How to Style Throw Pillows on a Couch for a Magazine-Like Look

Tired of the same matching throw pillows long rooted at the corners of your couch? We get you! It’s high time for the refresh. Add layers of comfort and style to one of the central pieces of furniture and bring out design features in your space with decorative pillows. These simple tips will surely turn your couch arrangement from drab to fab.

1. Scale Up the Pattern. If you are a fan of a particular pattern, you can totally stick to it. The important thing to remember is to scale up the pattern to give the throw pillows visual interest. Stripes rule in this beautiful modern rustic living room! When it looks so curated, who needs other patterns anyway?

2. Add a Color Accent. In this pristine home library, the walls and the furniture are dominantly white to create the feeling of space, air, and light. A dash of rich teal creates depth in the interior, but it’s still begging for warmth and color. The identical mustard yellow throw pillows on a sofa do just that. Simply imagine this room without them and you’ll see they make all the difference.

3. Play with Proportions. Unless you are creating a very formal environment, get couch pillows of different sizes. Same-size pillows will likely blend together and do very little to attract attention. How to style pillows on a couch? The easiest way to arrange pillows on your couch is to place the largest pillows at the back and then size them down toward the front.

4. Strive for Symmetry. Going for a polished refined look on your couch? Try arranging throw pillows symmetrically. The even number of pillows creates the desirable balance, while soft squishy throw pillows establish a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere.

5. Customize Pillow Covers. Tired of the same prints and patterns you can come across in home decor stores? Customize your pillow covers so that they reflect your unique style and personality. You can upgrade an existing throw pillow cover or create something new from scratch. This 1970 throw pillow brings just the right vibe to the overall blue couch decor.

6. Stick to a Color Scheme. If you are a rookie in styling throw pillows, sticking to a cohesive color palette is always a safe option. Think about the primary color scheme of your interior, including a wall color, furniture, and curtains, and choose your couch pillows within this palette.

7. Work in a Burst of Color. Vivid colors look sensational against dark walls! This velvet sofa in an amazing lobster red shade creates a perfect combo with solid color pillows in complex Chartreuse hues.

8. Keep It Short and Sweet. Any minimalism enthusiasts out there? A huge black sectional sofa might feel overwhelming because of its size. Keep things simple with a selection of lumbar pillows in the same upholstery textile as the sofa and add one or two monochromatic accent pillows. Your job is done here.

9. Follow a Pattern. An original approach to add visual interest to your sofa is to keep a consistent pattern flowing through your interior. We absolutely love how these decorative pillows support the same meander pattern in different colors.

10. Mix and Match Prints. Mixing patterns keeps the eye engaged and elevates the style. This neutral couch is home to a floral-print pillow, pin-striped pillow, abstract pattern pillow, and a solid pillow for balance. Together, they bring out the texture of the leather and the rug on the floor.

11. Go for a Signature Print. Selecting throw pillows that repeat the print of other decor items is a strong move. These stunning fringed blue-and-white throw pillows create a terrific combo with the flower pot and decorative box on the side table.

12. Add a Touch of Glamour. Decorative throw pillows with a touch of gold lend a cultivated luxurious feel to the living room interior decor. Two pillows of contrasting navy blue frame the precious textiles, creating depth and dimension to the space.

13. Choose an Anchor Color. One of the throw pillow styling tips that work for any space is sticking to an anchor color. Surely, this one shade ties your space together. You can see it repeated in furniture or decorative features. Why not keep all the pillows in the shades of the anchor color? Go for offbeat hues like this delicious toffee brown to make your room interesting.

14. Experiment with Textures. If you are not a fan of bold color and pattern mixing, experiment with different textures. Textiles made from natural materials, like linen, cotton, or burlap, have got a pleasant touch to them and look smashing on a green velvet sofa. They are easy to care for and are indispensable when you strive to create an eco-friendly space.

15. Opt for Odd Numbers. Most interior designers agree that an odd number of pillows on your couch normally looks best. They forge an organic natural feel to the interior that most people find relaxing. This gray couch living room is just one example.

