40 Exceptional Paint Ideas for Living Room Walls

The salon might become the noisiest room in your house. It is a part of your home, where the most important events happen. We have taken into account all design options and selected the best paint colors for the living room.

Living Room Paint Colors

Neighbors with pizza are knocking on your door, so let them come into your living room. Friends wish to play board games in your living room. The children decided to do handicrafts for school, you want to watch TV, and dogs or cats are eager to lie on the couch. The living room is crowded. Paint color for the living room is very important. You will spend a lot of time here, probably most of the time.

Check out this list of paint colors for the living room and decide which one could suit your home best.

1. On-Trend Pistachio Color. The best colors for you would be those that do not irritate you. This is important if you plan to stay in your living room for more than 5 minutes a day. We recommend using calm shades. For example, pistachio color.

2. Deep Green Moves You to the Forest. For the living room, green paint color could be the best decision. This color looks modern, matches with plants and books in the living room interior, and creates a feeling of freshness.

3. Powder Pink for Fancy Living Room. When looking through living room color ideas, pay attention to pink. We know an enormous quantity of pink shades. Do you know a few? Not just Barbie style. Look at this pink powder. It looks like a royal color.

4. Red Walls – A Bohemian Solution. Have you ever heard of improper living room colors? This is nonsense. Color is just color. Yes, creating a cool design and choosing paint to chime with furniture and decoration is a big job. But you can choose any color. Red, for example. Why not? Very stylish paint.

5. Feels Like Heaven. Natural materials and neutral paint colors make the space in the living room bigger, fresher, and quieter. This is just the way the right color works. If your lounge has large windows, this room becomes sunnier. A beige color is an ideal option for a serene living room.

6. Dull Red in Wooden Living Room. Wine, dull red, and the color of ripe plum look gorgeous in the interior full of wooden furniture. Thanks to just the right paint, you fill the room with warmth and cozy chic.

7. Royal Blue for Chic Salon. Some paint colors look expensive. They cannot be found in ordinary interiors. They would look strange and inappropriate. This darker shade of blue is one of such colors. Royal blue needs suitable furniture and decor in the living room.

8. Blue or Azure in The Lounge. The list of living room color ideas has a lot of options for blue. Very popular wall paints are sky blue, azure, sapphire, aqua, powder blue, pale turquoise, and others. Combine them with a contrasting sofa and armchairs.

9. Black and White. Classic! Michael Jackson sang “Black Or White”, but we tell you black and white. Black walls, light ceiling, and floor, mixed decor and furniture. This living room will be a real modern masterpiece. Elegant, minimalistic, gorgeous!

10. Colorful Contrasts. Living room paint colors can be different, but one lifehack changes everything. The walls should be made dark. Black, brown, dull blue or green, etc. Then take very bright furniture. Yellow, purple, red, etc. Such a combination looks like contemporary art in your living room.

11. Another Texture. Interior designers love to integrate modern gray into living room decor. An interesting tip is to combine dissimilar textures in the same color. It can be a different shade, but not so much. Gray as a perfect backdrop – the perfect tint.

12. Optimistic and Warm Yellow. We have several reasons to choose a warm gold paint color for the living room. At first, this shade will lift your spirit. Trust us! Secondly, your living room will be sunny even in winter. And the last, but not the least – now this color is on-trend.

13. An Accent Wall in The Living Room. At this point, we want to talk not about colors. A little hint for you – choose any color. But only for one feature wall. Let the other walls be neutral. This colorful side should be an accent in the living room. Fewer decorations, no wardrobe, minimum furniture.

14. Color Snippet. When you decide on living room paint colors, be assured that this may not apply to all walls. Use the chosen shade only for fragments on the selected side. It helps to make zones in one space. Try to paint only the fireplace area.

15. Several Shades of Gray. The light grey paint color fits the living room. A more curious idea is to mix several colors in one area. In the case when you choose clear gray for the walls, use a darker one for the ceiling. Beige also fits here.

16. Peach on Your Walls in the Living Room. Warm tones create a feeling of tranquility and relaxation. Designers can add a fluffy rug, five or more soft pillows, photos with happy faces, and light draperies. The atmosphere of total coziness is complete. This idea suggests the same paint color of the walls and ceiling. Good job!

17. Not Total Darkness. Among bold living room paint color ideas we choose an interesting one. Black walls with white doors and light skirting look unexpectedly fresh and original. This combination also works with other shades. Such lifehacks can be useful for interior design.

18. Unobtrusive Colors. Ivory is the best neutral paint color. Beige is popular due to its versatility and constant relevance. If you are looking for the perfect background to introduce other tones, use it. You can mix other lighter shades with neutrals, such as chocolate, gold, pastel green, etc. Beige is popular.

19. Olive Green. People often confuse olive color with gray or light green. For some reason people are scared of olive but agree it looks pretty bold!
Of all the shades of green, olive is the most versatile solution for the living room. It is suitable for both classic and modern interiors. It is important to choose the right living room colors. Wooden furniture as well as yellow, golden, and white details look stylish on an olive background. These colors look good in a room with natural light.

20. Modern Accent Wall. In a spacious room with high ceilings, you can feel free to experiment with dark saturated tones or unusual combinations. For example, colorful walls with five different shades look modern. Geometric shapes on one side of the living room are perceived as art.

21. Brown Not Brown. Earthy colors are the colors that generate a cozy mood, promote concentration, and give a feeling of security. They are the most versatile in maintenance and the easiest to use in design. There are many options with browns, but each solution is good.

