35 Best Living Room Design and Decor Ideas for 2024

How to decorate the living room? If you are looking for some interesting living room ideas, it will be useful for you to check out our list of different living room design examples. We have added a variety of modern and trendy living room decoration ideas to our list and described the best ways to use these ideas for different types and styles of the living space. Whether you want to make your living room more elegant or add some coziness, we have you covered.

Incredible Solutions for a Living Room

Here you can find modern examples of living room designs used all over the world. For example, living room decor ideas in minimalistic Japanese style or cozy Scandinavian style, natural and eco-living room decor which are trending up now. We have added tips about the best color shades you can use for the living room, how to make a smart living room look bigger and what smart living room ideas you can implement in your home. There is also some advice on how to combine room decor of different shapes and textures, with examples. And finally we explain which combinations make your room special, cozy, and stylish.

1. Gorgeous Orange Armchair with Blue Walls. Juicy colors for living room decorations! Use different colors to decorate the living room. Some shades always make the interior look fuller and more interesting. You can choose your favorite colors to decorate the living room. If you are brave enough, you can use vivid colors on the walls and bright furniture. In the picture you can see a good combination of contrasting tones – the walls are deep blue and the chair is bright orange.

2. Farm-Style Living Room with Fuzzy and Cozy Armchair. This type of fabric can be used for various sofas and armchairs. In such an interior with rough textures of wood, exposed brick on the wall, and black window frames, these armchairs are especially good, as they make the living room design more cozier and softer.

3. Simple and Natural Living Room with Fireplace. A teak or rattan armchair can work as trending decor for the living room in 2024. In the modern world, more and more people start using materials that don’t harm the environment and remain more durable. A rattan armchair is a very good example of an ecological approach to decorating your home. You can complete the chairs with soft pillows to make them more comfortable to sit. Also, add a natural handmade rug – it will finish off the living room design.

4. Light, Cozy, and Beautiful Living Room with Blue Accents. To make the space of a smart living room bigger, use light tones for the walls and furniture. In such rooms, it is better to emphasize furniture materials and their combination. In the picture the walls are white, and the decor of the living room is light gray with addition of gray-blue tones in the fabric of pillows. The texture of wood nicely complements the interior, making it warmer and more natural. Wooden surfaces and light colors for furniture or decorations are always a great solution.

5. Comfy Space for a Family around a Massive Coffee Table. The living room is a sitting room, first of all, it is the place for spending time together. Therefore, you need to make the most of the living area for sitting. You can even put a few different sofas and seats in the living room, they might be disconnected, but use the home decoration (some pillows, or blankets) of the same color to combine the furniture. Also, in the sitting room, you always need a small table for drinks or magazines to spend time comfortably. A wooden table in the living room is relevant. The texture of the wood will never bore you, so feel free to use it.

6. Elegant Marble Coffee Table. You can find a lot of home decor inspiration in nature, which is why interior designers use natural materials in furniture again and again. Marble is one of the most popular uncultivated materials. Marble surfaces are used for coffee tables, different cabinets, kitchen furniture, etc. A marble coffee table can be a great addition to your living room interior. The coffee table made of marble and golden metal looks extravagant. It would add some glow to any interior.

7. Cozy Coffee Tables with a Soft Linen Rug. There are many ways to decorate your home. You may add a couple of coffee tables to the living room. They may be connected with each other or not, choose different shapes, textures, vary the height of the tables, be brave! Find some inspiration or use ready-made combinations from designers to make your home stylish.

8. Extraordinary Minimalistic Living Room. If you want to upgrade your living room with modern trends, you can use furniture of non-standard shapes and unique colors – and you will find your interior really interesting and beautiful. In this living room, the walls and floor are simple and light, all the textures are also super minimalistic. The main emphasis in the design of the living room is put on the deep red color and unusual shapes of the furniture. Streamline shapes that are very much on trend in 2023.

9. Bright Living Room with Decorative Shelves. Another way to decorate the living room is to use various shelves to store books, paintings, and other decorative elements. To begin with, you need to decide on which function you need the shelves or storage for. In this picture, we see cabinets and shelves over them for a variety of decor. Here you can add photos of your family, some pieces of art, plants, etc. The main thing is to choose colors so they match the tone of the overall design of the living room. In this picture, the small decor on the shelves is rather neutral, and more attention is paid to the yellow chair – this chair adds warmth to the living room.

10. Cozy Living Room with Blue Sofas. How to decorate the living room with color? It is always good to use deep colors in the materials of sofas and armchairs, curtains and rugs. This example shows a good combination of a light and warm interior with deep blue sofas. And of course, wooden surfaces in the decor, on the walls and floors are a good addition to such an interior design.

11. The Comfort of the Living Room is in Detail. It is very good to use the living room decoration ideas that complement the interior and make it cozy. Now it is important to use handmade decor or ready-made natural decor elements, as in this photo. The colors and textures of furniture and decor are also natural and warm, so it doesn’t seem like there is too much decor in the room. 
The coffee table is noteworthy – it beautifully completes the picture.

