35 Creative Wall Paint Design Ideas to Pull Off with Painter’s Tape

By now, we have probably all seen a house on Pinterest or Instagram with a swoon-worthy paint job and thought, “I wish I could pull that off.” However, many of us don’t realize that these gorgeous wall painting designs are easier than they look. The key is patience, the right color palette, and painter’s tape.

Using a tape to create patterns and clean lines opens up a whole new world of wall paint possibilities. Here are 35 of our favorite painter’s tape wall paint design ideas you can easily copy.

1. Accent Wall with Colorful Geometrics. This geometric mural is an easy way to create a big difference in the feel of your room. First, use painter’s tape to create the shard-like sections, and begin painting them in similar shades of your chosen color. Plan ahead to make sure that the same shades don’t stand next to each other.

Freeform Tape Accent Wall in Different Shades of Pink

via @buildingthefarm

2. Wallpaper-Like Patterns. This design is so easy that you can skip the paint because it is made entirely from tape! Choose a washi tape that matches your decor or stick with the white and black palette, and just use three similarly sized strips to create these little boxes at even intervals across the wall.

White Room with Wallpaper Like Black Patterns Using Washi Tape

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3. X Pattern Wall Paint Idea. If you want to create a dramatic accent wall, look no further. Build your X pattern using painter’s tape and fill it in with alternating shades of your chosen color. The design will draw eyes to the center of your wall, making it the perfect place to hang your favorite decor piece.

Soft Teal Nursery with Feature Wall Painted Using Painter's Paint

via @habitualdesigner

4. Geometric Wall Art. At first glance, this geometric accent piece seems complicated and a little intimidating to tackle. That is until you realize it is done with tape and not paint. Using a wider size of washi (or similar) tape, build your design and then fill in your smaller patterns with a thin tape of the same color. You can use any color you please, but we really like the stark simplicity of black and white.

Washi Tape Geometric Wall Art Framing the Door

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5. DIY Confetti Wall. Here is another super easy confetti painter’s tape design. However, these homeowners have added a cute scalloped pattern to the top of the wall to tie it in with the surrounding walls. You could also do small triangles at the top for a fun pennant flag look.

Room with Black Confetti Painter's Tape Design

via @twentyfourcentral

6. Emphasizing Gallery Wall with a Paint. Instead of painting an entire accent wall, these folks have created a stunning focal point by painting a large block in the center of their wall and filling it with photos. This is a neat idea and will surely draw people to your favorite pictures and art pieces and is much more interesting than a plain white gallery wall.

Gray and Orange Block Colored Walls in a Living Room

via @at.home.with.the.marchants

7. Going Beyond Wall Paint. At first glance, the most remarkable wall paint design in this bedroom is the one with mustard and white stripes until you notice the fantastic city skyline making its way out of the closet. This is yet another great way to use washi tape to personalize your room.

Kids Room with Masking Tape Painted Wall and Washi Tape Skyline

via @story_behind_the_stone

8. Awesome Alcove. These homeowners have used ingenuity and a painting tape to fully transform the perception of the room space. The transition from sage green to white is straightforward; however, thick stripping on the opposite wall and onto the ceiling creates the illusion of an alcove and clearly separates the bar area from the rest of the room.

Dining Room with Color Blocking and Wall Stripes

via @honeybeeandhollie

9. Circle Ombre Paintwork. This ombre circle is a relatively small project, but it adds much charm to the room. You could use any color, but we love the way the soft peaches and tans make it feel sunny. You’ll want to use a large compass or similar tool to trace your huge circle onto the wall before you begin painting to ensure the best results.

Boho Bedroom with Ombre Circle Painted Using Painter's Tape

via @monikas.home

10. Paint Design with Coastal Vibes. Specific color and pattern combinations evoke a particular style, and navy stripes will always be a coastal staple. Something as simple as two thick straight lines, and this outdoor seating area goes from blah to beachy. Of course, you could also accomplish this feel with some stormy gray or sandy beige or a combination of the three.

Navy Blue Stripes Wall Paint

via @sonsoleahost

11. Color Blocking to Zone the Space. A playroom is one of the living spaces where you can let your imagination run wild when painting walls. This desk nook becomes a highlight of the room with its unique paint colors and asymmetrical lines, clearly separating it from the rest of the room.

