30 Bathroom Mirror Ideas That Will Win Your Heart

Bathroom mirrors go far beyond helping you apply makeup, do your hair, shave, or check out your appearance. They can give an illusion of depth, inject extra light, breathe in style, and disguise storage space. Bathroom mirrors come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs, making it hard to choose the one that will perfectly fit in your bathroom and suit your style. Explore these great bathroom mirror ideas to get started.

1. Minimalist Vanity Mirror. This classic rectangular mirror hung above the bathroom vanity is your best choice if you prefer keeping things simple and minimalist. The mirror frame repeats the color of the cabinet face and the door, making the space feel harmonious and balanced.

Small Bathroom with Modern Mirror Design and Pending Bulbs

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2. Antique Mirror. This gorgeous mirror was hand-picked to complement an incredibly stylish bathroom and not to steal the thunder from those fascinating tiles at the same time. Its exotic hexagonal shape makes the mirror stand out while the copper frame helps it seamlessly integrate with the overall color scheme.

Unique Cyan Bathroom with Walk in Shower and Hexagon Mirror

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3. Two Mirrors. If you have a double vanity, why not place two round mirrors above? Gold framed mirrors make an excellent match for a solid wood vanity. Pay attention to the walls: the wall opposite the mirrors is painted in a contrasting white color, making these double mirrors a focal point of the bathroom.

Rustic Bathroom with Double Round Mirrors Gray Plank Wall and Wood Vanity

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4. Round Gold Framed Bathroom Mirror. A huge round mirror with a thin gold frame is a great choice for a bathroom or a powder room with tons of natural light. When selecting a mirror for your bathroom, make sure both its shape and frame match the overall interior design.

Blue and White Bathroom with a Round Brass Framed Mirror

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5. Double Mirrors for Double Sinks. Transform your bathroom into a spa-like space by incorporating a double sink vanity. These large square mirrors occupy most of the wall space and add the needed depth to a small bathroom. They perfectly combine with the vanity by repeating the vanity top color and shape.

Two Large Rectangular Bathroom Mirrors with Black Frames

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6. Copper Framed Bathroom Mirror. Wallpaper with a sophisticated floral design makes up the focal point of this cute small powder room, meaning it would be a mistake to use a statement mirror. The designer went for a more modest solution by adding a copper framed mirror that beautifully integrates with the rustic design of this room and perfectly combines with the wallpaper.

Powder Room with Wainscoting Floral Wallpaper and Brass Frame Mirrors

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7. Gold Framed Antique Mirrors. Minimalist bathroom design like this allows you to experiment with the fanciest mirrors you could imagine. These beautiful antique mirrors placed above the double vanity add a touch of personality and style to the contemporary design of this bathroom.

Modern White Bathroom with Two Antique Mirrors

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8. Triple Bathroom Mirror. A tri-fold mirror is definitely the right mirror for your vintage bathroom. Its unusual design and golden frames help create the necessary vibe. Placed right above the bathroom sink, it is great for applying makeup or shaving.

Triple Bathroom Mirror with a Niche Shelf Below

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9. Baroque Mirror Idea. Two gold-framed vintage mirrors set up opposite one another will make all the difference to your bathroom. If you consider implementing this unusual bathroom mirror idea, make sure you don’t overload the space with excessive details and let the mirrors be the center of attention.

White Bathroom with Unique Tub and Bathroom Mirror Ideas

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10. Old Bathroom Mirror. If you are passionate about vintage and antiques, you might want to add something old and beautiful to your bathroom, like an old wall mirror. Aged bathroom mirrors combine exceptionally well with stone sinks and cast iron elements.

Vintage Bathroom Mirrors with Stone and Iron Vanity

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11. Wood Frame Mirror. If you feel like tapping into the bathroom-that-doesn’t-feel-like-bathroom trend, consider getting a wood-framed vanity mirror. Coupled with cozy rugs, curtains, and house plants, it will make the space feel more like a living room or bedroom.

Wood Bathroom Vanity Mirror

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12. Statement Mirror. For a monochrome bathroom, choose a wall mirror that will become the focal point. An unusually framed or asymmetrical mirror will make the difference, adding a touch of uniqueness to your space.

Oval Bathroom Mirror with a Statement Wood Frame

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13. Angular Double Mirrors. You can easily create a spa bathroom vibe by matching your bathroom mirror to the fixtures and fittings. Brass accents in this bathroom add warmth and perfectly combine with the green wall color, resulting in an elegant bathroom design.

Bright Green Bathroom with Brass Fixtures Lamps and Mirror Frames

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14. Multiple Mirrors. This bathroom is big enough to accommodate two vanities with sinks and even a makeup table. Various textures make it look really chic, while three mirrors work wonders to add extra depth and a touch of style.

