60 Stylish Bathroom Ideas for Any Style and Space

Do not neglect a bathroom design! This space is really private for all family members. The atmosphere should be secluded and calm. Make your private room the quietest and most relaxing area of your home. If you are thinking about bathroom home improvement, this article may inspire you. Look through all bathroom remodel ideas and choose what you like best.

1. Relaxing Place In Your Bathroom. Bathroom renovation means that you can make a new zone according to new rules. The usual combination of a shower, a sink, and a toilet is too boring for a new design. The result of the bathroom refurbishment will be incredible if you perceive this zone as a recreation area.

A bathtub – for hot water with foam, an armchair – for relaxing, and a rest rug – for comfort, and so on. Add some details that will make your private room special.

2. Stylish Bathtub. Plumbing costs can astonish you. However, it is much more pleasant to start and end each day in a cozy atmosphere. If you decided to pay for a cheaper option, you may regret it. You deserve the best! Take a bath with foam or relax in a contrast shower.

3. Wooden Bathtub. Master bathroom redecoration options include the dilemma of what kind of tub to choose. Modern interiors offer a variety of stylish compositions. Take a look at this example, it combines several trends. First, a wooden tub. It looks amazing. Second, an interesting design solution with a panoramic window and a play of light. Third, an outstanding crane system.

4. Tub For Small Bathrooms. For small bathrooms, there are also stylish interior design options. If you decide that you want a bath instead of a shower, despite the small space, then pay attention to this type of shower and tub combo. For those who like to soak in the foam, it’s perfect. Of course, you will not be able to lie down fully, but you will be able to sit. It all depends on your height, so you should choose such things individually.

5. Dressing Table In The Bathroom Design. Take a look at this example. Among all bathroom remodel variants this one can be an exceptionally good option for two or more people because there is a second sink. If you don’t live alone in your house, a double hand basin will suit perfectly. Also, go ahead and add a dressing table. In this case, all cohabitants will have the ability to get ready in time. Note, that it is a big difference between single and double sinks.

6. Sauna Is A New Bathroom. A few decades ago, the traditional design of this zone consisted of three important elements – a bath or a shower, a sink, and a toilet (If the lavatory is not separated). However, today everything has changed a bit. Nowadays, the bathroom is equipped with a bidet, hydro boxes, or even a home sauna. Amazing possibilities of modern life and a big difference from the past.

7. Extra Shower. Most bath curtains are in a closed state. This reduces the space by half. Glass partitions solve this problem. In the photo – the combo of black and white tiles, a shower surrounded by clear glass. Transparent construction helps to expand the space. When thinking about bathroom remodels, pay attention to this lifehack.

8. Hide Unnecessary Storage. It is not necessary to install a lot of storage systems when designing a small bathroom in an apartment. However, if you have enough space, try to design special shelves for storing bath accessories, such as towels, bathrobes, etc.

The most common material for storage systems is specially treated wood. Thanks to its noble appearance, it will fit into any bathroom remodel design. If it’s possible, you can even install a washing machine and a dryer there.

9. The Transparent Construction. Decorating the ceiling in the bathroom is an important stage of any bathroom remodeling. What is the best ceiling to make in the bathroom? Well, when choosing the final material for this room, you should carefully learn its moisture-resistant properties.

Currently, the most popular methods of decorating the ceiling in the bathroom are putty and paint, plastic panels, rail ceiling, drywall, and mirror. A win-win idea is a window as a part of roof space.

10. Windows In The Bathroom. Bathrooms usually need a good amount of lighting and a window can make a huge difference. It is the best choice when light comes not from one but several souces. Make sure your small bathroom is bright.

Interestingly, the window in the bathroom also solves the problem of humidity. The mildew will not grow anymore.

11. Make Extra Space. What about such remodel options? Do you see this gorgeous cladding? Spacious marble bathroom with a large shower and a separate tub. Shower funnels emphasize the style of the room. Black matt, chrome, polished nickel, or stainless steel will definitely be the best compliment to the space.