Complementary Paints Applied with Painters Tape for Zoning the Space

via @litaldavis_interiordesign

12. Painted Kitchen Backsplash. If you have your heart set on a bold, dramatic color but worry that painting an entire wall in this shade will overwhelm a small room, you can always do a section of your wall. Here the spring green gives the kitchen an earthy feel, while the upper white section keeps it feeling bright and airy.

Kitchen Backsplash Painted Bright Green

via @fenwickandtilbrook

13. Acing Negative Stripes. Even though this design looks technical, all you need are two colors that compliment each other and enough masking tape that you’ll apply on your painted surface. Once you have your stripes painted and pull off the tape, it will leave you with the two negative space lines which tie into your existing wall.

Green and Black Stripes to Add Character to Home Office Walls

via @allie_wilson_home

14. Zig Zag Pattern. This homeowner has taken the usually simple chevron pattern and cranked it into overdrive with the bright green paint and the sheer number of lines. While this looks amazing, it will definitely be more work and tape than many of the other paint designs. But if you have the time and patience, the end result is spectacular.

Zig Zag Painters Tape Wall Designs

via @annalysejacobs

15. Chevron Ombre Wall in Soft Tones. Here is a softer but no less spectacular take on a chevron wall. We recommend only buying sample sizes of all your shades and stocking up on painter’s tape to accomplish this bright look. While this rainbow effect might be too much for the dining or living room, it would be incredible in a playroom or little girl’s bedroom.

Bright Color Wall Paint with Ombre Effect

via @the_colour_file

16. Metallic Accents. This living room design has so much going for it, and we love how simple the process is. After putting down your base color, run lines of metallic washi tape to create your geometric shapes. While copper is absolutely the right choice against cool gray-blue, this would be lovely in many color combinations.

Easy DIY Accent Wall with Free Form Geometric Patterns

via @homewithmichaela

17. Faux Bathroom Tile. The stark contrast of the black washi tape and sharp chevron lines turn this formerly plain white wall into a feature. To achieve this look, you will want sharp scissors and a ruler or measuring tape to ensure your design comes out evenly spaced and clean.

DIY Shevron Pattern Bathroom Wall with Tape

via @aboutlovehome

18. White and Gray Stripped Wall. We love how this homeowner not only used one of their existing wall colors in their stripes to tie the room together but also added some inspiration, which works so great for decorating a bedroom vanity table. They used a wall art sticker for their quote, but you could also use a stencil or free form if you feel confident.

Bedroom Wall Paint with White and Metallic Gray Stripes

via @charlzconcepts

19. Argyle Walls. If the asymmetrical lines of geometric patterns aren’t for you, but you also want something bolder than stripes or chevron, maybe argyle is the guy for you. While this classic design will take more painter’s tape and time than simpler patterns, the finished wall paint design is stunning.

Agryl Pattern on the Wall Using Painter's Tape

via @anita_roll

20. Seamless Color Blocking. Using an accent color is an excellent way to draw attention to architectural or decor features. Here, the darker band of green is used to highlight both the tray ceiling and the modern shelving unit.

Living Room Wall Paint Idea Color Blocking

via @gonen.design

21. Painter’s Tape Furniture Makeover. Walls aren’t the only surfaces suitable for fun design ideas. This dresser has been done up with a triangle paint design using cheery colors and masking tape to ensure crisp lines.

Dresser Painted Using Painters Tape

via @eimearhutchinson

22. Washi Washroom. This washi-taped design is awe-inspiring because of how well the homeowners have pulled off a potentially tricky pattern. The finished product gives the entire wall a southwestern, boho feel and is much easier to remove or change than painting the design.

DIY Washi Tape Powder Room Wall Project

via @audreycrispinteriors

23. Diagonal Painted Wall. The folks who painted this room did a wonderful job in choosing their colors and how they applied them to the space. The use of the darker paint and diagonal separation does not only add interest to the room. The way the light shade is positioned near the window creates the illusion of a sunbeam on the wall, even on a cloudy day.

Diagonal Light and Dark Wall Paint Design

via @makinghousehome

24. Diagonal Color Blocking and Polca Dots. Make your small bedroom cozy by experimenting will wall paint design ideas. This diagonal wall color skillfully hides the doors, which are right opposite the bed, while washi polka dots add a bit of playfulness and shifts the accents. This look is just as easy to carry out and gives the room a little spunk while maintaining a more classic look than the confetti tape designs.

