34 Home Office Ideas That Will Inspire Your Productivity

It is crucial to have a special place for productive work. Of course, you can freely use a sofa, bed, dining table, or even floor space. But it will affect your involvement, attentiveness, and so on. Eventually, even your back will suffer. Listen to the experts and trust them – you need your own corner for work.

Not every house has a separate room for the office, so we considered all the nuances and chose the best 34 home office ideas. Feel free to select those elements that will make your workspace stand out.

1. Extra Space For Cats. Pet owners know that furry creatures like to interfere when someone is working. However, they do it not out of malice. Cats simply want to be close to their loved ones. Take care of its special space to prevent your feline from poking its snout into your computer. Is it a couch at your feet or a special cat-house? You know your pet’s preferences best.

2. Gallery Wall For Creative Professions. Designers, artists, fashionistas, and many others will definitely like it. A useful lifehack for organizing the workspace is to hang on the mood board. But you can also use posters, a magnetic board or fiberboard, a separate area on the wall, etc.

This practice is beneficial for many professions. A collage of collected items helps to determine what is superfluous and what should be left. It usually consists of various elements, magazine clippings, and stimulus materials that inspire the creative process.

3. Small Home Office In Bedroom. Not every person works remotely, but almost everyone needs to work in an apartment from time to time. There can be many reasons: weather conditions, looking after a sick child, taking courses or advanced training, etc. That is why you need a desk at home.

Choose one of the options you like best: non-bulky furniture, a folding table, a table-shelf, a removable table, etc.

4. Work Area In Guest Bedroom. Ideally, a home office is a separate room where you can hide and work in silence. But not everyone is so lucky. If there is no particular place for the office, look where the least visited zone is located in your house. A guest bedroom, for example. Arrange a work area with a table, chair, and shelves. Make sure the space is still comfortable if someone comes to visit you.

5. Work Space In Dining Room. Stacking more furniture in tight spaces is a bad idea. In addition, they are usually not very compact. Feel free to use other surfaces. Why not consider the kitchen worktop as a desk? The home office can also be in the dining room. Of course, when no one eats there.

6. Family Office For Everyone. When schoolchildren, students, and working parents gather under the roof of one house, the competition for the desk may begin. Are unnecessary conflicts needed? Of course not. So satisfy everyone with an office in a separate room. It can be a work area for doing homework, writing a thesis, working on a computer, and more. In such a case, you do not need to install a table in every bedroom.

7. Dedicated Room As Home Office. Business meetings can also be held at home. Children and pets running after you, the smell of a cake in the oven, the TV sound, and several other reasons may interfere. For productive work, you should meet with colleagues, partners, and subordinates not in the living room or the kitchen but in the home office. You know exactly how often and how many people can visit you. Two chairs are enough if guests are infrequent and there are not many of them.

If it is not your option, prefer a sofa that can comfortably accommodate several guests. Also, consider the area of the room when designing the interior. A large window can provide not only natural light but also become functional. Feel free to turn the window sill into a seat.

8. Perfect Place For Work. Don’t forget about aesthetics! The workplace should be inspiring. Are you a photographer? Hang your best works around or the pieces of your favorite artists. Do you work for a magazine? Create a shelf with the best releases. Do you like movies? How about posters? You can come up with any idea.

Diplomas, awards, and certificates are always universal options. If you don’t want to be tied down to your workplace, choose simple paintings or drawings to decorate the walls.

9. Small Space In Family Room. A pantry, barn, or garage can be converted into a home office if they are not being used for their intended purpose. Even the far corner of the room can be turned into a workplace. By the way, the absence of a door is not a problem.

Use the partition to separate it. Curtains can be attached to the cornice. Sliding doors are easy to mount on the wall. You can always find an option suitable for your apartment or house.

10. Home Office Library. Printed books do not hurt to store in one place and creating a home library with floor to ceiling built-in bookshelves is a great idea for that.

Group the books you use on the shelves in a particular order. Select several groups or topics. For example, the ones you read constantly, the ones you rarely open, albums, and collectibles.

11. Floating Desk Near Window. The floating desk is a great furniture invention. It is convenient to place instead of a window sill, so you have a direct hit of natural light. Such a table has no legs, so they do not disturb. Choose the size, color, and texture to your liking. By the way, some very narrow models take up almost no space.

12. Custom Workspace On Balcony. Why not create a home office on the balcony? Especially if the window offers a beautiful view. Of course, it must be glazed. Otherwise, weather conditions can spoil not only the mood but also the equipment. Usually, the balcony width allows fitting the table from wall to wall. If sockets are needed, run an extension cord from another room. Connect the lamp there as well.

13. Unique Style Of Accent Wall. Don’t take your home office for granted. You should take care of the interior design. When there aren’t many opportunities to implement all the ideas, focus on the decor. Various wall printings, such as posters, mood boards, letters from friends, travel cards, calendars, notes, and organizers with written plans are always welcome and will make a great accent wall idea.

14. Entire Room as Focal Point. Ordinary offices usually have very simple furniture. But at home, you have your hands free and can do whatever you want. The only rule: it should help you stay productive, not distract you. It is an excellent idea if you know that 15 minutes of rest and playing a game console recharge your brain. But if you are constantly getting sidetracked, it is not.

Make a mural on the whole wall. Put a fluffy pouf under your feet. A rocking chair, hammock, mirrored ceiling — there is no limit to your imagination.

