45 Small Bathroom Design Ideas for Tiny Spaces

You can imagine an apartment without a dining room or even a bedroom. As for the bathroom, it is a mandatory part of any home, even the smallest one. With the right approach, you can easily create a handy bathroom design that harmoniously combines all the elements of the room.

A small space can be beautiful. You are welcome to use all the small bathroom ideas we have selected for you!

1. Unite Floor Space. Let’s talk about flooring! You can match one to the color of the room, or experiment with the contrast and install a dark floor with light walls. An essential thing is a surface with an anti-slip effect. It is not slippery so you won’t fall down, even when it is wet. A characteristic that is necessary for any bathroom is water resistance. For example, porcelain does not deteriorate from moisture and can withstand large amounts of water. It will be especially useful in case of flooding.

A good idea for a small bathroom is not to separate a shower and a toilet but to create a common space. Then the shower partition does not take up any space, which is so small. As for the toilet, you should not be afraid of moisture – it will not reach it.

2. Compact Bathroom. In order to make your washroom more spacious, you can install a shower as a substitute for the bathtub. Careful planning and a responsible approach to the choice of plumbing and accessories are the keys to creating comfort even in the smallest bathroom.

One of the best shower room ideas is to choose compact hanging cabinets or integrated shelves instead of bulky cabinets for hygiene products.

3. Design For Powder Rooms. When it comes to planning a bathroom, you need to pay attention to the size of ​​the room. Thus, owners of small spaces should keep in mind that tiny rooms are less functional. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t add anything. If you do it wisely, the room is not overloaded. The example of the interior in the photo confirms this.

Check how they solved their small space problems! An extra-deep but compact sink makes the room more stylish as well as the washing routine more convenient. The sink itself stands on a countertop that goes slightly over the toilet bowl. So you can put some small things on it – and it doesn’t bother anyone. Instead of large cabinets, the interior designer selected a compact bathroom mirror. It is enough to see what you need. In addition, it can be rotated side to side.

4. Freestanding Bath. A small bathroom requires non-standard appliances. As an option, you can choose an oval bathtub and a compact sink. An oval bathtub will perfectly fit into the interior. Classic ones are always in trend. If you want to increase the space, a thick mirror or window frame is the solution. It expands the room, making it cleaner and brighter.

If you definitely do not want to use just a shower and can not imagine your life without a bubble bath, then this type of bathtub is definitely for you. It all depends on your height, but usually, people can’t lie full-length in it. The most common body positions for this tub are sitting or semi-sitting.

5. Saving Space For Sink. Speaking of a tiny bathroom, a toilet set and a sink will be a good match. This decision not only saves space but also running water. At first glance, this combination may seem a bit odd, but it is a very practical approach. Moreover, it makes the room look more interesting and unusual. This is exactly what you need for a small en suite.

6. Attic Space For Bathroom. Choose an interior in the style of minimalism. A small bathroom has a spectacular look when there is a minimum number of devices with maximum functionality. For instance, hidden toilet tanks and lockers and minimal use of decorative elements create a wonderful design.

7. Corner Toilet. If the area is too small, you can place a corner toilet. This is a modern and up-to-date solution that satisfies numerous owners of tiny bathrooms.

The design of corner toilets is almost identical to the standard version. The difference is in the shape of the tank. It is a triangle, although this design doesn’t decrease the volume of the tank.

A toilet in the corner of the room allows you to increase the space and makes the interior much more extraordinary. By filling the corners with plumbing, you can visually enlarge the interior space using rounded shapes.

8. Glossy Ceramic Tiles. How to choose the tile you need? The horizontal one looks very stylish. and it also visually expands your bathroom. The mosaic tile looks very stylish as well. You can also buy a monochrome tile that is perfect for the minimalist style.

Decorative beams are another way to make the interior more appealing. However, such beams are more suitable for rooms with higher ceilings. If you want to save space in your small bathroom and, at the same time, to make separate zones, use different tiles. For example, glossy tiles have a finish that visually makes the space bigger. The photo shows how it works.

9. Toilet With Sink. This modification of the toilet fits perfectly in a tiny bathroom. It includes several functions that allow you to perform multiple processes simultaneously. If the area does not permit you to install a lot of plumbing, then opt for a toilet with a sink on the tank, called a combined toilet.

In all variations of such toilets, the utilized tap water after hand washing is being used again in the tank for flushing the toilet.

The main positive feature of a combined toilet is that it saves a lot of space in small apartments. As a result, it is possible to directly equip the bathroom with all the necessary plumbing fixtures, appliances, and furniture needed in the household.

10. Corner Sink. A plumbing fixture that helps to solve the problem of small bathrooms is a corner sink.
However, it is best to install a small corner sink if the room has an elongated rectangular shape.

