30 Bathtub Shower Combo Ideas You’ll Crave for Your Bathroom

Whatever your bathroom layout, the true centerpiece of it is the bathing area. But what should you go for, a traditional bathtub or a separate walk-in shower? And what if you choose a dynamic bathtub shower combo to be at the heart of your space? Luckily, there are lots of great bathroom designs proving that tub shower combos can make genuine power couples. Here are 30 of our favorite ideas.

1. Small Scandinavian Style Bathroom. Your bathroom doesn’t need to encompass a large area to be beautiful. This bathtub shower combo utilizes a half-wall glass enclosure to help keep the space feeling open. In addition, the woodgrain tile and soft colors give the room a cozy, Scandinavian style.

Bathroom with Tub Shower Combo and Woodgrain Tile Accent Wall

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2. Crisp Combo. This bathroom does a fantastic job of pairing old-world opulence with current design trends. The freestanding tub and dramatic fixtures feel luxurious, while the glass shower surround and gray tiles keep the space fresh.

Bathroom with Large Window Tub and Niche with Walk in Shower

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3. Tub Shower Niche in a Guest Bathroom. You can take your guest bathroom from meh to marvelous with a few simple upgrades. The built-in shelving in this tub shower combo is a great way to save space, and the dual shower heads will have your friends and family wanting to extend their stay.

Guest Bathroom with Small Bathtub Shower Combo

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4. Smart Use of Bathroom Space. What’s not to love about this bathing area? This bathroom is beautiful, from the bright natural lighting to the bold herringbone tile accent wall. However, our favorite detail is the storage built into the half-wall; this is a fantastic use of an often wasted space.

White and Navy Blue Bathroom with Rub Shower Combo and Window Seat

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5. Simple Makeover. This bath feels like an entirely new room with the upgraded fixtures and the addition of a shower to the bathing area. Installing a shower head in an existing bathtub doesn’t cost a lot of money and is great for convenience and your home’s resale value.

Simple Small Bathroom with Half Shower Screen

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6. Small Bathroom with Walk-In Shower and Soaking Tub. The combination of the soaker tub and floating vanity next to a walk-in shower, along with the soft, sandy color palette, give this bathroom the feel of an oasis in your home, despite the small square footage. Every detail, down to the warm golden fixtures, lets you know this is the place to unwind.

Small Bathroom with Small Walk in Shower and Freestanding Tub

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7. Tinted Glass Enclosure and Black Accents. Simple, rectangular tile is nice, but sometimes a bathroom needs a little pizzazz. These homeowners have stepped up their bathroom’s charm in a big way with hexagon tiles in the shower and bold, black accents.

Shower Tub Combo with Tinted Screen and Black Hardware

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8. Moody Bathroom Remodel. Next time you paint your bathroom, consider doing the tub to match. This moody claw footed tub is an excellent example of how you can change the entire energy of your space with a bit of specialty paint from the hardware store and some elbow grease.

DIY Bathroom Redesign with Claw Tub and Shower Enclosure

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9. Framed Shower Doors and a Separate Tub. Bathtubs aren’t the only things you can give a quick upgrade with some fresh color. This shower surround looks brand new after a coat of black paint and adding some adhesive dividers to create panes.

White Bathroom with Tub and Walk in Shower Niche

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10. Bathtub Shower Combo with Large Glossy Tile. The large, marbled tiles are truly the centerpiece of this tub and shower remodel. They bring a feeling of elegance to the small bathroom space, and by extending them out and along the walls, the room is tied together wonderfully.

Small Bathroom with Shower Head and Screen

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11. Airy Oasis. Everything about this bathroom is inviting you to come in and wash your cares away. The glass shower surrounds keep the room open, while the wood tile used on the floor and as an accent on the walls brings some warmth. The addition of plants gives the room charm and keeps it from becoming flat.

Toilet Tub and Shower Bathroom with White and Wood Tile Design

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12. Fabulous Floor. While the tub shower combo is lovely, the true star of this space is the floor. The fun pattern draws the eye, while the neutral tones keep it from overwhelming the space. This is an excellent example of making one bold choice and designing the rest of the bathroom around it.

White and Gray Bathroom with Tub and Shower Combo

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13. Soaking Tub in a Walk In Shower Area. This bathtub shower combo is currently one of our favorite styles. It mixes all the luxury of a freestanding tub and the convenience of a walk-in shower with an open-concept feel that makes your bathroom feel massive.

Separate Bathtub in Walk In Shower Zone

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14. Personal Panes. An outdated shower stall can really drag down the ambiance of your bathroom, but replacing it can also be costly. An easy upgrade that won’t take much time or money is to add some crittal-style panes using electrical tape and a hair dryer.

Painted Bathroom with Shower Stall and Bathtub

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15. Rustic Retreat. In this tub and shower combo, the use of black on the claw tub and accessories adds a modern twist to an otherwise rustic room. We like the use of two glass panels to separate the bathing area while still allowing light to flow freely in the space.