16. Figure Out the Right Pillow Size. Size does matter! Get a pillow that is too big for the sofa, and it will end up stealing the show. Smaller sofa pillows tend to look underwhelming. One of the universally loved sizes is 20-inch and 22-inch throw pillows. Once you’ve figured out the right pillows that work for your sofa, you are halfway there.

17. Teem with Throw Pillows. How many pillows are enough pillows? Well, to each their own. If you prefer cozy maximalism, ‘the more, the better’ is your rule. Get different pillow sizes in cute colors like pink and light blue for a cushy homey night with your loved ones.

18. Try Unique Shapes. Make a throw pillow a star of your living room interior. Literally. While square pillows can be seen on any other couch, a uniquely shaped pillow will stand out against a neutral color sofa making your interior one-of-a-kind.

19. Drape a Matching Blanket. Soft textiles like chenille, bouclé, or velvet, bring extra coziness into any design. Style couch pillows in these fabrics with a matching blanket to enhance the snuggly vibe.

20. Keep a Uniform Size. One approach to how to style throw pillows is getting them the same size. This way you don’t have to worry that your pillow inserts will not fit the covers. Every time you buy a new pillow cover you know exactly what to expect. And think about all the variety of arrangements you can achieve!

21. Go with an Extraordinary Texture. Turn an unsuspecting corner of your sofa into a serene and snug nest with deliciously restful throw pillows. Their fun pompom texture makes them perfect to create a cozy vibe any home decor enthusiast would appreciate.

22. Pump Up the Volume. Achieve a relaxed welcoming atmosphere outside of colors, shapes, and patterns with voluminous sofa pillows. Their owners call them ‘cheeto puff’ pillows and we can understand why: they are absolutely delectable!

23. Balance Out the Colors. This is particularly important if you are in love with loud pillow colors. Sprinkle different colors throughout your family room – on the sofas and chairs – to create a cohesive look, where colors support and enhance each other.

24. Support with Lumbar Pillows. A lumbar pillow is a clever type of throw pillow that supports your lower back. But we love them not only for their practical purposes but also because of their decorative potential. Stretching lengthwise on your sofa, a lumbar pillow offers a canvas for a broader range of different patterns. They will also look pleasantly proportional on tight-back sofas, setees, and love seats with a lower back.

25. Tie Prints Together with a Consistent Color Scheme. If there is one rule to styling throw pillows that most interior designers agree on, it’s to maintain a consistent color palette if you decide to go for a variety of pillow patterns. This lovely living room in chartreuse and electric blue successfully marries floral motifs with geometric patterns on the pillows with a thought-through colorway.

26. Nail Geometric Patterns. With all their lines, figures, and repetitions, geometric pillow patterns add visual interest and lend dimension to the design. How to style pillows with a geometric print? They work best on the backdrop of throw pillows in solid colors.

27. Karate Chop Pillows. Why bother karate chopping them? Many people believe that it gives the throw pillows a good fluff with concave middle and perky ends. Feather and high-quality faux inserts will readily support this classy dynamic shape.

28. Maintain Minimalism. If garish colors overwhelm you simply don’t wish to mix colors, stay true to your minimalism vibe. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t let your personality show through material, texture or the way you style throw pillows.

29. Go Wild with Textures. Don’t limit yourself to traditional fabrics: faux fur pillows add soft and sleek flair while a leather pillow will bring a chic masculine note to the arrangement. They will pair well with an animal print in a boho or southwestern interior.

30. Have a Go at Double-Sided Pillows. Double-sided throw pillows allow you flexibility in arrangements and seasonal updates. Simply flip your pillow on the other side and you’ll create a completely new set-up.

Now that you’ve read how to style couch pillows, you are armed with a set of great ideas and ready to set out on a pillow styling conquest. It’s not an easy task to navigate through pillow shapes and custom sizes, but once you’ve got the basics, the sky is the limit. Happy decorating!