The main positive feature of a combined toilet is that it saves a lot of space in small apartments. As a result, it is possible to directly equip the bathroom with all the necessary plumbing fixtures, appliances, and furniture needed in the household.

If the restroom is in a shape of a square, the sink can be placed behind the toilet and moved slightly along the wall.

Note that along with the variety of shapes and sizes of this fixture, there are different types of its installation. Such as wall-mounted and floor-standing washstands, as well as built-in basins, which are installed together with the support system.

11. Separate Shower. To save space in the bathroom, install a compact shower cabin instead of a massive bath. It also will help you to start taking shorter showers.

Choose the most lightweight design without shower doors. Minimize details and elements. Let there be nothing superfluous.

12. Floating Washbasin. Floating washbasins are mounted directly on the wall, and there is a lot of free space under them. You can individually adjust the width and depth of the sink according to your bathroom. There is no universal rule. Nevertheless, it’s better to take into account the individual wishes and height of all family members.

13. Clever Storage Solutions. There are great ways to save space in the bathroom while maintaining orderliness. You don’t need a mess of bottles, cosmetics, toilet paper, towels, and other commonly used items.

A great way to take advantage of the bottlenecks and corners of your bathroom is a wall unit. You can store towels, toilet paper, and other items there. A capacious shelf above the toilet bowl is an ideal place to store cleaning products, towels, washcloths, and many other things.

When designing your bathroom, in the first place it’s best to consider storage systems and make special niches. They save a lot of space and the interior only benefits from this. You can make niches in the shower or near the bathtub. It is a perfect place for keeping shampoos, shower gels, towels, and cosmetics.

14. Cramped Space. Here are four easy ways for making a cramped bathroom more spacious: light materials, baskets, reflective surfaces, and no accessories.

Using finishing with light materials significantly expands the bathroom. You can enhance the effect with glossy surfaces of warm shades. For visual expansion, a stretch ceiling in bright colors is perfect, and even a small white rug can visually enlarge the space of the room.

As for baskets, they may be used for storing children’s things or laundry. If they are placed properly, you can achieve a significant expansion of space.

You can effectively emphasize the merits of the room with the help of mirrors. And all the shortcomings of the room will be hidden from view. Reflective surfaces not only enrich the room but also make it look bigger, brighter, and better. Built-in lighting that can be adjusted to your preferences will help to create additional lighting in the bathroom.

Often the cramped space of the bathroom is visually reduced by towels, large hooks, and various accessories. Therefore don’t forget to put everything back in the closet so as not to clutter the space.

15. Shower Enclosure. A small bathroom is not a reason to despair. Modern plumbing allows you to choose the best option. Compactness is our everything. Modern shower enclosures will surprise you with a variety of shapes, including rounds, squares, semicircles, pentagons, and quarter circles.

A shower cabin without a tray also helps expand the space visually. The main feature of such plumbing is installation directly on the floor.

16. Wall Hung Toilet. Add more mirrors. Probably, it is not necessary to mirror an entire wall but to do a couple of mirror sections is quite acceptable. As you can see in the picture, the mirror occupies the part of the wall next to the shower cabin. Besides, large format reflective tiles and wall plumbing are used. All of this has a significant effect on expanding the perception of the space.

17. Entire Bathroom. If the space is too limited, motorhomes may be a great source of inspiration. Since they have almost no free space and their owners try to save every inch, the combined toilet and shower cabin set-up is a solution to the problem. If you want to take a shower, just close the toilet lid and turn on the water.

18. Floor Tile. A simple small bathroom idea is to use white color in the interior design. The easiest way to visually enlarge a tiny space is to use light-toned materials. Look at this example of renovation: the floor is made in black and white colors and its pattern stylishly echoes with other charcoal elements of the room. Everything else is white.

19. Natural Light For Family Bathroom. Small bathrooms tend to be dim due to the lack of sunlight. The use of powerful lamps can change the situation, but it is still artificial lighting. Moreover, the lamps can’t be placed anywhere in the room, because they shouldn’t get wet. You are free to install a powerful hood as well. However, this is still troublesome.

The best option is to install a window in the bathroom. It provides the room not only with natural lighting but also with airflow that reduces moisture retention.

20. Shower Curtain. Avoid showers with doors – they reduce the space. It’s better to have a shower area separated by a regular curtain. Of course, it should be waterproof. If you keep the curtain open, the bathroom immediately becomes more spacious visually.

21. Wall Tiles. You can make a room look bigger by laying tiles on a 45 degree angle.

However, you should take into account that this method of installation increases the amount of waste and therefore more tiles are needed. The use of horizontally oriented tiles on the walls also helps to expand the space of the bathroom.

