What Colors Go with Red: 30 Designer Approved Combinations

Red is a vibrant shade that makes a remarkable statement. Interior designers use it to add visual interest, and it is easy to see why.

Incorporating red is a fun process, as they play with the color spectrum to achieve the desired effect. Complementary colors are located on the opposite side of the color wheel, so pairing them creates contrast. On the other hand, a monochromatic color scheme features a primary hue and lighter and darker versions. Designers would pick the colors according to the effect they want to achieve.

1. Different Shades of Red. If you’re going for an exquisite look, opt for darker shades to complement the theme. The deep red walls make a bold statement while bringing luxury vibes to the space. Paint the entire room red to make it snugger but also add a touch of drama. Red walls are ideal for dining rooms as well, creating an ideal setting for entertaining with family and friends.

Dark Red Bathroom Walls Paired with Black Metal Vanity and Stone Floor and Counter

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2. Bright Red Accents. Vibrant shades are ideal for accents. When the space feels too plain, enhance it with brighter shades of red. A fresh coat of red paint will give an instant update to the front door, complementing the chequered flooring.

Interior Design with Bright Red Doors and Chairs

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3. Natural Hues. Red is a natural statement color, so creating a neutral base will let it stand out with its beauty. At the same time, it adds a touch of warmth to any space. It is a confident choice but can be fitted into existing schemes. This living room features neutral hues layered to perfection. The armchairs stand out with their berry tone and curved shape. The presence of natural light makes this gorgeous red velvet pop.

Beige Walls and Curtains and Berry Red Accent Chairs

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4. Red and Orange. Using tertiary colors introduces vibrance to the space. According to the general color matching rules, orange is one of the colors that go with red. The gorgeous deep red dresser is a captivating statement piece, complemented with orange wall art.

Decor to Match Deep Red Walls

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5. White Walls. When you find it difficult to pair red, white is your safest option. A subtle blush color would ideally stand out against the plain walls. Pick a more muted tone for a subtle statement. With this, red will become the ultimate choice for accentuating architectural features.

Unique Modern White Coral and Gray Kitchen

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6. Blue. Red doesn’t have to be a challenging color for decorating. When you feel like it dominates the room, ground it with calm tones. Pair red with blue to achieve a classic combination that conveys traditional style to the space. These primary colors go well together but opt for darker blues for a subtle approach.

Living Room with Deep Blue Armchair and Red Rug

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7. Jewel Tones. A triadic color scheme coveys luxury to your space. It uses colors with equal distances on the wheel to bring cheerfulness. Red and green create a gorgeous color palette that matches many styles. A deep red will ideally complement emerald or other jewel tones. Orange or yellow will complete the triadic color scheme.

Colors to Pair with Red Couch

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8. Red and Green. Pairing a deep shade of red and green creates an elegant space. The red accents stand out with their dynamic energy, while the dark green shade keeps it serene. A blue green or olive green would ideally complement a vibrant red.

Red Accent Chair and Dark Green Walls Interior Design

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9. Bubblegum Pink and Blue. A gorgeous pink hue adds vibrance to your space. The navy wall highlights the beauty of this color, while the natural wood brings warmth. Copy this decor mood board when you wish to create a curated space like an interior designer.

Red Accent Chairs to Complement Navy Blue Walls

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10. Bold Contrast. Red comes in a wide variety of tones. A red with warm undertones has a yellow hint and tends to look more orange. On the other hand, a cool red has a blue undertone. With this, the color will appear more profound. Cool red and teal would make a bold color combo, introducing visual touch to the space. The teal wall is the perfect backdrop for letting the sofa stand out. The wall art’s color palette borrows colors from both for cohesiveness.

Contrasting Red and Blue Color Combination in a Living Room

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11. Navy Blue. A navy blue kitchen is a timeless color combination. The gorgeous cabinetry stands out from the white walls and creative wall paint adds so much interest. However, it is still the deep berry door that makes a bold statement.

White Navy Blue and Red Color Kitchen

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12. Pairing Red Violet and Green. A gorgeous violet red is a bold color choice for an elegant bedroom. A bright green will help it stand out while letting the red remain the dominant color.

Bold Red Violet and Bright Green Bedroom Idea

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13. Brighter Reds and Emerald. Brighter reds with a warm undertone pair perfectly with deep emerald tones. The space features a focal wall that stands out. The red sofa makes a striking statement, while the warm neutrals ground the color palette.

Red and Emerald Jewel Tones and Black Doors Living Room Design

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14. Coral Red and Minty Green. Coral red is a vibrant color that elevates the space. The mint green credenza contrasts the gorgeous hue while standing out with the charming design.

