30 Best Makeup Vanity Ideas to Accentuate Your Own Style

Wouldn’t it be great to have a spot in your home to apply your skin care products, get ready for a night out, fix your hair or just flirt in front of the mirror? Make your beauty routine flow smooth with these exquisite makeup vanity ideas. Whether you are looking for simple DIY projects or ready-made solutions, vintage or ultra-modern vanities, there is something for everyone in our picks.

1. Comfy Me-Corner. With a snug papasan chair made of sherpa fabric and a tall desk, your makeup vanity also doubles as a relaxing me-corner. Golden chair legs rhyme with the mirror skirting and desk decor to make a style statement. Add some greenery in tall planters to polish the look.

White Bedroom with Plant Walls Unique Dressing Table Design Idea

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2. Classy White Vanity. You can never go wrong with a classic white vanity! Elegant and feminine, it refreshes your room, while providing ample storage space for your go-to products and accessories. A big mirror bathing in light will aid you in creating your next masterpiece.

Classic Makeup Vanity Table with a Stool

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3. Small Bedroom Vanity with Pastel Pink Glow. Get inspiration from glowing pink skies at sunrise to set up a makeup vanity corner in your room. If you are a fan of tender colors and prefer a feminine touch, go for sheer pink curtains, a soft fluffy throw on the chair, and floral elements on the desk to showcase your personality. Note that the mirror is placed higher here – a great move for ladies to prefer to apply their makeup while standing.

Soft Pink Bedroom Small Vanity Desk

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4. Unique Mirrors and Wall Display. Decorate your bedroom makeup vanity with elements you adore for a bright start to your day. Choose colors, materials, and finishes that reflect your personality and sprinkle your beauty corner with decorative accents, like a free-standing floor-length mirror or framed artwork.

Unique Makeup Vanity Mirror and Well Matched Wall Display

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5. Stylish Floating Vanity Shelf in a Bathroom. Make use of a bathroom niche to create a built-in floating vanity. Integrating a vanity into your bathroom interior design will make it functional and handy while maximizing a small space. Applying makeup has never been more delightful!

Small Floating Makeup Vanity Table in a Bathroom Niche

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6. White and Gold Vanity. Showcasing a sleek design, this creamy-white and gold vanity unit is perfect for deluxe interiors with contemporary settings. Make a circular mirror with an original frame a centerpiece of your room.

White and Beige Bedroom with Chic White and Gold Vanity Station

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7. Contemporary Bedroom Vanity. If you are on the lookout for simple but beautiful makeup vanity ideas, check out this stunning combo of a floating shelf and a modern mirror with circular strip lighting. The combination of textures and materials gives the vanity unit character and style.

Floating Makeup Vanity for a Contemporary Bedroom Design

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8. Glammed Up Vanity. Are you after Hollywood-worthy interior design ideas? The owner of this dressing table upgraded it with a leopard print countertop, a marquee-lighted mirror, and a cute sign to greet her inner movie start every morning. And the chair’s back formed into a sweet bow is super cute!

DIY Makeup Vanity Decor

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9. Black Makeup Vanity with Vintage Style Mirror. If you are a fan of classic or transitional home decor, this versatile black vanity table will be perfect to tie your bedroom together. It follows a clean traditional design with metal accents and a copper-framed mirror, and it has several drawers to store your makeup essentials.

Elegant Black Vanity Table with Large Antique Framed Mirror

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10. More Than a Makeup Vanity Idea. Did you know that your dressing table can be your cozy reading nook as well? Just check how this dual-purpose white vanity desk becomes a place to store books, jewelry, and cute sentimental values. Neat piles of your favorite books, photo frames, and stuffed toys create an adorable atmosphere in your bedroom.

Dressing Desk that Doubles as a Reading Nook

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11. Large Drawers and Touches of Gold. Whether it’s a gold-legged chair, mirrors, or smaller trappings, gold says glamour. What is more, it is bang on trend. Decorative vases make a beautiful and subtle accessory to any table while most of the stuff is fid away in the large drawers.

Bressing Station with Large Drawers and Antique Mirror

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12. Modern Gray and White Bedroom Vanity. If you are looking for modern makeup vanity ideas, this one is definitely worth your attention. Use some bold contrasting colors which lend character and enigma to your interior design. A circular mirror cabinet is a perfect idea for smaller spaces as it provides extra storage and keeps your essentials away from direct sunlight and prying eyes.

Modern Makeup Vanity Station with Mirror Cabinet and Deep Pink Accents

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13. Putting Emphasis on Vanity Wall Decor. Even if you have a simple dressing table, you can always make your makeup corner unique by putting a photo display or inspirational quotes on the wall. Position your vanity table near a window to allow the most natural light. If you use artificial light, install lights on either side of the mirror to better illuminate your face.

White Makeup Vanity Table with Open Shelved and Wall Display

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14. Incorporated into Bathroom Furniture Design. Take into account where the makeup vanity fits into your bathroom layout. A floating vanity and a mirror conveniently perched on the wall between the bath and the armoire will allow enough light from the window.

