30 Mid-Century Modern Living Room Ideas to Recreate the Style

If you want your dream home to feel inviting and warm, the mid-century modern style can be your ultimate favorite. The mid-century furnishings feature clean lines and tapered legs, bringing in a recognizable aesthetic. Check some of the best mid-century modern living room ideas full of signature elements such as the wooden legs, pops of color, and retro pieces.

Mid Century Modern Living Room Moodboard

1. Welcoming Mid-Century Modern Living Room. This living room has a timeless appeal, interpreting the mid-century style in a way that resonates with the homeowner. The wood plank wall is an intriguing focal point, accentuated with abstract art. The floor lamp highlights the cozy seating area, creating a relaxed living space.

Mid Century Modern Living Room with Wood Accent Wall

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2. Small Living Room. Even though the living room is compact, it is packed with character. The white walls disperse the natural light while letting vibrant red and yellow colors stand out. The living room design features a contemporary twist but still keeps the retro look.

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Clean Lines Bright Colors Living Room Furniture

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3. Graphic Elements. Starting from a wall and finishing with a throw pillow, this beautiful mid-century modern design is full of patterns. The dimensional chevron pattern on the TV stand is simply one love!

Mid Century Modern Living Room Interior Design

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4. Retro Furniture Pieces. The unique dresser with a retro vibe perfectly complements the mid-century living room. If you plan to buy genuine secondhand furniture pieces, there are a few things to keep in mind. We have already discussed how the long legs are a signature of this style. However, there is one more trait that will reveal if the furniture is genuine. Check the country of origin to ensure you receive a quality piece. Mid-century pieces were produced in Yugoslavia, Denmark, Italy, and Japan. Besides getting the authentic look, you will ensure the pieces are made to last for years.

Living Room with Black Ceiling and Retro Furniture

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5. Bold Mid-Century Modern Living Room. When it comes to the color palette, you can encounter anything from bright hues to earthy shades. Muted tones will work if you want a more subtle interpretation of this style. However, you are free to go with pastels for a lively interior. This interior designer relied on the mix-and-match approach to curate a living room with plenty of character. The abundance of greenery and mid-century decor create a cozy setting.

Mixed and Matched Living Room Design with Mid Century Furniture

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6. Airy Space. The furniture legs are one of the critical elements of the mid-century modern living room. Despite contributing to aesthetics, elevated furniture feels less visually heavy. With this, the living room feels airy and roomier. Also, mid-century spaces are all about the clutter-free look. When accessorizing, limit to the things you actually use and enjoy. Throw pillows, lamps, and planters are a go-to staple.

Mid Century Living Room with Gray Couch

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7. Vibrant Lounge Chairs. The symmetrical layout creates a cozy setting, with the fireplace as a focal point. Saturated colors such as rusty orange and turquoise are common accent choices for styling living rooms.

Living Room Design with Mid Century Modern Lounge Chairs

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8. Strong Contrast. The orange sofa is a statement piece in this contemporary take on the mid-century modern living room. It stands out against the contrasting wall color, creating a vibrant setting. The coffee table brings a natural element with its woodgrain texture.

Teal and Orange Living Room with Angled Tapered Legs Table

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9. Mid-Century Meets Boho Living Room. Mid-century homes focus on functionality while still keeping the aesthetic. The function is prioritized over form when choosing the design elements. This living room design features a modern twist, with rattan shelving and a geometric pattern rug.

Mid Century Modern Meet Boho Living Room Design

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10. Leather Sofa. A mid-century modern living room is never about focusing on the TV. Instead, it prioritizes social interactions. Therefore, an ample seating area would be the focal point. The Chesterfield sofa is a unique addition to this living room design. The lounge chair and cabinet are iconic pieces that bring style to this space.

Mid Century Living Toom with Leather Sofa

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11. Cozy Nook. If you wish to see how the iconic style fits your living room, you can start with small steps. Create a cozy reading nook with mid-century modern pieces and see if you want to commit to this style. For example, add a cozy armchair next to the bookcase, and complement the setting with a retro side table. We love how the orange throw pillow contrasts the blue armchair.

Mid Centry Modern Reading Nook

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12. Mix and Match Approach. Choosing the right furniture doesn’t have to be difficult. You can use any sofa with legs to complement this style. This modern setting shows you that you don’t have to purchase a set. Instead, feel free to mix and match a sofa, a loveseat, and an armchair. The patterned rug anchors the seating space while bringing visual interest. The space looks cohesive thanks to the consistent color scheme.

Contemporary Design with Mid Century Modern Elements

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13. Compact Living Room. Large furniture pieces aren’t a thing in this style, making it the perfect choice for small spaces. White living room walls, the loveseat and armchair for the seating area, and the open shelving adorned with greenery might be all you need to create the right vibes.

