40 Stylish and Functional Small Bedroom Ideas Proving that Less is More

To feel fantastic, your bedroom doesn’t need much square footage or a hoard of chunky furniture. Actually, what small bedrooms lack in space, they more than compensate in charm and ambiance. Make the most of a small bedroom with ingenious space-saving tricks and expert storage solutions to turn your sleeping space into a peaceful sanctuary. Whether you are looking for basic bedroom layout principles or decoration tips, these small bedroom ideas are sure to convince you that less is more.

How Do You Make a Small Bedroom Look Nice?

Before we come down to some winning examples, here are a few basic design principles to keep in mind when decorating a small bedroom:

  1. Make your bed the star of the show with a feature wall or a statement headboard;
  2. Add warmth to your room through accessories;
  3. Use end-of-bed space for adding function and visual interest;
  4. Add texture and softness with a rug;
  5. Let the mirror reflect natural light and create the illusion of added space.

Tips for Decorating a Small Bedroom

Now, here are 40 inspiring small bedroom designs that will get your creative juices flowing.

1. Make Small Guests’ Bedroom a Statement. Make your guests feel at home in this cozy nordic guest room with a slanted ceiling. A neutral palette paired with rich textures turns limited space into a welcoming hideaway. Matching floral designs of the artwork and throw pillows suit the overall decor perfectly.

Small Bedroom with Slanted Roof Set Up

via @monicafjeld.interior

2. Consider Bedroom Functions. Decide how you are going to use the space. Except for sleeping, you might want to have a space for getting ready in the morning, a small workstation, or simply an area to kick back and watch TV at night. To accommodate different functions, plan your bedroom layout before you buy any furniture.

Small Bedroom with TV and Table Layout

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3. Nestle a Play Area Above the Bed. Small bedrooms with high ceilings can benefit from leveling up to save floor space. Devise an imaginative space for lego castles and fairytale kingdoms that will give your child security and privacy in their world of imagination. This space-savvy platform can be transformed into a reading nook as your child grows.

Tiny Kids Bedroom with Raised Play Area and Table

via @cinthya.arana.arquitecta

4. Hang In There. Not enough storage space? No problem! Use the wall space for hanging small items, such as mirrors, floating shelves, planters, or lights. You can even install a floating makeup vanity that can double as a desk. Open clothes rails are an attractive alternative to hefty wardrobes in tight spaces.

Floating Dresser for a Small Boho Bedroom

via @izka_homeuk

5. Go For Custom Made Furniture. For a smaller bedroom, custom-made furniture might be just what you need. Construct a nook in the side of a wardrobe to serve as a bedside table, eliminating the need for additional furniture pieces. A soft color scheme opens up the space and a big window allows the maximum natural light. A perfect setting to experience adolescence in style.

Small Bedroom with Window Seat for Teenage Girl

via @irmaosoliveira_interiores

6. Go Bold with Decor. Take a plunge and decorate your small bedroom with intense hues. Trendy and fabulous, deep colors can be a really smart idea for a small bedroom, making it feel warm and cozy when lit by bedside table lamps, and elegant and chic by daylight.

Small Bedroom Decor Ideas

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7. Curate a Gallery Wall. This charming tiny bedroom takes advantage of one basic design concept: a gallery wall. By curating all of the artwork into a single designated area, you leave the surrounding walls uncluttered and clear. This hack makes the room seem more spacious and open. Intensify this further with a light, neutral color scheme and an assembly of mirrors.

Cute Small Room Decoration

via @magdalena.jendo.art

Dresser with Mirrors to Decorate Small Bedroom

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8. Urban Jungle. Imagine what it would be like to live in the middle of a green oasis right in the vicinity of the concrete jungle. You can totally incorporate your private oasis into a small bedroom by growing broadleaf evergreen plants even in a small room. Add style and refresh the air in one move.

Small Bedroom with Hanging Rack and Lush Greenery

via @marienova

9. Accessorize Away. Incorporating unique accessories into a small bedroom will add tons of character. A small space has the advantage of really zooming in on accents that could be lost in a larger space. Embroidered or handwoven textiles and unconventional arrangements can add personality and even a touch of quirkiness to a small bedroom.

Rustic Small Bedroom Layout

via @dabbling_and_decorating

10. Ace Optical Illusion. Use science to your advantage and harness geometry and light to create a visual illusion of a wider, larger room. Decorative wooden beams trace the width of the room and the satin ceiling finish creates a gleaming effect.

Moody Small Bedroom Design

via @small.living.with.lina

11. Fully-Fitted. Streamlined designs and sleek lines form the distinctive character of a small bedroom. Fully-fitted bedroom furniture can be constructed to flow as one sleek piece around the room, like this built-in nightstand, windowsill bookshelf, and modern desk combo.

