28 Incredible Boho Home Decor Ideas

The most important thing about boho is the ability to experiment with original, bold, and creative ideas. At the same time, it has a cozy vibe. It envelops you with the warmth of home in the company of loved ones. No matter how you feel about bohemian design. The fact remains — it is impossible to imagine a more comfortable and unusual style!

1. Artwork As Focal Point. The easiest way to decorate the wall is to hang a picture. Boho interiors are characterized by brightness and carelessness. Therefore, when making a composition of several canvases, do not be afraid to combine different colors, patterns, and styles. Notice how yellow pillows and blankets go perfectly with the picture in burgundy-red tones. By hanging art pieces, you will beautify not only the living room wall but also the overall look of the apartment.

2. Soft Bohemian Bedroom Decor. When decorating the family nest, choose colors carefully. After all, the bedroom is where we relax and fall asleep. Do not choose an overly colorful palette — even if it is boho style.

Mirrors in rattan or wood frames will not only become a stylish decoration of the interior but also help to expand the room and fill the entire space with light. To make the bedroom more fun, dilute it with patterned pillows.

3. Boho Style Decor For Living Room. If you don’t like striking colors but want to bring a little boho into your life, consider deep brown or gold. Furniture of these shades, dried plants, and handmade décor will all point to a boho-chic style. Look at these awesome throw pillows for a couch! They are not only stylish but also super comfortable. The woven rug and wicker baskets perfectly complement the interior.

4. Gallery Wall. Beautifying a room is the most fun thing to do! The decor should reflect the preferences and hobbies of the owners. Let it remind you of the beautiful moments and be pleasing to the eye in a prominent place. This photo shows a captivating gallery wall done with good taste. The color scheme, natural elements, and trendy accents are all on point.

5. Accessories Change Everything. Cushions with a simple pattern slightly dilute the overall white interior. This light and unobtrusive boho style will appeal to both conservatives and innovators. Inexpensive yet fashionable accessories are filled with memories and warmth. A beautiful coffee table of unusual shape will not only adorn the space but also become a favorite spot for tea parties.

6. Florals In Dining Area. The surest and easiest way to let nature into your home is with plants. Filling a visual void (if your room has too little greenery and too much empty space), foliage plays a crucial role in the interior.

At first glance, it may seem that this room is not boho at all. But it doesn’t always have to be flashy! Take a look at this example. Wicker baskets, a variety of plants, and mirrors on the walls. But what about rugs? There is a plain rug on the floor, which blends perfectly with the interior of this beautiful dining area.

7. Secret Garden Spot. Check out this cute nook in the garden for fun gatherings or tea parties! When decorating such a spot, do not forget about bright colors. Colorful rugs, accent chairs, and potted flowers will help create the perfect seating area. Feel free to use different textures and materials. Wicker baskets can also be used to embellish the space. Just hang a few of them on small hooks at different heights.

8. Candles For Ambient. The main idea of the boho style is not a chaotic piling up of useless things but a reflection of disorderly thoughts, their diversity, and uniqueness. Details play a crucial role here. The wood blends well with the soft finish, and the candles complete an unforgettable, inviting atmosphere.

9. Natural Elements. The bohemian trend is always about naturalness. Look at the relatively new Scandinavian style. It combines minimalism with the creative spirit of boho-chic. This living room is a prime example of this movement. It is inspired by a clean and calm vibe. Well, decorating such a living room is a pleasure: the main thing is to stick to the basic motifs.

10. Cozy Boho Chic. With the help of simple techniques, you can turn an ordinary room into a bohemian paradise. To do this, you need to put an original rug with oriental patterns on the floor and decorate the couch with ethnic pillows. The sofa can be simple and modern, but thanks to the specific textiles, it will look stylish. Do not neglect natural textures: this point is vital for the free spirits of true boho connoisseurs!

11. Elegance In Each Detail. If before boho was associated with chaos and untidiness, now everything has changed. It is increasingly used as the definition of a specific style in the interior with a perfect selection of accessories and decorative elements. Such interiors, as in the photo, look natural and comfortable and are usually made in Scandinavian or eco styles.

12. Abundance Of Decor. Can you feel the boho vibe of this beautiful room? Casual little things, artwork pieces, and books — this place makes us stop and at least leaf through a novel or look closely at paintings on the walls.

Bohemia is the absence of boredom and routine, which is expressed through colors and patterns. Only in this style can coexist vintage and military, lace and velvet, and things from different countries and eras.

13. Mix And Match. For a tasteful design, combine all the details of the composition in one common feature: color, shape, and texture. Do not be afraid of dark colors in a bohemian style. On the contrary, they will give the room a feeling of completeness and beauty. Be sure to take care of a coffee table and soft rug to have pleasant movie nights with friends and family. Add some original decor elements: as an option — an unusual chandelier in the form of an inverted jug.