Small Bedroom Diagonal Painted Wall and Doors

via @fabiola.interiorismo

25.The Whole Palette Ombre Wall. If you find yourself in the paint aisle admiring a swatch but unable to choose a shade, why not pick them all? Then, use a strip of painter’s tape to separate the different shades and get to work on your new multi-hued wall. If you feel like you might want to experiment with new painting projects, better opt for a neutral gray couch that goes well with lots of colors.

Obre Wall Using Masking Tape

via @dreamhome_inthemaking

26. Subdued Sprinkles. Using washi tape to create a sprinkle or confetti patterns is an easy way to add some character to a bedroom. And this doesn’t only apply to kids’ rooms. Using softer colors creates a more mature feel to the fun.

Confetti Painters Tape for Grown Up Bedroom Wall

via @ourcozyabode_

27. Painting Stripes on the Ceiling. This brightly colored ceiling is so creative and stunning! For this look, you will need plenty of masking tape to create the different sections, a sturdy ladder, and maybe some goggles not to get paint on your face.

Striped Ceiling Paint Design

via @tinylittlepads

28. Mountain Retreat for a Kids Room. Adventure and wilderness-themed nurseries and playrooms are trendy right now, and we just love the mountain murals. Plus, they are much easier to DIY than many people think. Use painter’s tape to line out your mountains and fill them in with the earthy tones of choice.

DIY Mountains for Kids Room Using Painters Tape

via @my_persimmon_home

29. High Contrast Wall Colors. Using different paint colors is an excellent way to create separate areas within a small space. Here, the designer has clearly divided the sleeping zone from the rest of the room using white and dark gray paint. Together with the lion wall art, it gives so much character to this boy’s room.

White and Dark Gray Boy Bedroom

via @tinylittlepads

30. Pretty and Practical. If you like the look and practicality of wood wainscotting, you might love this on-the-budget color paneling too. All you need to do is run a line of painter’s tape around the entire room at the height you want your transition. Darker colors will hide scuffs and marks and add a beautiful color accent to the kid’s room, while the light upper part will not let the room turn moody. Painting both the wall and the wardrobe was definitely a fun way to go here!

Kids Room with Color Block Walls

via @robyn_andtherest

31. Bold Black Accent. Using painter’s tape to add a different color block on your otherwise plain white walls generates more interest in the space and, if done right, highlights your decor. Here is an excellent example with the black paint drawing your eye to the other black accents in the space.

White and Matte Black Wall Paint Design

via @homewithlivv

32. Doors Redesign with Painters Tape. We love the creative use of color to brighten up this door. The kitchen has very little usable wall space, so the owners have added some colorful geometrics to an often overlooked surface.

Small White Kitchen with Doors Painted in Colorful Geometrics

via @vickiisted

33. Creative Closet Doors. These closet doors are stunning! The painter not only chose colors that compliment the room, but the shapes they’ve used fit together great regardless of the way the doors are slid. This is a fabulous way to upgrade some old, lackluster doors.

Closet Doors Painted in Pattern

via @minimonstermakes

34. Bedroom Feature Wall with Geometric Pattern. The soft tones used for this lovely geometric pattern keep this bedroom feeling cozy. It was also very clever of the homeowner to use painter’s tape and block off the bottom half of the wall as a solid color instead of extending the pattern down the whole wall into space covered by the furniture.

Gray Bedroom with Masking Tape Wall Painting

via @mycorkhome

35. Groovy Gray Stripes. Gray is everywhere, from walls to furniture, but the bathroom is one of our favorite places to add some. It brings a clean feel to the space, and these expertly done stripes only add to the crisp setting. If you decide to tackle this type of DIY, pay close attention when lining up your corners for the best outcome.

Striped Bathroom Wall

via @mckeeandcompany

If you are still feeling hesitant about taking on the big wall in your family room or bedroom, start small. Use some of the techniques you learned here and practice on other surfaces, a closet door, some drawers, or wherever you are comfortable. Once you’ve created some beautiful smaller designs, you’ll be ready to tackle the entire house!