25 Excellent Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

All family members spend quite a lot of time in the bathroom. They not only wash regularly, but also take a shower, and carry out other hygiene procedures. People get rid of the fatigue accumulated during the day and restore their mental strength here. So, why don’t you turn the bathroom into your own SPA? And, if you are going to remodel your bathroom, let’s start with the choice of bathroom floor tile.

Best Bathroom Floor Tiles Solutions

Browse this inspiring list of the best bathroom flooring ideas that will give you stylish design solutions and help to stay on the practical wave.

1. Natural Stone In The Bathroom Design. To diversify the bathroom interior design, experts recommend using noble textures. They are talking about natural stone. Various combinations are allowed here, as well as experiments with textures. Stone ceramic tiles are extremely durable and resistant to damage and abrasion.

2. The World In Specks. If you are tired of hackneyed options, you can play with black dots on a white bathroom floor. The scattering of small black specks on the white square bathroom tile is a return to the classics of design. Such a bathroom will look contemporary and fresh in the sunlight.

3. Wooden Floors Combined with Dark Olive Walls. The tile that imitates a wooden floor in the bathroom makes this room cozy and looks very stylish. It’s especially relevant in wooden houses. Besides, such an interior doesn’t steal space visually and prevents water damage, unlike the natural wooden floor.

4. Marble Dreams in the Bathroom. Having a bathroom with marble flooring is luxury. It has a noble and classic look. Marble tiles in the bathroom are often used for wall decoration too. Having covered your floor with marble tiles, you can be sure that you won’t have to change it for many years.

5. Calm and Peace in Beige Shades. Beige color is associated with warmth and peace. Insomuch as we come to the bathroom to relax and find some rest, beige will be an excellent choice for floor tiles in this room. Check how advantageous the bathroom interior looks with a drop of contrasting white added to the design.

6. Porcelain Floor Tiles: All in 1. Practicality, reliability, and beauty – it’s all about porcelain floor tile. This kind of tiles is denser and thus less porous than ceramic ones. Here is an example of the large porcelain tile trend for bathrooms. In addition, the white ceiling will be favorably reflected on the porcelain floor surface, creating additional space.

7. Add Some Natural Limestone to Your Interior. Giving preference to natural materials, you always win. This limestone accent floor tile lends serenity and warmth to the master bathroom. Now, limestone is a very popular option for bathroom flooring because the stone in the interior looks very interesting. Both a glass shower and a classic bath will look elegant in such an interior.

8. Back to Black. The black color in the interior looks quite impressive. Many people are afraid of such a dark tone, but you can get an amazing bathroom if you aptly combine it with other colors. This is a perfect tile for those who adhere to strict classics in everything: from a suit for work to the choice of bathroom tiles.

9. Bathroom Tile in Marine Colors. If you are tired of worn-out stereotypes, you should pay attention to the bathrooms in marine or nautical style. Let the tender wave crests take you to warmer places. In a room with such bathroom tiles, you can definitely relax your body and soul.

10. Marie Antoinette Design. A royal bathroom should look exactly like it does in the Marie Antoinette movie. Such designs feature open spaces, focus on black and white rhombus (or square) bathroom tile and a marble bathtub – nothing more, but it looks very rich. Don’t forget to watch this amazing movie! Be sure it will bring you some kind of inspiration.

Royal Bathroom Design with Black-and-White Tiles

via @vogue

11. Mosaics On the Bathroom Floor. From ancient times, our ancestors actively used this method of decoration. And not in vain: mosaic on the bathroom floor is a beautiful, durable, and very practical solution. Simple patterns will bring some mystery into your room. You can use small formats of tiles, as well as bigger ones – there is no limit to your imagination here.

12. Modern Subway Square Tile. If you are following the trends, you probably know that subway tile continues to grace homes in 2022. Because it’s simple, stylish, and beautiful. Agree that everybody wants to lie in a hot bathtub with lush foam and sea salt, not only to relax but also to enjoy the bathroom aesthetics.

