60 Most Beautiful Master Bedrooms You’ll Want To Stay In

The bedroom is obviously the number one room for finding peace and harmony, so its design should be done smartly, creatively, and with great attention to detail. No matter if you like simple and minimalist interiors or superior and eclectic ones, a canopy bed or the one with a simple frame, concrete or faux fur, etc. The only thing that matters is how you feel about the style of your room. We have listed dozens of bedroom ideas to inspire you to create your perfect one. Enjoy!

1. Integrate Workspace Into Bedroom. In this picture, we can see a stylish and functional primary bedroom. The designer of this project says that the task was to create a working area in a relaxing zone. There’s a wonderful computer nook for those needs. They also added some interesting terracotta accents to make this area modern and trendy.

2. Farmhouse Style. Farmhouses are usually associated with rural areas. And there is something special in the feeling of nostalgia that they give. Try to transform your attic area into a lovely small rustic bedroom by adding potted plants, narrow windows, and other elements made of reclaimed wood. White is particularly popular paint color. Consider it if you want to add a touch of freshness and cleanliness to your room.

3. Add Some Throw Pillows. Throw pillows can be very useful for those who like to constantly change the style of their bedroom.

Sometimes remodeling your home and buying new furniture can be very expensive, so don’t hesitate to use design tricks.Style is extremely dependent on texture and color scheme. Thus, if you try to replace your pillows, framed pictures, or lamps with just something different in shape and color, you will get a completely new bedroom look.

4. Touch Of Past. This is probably one of the most breathtaking bedroom ideas on our list. Take a look at the extraordinary atmosphere created by cream walls, turquoise accents, marble flooring, and shiny vintage chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Simply spectacular!

5. Clever Use Of Vibrant Colors. You definitely need to have a perfect resting place if you are always in a hurry. So take a look at this serene bedroom. While a bright color scheme sounds like something out of the ordinary for a space that’s supposed to be tranquil, that’s not the case. The accent wall here is rather extraordinary. It does not have a strong focal point, but we can partially see hidden art that adds interest and intrigue to the whole room.

6. Reddish Brown Bedroom. Although there are a lot of gold accents, this bedroom space is a perfect example of simplicity and coziness in each detail.Combine warm and reddish tones with a beautiful ceiling lighting fixture, and you will get the best room for a good night’s rest.

7. Enhancing Feeling Of Security. This cozy bedroom evokes a strong sense of security. The olive color together with black floor tiles can be a great solution if you like natural colors and a toned-down atmosphere. The interior designer of this room decided to create a space full of accents. A king-size bed with a cream headboard and wooden frame serves perfectly as the bedroom’s centerpiece.

8. Try Some Cubism. Of all captivating bedroom design ideas, this one is one of the most interesting. The herringbone wood flooring would be a great addition to these geometric walls, which have a strong cubist vibe and look like the background of Picasso’s 1912 portrait painted by Juan Gris.

9. More Cubism. Another astonishing bedroom idea is the one with lots of geometric elements, like concentric circles and rectangles.Thanks to the bright paint colors, the room’s style resembles the art of cubism, which was extremely popular 100 years ago.

10. Optical Illusion. Don’t worry if your bedroom isn’t as big as you’d like it to be. You can make its space more expensive, airy, and comfortable by installing mirrored sliding wardrobe doors.

11. Use Modern Artworks. Standardized artwork can be a perfect bedroom idea for those who want to decorate a room without the hassle. Notice how beautifully the herringbone parquet combines with the headboard and perfectly complements the paintings. Truly one of the simplest but most charming bedroom decorating ideas!

12. Combine Different Colors. If you are passionate about art, find a place for it in your bedroom. Crisp white linens and walls would be a great combination, especially when complemented by a gorgeous yellow accent chair and blue headboard.

Add black and white abstract art, and you will definitely get the most beautiful bedroom!

13. Make It Bright. The palette of this bedroom space mixes calm, warm colors and gilded accents. The interior designer of this room also used a lot of coffee-toned materials in order to create a unique and bright place.

14. Natural Lighting. What an incredibly spacious bedroom we have here! The interior designer of this room mixed some dark and muted elements and brought a lot of bright natural light, which is quite possible with such tremendous windows. To add accents, try placing an extravagant velvet armchair. And yes, cream curtains will definitely complement such a beautiful bedroom space.