22. Vertical Space. Try to use as many vertical surfaces as you can. Do not try to cover the entire floor. It is better to pay attention to empty spaces on the walls. For example, a hinged shelf can be additionally equipped with hooks or a towel rail. Then you will no longer need cabinets that take up a lot of space. Another option is a small corner shelf. These ideas look very neat and help maintain order.

23. Smart Bathroom Ideas. If you have a little square space, you can not lose even an inch. Everything has to be placed really wisely. There are many examples of renovations in Asian apartments which rarely differ in the total area from the area of a normal room. The lack of space is conquered with ingenuity. When there is no place at all, you have to think out of the box.

In this photo, you see a design option when the toilet is mobile. It can be easily hidden in a niche. So you are free to use the room as a whole shower. A drain is made in the floor, and a shower hose is installed on the ceiling.

24. Bathroom Cabinet. Bathroom cabinets are convenient but massive. Instead, you can consider other options. An interesting solution for a small bath is a storage system on wheels. It is hidden from view and does not take up much space. It also helps to maintain personal hygiene items in perfect order.

By the way, it is easy to turn an ordinary door into an original storage system. All you have to do is to attach a few rods to it and hang towels on them. And, of course, do not forget about the little helpers – high organizers for soap and shampoo cans.

25. Recessed Shower Shelf. It is not a secret that bathrooms have high humidity, so tile shelves have become popular recently. Built-in shelves fit a specially constructed niche.

Here are some pros of such shelves. The built-in shelf has no sharp corners, so the chances of injury are minimized. In addition, a tiled shelf will serve you long. It is also suitable for any interior design. Finally, it is easy to clean.

26. Add Storage Space. Shelves above the washing machine are a good storage idea. The space above a washing machine is often not used as it can be. Shelves provide quick and easy access to laundry detergents, rinse aids, stain removers, and more.

Wooden shelves are classic. Looks warm and natural. They fit into apartments in Eco and Scandinavian style. In contrast, glass shelves, made of clear or frosted glass, give the impression of lightness.

27. Fancy Earthenware Sink. Installing a sink on a countertop can be an interesting idea to keep in mind. Washbasins of this type differ from built-in ones. They can be used in small rooms. The compactness is provided by the absence of lateral boards and thickness.

Porcelain and earthenware sinks of this type are much thinner than similar ones that hang or stand on the floor. Among such hand basins, there are many models made of glass. Most often they are installed on a transparent top. This combination makes the design light, and interesting, often turning it into the central element of the interior.

28. Narrow Bathroom. Unfortunately, small tiles and sinks do not look very good in tiny bathrooms. They seem to emphasize that the room is small and contains nothing. This example shows a large washbasin and large tiles on the floor and walls.

29. Small Bathtub. The sizes of bathtubs are most optimally selected depending on the height of their future users. But in addition to the width and length, pay attention to the depth of the bath, and the height of the sides. This can be a problem for some children and the elderly. Also, consider built-in handles on the sides.

It is very important to take into account the size of the room when choosing a tub. In a small room, it is better to choose a bath that fits in size and does not interfere with other important elements.

30. Pedestal Sink. The advantage of a white sink is that it is easy to match with other plumbing fixtures: a toilet, a bidet, a bath. The invention of faucets with various modifications has made the design of such sinks much more interesting.

Such a sink is compact and comfortable. Sometimes it is not necessary to chase after brand-new items – it’s better to choose a good option among classic products with the original design registration.

31. Make More Space. Do not clutter the floor. A hanging toilet, a sink, and a shower glass panel. All this is needed to keep the floor completely free from elements of decor. This makes the room seem larger.

32. Sink For Tiny Spaces. A bathroom should accommodate plumbing, decorative elements, and all the necessary details. And what if the size of the area is not more than 4 square meters? To begin with, a washbasin can be abandoned altogether. This decision creates some difficulties, but it is not a catastrophe. Especially if you have a sink in the kitchen. You can always use it.

If you definitely want to keep a washbasin in the bathroom, then a large selection will allow you to choose the most convenient option. It can be a hinged one.

33. Separated Toilet Area. Usually people consider renovating their bathrooms by installing a bathtub and a toilet either together or separately. If the area of the room is small, it is not recommended to divide the space with unnecessary walls and doors.

We offer a combined option. In fact, you have a bath and a toilet in the same room, but for convenience, you separate it with a screen. This option is suitable for those families who have small children.

34. Shower Room. If you basically want to divide the toilet and bathroom into different rooms, then consider this option. Feel free to create a separate lavatory. You can add shelves to the wall and that’s it. And in another small room, you can install a shower without a washbasin or storage cabinets.