Bathroom with Beams and Wooden Furniture with Makeup Vanity Zone

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15. Vanity Table with an Accent Stool. No doubt, perfect vanity seating has to be practical, functional, and stylish. This cute and versatile stool can double as extra storage and its seat can be flipped over and used as a hard surface table to serve your breakfast in bed! Also, using a stool instead of a chair encourages you to straighten up while applying makeup.

White Makeup Vanity Station Decor

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16. Well-Thought Vanity in a Closet. Who hasn’t dreamt of makeup vanity ideas that offer vast storage space with multiple drawers and cabinets? More so, of a closet that can accommodate one, along with ample wardrobe space and exquisite shoe storage? If you can afford one, do steal some great ideas from this design, high gloss finish and a faucet with a sink among them!

Large Makeup Vanity Station with a Sink in a Closet

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17. Using Vanity for Daily Inspo. When you want to achieve an iconic look, it takes more than proper makeup. It is also about your confidence and self-esteem. Look online for DIY poster ideas or just get motivated to start off. This Pinterest-inspired makeup vanity with short motivating phrases is living proof.

Motivational Quotes on the Wall Next to the Makeup Vanity

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18. Mirrored Dressing Table and Rattan Chair. The elegant mirrored makeup vanity desk offers advantages beyond mere style. In a small bedroom, it creates a greater sense of visual space and completely transforms the ambiance of the space.

Small Mirrored Vanity and Round Mirror

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19. DIY Vanity Table. A great idea for all art lovers: turn it into a weekend DIY project and paint a retro dressing table your favorite color. Tender and girly, this blush pink vanity table is just too cute!

DIY Vanity Station with Cupboard and Mirror Frame Painted Blush Pink

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20. Upcycled Vintage Vanity. Give a vintage vanity a pop of color and enjoy a fresh look of the furniture in your bedroom. Feminine and curvy, this dressing table looks fun thanks to a subtle shade of minty blue. Get a matching chair to complete the style.

Mint Blue Vintage Vanity Desk and Chair

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21. High-Class Vanity Table. Embrace a classy glam style with a beige and gold vanity that offers plenty of storage and gives off a polished luxurious vibe. Note how the design of the mirror alligns with the wallpaper pattern.

Upcycled Vintage Furniture Makeup Vanity

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22. Boho Vanity Corner. Place a mirror near the window sill to get the most of natural light and create a super-compact makeup vanity station. Just add a small mirror that pairs so well with open shelves full of boho style décor.

Boho Style Bedroom Dressing Table

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23. Crisp White Bedroom Vanity. White colors are always welcome for a chic pristine look. The best part about white makeup vanities is that they will go well with almost any other color. The white dressing table makes the whole room brighter and more elegant.

All White Bedroom with White Makeup Vanity Table and Shelves

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24. Trading a Double Sink for Makeup Vanity. Odds are, you get ready at different times in your family so you never have an issue sharing a sink, you can always turn a spare pocket in your bathroom into a vanity corner. A large wall-mounted mirror is ideal for checking your appearance.

Large Master Bathroom with Matching Bathroom Vanity and Makeup Vanity

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25. Vanity Table in a Master Bedroom. Set up an elegant, compact makeup vanity unit in the master bathroom for true pampering. With high-capacity drawers, it offers enough space to store your makeup without creating clutter. And just imagine sitting in a comfy armchair and doing a face roller massage right after taking a relaxing bath!

Beautiful Makeup Vanity Station in a Master Bathroom

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26. Girl Cave with a Vanity Desk. Why not turn a closet into your girl cave? In this one, clean design and minimalistic furniture establish an effortlessly chic style and create a low-key atmosphere. If you are thinking of something chic but cozy, this white vanity table with a plushy pink stool is just for you.

All White Closet with Gold Table Metal and Miror Frame and Pink Plush Shair

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27. Bathroom Vanity Station. Extend the countertop of your bathroom vanity to set up a makeup station. Having different bathroom mirrors and light fixtures is a great solution for clearly separating the two zones even if they are placed side by side. With just a single long drawer, the stool can be conveniently stored underneath when your beauty regimen is over.

Mirror Ideas for a Bathroom with Makeup Vanity Station

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28. Glam Vanity for a Small Bedroom. A sleek, glass-topped vanity table can easily fit even a small bedroom, but will surely liven up your interior design. The marquee-lighted mirror will give your bedroom an ultimate touch of glamor.

Dressing Table Spaced Next to the Bed in a Small Bedroom

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29. DIY Closet Makeover. If your bedroom isn’t big enough to accommodate a vanity table, think closet. This is the perfect way to organize your makeup in a small room. Add more lights and snug textiles to make minimalistic furniture appear warm and inviting.

Small White and Gold Makeup Vanity in a Cupboard with Cute Rug

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30. Upgrading Vanity with Wall Storage Hacks. The white vanity table fits in easily with the visual appeal of a modern bedroom and contributes to a fun makeup time. If you are a hair styling fan too, use this hack to easily reach out to all of your hairdryers, wands and interchangeable brush heads.

Place for Hairdryers and Wands on a Makeup Vanity

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Space-savvy and elegant, these makeup vanity ideas are sure to bring charm and functionality into your interior design. Whether you wish to combine a small vanity table with a round mirror and a colorful stool or favor a classic vanity set, a makeup vanity will accentuate your personal style, as well as help you get ready to conquer the world in the morning and give you a personal nook to unwind.