15. Marble Is Not Enough. Sometimes a bedroom just can’t have enough marble decorating elements. See how beautifully the accent wall is done in this luxurious room for two! The dieffenbachia complements the green marble areas beautifully, and the soft orange bench and armchair add color to the space.

16. Almost Minimalist Bedroom. Although the bedroom is minimalist, its texture is rich and self-contained. What a beautiful ensemble of wooden cabinets, airy curtains, and circular abstract artwork we see in the photo!

17. Wood Canopy Bed. This exciting room interior design may appeal to lovers of four-poster beds.
Think of a simple canopy bed with a wood frame, cream walls, and airy and white curtains to match window treatments, and try to bring it all to life. With such a sleeping area, you are sure to get the primary bedroom of your dreams!

18. Airy And Breezy. This primary bedroom wouldn’t be so airy without the bright color scheme. Look how beautifully the navy blue linens complement the turquoise arch around wall art with a rainforest vibe! It feels like being on the beach and enjoying the breeze. The accent wall became a lovely center stage of this place.

19. Bring Some Entertainment. Why not put a TV in front of the bed in a gorgeous solid-colored caramel bedroom? So you can watch your favorite movies without leaving your comfy sleeping area. You can also buy a bed table that will serve as a surface for food trays. Get ready to spend the best evenings there!

20. Strong Paneling. This stunning bedroom fascinates the eye with its unusual wall finish. These panels were made of veneer and gray leather that go well with curtains and linens. It adds uniqueness to the space, doesn’t it?

21. Pink Flamingo. Here is one of the most beautiful bedroom decorating ideas. If pink is your favorite color, you’ll love it! The designers of this project tried to balance a sense of pure relaxation and serene calmness in a laid-back atmosphere. They placed a coral bed underneath the accent wall, which is decorated with a stylish flamingo painting.

The accent chair matches the headboard, and the wall panels complement these dramatic drapes. As a result, the room is filled with bright colors and a sunny vacation vibe.

22. Mix Of Styles. It is another stunning and almost monochromatic idea for the bedroom. The simple bed frame, headboard with rich fabric texture, and gray ceiling are a perfect match against the classic accent wall with spectacular moldings. The gilded bedside lamps are an interesting addition to this bedroom makeover.

23. Urban Dream. Have a look at this urban master bedroom. Lots of gray tones and concrete-like carpet make this space feel shady and cool. However, this room is still bright and warm as the panoramic window offers a stunning view of the outside world. The background of natural stone adds interest to the space. The best bedding for such an environment will be a simple set of linen in a white palette.

24. Titanic Era. Check out one of the most spectacular master bedroom decorating ideas! Wooden herringbone parquet is a nice addition to the crown molding made in luxurious empire style, while the area brings a lot of coziness to the space. This place gives a Titanic Era vibe! It is quite a neutral room, even with such an extraordinary interior design.

25. Rock Your Bedroom. The use of concrete and stone has become one of the most popular bedroom decorating ideas. The design solutions in this master bedroom are proof of this.

The combination of a light gray ceiling made of ground cement and a dark accent wall in the form of a rock is a great option if you want to give your room restraint and magnetism. And look at this bed with a set of lighting fixtures and a bedside table! It is as luxurious as can be.

26. Like In Clouds. Take a look at this minimalist white master bedroom. Here you will not find a lot of decorations, such as molding or bed frames, but there is a lot of free space. White cozy bedding, pillows, area rug, as well as furniture of different shapes, are accents that will make your lovely bedroom simply stunning.

27. Simple Decor. Such a simple yet stylish bedroom design! Here you will not find a large number of decorations or an extraordinary bed frame, but there is a rich texture of the fabric and almost imperceptible classic molding. Ivory bedding, an area rug, and a puffy headboard are great accents to make this bedroom airy and comfortable.

28. Modern Classics. Although it may seem that this master bedroom is quite shady, its colors speak more of simplicity and pure tranquility. Crown molding and white bedding combined with black and gray walls create a striking look. You can also add interest with a minimalist table lamp. This primary bedroom is modern and stylish with nothing extra.

