones and wooden details to perfection, creating a tasteful design with an organic vibe. You can achieve the look by installing faux brick wallpaper for a cheap alternative. Or, go for the textured panels for a 3D look that is close to the real feel.

Room with Brick Accent Wall Painted Black

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35. Modern Farmhouse Bathroom. With black walls and patterned flooring, the modern farmhouse bathroom feels updated. The combination of black and white paint makes the ceiling appear visually higher, giving off the impression of a roomier bathroom.

Black and White Power Room with Wood Floating Shelves

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If you have settled on black walls, sampling the right paint is a thing you need to consider. If you’re looking for the right tone to match your interior, Benjamin Moore has a wide range of popular dark tones.

Whether you want deep charcoal or a real black tone, you will always find the perfect fit. Wrought Iron, Iron Mountain, Witching Hour, Soot, and Black Panther are some of this brand’s most popular black tones. They all have a different undertone, so choose according to the effect you wish to achieve in the space.