Modern Small Bedroom with Custom Furniture

via @shellamuchtar

12. Deep Cover. Opt for raw, simple colors to give your small bedroom a quaint charm. This dark color scheme is well-balanced and it’s so much more versatile when paired with the right accents. Explore the hunting hut fusion with futuristic ornaments and a vintage heater.

Tiny Bedroom Decorated in Dark Colors

via @villafurutun

13. Quick Fix. If you are looking for quick and simple small bedroom ideas, consider changing a color scheme. Take this Scandi-inspired bedroom, for example. Changing the color makes a big difference to its visual size, and going for a pale color scheme makes it look instantly larger. Well selected wall decor and vertically arranged plants infuse the small space with style and life.

Small Bedroom Layout and Wall Decor Ideas

via @4katypomojemu

14. Play on Contrasts. Pristine white walls create a perfect backdrop for saturated colors and varied textures. Try combining a wood-paneled wall in hunter green with velvet curtains in deep wine red. Black metal curtain rods rhyme with the bed frame and lighting solutions to create an even more impressive look.

Small Bedroom with Green Half Wall Paneling and Contrasting Decor

via @familyrenov8

15. Work the Angles. A slanted roof is a blessing in disguise as it is able to create a unique outline of the room and let you be creative in furnishing it. Note the position of the posters and wall decor in this tiny bedroom. Make the most of the wall space where you have it, and use art to draw the eye to the parts of the room you want to highlight.

Small Bedroom with Slanted Ceiling and Boho Decor

via @_angelshome

16. Accentuate. Create a statement feature in a small bedroom with accent wall paneling and color. It’s an amazing solution for a room without much architectural interest. Pitch the line above key pieces of furniture and pick a lighter color on the top to elongate and open up the room.

Small Modern Farmhouse Room Bed and Bedside Table Ideas

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17. Pick Patterns. Small bedrooms can totally take large patterns, as this example successfully proves. The vivid Jacquard fabric mirrors the lush plantings in a clever way. Brighten the space with milky-white walls, sheer curtains, and mirrors that bounce off the light.

Tiny Bedroom with Double Bed and Mirrored Cupboard

via @zrobieni_naszaro

18. Out of the Box Nightstand. While it’s true that every bed needs a nightstand, the options are varied and you don’t have to limit yourself to a standard one. Why not try a cubby-style nightstand with wicker baskets? The contrast of woven baskets with the light brown wood brings in a dash of shabby chic or farmhouse decor in the best of ways.

Small Bedroom Wall Decor Idea

via @erma_hari

19. Add Texture. An effective yet overlooked small bedroom idea is to introduce wallpaper. Go for a design with a delicate receding pattern that will create dimension and texture. Bamboo patterned wallpaper in subtle nudes complements a soft and romantic bedroom color scheme. Bright accents pull this look together for both peaceful and refreshing vibes.

Small Boho Bedroom with Slanted Roof

via @goshasblog

20. Refurbish Vintage. Repurposing a vintage sewing machine into a space-saving desk or a bedroom makeup vanity is a great way to give it a new life. They have gorgeous leg irons and are sturdy, as well as quite elegant. We also love the painted ceiling and the smart use of black accents in the room.

Painted Ceiling and Unique Vanity Small Bedroom Ideas

via @theordinaryrenovators

21. Size Down Furniture. Look for multifunctional furniture with sleek outlines and lighter visual weight when considering what to buy for a small bedroom. Choose a bed frame and nightstands with clean lines to create a more open look.

Stylish Modern Small Bedroom Ideas

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22. Create an Accent Wall. Creating a stunning accent wall can take little more than a gallon of paint and an afternoon for painting it. Choosing the right paint color is important as it will become your room’s focal point. Choose a color that works well with your other colors in the space.

Small Bedroom with Green Accent Wall

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23. Create Flow by Repeating Design Motifs. Repeating chosen key features in interior design is a key to successful home aesthetics, especially in small spaces. Design consistency creates a sense of flow throughout a home and makes the room feel coherent. Notice how solar symbols of the wall decor are referenced on the bed linens.

Small Bedroom with Bed and Crib Layout and Decor Ideas

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24. Make it Artistic. If you don’t have much space for excessive decor in a small bedroom but don’t want to sacrifice style, try creating a stunning decorative stucco wall or arranging a wall art display. Stucco wall treatments produce textured backdrops that afford a variety of decor styles.

Small Bedroom with White Metal Bed Frame and Interesting Accent Wall

via @decorate_my_homee

Small Bedroom Bedside Shelves and Wall Art Display

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25. Dream Big. Using posters for a bedroom is a simple and affordable way to decorate the room. Classic black-and-white posters suit almost every interior from traditional to ultra-modern urban ones.