Mirrors Idea for a Double Vanity with a Makeup Table Between Them

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15. Twin Mirrors. If you’re looking for ways to add more space to small bathrooms, consider making them all-white, incorporating extra lighting, and adding a large mirror or two. A monochrome bathroom doesn’t have to be boring — feel free to experiment with textures and fittings.

All White Bathroom with Black Mirrors Frames and Fixtures

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16. Large Mirror. A huge mirror with modern wall-mounted lighting on either side is the best way to infuse extra space into your bathroom or powder room. The black frame makes this awesome mirror stand out on the white plank wall.

Large Bathroom Mirror for a Double Marble Vanity

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17. Boho Mirror. A bohemian mirror is a funky and easy way to juice up your bathroom. Exotic designs, natural materials, and bright colors typical of the bohemian style make even smaller mirrors stand out.

Beige Powder Room with a Round Boho Bathroom Mirror

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18. Vintage Design. This vintage bathroom design is absolutely gorgeous, while a beautiful mirror makes it harmonious and complete. Choosing the mirror frame that matches the fittings is crucial for a balanced look.

Retro Bathroom Design with Large Mirror and Gallery Wall

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19. Double Vanity Mirrors. The shape of these mirrors is similar to the pattern of bathroom tiles, while the texture of the frames is close to the texture of cabinets and vanities. Steal this idea if you’re passionate about more sophisticated interior solutions.

Master Bedroom Mirror Idea with Double Vanity at Both Sides of the Door

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20. Wood Framed Bathroom Mirror. If the design of your bathroom is anchored in a single texture, feel free to integrate it into your bathroom mirror as well. This bathroom is a great example of such a kind of space: a wood framed vanity mirror beautifully complements wood look tiles in the shower and a modern floating vanity.

Bathroom Mirror Idea to Match with Wood Look Tiles

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21. Duo Mirrors. This duo bathroom mirror consists of two overlapping circles and features gold edging instead of a conventional frame. LED lights gleaming from behind the mirror add a modern touch to the space.

LED Lights Mirror on Mirror Idea for a Bathroom

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22. Frameless Mirrors. Twin mirrors set up above double sinks have a huge advantage over a single wall-to-wall mirror. They free up wall space in between the mirrors so that you can add extra lighting. In addition, it’s one of the best bathroom mirror ideas if you crave symmetry.

Long Frameless Mirrors for a Double Sink

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23. Round Mirror with Brass Frame. Bring a touch of vintage elegance to your bathing space with a retro mirror like this. Beautiful and elegant, it also has a toiletry shelf and towel rails.

Towel Ladder with a Round Mirror for a Rustic Bathroom

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24. Round Bathroom Mirror on a Rope. Circular design mirrors are all-time classics, so you can’t go wrong choosing one for your next bathroom makeover. A mirror on a rope is sure to add a stylish vibe and romantic oceanside flair to your bathroom.

Small Round Bathroom Mirror Hang on a Hook

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25. Chippy Bathroom Mirror. This intentionally chipped bathroom mirror is all about style! It is a perfect addition to a vintage bathroom, combining so well with dried flowers and vintage art prints.

Fun Bathroom Mirror with Small Shelf Below

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26. Mirrored Cabinetry. If you don’t like wasting even a single inch, you’ll definitely love the idea of a mirrored cabinet set up above your sink. With a mirrored cabinet, you get extra storage space without compromising on the mirror’s size.

White Hexagon Bathroom Tile and Mirrored Cabinetry

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27. Asymmetrical Frameless Mirror. An irregularly-shaped mirror is your best bet if you seek to spice up your bathing space and give it a truly unique look. Such mirrors come in a wide variety of shapes, so before rushing to the checkout, make sure it will combine with other shapes in your space.

Stylish Asymmetrical Bathroom Mirror

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28. Aged Mirror with a Golden Frame. This gold-framed antique mirror pairs so well with the bold blue wallpaper. Placed opposite the window, it beautifully reflects natural light, filling the room with sunshine and making it exceptionally bright.

Bold Blue and White Bathroom Design with Unique Bathroom Mirror

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29. Gold Framed Mirror with a Shelf. If you prefer keeping your bathroom classic but still want to make a statement, a gold-framed bathroom mirror might be your best choice. Thin lines and the frame texture matching the fittings make this space look incredibly elegant and delicate.

Small Bathroom Vanity with Chevron Tile Backsplash and Gold Mirror Frame and Fixtures

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30. Mirrored Cabinetry for a Victorian Style Bathroom. A Victorian-style home calls for an appropriate bathroom. The marble floor, massive vanity, and chandelier will create an ultimately luxurious vibe when paired with huge mirrored cabinets.

Large Victorian Bathroom with Unique Mirror on Mirror Design

via @savvy_ladue

A mirror can do wonders transforming your bathroom into a unique space you’ll want to return to again and again. No matter which style you choose for your bathroom, the right mirror will help you achieve the desired look, add extra light, and make your bathroom feel more spacious.