30 Versatile Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas to Elevate Your Space

Are you looking for a way to spruce up the bedroom walls and give your sanctuary a much-needed transformation? Decorating blank walls will showcase your style and personality while creating a cozy atmosphere in the most important room of your home.

From statement wallpaper to shelves and framed pieces, here are all the diverse decor ideas for your bedroom walls – so don’t let them remain plain any longer!

1. Hang or Lean a Tall Mirror. Adding a mirror to the bedroom is an excellent way to make a small bedroom appear larger. Not only does it open up the room visually, but it can also be used as a functional piece of decor.

Depending on the size and shape of the mirror you choose, there are many ways to creatively incorporate it into your bedroom design such as placing it above the bed, leaning it against the wall behind a nightstand, or decorating it with string lights. Remember that mirrors should be placed strategically to maximize their reflective ability – hanging them across from windows or other light sources so they can capture more natural light.

Neutral Greige Bedroom with Wall Art and Tall Mirror in Black Frames

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2. Set Up a Gallery Wall. Creating a gallery wall in a bedroom can be an inspiring and aesthetically pleasing way to add character and energy to the room. Above your headboard is an ideal spot to curate a unique collection of art or photographs. If you opt for an accent wall behind your bed, consider placing a set-up on the adjacent wall instead.

When choosing what pieces should go on your gallery wall, consider things like the color palette and the frames’ texture. Ultimately it’s about making sure there is cohesion between each piece so that the artworks come together to become one harmonious display.

Bedroom Gallery Wall over the Bed

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3. Try a 2-Piece Matching Wall Art. If you struggle to find the right layout, go with two or three larger works of art placed side by side.

When selecting images to hang above the headboard, make use of color and ensure they coordinate with the overall color scheme of the room. Beautiful botanical prints in soft pastels or vibrant abstracts in dynamic hues – all of these elements can come together to create a stunning focal point for your bedroom walls.

Bedroom with Two Matching Wall Art Pieces Over Headboard

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4. Paint an Accent Wall. A bedroom accent wall can be an exciting and stylish way to liven up the room. Paint the wall behind the headboard a darker color to provide a good backdrop for other elements in the room such as artwork or furniture. A black wall is often a great choice for adding a bold and contemporary edge to your interior design.

Matte Black Accent Wall in the Bedroom

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5. Add Visual Interest with an Abstract Mural. Whether you opt for a wallpaper mural with mysterious foggy branches, swirls or geometric abstract art, you will instantly have the what-to-put-on-bedroom-walls problem solved.

Paint the rest of the walls in one of the light shades that is present on the wallpaper or repeat the bright hue in a chair or decor for a coherent bedroom design. In this design, anchoring the feature wall with a black ceiling has been an excellent idea.

Small Bedroom with Mysterious Wallpaper Mural and Black Ceiling

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6. Get into the Wild with a Nature Mural. While nature murals are most popular in nursery rooms, don’t underestimate the huge impact they can make in your master bedroom! A nature wallpaper mural behind the bed can be an eye-catching addition to the room and a great way to bring the outdoors in. Go with a minimalistic headboard and decorate with house plants for an immersive 3d experience.

Nature Wallpaper Mural on the Wall Behind a Bed

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7. Cover the Wall Behind Your Bed with Patterned Wallpaper. For those who love unique decorating ideas, wallpaper feature walls in bedrooms are definitely worth considering! The right wallpaper choice can turn any bedroom with drab walls into a stylish and inviting sanctuary and will release you from the need to look for additional bedroom wall decor ideas.

There are so many options available when it comes to wallpaper designs, ranging from bold and daring patterns to subtle textures that create depth and texture to your walls. We love what the chevron stripe wallpaper did for this lovely coastal bedroom!

Coastal Bedroom with Wallpaper Feature Wall and Painting

via @emilymossdesigns

8. Hang a Shelf for a Decor Display. A shelf or a ledge with a decor display is another excellent way to decorate a blank wall over your bed. To get a visually pleasing layout, follow the same principles as for decorating a fireplace mantel, with balanced asymmetry and layering being the most popular choices.

Note how well the items placed on the bedside table complement the bedroom wall decor!

