42 Living Room Wall Decor Ideas You’d Love to Copy

For most people, the living room is the central space in the house. The quality and variety of modern decorations allow you to design the interior in any style, mood, and atmosphere. Your living room should not be limited to a sofa and fireplace. The key to successful wall decoration is the balance of living room wall color, furniture, and style within the entire interior.

Let this article inspire you to decorate the walls of your modern living room! Look at how various materials are used, from traditional to unconventional ones. Leave prejudice behind and give free rein to your imagination.

1. Home Decor. Standard techniques in interior design can be presented in a new way and look fresh and unusual. For example, the combination of shelves and souvenirs is classic. But if you build these shelves into the wall, make them wooden, and add lighting – and they will look different. Try to place not the usual tourist souvenirs but handmade ones or figurines of unusual shapes. Such a combo will decorate the room perfectly.

2. Subway Tile. Every detail of your home reflects your character and extraordinary energy in one way or another. Unique people who value aesthetics and their own space can come up with the boldest ideas and implement them successfully.

Using glossy tiles on the wall in the living room is a great move. Why? It looks simple and very nifty but makes the wall look stylish.

3. Three-Dimensional Wall Art. An overhaul is not always needed. Simple wall decor manages to change the whole look. You can even create it yourself. At the same time, you are free to use various items. For example, you can make a three-dimensional wall sculpture. Choose a ready-made one or do it yourself. By the way, as we see, no deer was injured. And it looks way better than a stuffed animal.

4. Solid Wood. An essential part of refreshing your interior is not only a renovation. Adding decor to empty walls is also a crucial stage in this process. The photo example shows that the wooden panel performs several tasks simultaneously. It is the surface of the wall and real natural art. This enrichment does not take up too much space but occupies an important place in the room.

5. Library Focal Point. A study is stereotypically considered to be a place for book storage. But not all houses have such a room. What to do in this case? For starters, forget the standards. You can place a shelf for cookbooks in the kitchen. Children’s tales can be stored in the kid’s room. And for the rest of them, you can install some open shelves. Books are usually colored, in different heights and sizes, so they will visually complement the space very well.

6. Floating Shelves. Imagine that you removed the old wallpaper and realized you are a minimalist. From now on, you want to keep it simple. There is an easy solution to get a neutral gray coach and leave the walls white. Yes, it may look a little empty. Add floating shelves in this case. They are the most minimalist of all stands. In addition, they do not severely damage walls. Choose to fill them with your favourite items – books, souvenirs, a flowerpot, or a photo in a frame.

7. Wall Mirrors. Mirrors can be a universal and functional element of the living room decor. Feel free to place them on the walls. Modern materials allow you to implement the most daring ideas and combine them. For example, you can use unique mirror panels and frames in the living room. They create an original look.

8. Traditional Decorating Becomes Unique Artwork. People have been decorating walls since ancient times. Previously, rock painting was used for this purpose. Then talismans and various ornaments were hung on the walls. Why not use and present them today, but in a new way? For example, artificial animal skin can be placed on the wall. Thus, you’ll create a conceptual design.

Use embroidery to decorate your living space. You can embroider anything, so choose a theme you like.

9. The Most Obvious Choice. The TV area often becomes the centerpiece of the living room where almost half of the wall is occupied by a large screen. Therefore, there is not enough space left for additional decoration. Otherwise, everything may look overdone. In this case, pay attention to the ceiling and windows. In the photo example, all the windows have become an integral part of the design.

10. Wall Inscription. The wall inscriptions are quite popular decor elements in children’s or teenagers’ rooms. But they can be used in the living room as well. Feel free to buy such a decor or make it yourself.

11. Fireplace As Wall Decor. The fireplace can create a unique atmosphere in the room. It is an independent interior unit, but you are free to decorate it further. For example, you can place books or photos on the mantelpiece and add a fire damper next to it. Also, pay attention to the wood, brick, and stone panels. This decor is perfect for loft-style interiors.

12. Window Seat. Install a large window in the living room if your home location allows you to do so. Window view wallpapers create a nice view but the real window is much better. During the day you can watch birds and people passing by, and enjoy the light of lanterns in the evening.