29. Play With Natural Lighting. All you need to know about this bedroom are the following three things: dark wood walls, panoramic windows, and floor-to-ceiling California shutters. The effect of this combination is simply astonishing.

30. Panoramic View. This bedroom interior is astonishing. Magnificent dark-colored walls, grand panoramic windows that open a beautiful view of the street, and herringbone wood flooring create a feeling of spaciousness, freshness, and airiness. Open shelving is a splendid addition to the bedroom and makes it functional.

31. Glass Partition. This Kyiv apartment has a beautiful and exciting bedroom area, as it has been separated from the other room by a glass partition. See how beautifully this transparent piece complements the furniture!

32. Soft Ambience. The interior designer of this bedroom says that neutral and minimalistic colors work best with natural sunlight as well as soft white lighting. And we couldn’t agree more!

33. Fall Inspiration. The combination of orange and gray has always been a good idea. If you are looking for bedroom decorating ideas, you might want to check out this gorgeous wood paneling on a cream wall and warm fall-colored linens. Bedside tables and embossed artwork blend well with the overall look.

34. Pendant Lights. Here we see a stunning minimalist bedroom with two primary colors — warm and cold gray. The furniture is the same color as the wall paint, which makes it less expressive and neater. Pendant lights add even more coziness to the sleeping area.

35. From Floor To Ceiling. This symmetrical master bedroom has an amazing combination of gray and wood with a gorgeous green bed in the center of the room. Look at parquet panels that occupy almost the entire space! A rather simple yet unique solution. But it wouldn’t be as captivating without the bright yellow accent chair. You should definitely pay attention to these bedroom design ideas!

36. Brush Strokes. This bedroom uses the colors of natural wood and stone, which give it a sense of freshness and minimalism. Modern furniture perfectly complements the space, while the velvet texture of the wall evokes a feeling of coziness. And just look at that puffy headboard!

37. Attic Bedroom. If you are the lucky owner of an attic, then this bedroom idea is for you. Roof windows have always been something special for us because of the feeling of freedom we feel when we look at the night sky.

Put a bed with a minimalist upholstered headboard so that the windows are directly above it. Thus, you’ll get a good night’s sleep every time you visit your loft bedroom. Feel free to use exposed bricks to add a rough touch to the space.

38. Add Some Powder. This stunning palette of powdery colors will not leave you indifferent. Consider how well divided this bedroom is: while the walls are almost blank, the lower part of the room is rich in detail. How smart!

39. Gallery Wall. Your family photos or favorite paintings can be the best decorations for a gallery wall. The frames can be almost identical, or they can be completely different, which can give an unusually eclectic feel. Above the bed or all over the walls — it doesn’t matter, don’t limit yourself when it comes to bedroom decorating ideas. This DIY version of artwork looks good in almost any room.

40. Monochromatic Symmetry. This fabulous bedroom idea belongs to a Ukrainian interior designer. The eye-catching symmetrical look with the cold green color scheme gives this bedroom an elegant and refreshing look.

41. Eco Bedroom. Note this beautiful eco-friendly bedroom idea with a heavy rustic style. Wooden beams and an unusual bed arrangement work well in this space. How stunning! This master bedroom, filled with mirrors, plants, and plain crisp white walls and bedding, is truly magnificent.

42. All White Bedroom. Take into consideration this idea of an airy compact white bedroom. As you can see, adding even lines to a space with a ceiling light fixture creates interest. The combination of wood flooring and white walls with a gray, concrete-like ceiling can make a room look incredibly fresh and bright.

43. Search For Diversity. Don’t limit your imagination to only one paint color for your walls. Two-tone walls are a great way to enhance the primary bedroom interior. And look at these curtains and a shelving unit — what a beautiful green ensemble! The designers seem to have had a great time with the California shutters in this room.

44. Paint Bedrooms In White And Black. Without a doubt, this modern bedroom captures people’s attention! Monochromatic textures and simple shapes would be a good option for studio apartments that include a work area. Neatly framed black mirrors and window shutters of the same color became stylish accents that perfectly complement this room.

Don’t be afraid to paint it white and black! As you can see, this solution will turn your bedroom into an elegant corner of the house.