Large Master Bathroom with Glass Enclosed Shower and Black Claw Tub

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16. Pretty Tub Panels. Add some skirt panels to your otherwise run-of-the-mill tub for a more unique and upscale look in your bathroom. These panels come in a variety of patterns and finishes, or if you are feeling handy, you can build them yourself.

Tub and Shower Combo with Decorative Side Panel

via @candaceplotzdesign

17. Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Design. Some bathroom design styles will never be out of fashion, and one of those is simple tiles with a black and white palette. These homeowners have done a fantastic job adding personal touches and accessories such as the iron chandelier while keeping the overall feel timeless.

Modern Farmhouse Tub and Shower Design

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18. Feature Wall. This beautifully tiled green wall is an excellent example of how to build a focal point in your bathtub shower combo. The interesting shape and bold color of the tiles draw your eye without suffocating the simple decor in the rest of the room.

Walk In Shower with Freestanding Tub and Accent Wall

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19. Statement Pattern. A little bit of pattern can go a long way when you are working with limited space. This modern geometric tile does a great job of adding interest without overwhelming the space. If you decide to install a feature like this, take extra care with your grout lines to ensure your end product looks clean and professional.

Small Shower Tub Combo Tile Idea

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20. Multi-Purpose Bathroom with Bathtub Shower Combo. This bathroom has it all: an enclosed bathtub shower, vanity, toilet, laundry appliances, and even some storage cabinets. We appreciate the soft, coordinating colors from the tile in the shower to the vanity countertop. It ties the room together while making space for the bolder floor choice.

Bathroom with Shower Tub Combo and Laundry Corner

via @hollyhickeymoore

21. All Over Stone. Sometimes you just know what the right bathroom design for you is, and you have to go for it. Here, the homeowners have gone with one tile for the entirety of their space, from floors to the walk-in shower. By choosing the neutral pallet and keeping the rest of the fixtures and decor modern and clean, they have managed to create a relaxing spa-like zone.

Bathroom with Stone Mosaic Tile Walk in Shower and Tub

via @merbuilt

22. Bold Design with Retro Vibes. Some of the best design inspiration comes from decades past. For example, this tub shower combo with its green tile and gold accents looks like an art-deco dream. The floating vanity and modern sink help pull the design into the 21st century and balance the retro feel.

Art Decor Bathroom with Tub and Shower Combo

via @virtueprojectsltd

23. Cute Shower Curtain. This bathroom design is a vision of relaxation with warm hues and soft natural light. The use of pinks, from the subtle tint of the tiles in the tub combo to the pretty shower curtain and funky floor pattern, brings a cohesive feel to the room.

Small Bathroom Tubs with Shower Head and Curtain

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24. Keeping Bath Time Contained. Anyone who has had small kids knows what a mess bath time can become. Stylish and modern yet waterproof, this glass tub enclosure is a no-brainer for a family bathroom. You will appreciate not having to clean up any more bathtub typhoons.

Bathtub with Wall to Wall Shower Screens

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25. Bathing Niche with White Subway Tile. Using tiles with different but complementary colors or styles is a great interior design trick to add interest to your bathroom. Here, the homeowners have stuck to simple black and white tiles but chosen very different shapes. The stark color palette makes it possible to add a bold vanity without looking too busy.

White Tile Tub Shower Niche Black Floor Tile and Blue Vanity

via @djfbuilders

26. Shower Starpower. While we love a good tub shower combo, the shower is clearly the star of this bathroom. With dual shower heads, a seating area, and floor-to-ceiling natural stone tiles, this shower is a space to let the world melt away.

Bathroom with a Tub and Large Walk in Shower with Seating Area

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27. Smart Details. Sometimes the most minor details can make the biggest impact when remodeling your bathroom. Here, the owners decided to install some accent tile in their shower and matched the black frame of the enclosure with the vanity mirror styles. This helps to break up the space and adds a touch of flare to an otherwise simplistic style.

Tub Shower Combo with Black Hardware Sliding Doors and Mirror Frames

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28. Basic Tile Borders. Installing a tile border above your tubs surround is an easy DIY project and can enhance your bathroom style. This border of accent tiles makes the otherwise generic plastic surround feel more upscale and ties in nicely with the woodgrain countertop.

DIY Bathroom Remodel with Tub and Shower Curtain

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29. Alcove Appreciation. Small alcoves are a common sight in walk-in showers. They provide out-of-the-way storage and a great excuse to add some fun accent tiles. However, they are equally valuable when tucked into the wall behind your stand-alone tub. This combo is good proof.

Shower Stall and Claw Tub Painted Pink

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30. Beauty on a Budget. Turning a drab bathroom into your favorite relaxing spot doesn’t need to cost you a month’s salary. This inspired remodel was accomplished with mostly paint and patience. The homeowners have completely transformed the space by adding a bold new color to the walls, shower surround, and even the existing floor tile.

White and Black Bathroom DIY Remodel and Tile Stenciling

via @keelieslife

The right shower and tub combo can help you get a fresh start on your day and relax in the evening, which is something everyone deserves. Whether you are considering remodeling your entire bathroom or just adding some key interior design touches, there are so many great ways to make your bathroom your own.