White Walls Living Room with Loveseat and Mid Century Furnishing

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14. Lounge Chair with Ottoman. Lounge chairs are one of the essential elements of a living room and a true representative of mid-century modern design. Every interior design expert would also advise you to curate a cozy area with a floor lamp.

Chales Eames Mid Century Modern Chair with Ottoman

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15. Wood Tones. The wood floors and windows bring so much warmth to this living room design. Well-selected mid-century furniture creates an unique atmosphere.

Mid Century Modern Living Room with Lounge Chairs and Leather Sofa

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16. Bringing In Texture. A simple setting will be elevated with varying textures. Here, the jute rug is layered with a cowhide rug to add extra visual interest.

Living Room Couch on Tapered Legs Idea

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17. Signature Accent. If you prefer a moody vibe, don’t mind adding your signature print to your mid-century modern living room. The navy focal wall makes a bold statement, while the furniture keeps the mid-century look.

Transitional Style with Mid Century Retro Furniture

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18. Gray and Yellow Accents. A mix of grays with yellow accents is a calm color scheme that still has lots of warmth and interest. The simple setting looks very charming but also offers comfort.

Modern Gray and Yellow Living Room Inspired by Mid Century Modern Design

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19. Green Walls. The muted green wall paint highlights the beauty of the retro pieces. Coming with clean lines and sharp angles, the furniture is ideal for displaying your precious collectibles.

Living Room with Forest Green Walls and Mid Century Modern Furniture

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20. Mid Century Art Work. Abstract art with pops of color is ideal for decorating the mid-century style. We love how it anchors this nook, giving it a purpose.

Lounge Chair and Mid Century Modern Style Art Piece

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21. Neutral Palette. If you prefer neutrals, you can always implement this palette in mid-century rooms. The furniture design keeps the authentic characteristics while being dressed in cream.

Pastel Neutral Living Room with Mid Century Modern Style Elements

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22. Organic Influence. Decorate the room with wooden materials and plants to tap into the organic influence characteristic of the mid-century modern style. The oversized plant, wicker basket, and wooden coffee table bring the natural element in a nice, seamless way.

Brown Leather Couch on Slanted Legs Living Room

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23. Celebrating Simplicity. The clean lines bring a minimalist vibe to this living room. On the other hand, the graphic print adds a touch of visual interest.

High Planked Ceiling Living Room

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24. Statement Sofa. As people migrated to urban areas, they had to downsize to live in small spaces. This is one of the moments that influenced mid-century period designs, making them focused on functionality. With a lovely blue sofa, this small living room is both functional and stylish.

Small Mid Century Modern Living Room Design

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25. Wall Art. Adding personal touches to mid-century designs is always welcomed. Feel free to customize the home to your liking and add personal touches through the interior. A curated gallery with personal photos brings a personal stamp to your room.

Living Room with Floor Lamp and Gallery Wall

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26. Cohesiveness. The gorgeous Moroccan rug makes a remarkable statement in this mid-century living room. In addition, it is the base for curating the color scheme. The palette borrows the colors from the rug, creating a cohesive setting.

Mid Century Modern Interior Design in a Living Room

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27. Edgy Design. With a dramatic color scheme and modern fixtures, the interior gets a contemporary twist. With plenty of natural light, the living room looks really welcoming.

50s Style Living Room

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28. Mid-Centruty Modern Side Tables. The peg legs and wood tones aren’t the only significant features of the furniture. Fine craftsmanship and genuine quality are even more important. That’s why you will see quality mid-century furniture performing its function today. Think of adding retro pieces to your existing setting. You can start with a side table and enhance the setting with a retro floor lamp.

Living Room Interior Design with Tapered Legs Furniture

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29. Chic Vibe. When you have the basics ready, feel free to add trendy pieces. The contemporary chair adds a fresh touch to this compact living room design, making it feel more intimate.

Mid Century Three Legs Coffee Table in a Boho Living Room

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30. White Walls. White walls are the perfect base for a mid-century style. You can take things from there and make a statement with furniture and accessories.

White Room Mid Century Modern Period Furniture

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Is mid-century modern going out of style?

Mid-century modern was popular from the 1930s through to the 1970s and, at that time, it was seen as an out-of-this-world and ahead-of-its-time design style. Its popularity has seen a resurgence in recent years and doesn’t show any signs of fading. It is now rather perceived as practical and timeless though.

If you want to create a flawless mid-century modern design, get inspiration from the works of Florence Knoll, one of the prominent designers creating the modern American office look, or Charles and Ray Eames that influenced this style most. And if you are just attracted by the elements of mid-centry furniture, feel free to bring it inside your living room to create a unique transitional design that will help you feel at home.