Designer plumbing for the bathroom will cost much more, but in this case, the exclusiveness is guaranteed. Combining a bath and a shower in one washing area is very interesting for a bathroom refurbishment.

12. Hangings In The Interior Design Project. A modern bathroom is more than just a place to wash. It is a place for rest, relaxation, and enjoyment. Expensive curtains, an armchair, a spacious new bathroom, and other accessories will help to create a truly luxurious and cozy interior.

Another design – a bathroom in the style of Provence. It is a space combination based on simplicity, sophistication, and charm. Light chiffon curtains, bright textiles, and natural materials create an atmosphere of lightness and home comfort.

13. Adding Storage in The Laundry Room. To optimize the space, do not hesitate to combine a bathroom with a toilet. This solution allows you to place a washing machine in the room without sacrificing a sink or other elements.

When the area is very small, it is not a question of installing equipment. Here the main thing is to place everything you need and leave at least a little elbow room. This idea can add some points when a home’s on sale.

14. Advice On Mirrors. Even if your bathroom has a relatively large area, do not neglect the methods of visually enlarging the space. Add more mirrors, transparent and glass elements to the room.

Mirrors are also very often used on the bathroom ceiling due to the fact that such a ceiling visually expands the space. Small mirror plates are mounted on a metal frame, resembling a large mosaic. The only significant disadvantage of mirrored ceilings – is the difficulty of care. They must be constantly wiped and polished to a shine.

A bathroom mirror is exactly the thing that does not require additional space and can decorate the space. Choose a stylish frame made of stained glass, wood, or metal and make it the central element of the interior.

15. Arabian Bathroom Remodeling Ideas. Among master bathroom renovation ideas there are a huge number of options for decorating this room in a modern house. These days, residential buildings have huge advantages over the homes with old foundations. They are considered the warmest, the most reliable, and the most spacious houses. For example, the height of the ceiling is more than 3 meters. Agree that the bathroom with such a ceiling allows you to implement the most unusual design variants.

A large space will allow you to choose even a bathroom in the Arabic style – a tub with stairs, lined with colorful tiles.

16. Double Showers. Do you like to start the morning with a shower? And what about showering, when you’re not alone? Perfect solution – a double shower. This modern approach to decorating a room will satisfy all the inhabitants of the house or apartment and successfully transform the interior. Sash doors will protect from steam and outside influences.

Here the bathroom flooring occupies an important place. Porcelain is most often used for floor space. Such ceramic tiles are made in such a way that the process of production significantly increases its strength and durability. However, porcelain is not the only option for the flooring in the bathroom. In addition, you can also install waterproof laminate, treated wood, self-leveling floor, and linoleum.

17. Greenery In Bathroom Renovations. Live plants are actively used in Scandinavian style interiors. Even if the bathroom area is small, you can still put a small vase with a flower or a plant in a little and stylish pot on the shelf. Live plants look much better in the interior than most modern accessories.

Owners of spacious rooms have more options for choosing a design style. Provide a place for flowers in vases or potted plants. Choose those types of greenery that love water. It will cost you nothing to create an extraordinarily good-looking room.

18. Contemporary Bathroom. If you like stylish designs, then a contemporary one will definitely suit you. Keep in mind that glass is great for high-tech or modern bathroom interiors. You can use plain, multicolored panels or transparent plates with digital printing. As for the type of surface, it can be glossy, matte, or embossed. Choose according to your budget.

Let’s talk about lighting in a modern bathroom. Do not forget that all the lamps need extra protection from moisture in this room. Regardless of the area, the bathroom should be as bright as possible.

There are two main ways to design lighting in the bathroom. The use of several spotlights located around the perimeter. Installation of one pendant lamp and several additional light sources. Do not forget that the right lighting can easily highlight the bathroom interior.

19. Add More Storage. Creating and decorating a bathroom is a time-consuming, laborious, but very interesting process. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new non-standard options. This way you will be able to get a design that accurately reflects your character and pleases you.

