30 Creative Under Stairs Storage and Design Ideas

In many houses, the area under the stairs is just chalked up as lost space. Maybe there’s a closet where you stuff the Christmas tree or mismatched shoes, but it has the potential to be so much more. So, take a look at these 30 ideas for the space under the stairs and get inspired!

1. Fabulously Functional Working Space. With just a few small tricks, you can take your under the stairs desk space from functional to fabulous. For example, adding some built-in drawers lets you keep your office supplies close at hand without cluttering your desk. And some floating shelves with lighting help brighten up your work area.

Pull Out Drawers Desk and Open Shelves Under Stairs Ideas

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2. Unusual Cubby. When planning the design for your space under the stairs, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Your area doesn’t have to be all sharp lines and corners. A curved cut-out will make your space feel softer and welcoming.

Concrete Staircase Under Stairs Bench Idea

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3. Book Nook. Even if you only have a small space under your stairs, you can still turn it into something useful. Adding a small section of shelving makes this a great, out-of-the-way bookshelf. You can also add interest to the space with framed photos and knick-knacks.

Bookshelf an a Small Space Under Stairs

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4. Outdoor Adventure Baskets. Turn the area under your stairs into a cute storage space for outside toys and sports equipment. By adding some large baskets, you now have a spot to store frisbees, tennis rackets, picnic blankets, and whatever other items you want close at hand as you head outdoors for the afternoon.

Under Stairs Bench with Sage Wall Panels and Lange Storage Baskets

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5. Pet Corner. By cutting a small opening into the side of your stairwell, you can make an excellent hide-out for your cat or small dog breeds. Add a small pet bed and some toys, and your pet will love this private nook. This is perfect if it is nervous around new people or likes to take some alone time.

Small Under Stairs Room Turned into Pet Corner

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6. Beverage Bar. Under stairs storage ideas don’t have to be limited to shoes and books. It also makes a great spot to install a home bar. Install a mini-fridge and small countertop, and you have a lovely and convenient place to store extra drinks.

Under Stairs Bar with Built In Mini Fridge

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7. Multi-Use Seating. Brush off the cobwebs and turn the unused area underneath your stairs into a comfortable seating area or a reading nook. Adding a soft bench seat with some pull-out drawers makes this a great storage space and a space you will want to curl up with a good book.

Under Stairs Reading Nook with Drawers Under the Bench

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8. Walk In Under Stair Storage. It can be hard to find space for all of our seasonal clothing, holiday decoration storage, and gear when it is out of season. Tucking it away in an attic or crawlspace can make it a hassle to get to when the weather begins to change. Turning the space beneath your stairs into seasonal storage keeps your items tucked away and tidy while easily accessible.

Walk In Under Stairs Closet Idea

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9. Open Concept. Opening up your under-stair space is an excellent way to incorporate built-in shelving, and it can also make a small room feel larger. This is especially true of rooms where the stairs were totally enclosed. Cutting that unnecessary wall out and adding spindles instead will also allow extra light into your stairwell.

Under Stairs Hidden Door and Bookshelf with Low Bench

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10. Warm Welcome. Even the most awkward space under your stairs can be turned into a focal design point with a bit of imagination and some new decor. Adding a lamp and comfortable seating can take your area from dreary and dusty to warm and welcoming.

Chair Coffee Table and Large Window Mirror in the Under Stairs Room

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11. Perfectly Powdered Room. If you have enough space, the area under the stairs can double as a fantastic powder room. This renovation is a little more extensive than some other storage ideas, but it is well worth it. Having extra space to pop in and check makeup or wash your hands on the way out the door is convenient and will also add to your home’s overall value.

Hidden Toilet in Under Stairs Space

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12. Home Office Space. One of the most popular stairs ideas is to turn the space into a mini home office. Having a designated workspace in your home can be hugely beneficial but challenging to accomplish if you don’t have an extra bedroom handy. By installing a desk and some built-in shelves you can have your workspace without sacrificing square footage.

Under Stair Corner Table and Floating Shelves

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13. The Right Height Bookshelf. Utilizing your under stair storage space can benefit even the youngest family members. Shelves closer to the ground make a wonderful out-of-the-way spot for kids to keep their favorite books and games. And having their things down at their level means they can easily help organize them when it’s time to clean up.

Shelving for Kid's Books and Toys Under Stairs

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14. Under Stair Storage Closet. If you don’t have enough room for all of your clothing accessories in your master closet, consider turning the space under your stairs into an extra closet. With some rods and shelving, this otherwise empty space can become the perfect spot to keep all your additional purses, hats, jackets, and shoes.

Under Stairs Cupboard for Storing Shoes and Clothes

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15. Custom Hall Tree. In most houses, you can find the stairwell near either the front or back door, making them the perfect spot to store outdoor gear. Build your own hall tree for hanging coats with a bench for putting on shoes inside the space beneath your steps.

Built In Hall Tree and Cupboards in Under Stairs Space

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16. Play Place. When children are very small, they often don’t like being away from their parents, which means they want to drag their playroom into the main living area; this makes the space under the stairs a perfect play spot. Pick some cute wallpaper and move their toy shelves under there. This solution gives them their own space while still being close to the rest of the family.

