45 Impressive Shower Tile Ideas

What could be more banal and simple than shower tiling? You just go to the store, choose, buy, glue – and voilà, it’s done! But do not underestimate its importance. When you say that tiles are trivial, one Gaudí cries somewhere. Back in the early 1900s, this genius created the most visited location in the Spanish city of Barcelona from different colored pieces of it – Park Güell. So keep in mind that even tiles can be a work of art.

We are here to show 45 of the most gripping shower tile options. You will see tiles of various shapes, textures, and colors. Get ready for a dose of interior design aesthetics – get inspired and note what you like!

1. Visual Interest In Shower Area. Unusual tiles can transform interior design drastically. Its unique shape does not interfere with easy installation and continues the water theme, as it resembles a shell, scale, or mermaid’s tail. A heterogeneous color with various hues is a real beauty for sure.

2. Colorful Tile As Focal Point. Do not be afraid of bright colors. Paint the walls in the bathroom in a water-repellent white or neutral color, and cover the shower area with vivid tile. It will be a lovely accent to the interior design.

3. Colorful Tile As Focal Point. Do not be afraid of bright colors. Paint the walls in the bathroom in a water-repellent white or neutral color, and cover the shower area with vivid tile. It will be a lovely accent to the interior design.

4. Patterned Tile For Accent Wall. Do you like patterned tiles but find them too striking for your bathroom? First of all, do not give up on this idea. Feel free to buy it, but in small quantities. Lay out some pieces that will become the room’s focal point. Use neutral tiles for the rest of the space.

5. Black Tile In Interior Design. Black tile always looks luxurious. If you are afraid it looks too gloomy, mix it with white ones. So that it does not look like a checkerboard, choose tiles of an unusual shape. Honeycomb, for example. You can also use white grout to make the seams between black ones visible.

6. Different Shapes Of Shower Tiles. There is a myriad of tiles: 3D mosaics, subway, diamond-shaped, brick, round ceramic, chevron, fish scale, herringbone, basket weave, pinwheel, arabesque, hexagon, octagon, mosaic, etc. Some are more popular, some less. Among this variety, you will definitely find the one you like best.

7. Black Grout Or White Grout. The look of your bathroom depends not only on tiles. Trendy ones do not guarantee that everything will look stylish. What really matters is the details. Pay attention to the grout. It comes in different colors.

It may be worth duplicating the color of the tiles so that they merge into one solid canvas. Perhaps the tiles need to be visually separated. Then choose a grout of a different color. And what about the same color but a different shade? The choice is yours.

8. Tiny Tiles For Spacious Bathroom. Patterns can be formed from tiles of unusual shapes. Feel free to try it. Thanks to the beveled or rounded corners, an accent wall in your bathroom will stand out even more.

9. Square Tiles For Feature Wall. Square tiles are fairly standard. If you have settled on this type of shape but want to decorate your shower wall, be bold to play with colors.

10. Wave-Textured Tile. Look at this wave-textured tile in the photo! Looks cool, doesn’t it? Notice that grouts are not visible at all. The only thing you can see here is a built-in shower shelf for shampoos and shower gels. In the example, there are different colors and types of tiles. But you can make it all from the same materials.

11. Stylish Shower Tiling. When designing a bathroom in one style or another, pay attention to the fact that there are types of tiles suitable for certain interiors. Arabesque tiles are ideal for luxury bathrooms, for instance. It adds an oriental touch.

12. Colorful Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas. Colored bathroom tiles look good in several design options. Keep in mind that very bright colors should be in the minority. Or they need to be diluted with other shades. Or simply choose muted ones.

13. Color Balancing In Interior Design. Imagine you chose a colored glossy tile for your shower wall, but it turned out to be too bright. We recommend doing the following: paint another area of the wall with waterproof paint of the same color but a darker shade. For green tiles – dark green paint, red – burgundy, blue – navy, and so on.

14. Geometric Shapes. There are many types of geometric tiles. When choosing one, pay attention to the way it is installed. Do the corners butt? Will the tile fit snugly against the wall? Consider every detail.

15. Shower Niche With Tile. A niche for various cosmetics in the shower is very convenient. Bathroom shelf models will have to be replaced sooner or later – whether they will be covered in rust and mold or constantly falling. A niche in this regard is more practical. Just note that you should choose tiles with the same angles so that they are butted perfectly.

16. Create Home Decor With Tiles. Mosaic makes it possible to create a truly unique interior design of the bathroom. There will be no other place like this. Make a real patchwork on the wall! Let each tile be different. Of course, it is better to decorate only one wall in this way so that it does not look superfluous.

17. Spacious Shower With Natural Light. Large windows mean less wall surface. You can finish laying the tiles not by placing them next to each other but slightly over the line. Check out the example in the photo. Important clarification: the shape of the tile should be uneven.

18. Shower Tile Ideas For Wet Room. Interior designers should consider not only the overall style of the apartment but even what is around the house. If there are windows in the bathroom, you can emphasize the view. Match the tile color to the greenery outside. If you live in a colder region, pay attention to different shades of white.

19. Varying Sizes Of Porcelain Tiles. You can use two different types of tiles to create a pattern on the wall. Form a fragment and repeat it several times. Combine various shapes and colors. Do not limit your imagination!

20. Add Texture To Large Shower Room. Large and convex tiles are not suitable for small bathrooms because they visually reduce an already limited space. But in spacious rooms, there are no restrictions. So feel free to use such tiles if it is possible.

21. Pixel Art In Modern Farmhouse Bathroom. A small square tile or mosaic in skilled hands turns into a masterpiece. You can lay out any picture on the wall, even by yourself. Use a pixel or embroidery principle to create the image.

