24 Splendid Green Bedroom Ideas for Ultimate Nature Vibes

Green is a predominant color of nature and has a powerful psychological impact. No wonder, it has been growing in popularity and found its way to our home design, too. If you are looking for some ways to turn your bedroom into a cozy and relaxing space, adding green tones might be a splendid solution. I have selected some of the best green bedroom ideas, most of which won’t be hard to implement.

Green Bedrooms to Fall in Love With

With a diverse green scheme and the ability to experiment with green accents, you can create a truly unique green bedroom design for your own home. Whether you consider some deep green walls or a plain white, neutral bedroom with elegant touches or green hues, the following ideas are full of handy tips and inspiration.

1. Pine Greed Bed Frame. A bed is certainly a central element of any bedroom and one of the great ways to style a green bedroom without any major renovation. Pair the color with earthy tones and get a few easy-to-grow plants to support the green theme.

2. Sage Green Bedroom. Sage wood panels behind the bed make this small bedroom full of personality. White bed and soft beige and gray textiles make the green paint stand out.

3. White, Gray and Green Bedroom. Basil green accent wall is a stylish and soothing addition to the otherwise dull white and gray bedroom. Black walls opposite the windows that let much natural light in keep the space anchored and catch up the blacks of a gallery wall and the bench.

4. Olive Bedding. Mint green bedhead supported by olive pillow and bedding adds warmth to the gray master bedroom. A great example of how green bedroom ideas do not let the dark walls overwhelm the sleep space.

5. Sage Green Walls. Velvet bed frame and pillows set a comfortable tone in this green bedroom designed with much attention to detail. Don’t be afraid to mix different green tones in your room. The combination of dark sage walls, subdued green bedside and emerald green accents on the pillows looks perfectly on point.

6. Tiny Green Bedroom. Painting a small space white seems to be a good idea, but this can leave your bedroom lifeless and hotel-like. Breeze life into the scape with soft green walls and accent pillows. Painting the lower half of the wall in a darker color, you visually add height to the room.

7. Emerald Green Bedroom. Dark emerald green walls and bedding are a bold way to incorporate green into your bedroom. Looking at the before image, I can’t stop aweing at how winning this move has been. A statement white-and-black artwork makes a perfect contrast with the color green.

8. Deep Green Accent Wall. Patterned accent wall painted deep green adds a good dose of drama to the otherwise neutral bedroom. More so, it brings extra attention to high upholstered bedhead in a contrasting color, making the bed a focal point of the room design.

9. Rethinking Classics. Despite the modern look, this forest green bedroom is full of exquisite classical elements. A canopy bed, dark green crown molding and paintings add chick flare to this green space. Note the use of the matching yellow rug, pillows and floral design on the ceiling for a cohesive interior design.

10. Cool-Toned Green Bedroom with Oversized Windows. Dark sage paint on all walls may look too moody, but pairing it with natural counterpoints of light bedding, ceiling and floor will not let the room look too gloomy. Olive green curtains on the canopy bed, oversized windows and the potted olive tree make this green bedroom an ultimate calm getaway.

11. Pink and Green Bedroom. Browse some of the best green bedroom ideas, and you are sure to come across a pink and green color combo. Whether you paint the full wall or just add statement green accents, complement these with subdued pink bedding and matching wall art or table lamps. They are easy to source but they will add so much sophistication to your bedroom.

12. Mint Fairy Tale. Bring nature inside your child’s room with a light shade of green-blue color. Hand paintings on the walls look super elegant and fun at the same time. Mustard yellow elements keep the room on the warm side.

13. Bedding with Green Leaf Pattern. Want to step up your guest bedroom? Combine different textures and colors in your space. This rough-hewn brick wall and green cotton bedding is a great example. More so, green linens and pillows is such a low-commitment choice when it comes to green bedroom ideas.

14. Navy Blue and Coral. Teal and navy blue create green bedrooms as refreshing as the sea breeze itself. Complement the look with some sea decor and coral accents that pair best with this shade of green.

15. Subdued Green and Gray. Not ready for a strong shade in your bedroom? Opt for subdued mint green and light gray block coloring. Use natural greenery, modern wall art or deep green rug to create definition and bring out pastel shades on the walls.

16. Bedroom in Moss Shades. Add depth and softness to your room with textured olive wallpapers and matching bedding. The unusual rounded bed design supported with the design of the home decor tie it all together.

17. Bold Mint and Blue Shades. Dark mint and blue make a great color combo. Add further interest to your room with bold wallpaper or hand-painted mural in white and blue shades. However, pair it with a simple metal bed frame and airy window treatments not to overwhelm a space.

18. Jade Green Bedroom. Style your room with wooden furniture and natural materials to play to the nature vibes green shades give. Painting a lower half into a soothing jade shade is an excellent way to give your bedroom a subtle refresh without making it too high contrast.

19. Lime Green Bedroom with Yellow Accents. Lime green is a very bright and joyful variant of green paint that is sure to fill your space with life. Again, bright white and yellow colors, as well as natural wooden textures tick all the boxes in the green bedroom design ideas.

20. Nature Green Rustic Bedroom. Nature green doesn’t let the beige upholstery and rug seem plain and washed out. A wicker basket and sidebed decor add to the rustic vibes of the room.

21. City Tropics. If you thought of this room as cluttered even for a second, don’t hesitate to visit the source for the before image, where the room seems unforgivably small. Greenery plays to the forest wallpaper behind the bed, creating some splendid illusion. Whether you reuse the idea for a master bedroom or a guest room, sleeping there will feel like resting on a cloud, indeed.

22. Deep Green Treasure Box. Covering both walls and doors with deep green paint can help you create your hidden escape room, where you can fully restore at the end of the day. Make sure the upholstery and decor have soft spring hues to bring maximum comfort to the space. Layering pink, light gray and yellow materials is a fail-proof choice.

23. Lime Green Bedding. With bright shades like lime and pear green, it is important not to overwhelm your green bedroom with additional accents. Leave space for bright white and anchor the design with some dark gray elements.

24. Green Bedroom with Brown Wooden Furniture. A delicate touch of sage green adds personality to the simple bedroom with a wooden bed and bedside drawers. The layering of forest green, mustard yellow and burnt orange hues in the bedding is pure perfection.

Don’t forget to Pin some of the best green bedroom ideas and use them for your mood boards. Home renovation and simple decor updates can transform the whole room and make a ton of difference to your mood and wellbeing!