Bedroom Decor Placed on Floating Shelf and Side Table

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9. Emrace Classics with Framed Art. Hanging a framed art piece over the bed in a master bedroom is a great way to add a classic touch of sophistication. From traditional portraits to abstract definitions, there is no shortage of classical pieces that would work perfectly above a bed.

The type of frame chosen for any given artwork should also be taken into account to ensure that it complements both the artwork itself and the existing color scheme of the bedroom.

Green Bedroom with Classy Framed Painting Over the Bed

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10. Decorate with Modern Art. Decorating bedroom walls with abstract art is a great way to inject a sense of style and introduce bright colors into the room. Whether you choose an exclusive piece of modern art or budget-friendly unframed canvas prints, you can find something that fits the style and ambiance you are looking to create.

Boho Bedroom Side Lamps Ideas

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11. Make It Meaningful with a Bedroom Sign. A sign makes it easy to create unique and personalized bedroom wall decor for your room. Choose the one with a nice message or a line from the Bible, or start with a blank canvas and include the words or dates that have special meaning to you, like your family name and the date of your marriage.

This rustic design with a beam and a cursive message against the shiplap bedroom wall is immensely sweet and heart-melting.

Rustic White Bedroom with a Wall Sign

via @rustedbliss

12. Encourage Night Life with a Neon Sign. Neon signs are becoming increasingly popular as a unique and eye-catching bedroom wall decor. With their illuminating glow and captivating effect, neon signs are rapidly becoming the go-to choice for creative homeowners looking to add youthful vibes to their living space. Pair it with a dark accent wall – even better!

Geometric Pattern and Neon Sign Bedroom Wall Decor

via @designbyadele

13. Hang Hexagon Floating Shelves. Hexagon shelves may form an interesting asymmetric arrangement, creating an excellent wall decor that will cover up a large area of blank wall space. These shelves are perfect for displaying potted houseplants, giving you the opportunity to liven up any room with vibrant greenery and colorful blooms.

Floating Hexagon Shelves with Plants and Decor Over the Bed

via @sdamiani

14. Decorate with Lights. Want to give your bedroom a romantic atmosphere? No matter what time of year it is, you can always bring in a fairy lights collection to add coziness to your sleeping space. Hang some on a simple wood branch over your bed or follow your sloped ceiling with a string of lights. Voila – the impressive DIY bedroom wall decor is ready!

Bedroom Half Wall Paneling with a Floating Shelf Decor Display

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15. Give Your Walls a Texture. Forget about the nasty orange peel walls you have just got rid of. In fact, textured wall finishes are back in trend and, when done right, they can add so much interest and earthy warmth to your bedroom. Needless to say, their practicality hasn’t gone anywhere.

Girly Bedroom with Soft Beige Textured Wall

via @mazale_

16. Create Depth. Another great way to decorate a bedroom wall without having to hang anything on it is to use thin planks to create a geometric wall trim. Whether regular or asymmetric, the geometric wall pattern gives tons of interest to the space.

Gray Bedroom with Geometric Accent Wall

via @maryhannahinteriors

17. Lush Up with Floral Decals. Transform your bedroom into a beautiful oasis with floral decals. Featuring detailed and intricate designs of lavender, roses, and other blossoming flowers, this wall decor will give the room a unique and delicate touch. Perfect for a soft pink bedroom or a young lady or a dreamy mistress.

Just be sure to go big here! Small decals will get lost on the wall and the magic will be dispelled.

Large Floral Decals over Bed in Grown Up Bedroom

via @decoratordiva1

18. Consider Color Blocking. Get an interesting wall decor through a fun DIY wall paint project with painter’s tape – an essential tool that helps to create sharp, crisp lines and makes it easier to separate each color. Be sure to find a complementary color palette to avoid color clashing. Or, vice versa, clash two contrasting colors for a provocative design.

Bedroom Color Block Wall Idea

via @lelaburris

19. Find a Decor with Mirrored Surface. Adding a decor with a mirrored surface to the bedroom wall is an excellent way to bring light and depth into the room. The reflective nature of such an accent can be used to bounce light around, creating interesting shadows and making the bedroom visually interesting and more dynamic.