Making a particular area for relaxing and reading is a good option. Make a wide window sill and cover it with lots of pillows. It is both beautiful and cozy.

13. Light Is Cost-Effective. Lighting integrated into the wall design looks new and creative. It is one of the greatest ways to express yourself. Neon lamps and LED strips create a unique interior with a phenomenal atmosphere. They can be combined with stickers, applications, drawings, wall panels, and more.

14. Fireplace Focal Point. Let the fireplace be the centerpiece of the living room. Fire is such a beautiful and self-sufficient phenomenon that no extra decorations are needed. Natural materials such as wood and stones look harmonious in such a combination.

Sometimes simple solutions are enough to make a space look stylish. Remember that an overdose of decor only clutters the room.

15. Brighten Up Your Space. Utensils as an element of decor are not inferior in popularity to other items, such as souvenirs and photos in frames. The living room definitely looks outstanding with such decor. It adds a touch of rusticity. You can buy colorful plates in a store or paint them yourself, decorate them with polymer clay or order a photo print.

16. Living Wall. Do you love plants but don’t know how to look after them? Are you afraid that they won’t survive in your home? We have a solution just for you.

It is not a secret that moss and succulents are unpretentious. They endure all difficulties and always look stunning. Why not decorate your lovely living room with those fantastic plants?

17. Christmas Lights. Christmas lights are a quick way to add coziness to the interior of the living room. They should not lie in boxes in the attic and wait for the right time. Feel free to hang them on the wall and enjoy the beauty every evening, not just during the winter holidays.

18. Large Size Decor. One significant item can be the central decoration piece of your living room. Place it in the most prominent place. It can be a tribute to your hobby or an art object.

For example, you love cycling. Then it is a good idea to place a retro wheel on the wall. Or, if you are fond of music, allocate some space on the wall for an old guitar or another musical instrument.

19. Wine Wall. Display your collection of wine. If you are a music lover, hang some music records. Or maybe you are an athlete. Then decorate the wall with your medals. Take notice of this, collectors! Stop hiding your treasures in dusty boxes.

20. Lamella Wall Panel. Wall decor can also hide coating defects. You can use vinyl stickers or applications. However, wood panels are a more elegant and stylish option. They are entirely natural and not harmful to health. Moreover, the aroma of untreated wood has a positive effect on people.

21. Wall Art. Let your walls be a masterpiece. Choose what is more appealing to you – stencil or art painting. Stencil wall painting is one of the easiest ways which is great for solid walls. For an accent, you can complement a stencil drawing with contrasting paint.

Art painting is a more complex version of decor that requires specific artistic skills. Anyway, you can always hire a professional artist.

22. Make It Creative. If you have time and inspiration, you can experiment a bit with handmade decor. Leave space on the wall for a themed set. You will change it from holiday to holiday, from event to event. As in the photo, you can make a wall Christmas tree for the New Year holidays or hang cheesecloth ghosts on Halloween. Easter holidays require eggs and rabbits. At the same time, pay attention to the general style of the living room.

23. Gallery Wall. Using paintings is the easiest way to decorate walls. You can quickly brighten up the interior by changing a picture, frame, or simply their location. Fans of trendy solutions are free to use photos. They can be systematized or placed on the wall chaotically.

24. Two In One. Sometimes living rooms are used as guest rooms. When a folding sofa turns into a bed, the space becomes a bedroom. In this case, do not add bright decorative elements. Potted plants, rugs, and textile pillows are great for creating coziness that is suitable for both the living room and the bedroom. Guests will be pleased!

25. Wall Clock. Typical decor elements can also look stylish. For example, hang a painted clock or picture to contrast the wall. The colors should be harmonious but not similar.

26. Leave It Bare. You are always free to create a wall decor with your own hands. Many techniques, materials, and products can turn a dull and empty wall into a real work of art.

But there is another option. You can do nothing at all. Leave the wall as it is. Let the bricks and cracks be visible. Make it loft. If you like this style, why not?

27. One Wall, One Large Piece Of Artwork. A family portrait can be turned into a wall picture. Print it in large format. Choose a place that you want to decorate. Remember that it will be the center of attention. Therefore, decorating the wall above the sofa in the living room is quite reasonable. Also, note that guests will see these images, so do not use too intimate ones.