Decorative elements in the bathroom should be primarily practical. To date, it is not customary to install empty trinkets that will only accumulate dust. The most common decorative elements are towel rails, hooks, and hangers, shelves, and baskets for laundry, holders for soap and cups for toothbrushes, frames for mirrors, wall clocks, and more. The more storage there is, the more freedom you have to put your heart and soul into designing the bathroom of your dream.

20. Tub In The Room. The most deluxe option is to put a bathtub in the bedroom. This is for special aesthetes and lovers of lush life. It looks amazing. You will feel the same way. The resale value will be approximately as high as the pleasure.

21. Marble Countertops. How about decorating the bathroom with natural stone? The most common options are granite or marble. Of course, natural stone is not a cheap pleasure, which is explained by a number of its advantages, such as durability, resistance to chemical and mechanical damage, strength, water resistance, and attractive appearance. Be assured that it is a cost-effective thing.

22. Nifty Vanity. Feel free to experiment with the color of materials, choosing, for example, a red or green sink. If you have enough money, you can choose an unusual countertop or paint the wall in an unusual way. Remember that the right texture can turn your bathroom into a breathtaking space.

Bathroom Corner Originally Decorated with Colorful Granite

via @rhose

23. Special Tile. The building materials market offers a huge range of materials that you can use for decorating the walls in the bathroom. The most popular option is ceramic tile. There is a wide selection of shades and shapes – square, rectangular, polygonal, etc. Indeed, it is resistant to moisture, temperature changes, and mechanical damage.

24. Luxury Faucets. Faucets in the bathroom should be reliable and convenient. One of the most popular variant is now single-lever faucets. They allow you to control the temperature with one hand and turn off the water in just a second. Options with two taps are also relevant, especially in classic interiors.

25. Add A Seating Area. If you build a shower area from scratch and do not use a shower cabin, do not forget about a built-in shelf for shampoos and a shelf for sitting. This is also a must-have for many homeowners. Tell the general contractor of your home renovation that you need this shower seat. Flooring is also important for your health.

26. Bathroom Floor Zone. What mistakes should be avoided when working with flooring? Make sure that the bathroom floor tile matches the color and texture of the walls. The mismatching and wrong seams between the joints can ruin the entire interior of the bathroom. If there is a huge difference between tiles, it is ugly. Your walls and flooring will look like they are from different worlds.

27. Shelves For Storage. Most often, the storage function is performed by cabinets under the sink or hinged cabinets above it. People also use open shelves and racks, cabinets with transparent glass doors, and laundry baskets. Niches in the wall look spectacular. The project of your renovation should be very useful.

28. Double Sink. When choosing non-standard plumbing it is important not to overwhelm the whole picture. We do not recommend installing a sink, a toilet, and a bath of original colors and designs. A double hand basin is convenient in cases when it is going to work at the same time. For example, if you have twins or children who go to school.

29. Finishing Touches And Fixtures. When the overall design of the bathroom is ready, think about the details. To make the bathroom an interesting place, try to hang not only the usual things that are ordinary for such rooms. For example, a painting and a chandelier will be a good option.

30. Large Shower Cabin. This example of a cabin will be useful for those who have small children, so you can wash them with all their toys and devices. Also, for those who take care of animals, so they do not run away, and for people who just need more space.

31. Deep Gray Bathroom With Plants. This room is minimalist with dark gray stone tiles. But, at the same time, there are several interesting ideas for decoration. There is a shelf with LED lighting to store bathroom items. The designer also chose to hang some plants on the wall near the tub to create a real cave feel.

32. Gorgeous Bathroom With Concrete Elements. The bathroom is pretty superficial, bright, and airy. However, there are some simple yet cool decorating ideas. The mirror does not hang on the wall but is suspended from the ceiling instead. The sink is made of concrete and painted blue, becoming the focal point of the room. We also like the line of LED lighting. It is used for illumination but looks unusual.

33. Not Ordinary Sink For Bathroom. The sink is one of the most common elements of sanitary ware, but modern designers often use it as bathroom decor. We especially like this trendy sink that looks like a pipe and is made entirely of concrete or some kind of ceramic. Also, the form of the mirror suits this interior design very nicely. You can choose any shape to create the perfect combination for your bathroom.

