30 Attic Bedroom Ideas to Help You Turn Sloped Ceiling into a Feature

For many, the attic is an empty and dusty space used for storage. If you wish to expand the square footage of your home, finishing the attic is an excellent solution. Turning the useless space into a dreamy attic bedroom is an idea worth considering. If you’re worried about the sloped ceiling and awkward space, this post with the best attic bedroom ideas is for you.

1. Dreamy Kids’ Room. Utilizing the available floor space is essential. Since you don’t have much vertical space to work with, a smart layout will create a functional bedroom. In this case, the sloped ceiling is turned into a decorative feature. The subtle accent wall features a whitewashed exposed brick texture for coziness.

Twin Beds Attic Bedroom Design

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2. Play with Color. If you often have overnight guests, you need extra space to accommodate them comfortably. A charming guest bedroom with natural wood elements will look cozy and inviting. Feel free to play with color and add personality to the attic room. The serene blue color is ideal for setting a tranquil mood in the bedroom.

Country Attic Bedroom with Reclaimed Wood and Dark Walls

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3. Cottage Style. Creating an extra bedroom is the perfect solution. For low ceilings, opt for lower furniture to get that spacious feel. If you play it smart, you will have enough room for a bed and armchair. The centered window provides a perfect guideline for a symmetrical look. Anchor the window with an antique side table for the cottage vibe.

Rustic Style Attic Guest Bedroom

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4. Cozy Minimalism. When looking for a serene napping destination, you would wish to land in a cozy bed like this one. The large windows provide plenty of natural light but also allow stargazing. When working with small attics, there is one thing to keep in mind. Make sure to avoid bulky furniture to bring a light and airy feel. Pick a slender bed frame to minimize the visual weight. A bed with hidden storage is ideal for an attic with a sloped ceiling, as you won’t have enough height to add a wardrobe. With cozy throws, attic bedrooms look inviting.

Small Boho Attic Bedroom with Sloped Ceiling

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5. Green Paradise. If you have a green thumb, feel free to decorate the attic bedroom with many plants. The windows provide sunlight and perfect conditions for your green babies to thrive. The bed is ideally positioned to receive glowy morning light. The ideal positioning of this bed creates a symmetrical setting, supported by the two windows.

Small Attic Master bedroom with the Illusion of Space

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6. Add Texture. Adding natural textures will always work when you wish to enhance a small bedroom. The stone wall is the main focal point in this simple room. Even faux stone panels will work perfectly fine to spruce up the attic room. The bedside tables reinforce the decor theme, bringing organic texture as a way to add a visual touch. The small space looks roomier thanks to the light colors and abundance of natural light.

Low Sloped Ceiling Bedroom with Exposed Brick Chimney Wall

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7. Home Office. Gathering the functionality of a home office and a bedroom doesn’t have to be too difficult. A single bed with built-in storage would be the ideal fit, leaving plenty of space for a desk. The hanger rack is a creative solution for storing clothes. The attic bedroom doubles as a workspace or study space for students.

Steep Sloped Ceiling Attic Bedroom and Study

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8. White Walls. The attic doesn’t have to be a final destination for your clutter and holiday decor. With an attic bedroom like this, you would wish to move upstairs. The stark white bedroom walls disperse the natural light, bringing an airy feel. The higher ceilings make the space feel larger than it is.

Open Space Attic Bedroom with High Slanted Ceiling

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9. Boho Attic. A relaxed boho design is the ideal match for your bedroom. The rattan light pendants bring a natural texture, ideal for the ceiling height. The lowest part of the slope is used for built-in storage, an ideal trick for using the maximum of the available space.

Two Level Bedroom with Suit Bed and Kids Bed

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10. Attic Rooms for Kids. When the room layout is too odd, play with a design like this. Twin beds are perfect for the sloped space. The vintage suitcases are a decorative detail but also provide extra storage space.

Boys Attic Bedroom with Twin Beds Under Slanted Ceiling

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11. Rustic Accents. The deliberate use of natural materials adds a touch of coziness to the space. The wooden beams bring character to the simple bedroom design, creating a cozy retreat for relaxation.

Small Master Bedroom in the Attic with Exposed Beams

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12. Feminine Bedroom. Turning the extra space into a feminine bedroom that complements the main house is a wise option. The interior design feels feminine and delicate with makeup table and sage accent wall drawing attention to the round feature window.

Woman's Attic Bedroom with Green Accent Wall

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13. Modern Design. The attic can be turned into a dreamy master suite. The exposed wooden beams make a gorgeous statement in this room. The wall space is ideal for open shelving that can be used to display decor or store the essentials in the limited space.

Vaulted Ceiling White Bedroom Design

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14. Sneak In Storage. A vaulted ceiling can be tricky to work with. When providing storage seems challenging, there is one trick. An elevated bed frame provides extra space to keep your books and other belongings.