28. Exposed Ceiling. Feel free to use a ceiling as the fifth wall. Leave it exposed, and it will not only enlarge the space but also decorate the room so you get a unique interior design.

29. Bright Accents. Under no circumstances should walls in the living room be left empty. Foremost, start with the style of the interior. You will need particular hanging hardware, pots, and plants. Choose greenery according to your needs, capabilities, and room style. Put it all together and hang the plants on the wall.

30. Wall Niches. Niches cover several needs simultaneously. They can be used instead of shelves, wall surfaces, and decor. If your interior and wallet allow you to do something similar to what is shown in the photo, you should try. Stylish and practical use of niches is undeniable.

31. Geometric Shapes. The right combination of geometric shapes and simple colors make the interior look stylish and fabulous. Instead of a picture, you can hang a green rectangle as an option. Mirrors in such a room are not redundant. They will be a great addition to the interior. You can hang one large mirror or several mirrors in different shapes and sizes: round, square, oval, drop-shaped, framed, etc.

32. Family Gallery. Decorating a wall with photos is one of the most common options. But at the same time, it helps to create a unique design. Everyone has different photographs, after all. They preserve positive moments from the past and evoke many warm and pleasant memories whenever you look at them.

33. Don’t Forget About Lighting. Don’t forget about proper lighting if you want to decorate your living room with paintings or photographs. Take into account the gallery lighting option. It will not only brighten up the space but also make it look chic.

Splendid Living Room with Gallery Lighting

via @ruben

34. Be Experimental. It is impossible to list all the ways to decorate the walls in the apartment. Especially the creative ones. What we want to do is to inspire you to be imaginative and create a unique piece of decor with your own hands.

As you can see in the photo, some ideas may be really surprising. But nothing is impossible. You can even decorate the wall with pillows using clay modeling. Your guests will remember it forever, without a doubt!

White Wall with Fake Pillows Decoration

via @ruben

35. Polaroid Photos. You can decorate the wall with pictures of your preference. But what to choose: several big photos or a whole collage of polaroid ones? We’d say the more, the better. Moreover, you don’t have to frame your shots. They can be attached by a thread and hang like a garland on a wall.

36. Cover It With Carpet. Don’t limit yourself only to photograph decoration. Why not use, for instance, a few pieces of beautiful fabric? You can put them in a frame and hang them on the wall. Hanging a whole carpet is also an option. If you like to knit, try decorating the wall with a macrame piece. Or you may try string art. Remember, it is always better to create things with your own hands.

37. Lamps Of Strange Shape. The wall lamp serves as lighting and decor. Pay attention to those models that have several options. Then you can periodically change the modes. Visually, it will look as if you have renewed the interior of the living room.

38. Wall Zoning. Divide one wall area in the living room into zones. These can be several squares. Fill this grid, choosing two or three zones. Place your decor in them. It will look stunning, believe us.

39. Accent Wall. Fashionistas love playing with different textures and materials. Interior design is not an exception. The main principle is the more radically, the more interesting. Leather and wool. Linen and lacquer. But how to combine all these within one room? Make a leather panel on one accent wall against the background of three white walls, or hang a giant vinyl poster on a brick wall.

40. World Map. Bringing souvenirs from each country is undoubtedly engaging, but it takes up a lot of space. We offer a more exciting option for those who are against dust gatherers. It is a map of the world where you can mark the places you have already visited.

41. Cherish Your Hobby. Show guests what fascinates and attracts you. Feel free to use the living room as a place to store these things. Are you an avid biker? Set up your collection of helmets. And if you run a small handmade business, place your products on the shelves before selling them.

42. Classic Is Always Best. Have you been to an art gallery? Maybe it’s time to visit the nearest one and see what contemporary artists have to offer. If you like someone’s work, you can buy it for your living room.

You have seen more than 4o ideas of how to creatively and stylishly decorate the walls in the living room. Feel free to choose one of the proposed options. Or combine several. You can also just get inspired and create your own unique piece of art. In any case, your living room will look fancy. Create beauty around yourself!