13. Olive For the Bathroom: Boring or Not. Foremost, the olive bathroom floor looks juicy. Somebody can say that this color is uninteresting, but we absolutely disagree. Olive looks original in bathroom designs. Besides, you can easily combine it with olive walls.

14. Dark Brown Bathroom Floors. Dark tiles for the bathroom or toilet are a popular solution. It is always associated with nobility and comfort. A bathroom in brown tones can be the pride of your apartment – be sure the guests of the house will definitely approve of your taste.

Brown Bathroom Floor and Walls

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15. Bathroom Floor Patterned Tiles. How to choose the right tile design for your bathroom? For example, look at these modern patterns combined with subway tile and green plants. The concise design of this bathroom is just amazing: it seems to give a sense of endless peace. By the way, wooden furniture would be appropriate here too.

16. There Is Not So Much Gray. Gray floor tiles in the bathroom go well with white plumbing and black or gray furniture. Remember that there are many more shades of gray than fifty. It’s no surprise the variety of the gray palette makes gray a favorite designers’ color. Dust and dirt don’t catch the eye on such a floor. And how modern these stained-glass windows look here!

17. Pink Is Not About Glamour. For many of us, pink color is associated with socialites, glamour, fashion, and everything connected with it. But what if we tell you that it can be used for your bathroom interior and it will not look catchy or defiant. A pale pink room like this will stay in the memory of your guests for a long time.

18. Purity And Lightness of Classic White Color. A snow-white bathroom is meant to be stylish and inspiring, it should create an atmosphere of cleanliness and relaxation. The smooth texture of such white tiles remains very popular in bathroom design. Just add a few elements, for example, some marble decor, and you get a luxury bathroom.

19. Honeycomb Bathroom Tile. Forget about square tiles and pay attention to honeycombs. Due to its unusual shape, this tile advantageously decorates the interior. Patterned tiles look very impressive, and the combination of two options laid in series successfully divides the territory into functional zones without any walls.

20. Breath of Nature. Green can give any room a sense of solitude with nature. It helps to completely relax after a hard-working day by taking a shower. They say green is the color of life. So, if you constantly have something green in front of your eyes, your mood and mental health will be on top.

21. Be Original! A Combination of Different Tiles, Styles, and Shapes. Just imagine you can use a natural stone tile in combination with wooden subway tile and (or) marble one without a twinge of conscience… Don’t be afraid to look like a kind of silly billy! Designers say you can come up with your own unique patterns and bring them to life. For inspiration, one can use this sample.

22. Use Lavender / Purple Tiles. The purple bathroom is always original. Looking for a lilac bathroom that also includes other colors? No problem. This color looks wonderful with both dark and light tiles. The most popular shades of purple are lilac, lavender, blueberry, amethyst, eggplant, and so on. Otherwise, you can create a design with a combination of all these shades – none of them will screw up your space.

23. Retro Style. This is a cool alternative to modern minimalist interiors. When designing a retro bathroom, you should take a look at the interwar period and the Baroque period. The main distinguishing feature of such a stylized interior is a freestanding bathtub.

24. Modern Hardwood Floors In the Bathroom. As a rule, the bathroom is traditionally covered with tiles up to the very ceiling. And only a few people think about wooden-material floors. However, experts insist that you can simply cover surfaces in the bathroom with the wood that resists moisture. A wooden floor doesn’t require complex maintenance, so don’t worry about it. And the view of it is just amazing!

25. Checkerboard Bathroom Floor Tiles. A timeless classic that never goes out of style! It looks equally good in both retro and modern interiors, not only in the hallway, kitchen, or bathroom but also in the living areas. However, the colors don’t have to be black and white – you can get creative with other colors for a custom look.

Designing a bathroom is an important job – painstaking but very entertaining. Don’t be afraid to push the envelope and try some new, out-of-the-box ideas so you can get a design that accurately reflects your character and pleases you as long as it’s possible. In our turn, we hope, that this selection will inspire you to create a bathroom that will make everyone who enters it just go WOW!..