14. Autumn Inspiration. How about boho style for decorating a hallway? Furnishing is important even in the smallest spaces. You will need a console table, wicker bench or pouf, and rack for clothing. Wood was and still is the leader in the choice of material for furniture. Pay attention to vintage ones. Mirrors in wooden or fabric frames will also be appropriate.

Consider paintings or figurines. Plants will also come in handy. The beauty of the boho style is that you can use anything for decoration.

15. Combine Incongruous. For many, the bohemian style is associated with collage. And this is the basic idea of the boho-chic style: such an interior is a single complete composition. It is important to correctly compose this voluminous spatial collage in terms of structure and color. Such a bedroom demonstrates the proper use of all the tools of boho: natural materials, floor cushions, and cozy rugs. Everything is woven together and creates a feeling of pure comfort.

16. Movie-Like Atmosphere. Doesn’t this interior look like a set from a Hollywood movie? Throw pillows, light patterns, concise lighting, and an abundance of plants — the decor is simple yet stylish. It seems like a nice place to enjoy a strong morning coffee, get ready for the working day, and start something new in a good bohemian mood.

17. Relaxed Boho For Connoisseurs. To design your space in boho style, you need a creative approach, the right mood, and an act of certain courage. These qualities cannot be taken away from the owners of this living room!

This huge window is a work of art. Just imagine how nice it is to relax here and enjoy the scenery of nature! A casual sofa and armchair are perfect for this. Textile pillows with striped patterns slightly dilute the calm atmosphere.

18. Cave-Like Place. How to organize a pleasant atmosphere for your guests and yourself, starting from the threshold of the house? Boho style will help you in this! Naturalness is vital, so choose wood with a rough texture or rattan as a material. Place a vintage bench that will be comfortable to put your shoes on; paint the wall white to expand the space, and add decor.

19. Mix Different Boho Styles. In a bohemian living room, it is better to rely on neutral shades to emphasize the texture of materials. Opt for beige, cream, or taupe tones and combine them with other colors. Such a relaxed and warm living room gives a feeling of lightness and is not intrusive. As you can see, rugs take center stage. Woven fabrics with geometric patterns perfectly complement the space.

20. Fairy Tale Room. The boho-chic style brings decor items from different parts of the world into the interior. Do not be afraid to overdo it! A truly bohemian look consists of different patterns, textures, and florals. Such a living room can be decorated from floor to ceiling with ethnic motifs and prints. The closest people will gather at this small table for a cup of tea.

21. Multi Level Ceiling. Rustic furniture and a couple of decorations will help to reach the boho vibe. As you can see, boho decor involves not only a mix of colors but also styles. Here the wall flows smoothly into the multi-level mustard ceiling, creating the effect of an expanded room. A carpet with a classic pattern gives a touch of eclecticism to this interior. And look at these works of art! It seems like nothing special, but they create the appropriate atmosphere.

22. Bohemian But Restrained. When creating a boho-style room, remember that the more textiles, the better. Preference is given to natural fabric and texture. Also, do not be afraid to overdo it with the plants: a vase with flowers should be your must-have attribute. Think of unusual decor: do not be trivial, and your living room will shine with a fresh look!

23. Boho In Your Bathroom. For a boho bathroom, jute or faux fur rugs are needed. A few vintage wooden shelves for storing towels or dirty laundry and a ladder as a coat rack would also work great. This small cozy bathroom is inspired by bohemian motifs themselves. Styles like this are a great idea to liven up a space and achieve the desired effect.

24. Monochromatic Color Scheme. Boho in the interior is when only you decide what is beautiful, rejecting the conventional canons. It’s the freedom to live as you want, to create and choose what you like. And if you decide that brick walls, coffee tables in the form of boxes, and a cocoa-colored leather sofa are what you need for your living room, then go for it!

How about boho rooms with a monochromatic color scheme? So you can mix different styles while maintaining harmony.

25. Vintage Stairs. Wooden steps for stairs are one of the best options for a private house. Here we see a compact version of the living room and bedroom two-in-one. For such a bohemian decor, try to use only natural textures: it will give the room a union with nature. Take a closer look at the bedroom on the second floor: soft lighting, minimal plants, and, of course, art elements.

26. Greenery Is Essential. When decorating a space in the boho style, pay attention to vintage items, a combination of incongruities, and experiments with textiles. And don’t neglect the greenery! Even if it is a bathroom, it can still be adorned with plants.

27. Souvenirs As Part Of Decor. It seems that the owners of this cozy corner visited more than one antique shop in search of all these quirky little things. This space is inspired by the thirst for wanderlust! There is a Buddha figure from India, lanterns from Japan, and potted flowers from the Netherlands.

28. Eclectic Look For Your Bedroom. The wall in eclecticism is complete freedom of imagination. On the other hand, it sets the overall atmosphere of the space. But it does not mean giving up bright and rich colors in order to play safe. Feel free to place a bizarre rug, a pillow with a unique pattern, and some paintings. This option is only for free-spirited people!

We hope you got inspired by these 28 boho decor options. Would you like to make the same interior in your house? Go ahead! And do not forget to share your results with the world.