22 Beautiful Ideas for Bathroom Wall Decor

It is quite interesting that bathroom wall decor never comes to our minds while we are trying to make our bedrooms and living rooms picture-perfect. Our bathroom is not only about practical usage. Keep in mind that this space asks for your ideas, feelings, and personality even if it is almost always wet!

Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

The bathroom is about relaxing. It is about being yourself! Dark shades are not reserved for bedrooms, as well as a gallery wall isn’t something only the living room can present. Be sure that you can bring to life a great number of your bathroom wall décor solutions and our article full of budget-friendly DIY ideas is here for you!

1. Floor-to-Ceiling Windows. If you are an owner of a beautiful country house and your living place is Mother Nature in all its glory, then a huge floor-to-ceiling window can be your best bathroom wall décor idea ever! Is there anything more comfortable than an exquisite moment of intimacy between you and the calm forest outside, for example? We doubt it.

2. Indoor Nature. Don’t be shy to invite Mother Nature inside and ask her to become a part of your bathroom! Plants and wooden elements on your walls may be the best choice if you are trying to create a zone of calm freshness in this space. Nature was our home a long time ago and it can still be suitable everywhere in your home.

3. Royal Vibes. What an extraordinary palette can be achieved with dark grey flooring, uniform green tiles, and apple green wallpapers! Painted flowers can be easily combined with a beautiful bouquet in a glass vase. And by the way, you can find such a beautiful bathroom wall designed by Guy Hendrix Dyas on the set of the recently made Princess Diana biopic ‘Spencer’ (Directed by Pablo Larrain). In this movie, the bathroom was the only place to represent Diana’s feelings and personality.

4. Vintage Kitchen Cabinet. Who said those beautiful vintage cabinets are reserved exclusively for kitchens and living rooms? Look how differently this kind of furniture fits into the all-white minimalistic modern bathroom. And, by the way, by using such cabinets you can save a lot of space for decorating your bathroom walls with beautiful paintings instead of placing racks or hooks for towels upon them.

5. Black Nuances. We always leave a special place in our homes for mirrors. They have different shapes, finishes, and vibes – just as we do. If you are in love with dark colors and your bathroom walls are not an excuse to avoid this passion, then think about a beautifully framed round black mirror combined with decorative dark grey brick.

6. Eclectic Gallery. When you think about where to put your beautifully framed paintings, family photographs, and other pictures, the living room comes to your mind in the first place. But try to think about this artistic bathroom. It is a great way to prove that there are no limits when it comes to self-expression.

So, when you think about what to put on your bathroom walls, try your family portraits.

7. Pier Atmosphere. The bathroom is related so much to water. And water is always about freedom, adventures, great ships, and sailings. These rope towel racks and mirror frames can be a great way to express your fascination with the marine theme. And such décor ideas are space-friendly, aren’t they? Simplicity in all its beauty.

8. Snow White Motives. White as snow, black as ebony… Sounds like one of the most famous fairytales. Or, like zebra? If you are in love with classic black&white contrasts, then try to make your bathroom wall all-white. Little black nuances in furniture and/or pictures and other elements of décor will help you to create an incredible atmosphere.

9. Highlighting Reality. Old foundation houses have their unique atmosphere. Sometimes all you need is to highlight it, to make it more visible and touchable. Try not to over-repair your home and update it with all the modern features. Instead, use some jewelry with historical and/or ethnic vibes to decorate your bathroom walls. This approach will give you an incredible result.

10. Never Tired of Nature. The all-white bathroom wall is not boring at all. The tiles are like blank paper waiting for your imagination and creativity. Try to decorate this space with a fresh green branch and you’ll get not only an unusual design but an aromatherapy bonus as well. And, by the way, this branch can be different each time, so your bathroom will always look fresh.

11. Chic Floor-to-Ceiling Artwork. Chic printed images can provide you with anything you like. You can choose your favorite artwork, photograph, camera shot, storybook cover, etc., and turn it into beautiful wallpaper for decorating your bathroom wall.

12. Collage Art. Not only paper paintings are useful for decorating your bathroom. If you are excited about collecting plates, panels, and other types of ceramic or wooden art, then try to hang them on your bathroom walls altogether. You can use different compositions each time. As you see, the result has an extraordinary look and this solution can be completely flexible when it comes to generating wall art ideas.

13. Living Room Vibes. The postmodern era has given us the idea of deconstruction. It is not only about shapes. You can make anything you like in a non-traditional way. Try to decorate your bathroom walls with vintage wallpapers, plants, rugs, and hanging pictures. Bring inside some classic curtains and a carpet, and voila! Now, this is an extraordinary bathroom with living room vibes. It is art. Or an extraordinary living room with a bath inside. Does it even matter?

14. Exposed Brick Style. Maybe sometimes we just have to let some things be the way they are. Exposed brick on the walls in your bathroom will give you a unique old farmhouse atmosphere, while thin wooden panels will solve the problem of space for towels and other bathroom stuff.

15. Less is More. Every person has their favorite color or even favorite shade of this color. Try to paint your bathroom walls and that’s all. You’ll get the best space for rest and self-care. If you’d like to have something else for decorating your bathroom walls but the color itself must be untouchable – just bring a little towel ladder inside or other accessories. And, if you have a small bathroom, this can be the best way to save space.

16. More Shelves for Style and Joy. A bathroom shelf is a useful thing in terms of practice. But it can be a beautiful element of decor too. Try to use a lot of the same shelves and you’ll get a lot of space for bathroom stuff and extraordinary wall decor at the same time. The space between those shelves can be absolutely different.

Don’t you believe it? Hang a shelf and see.

17. Towels as Decor. Sometimes there is no need for re-inventing the bicycle. Objects that were reserved for bathrooms can be decorative as well. If you want something new, then try to use your towels and some unusual towel hooks for your bathroom wall decor. These things can be standardized by color or not, that’s up to you.

18. Modular Art As the Latest Trend. Modular art as a part of the minimalism movement in the post-industrial society is a beautiful way to tell one visual story using a couple of canvases for it. Try to put together a few standardized modules in order to create a more visually complicated artistic composition and you will get an interesting element of decor for your bathroom walls.

19. Wild West Home Decor. Westerns are still responsible for making a huge impact on modern popular culture. By using wooden panels on your bathroom wall and specific furniture, you can get an unforgettable atmosphere of a western pub with its chaotic and explosive energy.

20. Bottom to Top. To continue with deconstructivism and non-traditional ways of decorating your home, we would like to tell and show you what an interesting effect you can get by covering your bathroom wall with the classic herringbone parquet.

This bathroom wall decor should be used as wall art, not the entire bathroom.

21. Modular Tile As Framed Wall Art. Bathroom tile is a type of unit for creating modular artworks. Sort of. Actually, you can stay classic by covering bathroom walls with tiles, but if you make it into one visual piece or a complete picture, you will get an extraordinary décor. This technique has been often used by the people of the Middle East. Hand-painted mosaic tiles from Iznik are recognized all over the world.

22. Edwardian Era. The 1900s have its unique style in interior design and fashion. Those years were the Golden Age of progress and the last peaceful time before the First World War. Wallpapers were the most popular and budget-friendly household item across the Western world during that time. Floral wallpapers, beautifully framed with carved wooden panels, can become a special part of your bathroom wall decor and bring the unique atmosphere of the lost world to your home.

Bathroom wall decor can be (and, probably, should be) as unique and different as people are. Be sure, that there always is enough space for your creativity and personality, which can be represented by many colors, shades, things, textiles, and other materials.

Be sure, that secondhand stores, markets of all kinds, and even your house are full of them.