40 Walk-In Shower Ideas for a Stylish Bathroom Makeover

Over the years, bathrooms have transformed from a room in our homes that is purely functional to one of our favorite spaces. Every year people spend thousands of dollars upgrading their bathrooms and creating their private oasis where they can quite literally wash away the worries of their lives. One of the most popular ways to transform a bathroom is to add a walk-in shower.

Best Bathroom Shower Ideas

The biggest difference between a walk-in shower and a traditional shower is the lack of a bathtub. Walk-in showers are a stand-alone feature and, as such, are endlessly customizable. Here is a list of 40 different shower designs to help you on your path to relaxation.

1. Keep It Simple. Choosing tile with neutral colors and minimal patterns keeps small bathrooms from seeming overwhelmed. Adding fixtures and vanities with clean lines will help enhance the feeling of space.

2. Porcelain Panels. One of the hottest current bathroom trends is trading out smaller tile patterns for large porcelain tiles. Without all of the grout lines, these large porcelain panels create a modern, streamlined appearance, and it also makes cleaning your walk-in shower a breeze. Added bonus, they come in a large selection of colors and patterns to fit your taste.

3. Bold Tile. Picking a ceramic tile with bright, vibrant patterns will ensure your walk-in shower is the centerpiece of your bathroom. All eyes will be drawn to your funky, fun space. If you are feeling extra bold, you can even extend their use onto the shower floor for some added pop.

4. Skylights. Adding a skylight to your walk-in shower design will help brighten not just the shower, but your entire bathroom. This is a great addition, especially in a small bathroom, as it helps bring in lots of natural light and adds to the overall value of your home.

5. Multiple Shower Heads. Multiple shower heads are a great way to make your shower feel more luxurious. Choosing different styles, for example, pairing one large rain shower head with a smaller one and hand-held head with the wall-mounted sprayers gives options for different shower experiences.

6. Make It Double. If you have a large master bath, consider turning your walk-in shower into a double. Having two shower heads and enough room to stretch out will give your space a romantic vibe. No one wants to share a shower with someone who likes their water a different temperature.

7. Keep the Curtain. While many walk-in showers are moving toward full-glass enclosures, a shower curtain can help add character to a bathroom with a wide variety of color and patterns. In addition, a shower curtain can create striking contrast in an otherwise modern bathroom.

8. Dramatic Shower Heads. When choosing a shower head, consider style as well as function. Picking a dramatic shower head, one with a unique shape or a gold or bronze finish is an easy way to add flair to your bathroom design.

9. Add an Accent Wall. Instead of finishing your entire shower in one tile, add an accent wall. This can be done with a contrasting tile, or by using a large slab of porcelain to draw the eye and create a striking feature. It is also a great way to use a more bold tile without overwhelming your space.

10. Doorless Walk-In Shower. For a genuinely walk-in experience, do away with shower walls altogether. Creating an open space with your shower and a large soaking tub will make your master bathroom feel like a retreat.

11. Corner Shower with a Niche. Building a niche or alcove into your shower wall gives you much-needed storage space without taking away from your square footage. A narrow wall niche can also be extended out of the shower and over your vanity to create a complete bathroom feature.

12. Mix and Match Tile. Using tiles with different shapes helps create contrast in your bathroom. For example, subway tile in your shower and hexagons on the floor keep the room from being monotonous. However, be sure to stick to neutral or complementary colors to avoid a chaotic feel.

13. Walk-In Shower with a Bench. Adding some seating to your shower enclosure is a great way to make the space more relaxing. If you are doing a complete remodel of your walk-in shower, you can build seating into the wall. If not, purchasing a simple shower bench will also do the trick.

14. Break It Up. When choosing the glass panels for your walk-in shower, consider using panes that have some framing instead of one large smooth panel. This gives your space some character while maintaining the open, airy feel of a glass enclosed shower.

15. Create Some Separation. Creating separate tub and shower areas is a great way to combine different experiences in your master bathroom. Walk-in shower is here for a quick washing routine, while a standalone soaking tub – for a more luxurious feel. Claw-footed tub is sure to become the centerpiece of your space.

16. Walk-In Bathroom for Small Spaces. If you have a small bathroom, maybe a doorless walk-in shower is the best choice for you. While it may seem odd at first to leave your shower open to the rest of the room, it allows the space to flow and makes it feel larger.

17. Get Vertical. White subway tile is a classic design choice that is never totally out of fashion. However, if you are thinking of adding some to your bathroom, specifically your walk-in shower, try installing it vertically instead of horizontally. Laying the tile this way draws the eye up towards the ceiling and makes the room feel taller.

18. Earthy Oasis. Using muted greens, grays, and browns in your master bath will give the space a spa-like feeling for maximum relaxation. Add in some wicker accessories or a bamboo bath mat outside your large walk-in shower to pull the room together.