This is a good option if you need a more spacious shower than modern shower cabins usually offer. Also, note that you need to choose a waterproof door and generally take care of the tightness of such a shower room. Additionally, you can mount a shelf for shampoos and soap on the wall.

35. Focal Point. A well-chosen pattern of wallpaper can add volume to your small bathroom. To protect photos from moisture, you need to use laminated wallpaper or glass frames. Wall painting can be done with moisture-resistant paints.

36. Reflective Surfaces. Large mirrored surfaces over the sink look great. Bright ceramic tiles on the walls and glossy ceilings widen the space. Keep this in mind when renovating a small bathroom, and you can use less tile by installing mirrors instead of it.

37. Over Bath Shower. Someone prefers taking showers, while the other one is a bath person. In case you are arguing about this, you’d better come up with some kind of compromise. Renovations are definitely not worth ruining your relationship. There is always a great option that meets your desires.

First, choose a bath. Then add a shower over it. Done! We do not mean an ordinary hose, but a real shower. It can even mimic tropical rains. You can choose one. Make sure the water pressure is perfect for you. You should also pay attention to the type of wall covering. And do not forget to buy a shower curtain.

38. Shelf Space. It is magical that there are many shelves. When you have one shelf in the bathroom, you fill it with cosmetics. When you have ten of them, you still find something to put there. Maybe you don’t need shelves at all?

If you have a dressing table, you can store cosmetics there. For example, you can put chemicals in a special box and, if it is necessary, transfer everything at once. If you need space at least for toothbrushes and soap, you can install one hanging shelf. Although it can be avoided.

There are now many accessories that simplify storage. In addition, they do not take up space. There are special holders for toothbrushes that stick directly to the wall. Soap can be stored on the sink.

39. Shower Space. It is not necessary to put a shower cabin in the bathroom. You can just create a special shower area. To do this, you need to think in advance about the right coating for the walls, floor, and ceiling. You also need to add a drain for water to the right place and purchase a shower system with a suitable hose and strainer. In this case, a curtain does not work.

We need something more airtight. For example, a screen. A special shower damper will create an imitation of a shower cabin. One of its advantages is that you can create your own shape. For small spaces, you should choose not a standard square version, but a faceted or beveled one.

40. Compact Spaces. A locker for storage is a must-have for a bathroom if the space is small. The solution is to place it over the toilet. Usually, this space is not used. And this mistake is not in favor of a small bathroom. The wall above the toilet can be easily occupied by shelves, cabinets, niches, etc. It is important to consider the correct height and there will be no problems.

41. Bathroom Walls. The lack of corners, soft floor-to-wall, and wall-to-ceiling transitions blur the boundaries of the room. Another situation is when the mosaic walls and floors reduce the space. This effect can be compensated by the glossy white mosaic, which gives it lightness.

42. Tiny Shower. There are now many options for making a compact shower enclosure. If you are doing repairs just for yourself and do not plan to transfer ownership to someone else in the near future, feel free to take our advice into consideration.

Make a shower cabin according to your parameters. Calculate the optimal space and do not make the shower cabin larger than it’s needed. If you are quite thin, then this shower will take up minimum space. So, you can save square meters of the apartment for something else, including a bidet.

43. Shower Sink. Do-it-yourself repair allows you to save money and make an individual design. However, not everyone knows how to make all sorts of repairs. If you want to have a shower that is installed directly on the floor, the area should be paved in a specific way. Not everyone has the qualifications for such a work.

To solve this problem, you can choose a shower tray. It looks like a flat sink on the floor. As an option, we also recommend surrounding it with a glass screen.

44. Bathroom Sink. Plumbing can be made to individual order. Take this opportunity if you have a small bathroom. The tub located close to the wall often looks very advantageous. In the same way, you can place a sink.

45. Entire Room In The Attic. Do not be afraid to place a shower room in the basement or attic. This is an interesting challenge that is not difficult at all. The main thing is to have access to the pipes and connect the plumbing.

A sloping roof can be easily used in bathroom planning. For example, if the height allows, place the toilet at the lowest level. This slope can also be used for storage. Fill the wall space with shelves. Attics usually have dormer windows. They are a great source of daylight and should be used.

Consider the actual space. Think about whether it is realistic to use as much floor space as you have or not. Ceiling beams are a common element in the attic bathrooms. Note that the total height must be at least 190 cm. Otherwise, it will be overloaded.

The bathroom is one of those places that should be comfortable and cozy. The arrangement of the room affects a lot. The proposed ways to make the square footage seem bigger than it is can be used individually or in combination. Of course, some are doable only during the renovation of the whole apartment, but a few can be implemented exclusively for bathroom renovation. Thus, do not hesitate and start your journey to a perfect little bathroom straight away!