22. Natural Stone In Interior Design. Turn your bathroom into a real grotto – give preference to brick or stone tiles. They complement the atmosphere of the shower, which imitates tropical rain. There are techniques that can be used to make wood flooring with natural pebbles.

23. Bathroom Tiling. There are no specific rules for using tiles in the bathroom. Should they be waterproof? It goes without saying. What about durability? It is necessary for flooring in the first place. If they meet these requirements, decorate both the walls and floor. Also, feel free to use more than two different types of tiles.

24. Ceiling Made Of Natural Materials. The tiled ceiling in the shower area creates a holistic image. In addition, it allows you to install artificial lighting. This option is a must-have for bathrooms without windows.

25. Shower Enclosure In Contrasting Colors. Color solutions for the design of shower enclosures vary in a wide range. Bright shades of any color are suitable for creating a stunning bathroom look. There are no strict limitations.

26. White And Marble Combo. Sometimes all you need is to give your shower enclosure a spectacular look. Thus, use tiles with unusual angles instead of the standard 90 degrees. Give preference to contrasting grout to highlight the unique shape and add natural elements to the accent wall.

27. Bright Accents. Adding a few bright spots to a plain wall brings the space to life. You can lay out a pattern or use a mosaic technique. This old way of decorating is still popular and authentic. First of all, this is due to the limitless potential of the material and its decorative properties.

28. Tiling VS Wood Flooring. The most fashionable trend today is a tile shower tray located flush with the floor. If the transition between the shower zone and the rest of the room is invisible, visually delimit these areas with two different types of tiles.

29. Herringbone Pattern. Find out what types of tile laying exist. Sometimes the overall look of the bathroom interior depends on the tile itself. To turn it into something unique, play with shapes and colors.

30. Porcelain Tile For Ceiling. If the bathroom is situated in the attic or under a sloping roof, tile the ceiling. It looks stylish, so don’t worry about such an unusual location.

31. Mosaic In Shower Area. Not all shower areas have the proper shape. For instance, the previously mentioned mosaic is suitable for rounded surfaces. However, the property of structures assembled from small parts makes it possible to lay out uneven architectural elements with these pieces.

32. Brick In Interior Design. As a facing material for a shower cabin, you can choose not only standard tiles. They can be replaced with ones made of natural stone, brick, or glass. The marble wall that shimmers with light looks especially luxurious.

33. Stylish Tiling That Soothe. Meditatively observe how the water flows down the relief tiles. It’s also pleasant to the touch. After a hard day, sometimes you need to ground yourself. Using basic sensations is the best way to calm down.

34. Natural Stone And Ceramic Tile. A combination of different textures can be an excellent solution. The use of tiles that mimic natural stone, combined with smooth ones, gives the shower a spectacular look.

35. Subway Tile And Wallpaper. Monochrome tile looks luxurious along with colorful wallpaper, the pattern of which repeats its color. Of course, the wallpaper should be waterproof. Choose a motif to your taste.

36. Wood Wall Tile. It is well known that splashes of water, steam, and fluctuating temperatures are enemies of natural wood. But if you still want to have it in your bathroom, use a tile that imitates its texture. Thus, you create a look you like, and the surfaces do not suffer from the effects of a humid environment.

37. Painted Shower Tile Design. Even such a simple area as a shower cabin can be turned into a masterpiece. You just need to make a little effort, use your imagination, and choose the proper material for cladding.

38. Shower Floor Tile. If you love fancy tile but are worried about how it will look on a large wall or floor area, use it only for your shower floor. In fact, you will only admire it while taking a shower. The rest of the time, this color accent will not be particularly noticeable, and, accordingly, will not annoy you.

39. Striped Shower Walls. Instead of adding horizontal ones, pay attention to vertical lines. This accent will visually emphasize the height of your shower. It is especially impressive in this example, which uses an arrow-shaped tile. It attracts attention and creates a feeling of dynamic energy. The colors do not look depressing and, at the same time, catch the eye.

40. White Floor And Dark Wall. Are you the proud owner of a modest-sized bathroom but do not want to compromise your aesthetic principles? Then pay attention to the example in the photo. In a narrow bathroom, make one wall a rich color and leave the rest white.

41. Wall Tiles As Art. Geometric patterns that we are used to are still in trend. But if you want to impress someone with a new bathroom renovation, be sure to check out wallpaper-like tiles. This option can be called 100% fashionable and very trendy. Judge for yourself from the photo.

42. Matching Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas. If you like geometric floor tiles in the bathroom, we recommend improvising with matching wall compositions. For a dark floor, use the opposite contrasting color.

43. Floor Tile Made Of Stones. The solution to a slippery surface can be matte tile. Most manufacturers produce separate collections of such ones. The option with a corrugated surface will be ideal. This flooring provides a secure grip on the soles, even if it gets a lot of water.

44. Marble Look. Tiles that imitate stone or marble look spectacular. Notice how its natural hues hide moisture stains. In addition to aesthetic pleasure, you will also enjoy practical benefits.

45. Wall Tile As Masterpiece. Sometimes the best way to highlight a shower enclosure is to leave it pure white with a contrasting finish. The shower looks spacious and airy even with a curtain of the same color. However, keep in mind that for large bathrooms rather colorful wall decoration is more suitable. In a small space, this can become tiring over time.

You just had 45 opportunities to fall in love with a shower tile. And if you have a chance to touch it and appreciate all the beauty of such a seemingly simple element, go for it. Do you already know what kind of tile you want in your home? Go in search of the perfect one to create a shower that will delight you every day!