22. Purple, Lilac, and Lavender. A purple shade can add a little tenderness to the overall vibe. If you do not like saturated tones, you can choose the same paint color, but in a more muted and pastel shade. Lilac and lavender as living room paint colors are very nice.

23. Mature Colors to Paint Living Room. Now there is a trend for dark paint colors, and it’s getting stronger this year. This is about seriousness and authority. These colors absorb much light. In combination with dark furniture and accessories, it can make a gloomy impression. To avoid this effect, just break the dark palette with popular light and bright colors.

Dark Burgundy Living Room

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24. Crazy Bright Paint Colors. Choosing the perfect paint color for the living room can seem a daunting task. Apply a complementary combination of colors. Create a composition of opposed shades (red + turquoise, purple + yellow, green + burgundy). To avoid the effect of an overly bright interior, one paint color should be a main one, and the other shoulde be used as an accent.

25. Half the Wall. The design of the living room reflects the character of the home owners, and the paint color of the walls is one of the important tricks. If you are not sure you want a monotonous interior, do a half-painted wall.

26. Orange Is the New Black. Saturated yellow is irritating, so it should be used with caution. Among living room paint ideas, you can take a nearby shade. Orange goes very well with white. But even better with black. White mutes orange, while black highlights it. Cool tones, darker shades, or gray tones – no matter what you choose, the most important thing is an appealing combination and color balance.

27. Salon At Tiffany’s. This extraordinary living room was designed by Sophie Robinson.
Pay attention to how the color affects your mood, soothes, and stimulates activity. The blue paint colors have a lot of shades. If you want to try blue, choose your favorite shade. For example, Tiffany’s unique and premium paint color makes the interior more youthful.

28. Mix Colors for Ombre. When choosing paint for the living room, regardless of color, it is better to prefer matte surfaces. This texture creates a feeling of comfort, which is particularly appreciated by home owners. The ombre color will be very stylish in this case.

29. Golden Lounge. Thanks to the glossy golden stripes on the matte white background, the solid walls gain a see-through look. Do not forget about pearlescent textured paint, glossy textures, and tinsel or glitter finish. When a designer uses painter’s tape to paint the wall and adds some striped decor, the living room is designed in the perfect balance.

30. The Barbie Dreamhouse. Saturated colors take the focus, so mute them with a few quiet tones. It is desirable to dilute pink walls with additives from warm, quiet colors. Do not use more than three combinations of pink colors to maintain color balance.

31. Striped Wall. Pink paired with white looks great. You can improve this mixture by adding stripes to the wall. The decor creates magic – any color would be interesting and cool in the right combination and place.

32. Decorate the Arch. There are many shades of white. Combining them in one interior, you can create a light living room. The salon will not be monotonous. It all depends on accessories and combinations of basic and additional tones. Interesting details catch the eye. For example, a decorated arch.

33. Color Accent. Imagine you prefer one color. It’s amazing, you love it so much. But you realize that this color would be too much for all the walls. What should you do? Keep calm and smile. You will have this color. But as a small fragment or decoration.

34. White Sheet of Paper. White is used in minimalist interiors, this is a perfect example. White visually enlarges the space. However, to avoid monotony, you can use some color accents: pillows, curtains, and rugs, other elements, which dilute the dominance of white.

35. Spring Green. Gray and white inserts are suitable for light green walls. The growing popularity of green does not surprise us at all. It is a color close to nature that soothes, relaxes, and allows tired eyes to rest. Bright green is an ideal background for a boho composition which thrives on raw wood furniture, natural fabrics, woven lamps, and baskets.
Green is the color of the walls that creates a fresh and calming atmosphere in the interior design.

36. Without Painting. Designers prove that you can choose any color in a well-organized interior. The only rule that should be followed is the absence of rules. See how many opportunities you have. One of them is not to choose any color at all. This is a personal style if you like it. Make the walls natural without finishing. Be sure to pay attention to the decorative coffee table. Natural texture and streamlined shapes are perfect for this style.
Green is the color of the walls that creates a fresh and calming atmosphere in the interior design.

37. Navy Blue and Chocolate. The dark living room sounds modern. Here is an example of a nifty design. Brown is suitable for navy blue. This combo gives the interior some elegant depth. Wooden floors and furniture enliven the walls. The deep blue background in the living room is ideal for a trendy interior.
Green is the color of the walls that creates a fresh and calming atmosphere in the interior design.

38. Classic Gray of Nowadays – Pearl River. Gray is so diverse. This is a truly universal color because it can look like a light shade of purple or seem blue or green. This is a great choice for keeping your mood light, airy, and neutral. Light grey is a cool color that looks good in any lighting but it will look grayer in cooler light and warmer in sunnier rooms.

39. Warm Cedar for Keeping Room. The brown wall looks cute in combination with white and grayish-beige. The monotonous brown wall is good to enliven with plants. The shade of brown on the walls is also suitable for classic interiors.

40. Divide the Living Room Walls. Between all the wall color ideas, do not forget about wallpaper and prints. Use paint on one wall and wallpaper similar in color on the other wall. Pay attention to the wallpaper patterns or texture. The contrast of the smooth and textured walls fit well into the design.

We have presented a large list of different living room paint colors. For example, light shades for minimalism lovers, dark and deep colors for a solemn salon, bright walls for parties, calm paints for silent evenings, and so on. Now it’s your turn to decide what colors will surround you in the living room.