45. Warmth And Coziness. Without a doubt, this modern bedroom captures people’s attention! Check out this beautiful combination of wall panels and a bright orange headboard, as well as a pendant lamp, bedding, and bedside tables in black and silver tones. The bed and linens successfully create a seamless transition from walls to the floor. Such a cozy primary bedroom!

46. Ascetic Bedroom. This ascetic bedroom in calm gray tones has a beautiful focal point created by a stylish bed. It is a perfect place for self-reflection without a doubt.

47. Dramatic Statement. This interior is a perfect example of simplicity combined with a clear sense of style in every detail. Combine dark and light colors with beautiful wood wall panels, and you will have the best room for relaxation!

48. Bold Ideas. Such a bedroom will leave no one indifferent. Japanese-inspired decorative elements, a spacious but simple low bed, and a beautiful city view — everything here is on point. It will be an ideal option for an artist or really creative person.

49. Perfect Zoning. This stylish bedroom was divided into a sleeping area and a workspace. There is also an entrance to the closet, where the dressing table is hidden. White paint was used for the walls and ceiling, giving the space a stylish and neat look. The rich turquoise became the accent color of the room.

50. Symmetrical Bedroom Decorating Ideas. To get a room designed for good sleep, try playing with symmetry. Identical bedside tables, as well as lamps, will be an easy way to reach balance in your room. A cozy bed with a soft headboard that matches the color of the wall artwork would be a stunning focal point of the bedroom.

51. King-Size Bed. Don’t worry if your room has quite limited space. You can still place a huge bed and get an incredible result. After all, this is room for your bed, isn’t it? All you need is a perfect combination of fabric and paint color to enlarge the space.

52. Indigo Tone. Give your bedroom a more modern look with clean, vertical lines. Look at this headboard, which blends beautifully with the window treatments and the opposite wall. It is so beautiful, isn’t it?The floor-to-ceiling mirror makes this bedroom space wider, and the indigo color scheme complements the room perfectly.

53. Unusual Lighting. Got tired of ordinary lamps and lighting fixtures? Installing stylish circle-shaped lamps can make all the difference in your bedroom! Place a side table to make space for your things and give a sense of orderliness.

54. Vintage Wall Molding. Although there are no dramatic drapes, this bedroom has its own unique ensemble of modern and vintage elements. The headboard blends perfectly with the carpet, and the ivory and grayish olive walls with molding flawlessly complement this space.

55. Black And White Bedroom Decorating Ideas. How about this beautiful black and white modern master bedroom interior design?

Making this space completely dark would have been a bold decision, but the interior designer of this project decided to avoid solid black. So they added some white accents to the bedding with black velvet throw pillows to create a luxurious and elegant bedroom.

56. Install Bath. A bathtub in the bedroom is definitely not an option for homes or rooms with limited space.

However, if your bedroom is big enough, you can install this plumbing fixture. It’s better to put a freestanding tub directly in front of the classic bed to create an exceptional focal point of the room. All of this can be challenging, but it shouldn’t stop you.

57. Marble Decorating Ideas. In this stylish room, an unusual accent wall is divided into three parts. A ceiling-high mirror perfectly complements the marble paneling, and the earth-toned furniture makes a beautiful ensemble with these cream walls.

58. Mid-Century Style. This space is a great example of modern interior design. Adding a bed with accent pillows, minimalist wooden paneling, and furniture with a mid-century vibe would be a great way to modernize your room.

59. Open Space. To continue with bedroom decorating ideas for spacious rooms, take a look at this interior. If you separate your sleeping area with such a partition, you will get a lot of space for an open wardrobe where you can store all your things made of faux fur and cotton. An almost unnoticeable small table would go well with such furnishing.

60. Pastel Color Palette. An accent wall with pale turquoise wallpaper perfectly complements the bedding, and a pile of throw pillows makes this bedroom the center of attention. It is filled with comfort and relaxation.

To sum up, there are a few things to remember:

– your bedroom interior design should reflect your personality and interests.

– don’t be afraid to combine different shapes into one composition, but be aware of possible failures in selecting proper colors and textures, and, importantly, try to avoid them.

– although urban interiors are trendy, you can still stick to rustic and classic styles.

And most significantly, no matter what problem you face when decorating — there is always a simple solution, which sometimes is not obvious.