12. Small Living Room with Home Plants. What could be more natural in the interior than home plants? Plants will always be a great addition to the living room. Even if you think that home plants need a lot of care, believe me, you can find undemanding plants for you. Even a single large plant changes the look of the room, and especially plants are needed in the apartments of high-rise buildings, where there’s no access to the garden.

13. Stunning Artwork for Accent Wall. If you think that the walls in your living room are too empty, you can decorate them with art. Check out your local art galleries or search on art websites. You can choose whatever you like – items in different colors and styles. But we would recommend using abstract paintings that match the color of the living room interior. You can hang one large picture, or several small ones similar in tone.

Wall art for wall decoration is a good solution to achieve visual interest and you should use this approach only if you have neutral light, all the emphasis will be on your paintings.

14. Living Room Interior with Arches. Arches are back in trend. The arch is a construction element that can be a decoration for the living room. Arches add a Mediterranean mood to the room, as this element is often used in warm European countries. And a particularly good way to decorate the living room is to place several arches.

15. Extraordinary Cabinet for Living Room. Everyone needs some extra storage. Use different furniture ideas to decorate the living room, but if you need extra storage, then add a cabinet to the room. Cabinets might be in a variety of shapes and colors. You can use modern and vintage cabinets which will be a great addition to the living room. It is now popular to use cabinets with rattan drawers. You can combine one with a rattan chair or lamp to make a boho-style interior design.

16. Massive Arch-Shaped Mirror. An arch shape is also popular for wall decoration. Designers often use mirrors as decorations for the living room and bedroom. Today it is trendy to use large mirrors in the shape of an arch. Such mirrors create the illusion of passage and make the space of a smart living room more spacious. So, a mirror is one of the best smart living room ideas.

17. Light Green Shades for Living Room. A simple way to decorate a living room is to change the color of the walls – it is a good way to refresh the room. If it is difficult to choose a particular color, you can always choose the color of the year. Shades of light green are very popular in 2023. This green tone matches perfectly with natural surfaces – wooden furniture, linen and cotton fabrics, and, of course, plants.

18. Interesting Idea for Small Living Room. An interesting idea for living room decor is to color the walls and ceiling. Make your living room interesting and unusual, using the same color on the ceiling and wall – it is best to do it on the wall next to the window. And you’d better not paint the entire ceiling and wall, only partially – this is the trick. It will also be wise to choose curtains or blinds in the color of the paint so they match. You can use different colors, even darker ones, because there is always more light from the window and this color will not seem too dark or saturated.

19. Home Decor Inspiration from Around the World. Now it is trendy to use minimalistic Japanese style decor and furniture in interior design. Designers are inspired by the eastern culture and often use their traditions to create unique decorations. If you are a fan of minimalism, you may try to add some Japanese-style furniture. This furniture has simple and rounded shapes, it is made of different natural materials, and it is easy to combine items. Also, you might add interesting lighting to your living room. A variety of lamps make your home more beautiful and cozier.
When you decorate your space, you can make your room neutral or bright, so you should choose decor and interior furniture very thoroughly.

20. Classic Style Elements in Living Room. If you don’t want to paint the walls with color or use any art, then there is another option to decorate the wall in the living room. To make it look more interesting, you can use moldings on the wall and ceiling. Today, such classic elements of wall decor are successfully combined with modern furniture and lighting. Especially if you have white walls and wooden floors, the furniture can be used in any shape and color. In the picture, the designer uses natural light colors for walls and adds some modern furniture in different shapes.
A coffee table, yellow accent chairs, and an inconspicuous classic sofa with throw pillows just fit perfectly into this interior.

21. Cozy Reading Corner. If there is enough space in your living room, you can create a reading corner there. Choose a cozy chair where you can sit comfortably for hours, and of course, add a reading lamp. The design of the chair and the lamp can be very different, but you better prefer comfort first. The lamp might be stylish, but it also has to give enough light for reading. Check out some lamps on a curved base. They are better for reading cause the light comes directly to the pages of the book.

22. Simple Small Living Room in Neutral Colors. If you love reading books but don’t have enough space for a reading corner, you can check out our smart living room ideas. Choose a sofa that will not take up much space, but it is supposed to be for at least two persons. You can also pick a sofa with a deck chair to sit more comfortably. And instead of the standing reading lamp, you better use adjusting lighting on the wall above the sofa. This lamp can be used not only for reading – it is also a good element of wall decoration.

23. Stunning Interior with Decorative Accents. How to decorate the living room by using easy-to-maintain materials? You can always paint the wall, but if you want to create an extraordinary living room design, you might use some wall decor. Today plaster wall panels are a trend. They come in different designs, are easy to install and maintain, and you can basically do it yourself. The panels can also be painted any color to match the interior of the living room.