19. Crystal Clear. Extending your tile from your shower to a more significant portion of your bathroom is a great way to make your walk-in shower blend seamlessly into a small bathroom. Pair this technique with minimal hardware and glass walls, and your shower is practically invisible.

20. Custom Fit. Having an oddly shaped bathroom shouldn’t be a deterrent to your shower design dreams. By using a doorless walk-in shower design and minimal walls, you can fit a walk-in shower into corners that would otherwise be wasted space.

21. Black and White. For a clean, modern look, stick to the basics. White tile in a classic shape and black hardware create a sleek pairing that is fresh but also timeless. To keep it from feeling too monochromatic, add a couple of plants or a funky painting.

22. What Was Old Is New Again. Styles have a way of circling back around, and vintage brass-ware is on the rise. Choose shower fixtures with exposed piping and an old-world feel to bring your bathroom’s design back to an era of glamour and romance.

23. Large Walk-In Shower Room. Big bathrooms allow for big dreams. Use glass walls to enclose not only your shower stall but your tub area as well for the ultimate luxury shower experience.

24. Make It Marble. If you want a beautiful shower that will stand the test of time, both in style and durability, marble is a great option. Marble comes in a huge variety of colors patterns. While it is more expensive than some other tiles, it also adds value to your home.

25. Soothing Simplicity. While dramatic bathrooms are beautiful, they aren’t for everyone. Sometimes, the best way to make a bathroom into a Zen haven is to choose simple, symmetrical patterns and minimal decor.

26. Sky’s the Limit. Most walk-in showers have glass walls that stop a few feet shy of the ceiling, but extending them can make a big difference. Using extra tall panels, especially in small bathrooms, creates the feeling of height.

27. All About Balance. Choosing just the right colors and patterns for a bathroom can be daunting. A simple solution is to choose one bold item, whether your flooring or a bright ceramic tile, for your walk-in shower and then balance that boldness out by keeping other design elements neat and straightforward.

28. Bold Is Beautiful. While most walk-in showers are surrounded by walls of glass, don’t let that limit your imagination. Having an open space with bold tiles and a small retaining wall is a great way to make your shower an eye-catching bathroom feature.

29. Seamless Bathroom Design. A great way to create design harmony in your bathroom is to choose one tile and use it for your entire bathroom floor and up the back wall of your walk-in shower. When paired with glass walls, this smooth transition creates a sense of flow in the space.

30. Dark and Dramatic. Black marbled tile is a sure way to make your bathroom feel dramatic and luxurious. Pair this bold choice with glass shower walls and sleek hardware to keep the space from feeling cluttered.

31. Chevron Showstopper. White subway tile is everywhere right now, and it isn’t going away anytime soon. If you like this tile’s clean lines and classic look but feel like it’s missing something, lay your tile in a chevron pattern instead of straight lines. This gives your walk-in shower spunk and creates movement while maintaining a simple style.

32. Rustic Retreat. Shale or slate tiles create a rustic feel in any bathroom space. Pair their natural colors and rough texture with glass shower enclosures and sleek hardware to create a striking contrast.

33. Double Up. Sometimes two are just better than one, which is absolutely the case for master bedroom baths. Double vanities give everyone their own counter space, so why not take it a step further and create two shower spaces inside your shower enclosure?

34. Light It Up. If your bathroom suffers from limited natural light, your walk-in shower can feel a bit cave-like. Beat back the dark by adding wall sconces inside your shower. This extra light will help brighten up the area and also add charm.

35. Cozy Corner. Corner showers make a great addition to a small bathroom, giving you the luxury of a walk in shower, without taking up too much of your limited space. A great way to make them feel bigger is to use large glass panels in place of traditional walls.

36. Dazzling Displays. Alcoves and recessed shower shelves are an excellent storage option in showers. By adding light to these areas, you make them both functional and beautiful. This is a great way to highlight any plants or decor you keep in your shower and enhance the spa-like feeling in your bathroom.

37. Moody Maximalist. While many bathrooms consist entirely of neutral colors and decor, that look isn’t for everyone. Choosing a tile with deep, rich colors and pairing it with bold hardware will transform your master bathroom shower into a moody retreat.

38. Tall Glass Doors. Often, glass shower doors are all function with little thought spent on their effect on the rest of the bathroom. Choosing a large, frameless glass door takes it to a central decorative feature of your bathroom.

39. It’s All in the Details. Using small tiles to create a herringbone pattern on your shower walls is a great way to add subtle detail and charm to a space. This creates a point of interest without overwhelming your space.

40. Beautiful Beige. With clean lines and modern hardware often comes cool tones, which can make a bathroom feel chilly. For a warmer, cozy space, choose tones from the beige or blush family. And if you really want to heat it up, using materials like marble will help your walk-in shower hold heat.

Walk-in showers make a luxurious solution for both large and small bathrooms. We hope these diverse walk-in shower ideas served a good inspiration for your bathroom project!