15 Scandinavian Interior Design Concepts to Follow

There is always a sense of simplicity and naturalness in Nordic-inspired interiors. Scandinavians enjoy using natural materials and textures in their homes, especially wood, cotton, linen fabrics, and various ceramics. There are some basic concepts and modern trends in the Nordic style that we would like to share with you. So scroll down our selection of stunning Scandinavian interior design ideas to find out more about them.

1. Light Color Palette For Nordic Space. The light color palette perfectly enriches this room. It is a classic example of Scandinavian interior design with white walls, furniture fabrics, exposed brick walls, loads of wooden surfaces, and black metal details.

We would say that these Nordic elements will always be on trend, as they bring warmth and coziness to airy spaces. The power of minimalism is undeniable!

2. Wood Trend In Scandinavian Interiors. Interior designers often use a variety of wooden surfaces for rooms in the Scandinavian style. This picture proves that statement. In this space, everything is made of wood: the floor, walls, and stairs, as well as a quirky-shaped wishbone chair.

People in Nordic countries are naturally drawn to the warmth of natural wood, which is the perfect choice for homes in a cold climate. Feel free to implement this idea in your lovely residence!

3. Wishbone Chairs For Dining Room. This dining room is gorgeous in its simplicity. Here we see a classic combination of white walls, wooden flooring, exposed beams, and furniture. But let’s take a closer look at this dining room set.

Wishbone chairs fit perfectly into the interiors of modern styles, as do round wood tables. Together they form a stylish and minimalist ensemble.

4. Scandinavian Bedroom With Rustic Touch. Scandinavian bedrooms are especially cozy. Designers love to use plenty of natural fabrics and textures. Linen or cotton cloth is a must for bedding.

You can also notice a lot of wooden furniture in this room, such as a bench, bedside table, chair, decorative ladder, and storage pieces. The walls are covered with natural plaster and left as they are. Pretty rough, but that is the Nordic approach.

5. Unique Pots For Plants In Scandinavian Design. House plants are suitable for all interior styles and can enliven even the dullest corners. And, of course, they need proper pots. Let’s have a closer look at these particular ones.

The hourglass shape is quite simple yet stylish, with clean lines and monochrome color. Black can be a good accent color for a light interior. Such a trendy Scandinavian design!

6. Teddy Armchair Made Of Boucle Fabric. Pay special attention to this armchair and ottoman set in Scandinavian design. The fabric is very soft and resembles sheep’s fur. You can choose pelican or swan chairs, and the fancy look is guaranteed.

What else catches the eye? The room would not be complete without the floor lamp and coffee table on the sides of the armchair. The pure beauty of minimalism!

7. Let In Beautiful Natural Light. This Scandinavian-style bedroom has a stunning beige color scheme. The room is filled with natural light thanks to the proper window treatments. The interior designer certainly did a great job.

We can’t leave the bedding out. Such a great choice! Cotton and linen fabrics are soft and pleasant to the touch. They make sleep very comfy.

8. Round Shapes For Living Room. The Scandinavian style is not only about a light color palette. As you can see, this living room is done in a dark theme. However, it is modern and inviting thanks to the round-shaped furniture and soft fabrics.

These teddy sofas seem cozy and pleasant to rest on. Minimalist coffee tables and bookshelves perfectly complement the space. Bookworms will love this place!

9. Wicker Decor In Scandinavian Design. Wicker decor adds a touch of nature to any room. Consider a laundry basket made of this material, which not only serves as a piece of embellishment but is also functional.

Do not hesitate to leave the walls of the room as they are. As you see, concrete and wicker go well together. Interior designers of nordic countries use this combination to its fullest.

10. Scandi Style Airy Storage. Scandinavian design must be modern, simple, and functional. The fewer materials, the better. Make the space as airy as possible by using open furnishings, such as this closet.

It has clean lines and quite a simple design. Another advantage is that all the clothes are in plain sight and at hand. Perfect for a kids’ room!

11. Dining Room With Rustic Touch. Scandinavians are fond of custom-made furniture with simple designs. And rustic touches are always welcome. So this dining table is a real gem.

Moreover, you can make it yourself! All you need is a large piece of wood for the top and legs. This space boasts the coziness and farmhouse feel.

12. Concrete Walls In Scandinavian Interiors. Concrete can be found not only in the Loft style interiors. Rough textures are also welcome in Scandinavian design. So feel free to use it in your living space.

In this photo, we see classic combinations: wooden flooring and furniture, concrete and minimalist lighting fixtures, abstract art and clay decor. Everything goes well together and brings a trendy touch to the room.

13. Colorful Elements To Enliven Space. What if you want to dilute a white Scandinavian interior design with splashes of color? We have a wonderful solution for you! Opt for red pendant lights that will become the room’s focal point.

The matte finish and simple design give the space a unique touch. These lamps can be used beautifully over a dining table or kitchen island and create a stylish look.

14. Plastic Chairs In Scandinavian Design. It may seem that plastic things are not suitable for interior design in the Scandinavian style. Unless, of course, they are recycled. Using this material, you can create new furniture that is environmentally friendly.

In addition, plastic can be used to make any shape for the chair and give it a colorful accent. Such a lovely and efficient idea!

15. Scandinavian Decor For Living Room. Scandinavians are in love with wood and use it wherever possible. From floors to decorative items, the choice of material is quite obvious. Its durability and functionality have proven to be among the best when it comes to Scandinavian design. It also brings coziness and warmth to even the grayest spaces.

Scandinavian design is on trend now. And it looks like it will remain so in the near future. Such interiors are easy to create, budget-friendly, and sustainable. So you should definitely consider it when renovating your home!