15. Girly Home Office Ideas. There are no clear requirements for home offices. How to design the space? Of course, based on the room’s capabilities, wallet, and wishes. Taking everything literally is detrimental to the interior. The chair for your workplace does not have to be professional. It also applies to both the table and storage.

Comfort should be your priority. Everything else is not so important. For example, choose wooden legs instead of wheels. The dressing table is ideal for working on a laptop. Floating storage shelves are just as good as cabinets.

16. Furniture Arrangement In Home Office Layout. Probably, two points are essential in the arrangement of furniture. The first is whether the workplace is well lit. The second is how the door opens relative to the table.

The light should immediately fall from the window onto the desk, and nothing should block it. Otherwise, buy a lamp. As for the doors, it is best always to keep them in sight.

17. Work Space Under The Stairs. Even small houses and tiny apartments have unused space. Take advantage of this! As in the photo example, a home office can be located under the stairs. How smart! There is enough space, and no one is bothered. It is almost a separate room, in fact.

18. Corner Office Space In Guest Room. Are you irritated by corners? Take action! The floating table can be placed anywhere. If you choose the corner of the room for the workplace, it has tangible advantages. In general, space is saved in the house, and the table’s surface is increased. There is a lot of room for the feet as well. In addition, such a table between the windows is always well lit.

19. Home Office Design. It is essential to divide the living space into zones. As a rule, this function is performed by rooms. But not always. If there are several different zones within one room, this can be determined by the interior design. In our example, a home office is located in the living room. You can highlight it visually during the repair. For instance, paint part of the wall or ceiling in a different color, and overlay the floor with various materials.

20. Unused Closet In Home Office Decor Ideas. The cabinet in the office is usually filled with books, folders, and documents. At home, this set is also appropriate. By the way, what would look ridiculous in the office works at home. If the bookcase is too big for your stuff and there is still a lot of free space, you can fill it with anything: vases with or without flowers, souvenir plates, photo frames, etc.

21. Accessories On Accent Wall. A valuable find for those who work in different time zones. Are you from one country and your employer is from another? Do you have customers from all over the world? Do your partners often go on business trips? In these and other cases, it is vital for you not to get confused with time. Select several clocks and set the required time for them. Sign the countries to which they relate. Done!

22. To-Do List And Chalkboard Paint. Notebooks and diaries are a must-have for work planning. You can use a convenient planning example and scale it. Allocate space on the wall of your home office for important notes. Therefore, they will always be in sight.

23. Natural Light VS Workplace Lighting. Lighting is the basis of productive work and health. To ignore it means not to take care of yourself. Buy artificial lighting if your home office does not have a window or lacks natural light. It can be a chandelier, but on the condition that it is not the only source of light. Be sure to have a table lamp.

24. Entire Wall. It is also possible to decorate a small home office stylishly. If you have only one wall, you can emphasize it in two ways. The first one is to paint the wall in an unusual color or create a pattern (drawing, mural, geometric shapes, etc.) at the stage of repair. The second one is to use the decor when finishing the interior. Put the little things on the shelves, hang flower pots on the wall, and so on.

25. Movable Surface Space. This one is for those who have not yet decided on the final version of the home office. Or for those who just love stylish furniture. Pay attention to the models of tables and shelves that can be customized. Thus, you can easily rearrange them or change the height of the table at any time.

26. Secret Rooms As Best Home Office Ideas. The secret room was the childhood dream of most people. If you have already grown up, it does not mean you should give up old goals. Of course, it is not a mandatory option for a home office. But how cool! On the practical side, you can place a strongbox or essential documents away from prying eyes.

27. Pet’s Personal Space. Of course, not all the space is for furry friends. If you do not want the same plot as in the photo, take care of a special place for them.

In most cases, when you are at home and close the door, your pet squeals. It knows you’re at home but thinks you don’t want to be around. Don’t be so heartless. Let your four-legged friend be in your home office in its personal space.

28. Use All Square Footage. The home office in the living room has become widespread. A part of the cabinet or shelves can be allocated to store working papers. The window area is ideal for a desk. At the time when everyone usually gathers in the living room, the working day ends.

29. Limited Space. A sloping roof and a home office in the attic is a combination that has the right to life. It cannot bother you as you are sitting most of the time. And note that even such a room can be stylish and well decorated.

30. Double Duty Or Two Tier Desk. Some jobs require multiple computer monitors. Or you need to check something all the time. For convenience, use the two-tier desk. You may not notice it immediately, but it speeds up the work. You can also choose the model as in the photo if you need more table surfaces.

31. Creative Space. What about other professions that require tools other than papers and laptops? Of course, not all tips work here, but some remain important. Good lighting is always necessary for painting or doing something with your own hands. Also, do not forget about the shelf for education books.

32. Accent Wall In Master Bedroom. The workplace in the bedroom is relevant, especially if you do not live alone. It is the most common option for children and students. Feel free to use the entire wall for this purpose. By the way, if you hang the TV on the wall, make sure that the chair does not block the view.

33. Wall-Mounted Storage Space. The combination of floating shelves and a table, as in the photo, best suits small rooms where every inch counts. You can close the table anytime; it will look like a cupboard. Moreover, instead of buying a new one, you can bring a chair from another room.

34. One Space For Filing Cabinet. Those with such an opportunity can gather everything they need for work in one room. Separate the space for file cabinets, a printer, documents, shelves for folders, organizers, a mood board, and so on. It may be your special place, where every detail tells about the work.

We have shown you more than 30 different examples of home office ideas. Some are used as a part of another room, while others are a completely separate area. Are you inspired and ready to turn it into a real interior? Then get to work!