Small White Bedroom with Black and Bright Yellow Decor

via @nest_twenty_eight

26. Play with Light. No one doubts that lighting is super important in a small bedroom. To create a spacious feel in your room, choose light-colored curtains or blinds. Look how much light this gold disco ball reflects in a small bedroom space.

Small Womens Bedroom with False Fireplace Cheer Curtains and Hanging Planters

via @danniellajoy

27. Invest in Quality Bed Linen. Sometimes you might feel you don’t have enough available space for anything except for the bed itself in a small bedroom. This is where good quality bed linen and a bedspread take a stage as they can create a cozy and inviting space.

Small Bedroom with False Headboard and Tiny Floating Bedside Shelf

via @rachlvalente

28. Open Wardrobe. Refresh your room with open wardrobe space. With hanging shelves and clothes racks, you can fit in your possessions even into a tight space as they normally have a modular system and are adjustable.

Tiny Bedroom Hanging Rack and Decor Ideas

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29. Decorate Over Your Bed. Keep the room white and simple but do add a well-selected decor to your nightstand or over the bed shelf not to let the room look plain. Alernatively, consider headboards with hidden storage that have long been a clever way to maximize space.

Small Modern Farmhouse Bedroom in White Tones with Over the Bed Shelf Decor

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30. Add More Storage. To avoid your loft bedroom feeling cramped use a clever small bedroom storage system that includes vertical storage like slim wardrobes and a selection of shelves.

Small Bedroom Built in Furniture and Shelves Ideas

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31. Mount the Platform. Platform beds happen to be one of the most effective small bedroom ideas as they have low profiles, sleek style, and often come with plenty of storage space. They’re also ready to pair with your mattress with no need for a box spring, which is now one less thing to buy.

Tiny Bedroom with Vintage Feel Design

via @maria6dolores

32. Try Low-Slung Furniture. Low-slung furniture is the epitome of a cozy, loungy retreat, but most importantly it keeps the balance of proportions. If you are decorating a small bedroom that has low ceilings, then choosing low-slung furniture is an easy way to make the room feel less cramped.

Small Roof Bedroom Design Ideas

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33. Keep It Simple. Minimalistic furniture is a real life savior in a small bedroom layout. A simple and functional sleeping area devoid of excessive details is both practical and guarantees a good night’s sleep.

Tiny Bedroom with Wall to Wall Bed

via @_chrissle_

34. Make Walls Visually Taller. There are small bedroom ideas that never fail. They help to trick the eye into believing the space is larger. Hanging curtains closer to the ceiling creates the impression of taller walls.

Small Teenager Bedroom with Black Accent Wall

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35. Separate a Closet Space. Building a room divider to arrange a walk-in wardrobe seems like the worst ever advice for a small bedroom, but it isn’t. A blank partition wall can make the room feel more spacious and cozier compared to large built-in furniture. The bed bench is another great idea to borrow from this design.

Cute Small Bedroom in White and Beige Paint

via @domnamazowszu

36. Level Up. A raised platform successfully communicates zoning in a studio apartment. Deep drawers serve as additional storage in the base of this bespoke bed design.

Small Bedroom Platform Bed with Storage Space

via @mnop_design

37. Modern Murphy Bed. A Murphy bed makes the ultimate space-saving solution for small rooms that encompasses several functions, serving as a workplace or a small home gym. It can be the center of many clever storage ideas and designer statements creating a beautiful space.

Small Bedroom with Murphy Bed

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38. Attractive Attic. Turn a room in your attic into a comfy separate bedroom with shabby chic cabinets as nightstands and vintage sconces. Fill spare corners with plants or candles to liven up the space.

Small Bedroom Dark Walls and Floral Decor

via @happiness_under_the_thatch

39. Free Up Floor Space. Bunk beds are a great option when the objective is to save space. By freeing up floor space you have more room for other pieces of furniture. While children’s bunk beds are quite common, adult loft beds are as functional and fun.

Eclectic Small Bedroom Design with Bunk Beds

via @ndigokashmir

40. Opt for Monochromatic Color Palette. In small spaces keep the color scheme monochromatic. Even with just a bed and a bed bench, your bedroom will look complete and in sheer elegance. This mindful arrangement tricks the visitors into believing that the space is larger than it actually is.

Small Bedroom in Pastel Tones with Bed Bench and Accent Mirror

via @soodecoo

Your bedroom is the first thing you see in the morning when you wake up and the last thing you see before you fall asleep. With a little imagination and an abundance of creative solutions, your room will feel more like a cozy cove than a shoebox.