Simple Attic Bedroom with Frameless Bed

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15. Retro Dresser. The vaulted ceiling doesn’t leave much vertical space. In this case, opt for a dresser instead of a wardrobe. A retro dresser will go beyond function, adding personality to your bedroom. The charming mirrors add a decorative touch, making the attic bedroom feel roomier.

Moody Attic Room with Daybed and Dark Walls

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16. Home Library. If you’re a book lover, creating a home library and a comfy reading nook is a must. We love how they used the space around the window to add bookshelves. In addition, the patterned wallpaper has the power to transform the space.

Attic Bedroom with Built In Bookshelves and Window Seat

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17. Elegant Attic Bedroom. With a few decorative touches, the attic is turned into an exquisite bedroom. The light gray wall sets the mood, while the gorgeous chandelier adds a luxurious touch. Complemented with a tufted headboard and mirror nightstands, this attic bedroom is small yet packed with style.

Low Sloped Ceiling Bedroom Idea

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18. Layering Neutrals. A curated mix of cream and beige feels stylish while still making the bedroom feel more spacious. A rustic bench adds a decorative touch, while the fluffy area rug brings texture to play.

Very Low Ceiling Attic Bedroom Decorated in Pastel Tones

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19. Simple Rustic Attic Bedroom. When cozy and rustic is your idea of a dream home, this bedroom design will amaze you. The unfinished wood texture adds a touch of coziness. The string lights follow the slope, setting a romantic mood.

Farmhouse Small Attic Bedroom with Natural Wood Decor

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20. Contemporary Design. With lots of usable space, attic bedrooms have the potential to be turned into a cozy retreat. The bedroom space features a comfy bed, while the exquisite rug and ottoman add a decorative touch.

High Slanted Ceiling Bedroom Design

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21. Burgundy and Gray. If your aesthetic is described as moody and dramatic, you can still manage to bring dark colors. Interior design professionals wouldn’t mind adding moody colors in a space filled with natural light.

Tiny Attic Bedroom with No Bed Frame Dark Walls and Built In Storage

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22. Exposed Brick Wall. A brick wall will make a gorgeous statement with its unfinished look. The rusty orange bench and wood dresser complement the decor theme to perfection.

Vaulted Ceiling Bedroom with Brick Accent Wall and Low Furniture

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23. Pops of Color. The combination of blue and green adds freshness to the attic bedroom. The vibrant tapestry and the small table make this attic kids’ bedroom so much fun.

Attic Room with Twin Bed for Kids Sleepovers

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24. Mix of Grays. Turn the attic space into a gorgeous bedroom, where you can relax after a long day. Layering light gray tones create a soothing ambiance, complemented with string lights.

Elegant Small Gray Bedroom with Slanted Ceiling

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25. Statement Lighting. Vaulted ceilings are a gorgeous architectural feature. Don’t hesitate to embrace them and highlight their beauty with statement lighting. The gorgeous light pendants will accentuate the ceiling, creating an elegant setting. The fluffy texture complemented by wood panel walls creates a pleasant ambiance.

Attic Bedroom with White Walls and Lush Greenery

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26. Dress in Florals. A captivating floral pattern will work wonders for your attic bedroom. Whether it is a mural or a wallpaper, be sure that it will make a lovely impression even though the ceiling is awkward.

Attic Guest Bedroom with Floral Decals

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27. Embrace the Design Features. Working in favor of your architectural features is a must. The window is in perfect symmetry with the bed, casting light over it. Plus, the ceiling window is ideal for stargazing at night. The cozy throws and wooden chest add charm to this simple setting.

Small Rustic Attic Bedroom

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28. Colorful Nursery. The cheerful nursery features lots of charming details. The window seating brings coziness and is an ideal design feature for kids’ bedrooms. The wooden beams are ideal for hanging decor and fairy lights. Add a cute tent and make this space work as a playroom as well.

Attic Nursery and Play Room with Built In Storage

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29. Teenager’s Room. The opening in the wall created by the slope is ideal for placing a bed. With storage drawers, it is the ideal choice for a small space. The lovely blue paint color introduces personality to this bedroom, while the posters bring visual interest.

Slanted Ceiling Attic Room with a Daybed

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30. Chic Bedroom. Here is another proof you can have an extra room even with a small attic. The muted pink color is the ideal base for a sunburst mirror and shelf. With colors and patterns, the attic space is turned into a chic and vibrant bedroom.

White and Pink Attic Bedroom with Vaulted Ceiling

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By adding insulation and proper ventilation, you can turn your attic into a comfortable space that is perfect for sleeping. Alternatively, you can use it as a bonus room for sleepovers. With a little bit of creativity, an attic bedroom can be a great addition to your home. We hope these attic bedroom ideas have got you inspired!