34. Modern Shower Space. A spacious walk-in shower is always a great idea and it looks so styligh thanks to glass doors and gray tile!

35. Metal Sink For Bathroom With Plants. Here is another good example of a tubular sink that we have already told you about. It is made of metal and looks really stylish, especially with some plants. It feels like you are somewhere outdoors in the woods, but not in your own bathroom.

36. Juicy Colorful Bathroom. The bathroom in this picture is not so unique. It is monochromatic and has simple lines. But the main decorative element is color. The bath space is separated by the red color on the floor, walls, and ceiling. It is also used to make the vanity unit blend in with the rest of the room.

37. Decor For Classy Bathroom With Subway Tile. It is always a pleasure to choose interesting additions for room decor. This bathroom is complemented by two different mirrors: one for storage and one for shaving. Also, there are lamps on the walls on both sides of the mirror. We would say that this is a classy bathroom decor set. It will suit any space. You can choose other shapes and designs, but such a combination always works well.

38. Stylish Bathroom With Two Sinks. This master bathroom has enough space for two people, so each of them has two sinks and two mirrors. The vanity unit has interesting drawers and an open shelf for towels. There are also black supplements for hand towels and more. The ceiling light fixtures are black to complement the accessories in the bathroom.

39. Decorative Set For Bathroom With Shower. This bathroom is a mixture of different elements, but together they look great. The overall look of the room is drab, but there are a few mesmerizing accents, such as blue tile on the wall and a black storage cabinet. We see a mirror in a wooden frame and a lamp on the wall. In addition, there is enough space around the sink for a tissue box, soap dish, or cotton swabs.

40. Extraordinary Bathroom Space. This bathroom is truly unique and doesn’t need any embellishments. The tiled wall looks luxurious, along with mesmerizing pebbles on the floor. What a great idea! The bathtub and sinks are made of water-resistant wood. It’s like taking a bath in a hot tub somewhere in the woods.

41. Luxurious Marble Shower With Golden Faucets. Marble tiles are always an excellent idea for any bathroom design. They look natural, timeless, and always on trend. This shower area is simple but has gorgeous golden accessories and faucets to complement the space.

42. Traditional Sink In Modern Bathroom. There are several thrilling ideas for bathroom decoration. Firstly, the color of the ceiling merges with the lighting fixtures. Secondly, the tiles on the floor have a black and white geometric pattern. It matches the overall look perfectly. You can also see a traditional sink and a stylish ceramic one that sits on a black metal base. It is always nice to combine elements of modern style with classic pieces.

43. Atmospheric LED Lighting. This bathroom has alluring accents. As you can see, LED lighting is built into the ceiling and around the mirror. It creates a special feeling, but at the same time, there is enough light for showering or shaving. By the way, there is a small shaving mirror. We also like the large vanity unit. It has enough space for two sinks and some items like a soap dish or toothbrush holder.

44. Bathroom With Limited Space. There is a wide variety of tubular sinks that are ideal for tiny bathrooms. This kind of sink looks gorgeous, but it usually doesn’t have much storage space. As we can see, the designer of this project added a compact shelf above the sink for hand towels and other things like cotton balls and soap. Looks great in combination with a narrow mirror!

45. Perfect Place To Take Bath. The way this bathroom is designed is stunning. The combination of white and black tiles, color accents, and black faucets — everything looks great together. we especially like the pink sink on the white tile base and the blue shower curtain on the black rail. You can also find a place to store towels and other things under the sink.

46. Marble Beauty For Bathroom. Marble wall tiles combined with brushed nickel faucets are one of the best ideas for your bathroom. It looks stylish and luxurious. There is also a dressing table for make-up and a place under the sink for storing towels.

47. Pink Shades For Bathroom Decor. The color scheme of pink and light gray divides the room into different zones. It makes an ordinary space look more interesting. There is also a well-thought-out unique detail – a combination of a mirror and a sink. Such a thing will always be the best decoration for a minimalist bathroom.