24. Minimalistic Living Room with Wooden Surfaces. Moulding is used by interior designers a lot. You can add moulding to the wall or find furniture that has moulding on its surface. Wooden moulding is often used on furniture to make its shape more interesting. In the living room, we can add a cabinet with moulding on the doors or some storage.

In addition to wooden molding, it is good to use other wooden elements such as shelves or a coffee table. The main thing is not to exaggerate the amount of wood in the interior, so add calm tones for the wall and neutral textile.

25. Table Lamp Next to the Sofa. Lamps are a great living room decor. You can always find an interesting lamp for your living room. For example, table lamps can be used anywhere, they create a special atmosphere at home.

This season’s trend is minimalistic round lamps – those lamps suit any interior design. Such lamps are used for decorative light, but you can find an adjustable table lamp for reading if needed. It is a good idea to put a table lamp on the corner of a plush sofa to illuminate the sitting area when you don’t use the ceiling light.

26. Living Room Walls with Lots of Wood. Wooden surfaces are always beautiful. One of my favorite living room ideas is to use lots of wood for furniture surfaces and wall decor. It is better to use large wooden or plywood panels to decorate the wall.

If it is possible to make living room furniture and walls in the same wooden texture and color – it is easier to fit into your interior and you don’t have to worry about too many different textures and colors of wood. Wooden surfaces usually have intense color, so use light natural shades for the rest of the room.

27. Comfortable Space without Corners. Rounded shapes are popular not only for sofas, armchairs, and tables. Interior designers often make living room furniture with rounded corners. For example, some storage or kitchen cabinets.

You can also round off the corners of the living room walls. It looks very unusual and, at the same time, natural, cause round shapes we can see more often in nature. The combination of round shapes and wooden surfaces is especially popular now. You can make the transition from furniture to the wall with wooden surfaces – it can be a decorative element for the family room.

28. Soft Grey Minimalistic Living Room. Round shapes are officially on trend in 2024! If you check out new collections of furniture and decor of famous brands, almost every item of every brand has a rounded shape.

Today natural materials and shapes are super trendy, and natural shapes are rarely geometric. So if you want to add some trendy living room decor, you can choose a cozy sofa or chair from the new collection, or add a round rug to the living room design. It will not be an exaggeration if all the furniture and decor are rounded in the same room.

29. Golden Shelves for Living Room. Shelves for books or decor. If you need some storage for a smart living room design, you can use shelves that do not take up extra space. It is best to use light and weightless shelves, they will not take up a lot of space. The thinnest frame for shelves can be made of metal. You can paint the metal frame any color, but now the most popular colors are gold and black.

30. Light Room with Linen Textile. Linen and cotton textiles bring coziness to your living room. Modern eco trends also suggest using linen and cotton fabrics for living room decorations. You better choose these natural fabrics for sofas, armchairs, rugs, and curtains. These fabrics have a wonderful texture that will create coziness in the living room. Linen and cotton fabrics also look great in combination with wooden surfaces.

31. Unusual Shapes for Mirrors. The combination of mirrors in different shapes is a trend in 2024. Different mirrors of unusual round shapes, their combinations, are very often used as living room decor now. You can add such mirrors above the cabinet or create a composition of mirrors over the sofa in the living room. Also, such mirrors are a smart living room idea, as they add more light to a small space.

32. Dusky Blue Space of Living Room Design. Use the same color shades for walls and furniture. One of the trendiest ways to decorate the living room is a combination of different furniture and decor in the same tone. You can find a vintage closet or table and paint them the same color as your wall. This trick creates a sense of depth in the space of your living room. Also, it just looks unusual and extraordinary, and it helps to refresh your formal living room.

33. Extraordinary Sofas for Your Living Room. Some sofas are a piece of art. We can find a huge variety of sofas in different shapes and for different budgets. So, it will not be difficult to find the best one for you. But if you want to make your living room really stylish, we suggest you pay attention to the unusual shapes of the sofas. This type of sofas can often be in different configurations to fit into any room. You can also combine different colors and textures of sofa fabric.

34. Bright Living Room Ideas with Colorful Decorations. Handmade rugs are also very trendy now. You can choose different rugs to decorate your living room. But handmade natural carpets will always be on trend.

If you are not a fan of bright colors, then you’d better choose such rugs in light tones and natural tones of cotton. But if you want to add some color to the living room, use a colored rug. You can find a huge variety of colors and patterns. Complete it with colorful decorative pillows on your sofa or with colorful art on the wall of your living room.

35. Living Room with Retro-Style Furniture. Retro is back in fashion. Many designers are creating new collections of furniture that resembles retro-style furniture of the 80’s. For current furniture, choose rounded shapes and bright colors. It’s also cool to find old retro-style furniture and reuse it in your mid-century modern living room.

Nowadays, chairs with beveled legs, rectangular coffee tables with turned legs, and classic sofas are especially popular. If you see such chairs somewhere in the flea market, take them quickly!

Only a small part of the living room decoration ideas are selected in this article. But we hope you found something you like or something that inspired you to use interesting and unique decor ideas for your own home.