Play Area for a Toddler Under Stairs Ideas

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17. Custom Cubicle. If you would love to turn the space under the stairs into a workstation but are tight on square footage, don’t fret, it is still achievable. This upright desk/shelving unit is just what you need. It gives plenty of space to store your notebooks and pens while taking up very little room.

Using Small Under Stair Room for a Working Space

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18. Stylish Storage. Just because it is a storage area doesn’t mean your under stair space can’t also be stylish. On the contrary, seamless wall paneling and storage benches provide the perfect combination of function and fashion. So tuck your things away inside and set some pillows and home decor on top for a stunning seating area.

Under Stairs Light Gray Wall Panels for a Pull Out Drawer and a Bench

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19. Nap Nook. Take your relaxing under the stair nook a step further by making it the perfect spot to snooze. Twinkle lights and some plush pillows will have you wanting to curl up with your favorite book. Kids will also love this cozy under stair spot, and if you are feeling extra handy, you can even mount a TV in your new nap spot.

Under Stairs Bed

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20. Storage Baskets Display. The space under your stairs is the perfect spot to add some extra storage shelves for the little cloth or wicker storage bins that can be the best friends of a busy family. You can pick these up at almost any home store, and they make it so quick and easy to toss in toys and books and have your living room look spick and span again. Not to mention that they double as decor!

Under Stairs Idea for a Living Room

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21. Shoe Storage. The extra space under your stairs can be used for many things, but one of the best storage ideas is these pull-out storage drawers. They make the perfect out-of-the-way spot for shoes and even jackets while still keeping them easily accessible and near your entryway.

Entry Way Under Stairs Storage Idea

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22. Pup Retreat. While they are necessary for many families’ homes, dog kennels can be unattractive and take up a large chunk of floor space. A great solution is to build a DIY doghouse in the wasted space under your stairs. You can find a large variety of designs online, everything from rustic barn door styles to simple metal gates, whatever you need to fit your home’s aesthetic.

Indoor Dog House Underneath a Staircase

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23. Useful Utility Closet. One of the most practical stair storage ideas is to turn the space into a large utility closet. This is a great area to store things like your vacuum cleaners, mops, and extra cleaning supplies. It can also be an excellent place to keep bulk quantities of non-perishable food items like rice and flour which don’t fit in your kitchen cabinets.

Under Stairs Pantry Closet with a Hidden Door

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24. Entertaining Made Easy. Adding some custom shelves to the space under your stairs can make this a perfect spot to display your spirits and wine collection. Your guests will be impressed with your set-up, and you will enjoy being able to make everyone’s drinks without having to retreat to the wine room and miss out on any of the fun.

Wine Cellar in a Space Under the Stairs

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25. Practice Palette. Choosing a design palette or aesthetic for your house can be daunting. So why not use the space under your stairs as a sample space to find what fits? This little seating nook is a great place to mix and match items and figure out what you really like and what works well together before releasing it into the rest of your home.

Chair and Shelves with Decor in the Wasted Space Under Stairs

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26. A Personal Touch. Our homes reflect ourselves and our style, and your seating area under the stair is a great spot to showcase that personal style. Add some shelving and proudly display some of your favorite pieces, whether they are artwork, family photos, or treasures you’ve picked up along your journeys.

Quiet Black and White Nook with Shelves Under Stairs

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27. Camouflaged Cupboards. In most homes, you can never go wrong with additional storage. And turning the unused space under the stairs into drawers and pop-out cupboards is a great way to get some. These lovely, panel-fronted drawers blend seamlessly with each other and with the staircase as a whole.

Cabinets and Pantry for Food Storage Under Stairs Near Kitchen

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28. Using Stairs for Creative Open Shelving. An innovative way to get the most storage out of your stairs is to turn the backside of your stairs into open shelving. This is a beneficial trick if your stairway storage renovation is on a strict budget and you don’t want to spend money on new shelves. Plus, it keeps you from losing space in a tight area where every inch counts.

Under Stairs Shelves Hack

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29. Women’s Corner. Needing a workspace in your home doesn’t necessarily mean spreadsheets and emails; maybe you need space to pursue your creative outlets. By adding some lighting, a desk, and a comfortable chair, you can build your pocket of creativity or a makeup vanity tucked away from the hubbub in the rest of the house.

Organizing Nail Art or Crafts Corner Under Stairs

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30. Dining Room Extra. Most folks don’t have the space or the budget for a full-blown wine cellar in their homes. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t display your collection. You can transform the unused space under your stairs into a dining room bar with minimal effort by adding a countertop and some wine racks. If you aren’t a big wine drinker, this idea also works great as a coffee or tea bar.

Dining Room Bar Under Stairs Ideas

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So, whether you need extra storage cabinets, a work-from-home spot, or just want a little additional seating, the often neglected space under your steps might be the solution to your woes. You know what works best in your home and what will best fit your needs, but don’t let that extra square footage go to waste.