Blue Gray Bedroom with Square Decorative Mirrors over the Bed

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20. Opt for Wall Paneling. Wall paneling is a popular choice for bedrooms as it adds a touch of luxury and warmth to the room. The wooden panels can be painted in different colors or finished with wax or varnish to create a beautiful, timeless look that can instantly transform a bedroom into an inviting and cozy space.

Small Bedroom with Forest Green Paneled Wall and Matching Wall Lights

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21. Frame Your Bed with Board and Batten. Board and batten is a type of wainscoting that’s applied two-thirds of the way up walls. Narrow wooden stripes make the room visually higher and can work as a wide and tall headboard. It’s not only a great way to designate your personal space, but also a winning design element that helps to blend rustic and modern.

Board and Batten Bedroom Wall Idea

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22. Search for a Unique Headboard. Did you know your headboard can be a unique artwork too? This metal head acts as an excellent over-the-bed wall design, and covering the wall space with additional decor would just distract attention from the unique piece. If you have a Western style bedroom, a wood mosaic headboard would be a great alternative.

White Boho Bedroom with Bright Decor Unique Headboard and Decorative Ladder

via @walladora.co

23. Embrase Boho Wall Decor. Adding a piece of boho wall decor to the bedroom can instantly create an atmosphere of peace and relaxation. With its rustic textures and natural materials, it is perfect for those looking to bring a bit of nature into their home and allow it to act as a calming background for their restful sanctuary.

Decor on the Headboard Shelf and Boho Mirror Ideas

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24. Make it Fun with Prints. Art prints look fun and modern! Plus, since there are many shops that provide prearranged collections or allow filtering the images by style and color, creating an eye-catching display on the wall of your bedroom is as easy as pie.

Black Bedroom with Bright Color Accents on Prints Gallery Wall

via @peachiprints

25. Match the Color Accents. Do you prefer a white bedroom but don’t want it to look boring? Introduce an accent color and use it in several different decor ideas. For example, introduce the accent color through the wall decor and choose items that feature a hue of the same tone in order to create a cohesive look. For example, incorporating throws, blankets, or pillows in an analogous shade will help to tie the room together while adding texture and visual interest.

Southwestern Bedroom with Matching Cushions and Wall Decor

via @cristinaisabeldesign

26. Install a Faux Fireplace Mantel. A faux fireplace mantel is a great way to spruce up the bedroom, especially with the addition of some mantel decor. A classic and timeless look is achieved when a beautiful mirror is hung above the mantel, balancing out the bedroom wall. We love how the flickering of candlelight creates a unique atmosphere in the room.

Classy Bedroom with Faux Fireplace and Mirror over It

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27. Lean a Lader or a Ladder Shelf. A ladder has become a popular decor choice for a bedroom, as it makes excellent storage for the throws while also adding a unique and stylish flair. Need more storage for knick-knacks and decor? Opt for a ladder shelf. Both will provide a beautiful focal point and relieve the need for extra wall decor.

Decor Ideas for Bedroom Ladder Shelf

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28. Keep Your Dear Ones Close with a Picture Wall. Picture walls are popular wall decor ideas, and if you don’t feel like displaying your family photos in the living room or on a staircase wall, a master bedroom is a safe spot to use.

Planc Bedroom Wall with Family Photos Display

via @provincialfarmtouch

29. Cover the Wall Space with a World Map. The world map is a popular wall decor that’s inviting to embrace adventure and adds a touch of global culture to the cozy ambiance. While it’s very popular with kids’ room designs, it is also a fun idea for a guest room, especially if you happen to host guests from other countries.

Kids Bedroom with Black Wall and World Map

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30. Plant a Vertical Garden. Decorating the bedroom with plants is an excellent interior design choice that can provide a fantastic way to bring nature indoors, particularly when plants are chosen for their aesthetic and air-purifying qualities. Not only do vertical gardens look beautiful, but they can also be very helpful in creating a peaceful atmosphere, allowing you to relax and enjoy your time spent in the bedroom.

Green Boho Bedroom with Lots of Greenery and Neon Sign

via @knackeredmavis

Did you know there are so many options available when it comes to decorating bedroom walls? We hope these wall decor ideas have been a good inspiration and got your creative juices flowing. Whatever style you choose, you can be sure that your bedroom will be transformed into an aesthetically pleasing and inviting space.