48. Vintage Sink And Wooden Shelves. A great idea for bathroom wall decor is to add some vintage elements to a modern space, like in this picture. The sink is renovated and installed against the wall. There are also wooden shelves for storing things for bathing, which makes the room cozier.

49. Metal Decorative Elements. There are many creative ways to make your home special. For the bathroom, you can use unique tiles or some furniture, for example, this amazing piece of art with a built-in sink. The base of this storage unit is metal and painted black to match the black faucets and outlets. The top of this construction and sink are made of concrete. There is enough space for soaps and a toothbrush holder.

50. Luxurious Bathtub In Old Apartment. The main decorative element of this bathroom is the stunning marble tiles behind the bath. Its pattern is unique and natural, so it is perfect for a white room. There is also a good idea with a shower curtain. It is light and seems to float in the air.

51. Terrazzo Tiles To Decorate Your Bathroom. This bathroom is very minimalist, with simple lines, nothing extra, except chic terrazzo tiles on the walls and floor. Terrazzo texture makes the bathroom more interesting without any decorative elements. It looks very natural and elegant.

52. Authentic Painted Tiles In Portuguese Style. The most beautiful thing that can be found in old apartments is tiles with different patterns that are painted by hand. In this bathroom, we especially like the modern shell-shaped sink. It looks extraordinary and fascinating. The sink and tiles create the perfect nautical vibe.

This tile is usually found in old houses in Portugal. It is a traditional way to decorate hoses and protect them from moisture. Nowadays, there are many modern tiles with similar patterns made in Portugal or Spain, so you can easily add something to your interior.

53. Concrete As Accent Wall. We find this combination of concrete, glass, and white tiles very bewitching. Especially when the space of the bathroom is separated from the bedroom only by a partition. The bedroom is bright, as is the bathroom, and the room feels spacious and airy.

54. Natural Stone With LED Lighting. Natural materials are the best choice for decorating any home. The same can be said about the bathroom: you can add plants and wooden elements to the space. A stone wall also looks stunning, especially with some LED lighting. It creates the atmosphere of a cave or rocks on the beach.

Cave-Like Bathroom with LED Lighting

via @mahno

55. Open Brick Walls And Ceiling. Here is another good example of an old apartment renovation. The designer kept the unique brick ceiling and exposed some of the walls. There are also modern elements such as minimalistic white and green tiles, faucets, and more. The combination of historical materials with a bit of modernity looks chic in any project.

56. Round Shapes To Decorate Bathroom. Round shapes are one of the most popular modern trends. Many designers use them for their projects. You can also add some to your bathroom. In this picture, almost everything has rounded corners. It looks perfect together. We like the cabinet under the sink and the wall that separates the shower.

Tiny Bathroom with Rounded Corners

via @02a

57. White Bathroom With Colorful Ornament Tiles. This room is pretty simple, but we like a few of the ideas. The sink counter has enough space to store some toothbrushes and soap. There is also a nice accent of colorful tiles on the floor and the tub wall. We think it is a really good way to add a juicy vibe to a bathroom.

58. Golden Tiles And Wooden Elements. Many people adore en suite bathrooms. They increase the space and make it more spacious and private. This picture represents a nice idea with storage under the sink. It looks like a plant on a wooden shelf. Also, the bath looks its best in this expanded space. We always recommend placing this type of freestanding tub in enlarged and bright places.

59. Small Bouquet As Focal Point. Fresh flowers are always a great option to decorate your home, especially if you are a flower lover. Small bouquets near the sink or bathtub create a pleasant atmosphere. Just imagine taking a bath and smelling them!

60. Glass Doors In Bathroom. We have already shown you an example of an interesting glass enclosure. But this idea is also very good if we are talking about privacy. Glass doors in frames can be the main decorative element in shared bathrooms and bedrooms. You can bravely implement this idea in your home as well.

we hope you found the perfect option for your place from these bathroom ideas. Check out our following articles for design tips!