Coral and Minty Green Color Combination

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15. Elegant Interior. A gorgeous red violet is an ideal choice for an accent wall. The green armchair is a charming piece that contrasts the wall. The two hues introduce a jewel color mood board, conveying elegance to this living room.

Bold Design with Deep Red Violet Blue and Green

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16. Muted Shades of Red. While bright red can be visually jarring for a bedroom, a calmer hue will be the ideal alternative. Create a simple focal wall that adds depth to the room. The organic materials complement this color, bringing a natural feel. A rattan light fixture, wood furniture, and a gorgeous geometric pattern can add much charm to your small bedroom.

Coral Red Accent Wall in Small Boho Bedroom

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17. Red and Blue Bedding. Red isn’t an easy color to work with. Therefore, you might be hesitant to use it in your home decor. In this case, start with smaller steps to check if the color scheme will flatter your interior. A red bedding set will introduce color to your space, giving you the chance to change your mind.

White Bedroom with Red and Blue Accents

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18. Red Color Accents. When the neutral color scheme looks too flat, it is time to add bold accents. Adding cozy throw pillows in a rich red tone will instantly update the space. It pairs perfectly with bright white and creamy tones.

Neutral Toned Living Room with Wine Red Velvet Throw Pillow

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19. Red Glass Bricks. The neutral ground provides the perfect backdrop for a statement fireplace. Red glass bricks enhance the design, becoming a brave focal point.

Modern Room Design with Red Color Accents

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20. Floral Wallpaper. A gorgeous floral wallpaper in a deep burgundy tone is the star of the show. The retro accents complement the theme, while the vibrant colors make a statement.

Moody Design with Dark Red and Green Wallpapers

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21. Various Shades. Layering multiple shades of red will add depth to the space and is a winning color idea for throw pillows, rugs or curtains to go with a gray couch. Play with different choices to create the ultimate selection of reds.

Living Room with Red and Metallic Colors

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22. Neutral Patterns. A brave color will pop against patterns with a neutral color palette. The patterned wallpaper and rug add visual interest but don’t overwhelm the beauty of this bold sofa.

Colors and patterns to Pair with Coral Red Couch

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23. Rusty Red. The combination of rusty red and woodgrain texture conveys rustic vibes to the space. The gorgeous paint color highlights the built-in shelving and makes the reading nook full of charm.

Rusty Red Walls and Built in Shelves Paired with Wooden Texture and Copper Lamp

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24. Red and Cream. A muted red tone and gorgeous cream are the ultimate color combo. The different patterns enhance the space while keeping the same color scheme. A copper decor will fit the scheme in a perfect way.

Dark Red Walls and Off White Furniture Living Room

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25. White, Gray, Black and Red. The contrast between black and white is a timeless classic. Completed with a gorgeous red, this is a modern color palette that brings visual dynamics to the space. Using red in specific areas in the home helps define a zone without overwhelming the home. In this case, it is a room divider meant to create an entryway in an open-plan space and provide privacy.

Open Concept Design with White Black and Red Color Combo

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26. Red Kitchen Cabinetry. With an elegant muted tone, this red kitchen makes a remarkable statement. The walls and built-in shelves follow the same monochrome concept.

Kitchen with Dark Red Cabinets and Window

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27. Eclectic Vibe. Red, pink, and blue is a vibrant palette for an eclectic interior. The printed pieces break down the walls, adding visual interest with their vibrance.

Eclectic Design with Bright Red Pink and Blue Colors

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28. Secondary Colors. Orange and green are secondary colors, as they are created by mixing two colors. Add red to create a vivid palette that elevates the space. The peachy orange and muted green add freshness, while the red carpet anchors the seating area.

Blue Gree and Red in Interior Design

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29. Orange Red Walls. The wall paint color can change depending on the room’s exposure. With plenty of natural sunlight that accentuates the exquisite red walls, this cheerful home library doesn’t feel visually heavy.

Orange Red and Green Home Office Design

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30. Red and Golden Yellow. Yellow is a primary color that pairs excellently with red. We can envision this stylish combination as a sleek red sofa with accent pillows in an elegant golden yellow.

Black Red and Yellow Interior Design Color Scheme

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Red is a primary color that pairs well with many other colors. You can implement it as a focal wall, furniture, or accents. With so many red tones to choose from, you can always find the right fit for your ambiance. This post explained color theory and gave you a basic understanding of decorating with it. Now, you can pair it with other shades to achieve the desired effect.