30 Dreamy Pink Bedroom Ideas for Adults

If you still think that pink is only for girls’ rooms or a nursery, you haven’t seen the ideas below. From pale rosy walls to statement pink headboards and bedroom decor, we have bedroom design ideas that will make you crave renovation.

How to Style Fully Grown-Up Pink Bedrooms

Most master bedroom designs feature soft pink tones. Bold pink should be used in moderation not to overwhelm the space, for example, for accent decor or color blocking. Look through the ideas below for ultimate inspiration and note the winning design solutions.

1. Rose Pink Bed Frame. The pink upholstery of your bed sets the tone for the entire bedroom. The combination with pale lavender walls and burnt sugar decor is awesome.

2. Pink Bedroom with Mustard Accents. A smart mix of patterns, textures and colors give this pink space a boho bedroom vibe. Repeating the same tone in several decor elements and artwork tie it all together.

3. Pink and Gray Bedroom. This serene space has a perceived professional touch. Combining various shades of pink and setting it off with mink gray, the designer has managed to create a sophisticated bedroom both of the couple will enjoy.

4. Salmon Pink Walls. Painting the whole room salmon pink may sound like a bold idea. However, pairing it with a natural mint hue, neutral artwork and white window treatment, you get a pop of warm color without making your bedroom too eccentric.

5. Blush Pink Bedroom. Blush is a great light shade of pink to use in a bedroom design. Making it a central tone of the room gives a chic and feminine feel.

6. Gray Room with Pink Bedroom Decor. You may be in love with all 50 shades of gray, but if you don’t add another hue, the room will lack color and personality. Get artwork with pink shades or throw pillows for a low-commitment design update.

7. Candy Colored Bedroom Design. It is incredible how green, pink and yellow create a joyful cozy bedroom. With the layering of textiles and wall art, this room is far from boring.

8. Rosewood Pink Bedroom. Darker pink wall colors shouldn’t go up to the ceiling. Painting the lower part while having the higher one and the ceiling white adds heights to the room. Note how black adds a dose of drama to the pink bedroom design.

9. Neutral Bedroom with Spring Pink Decor. Spring cleaning might be not enough to celebrate the end of colder months. Why not update your neutral bedroom with a spring pink accent color? New bedding or a couple of pillows can actually do the trick.

10. Pale Pink Bedroom. Pale pink walls look quite neutral if you pair them with gold decor and natural materials. Consider bringing out the muted blush pinks with darker shades of pink only near a dressing table to distinguish it as a female zone.

11. White and Pink Bedroom. All white and light pink bedroom is definitely a space for a princess lady. Using pink wallpapers for an accent wall adds much interest to the room.

12. Rose Gold Panels. White, gray and pink is timeless combination. Rosy pillows catch the soft glow of the panels, contributing to a really cozy sleep space.

13. Simple Pink Bedroom Design. Salmon pink walls supported with matching bedding is all you need to add personality to your bedroom. Gray headboard and white and black wall art work great to create dimension and contrast.

14. All Pink Bedroom. The author of this pink bedroom design used a bold idea of having walls, a wardrobe, drapes and bedding all in one shade of baby pink. The result turned out to be completely mystical: it’s like getting into a hidden world as soon as you step into your bedroom. Narrow black lines are perfectly on point.

15. Barely There Pink. Pale millennial pink can be left unnoticed in your design if you do not support it with more saturated hues. Add a few matching accents for a cohesive bedroom design.

16. Blue and Pink Bedroom. Use softer shades of blue and pink for a contemporary bedroom design. Artwork that ties all the colors used in your room together may be a really transformative element.

17. Vintage Bedroom with Pink Walls. The soft pink shade works very well for a traditional bedroom design with a carved dark wood bed and floral pattern textiles.

18. Tiny Hippie Pink Bedroom. A darker vivid shade of pink is a great choice for small spaces. Add some large artwork to play around with the space perception.

19. Romantic Pink Bedroom. Pink wallpapers with a classical pattern is such a nice addition to a classical bedroom with a fireplace, armchairs, and a sleek canopy bed. The room feels feminine and airy.

20. Mediterranean Inspired Bedroom. Blush pink walls make a perfect canvas for this Mediterranean bedroom in warm earthy tones. Bedside mirrors that mimic Persian window shapes and a chandelier make a perfect setting for Scheherazade tales.

21. Pairing Pink with Sage Greens. For a bedroom that looks neutral, but not incipit, use toned-down versions of your favorite colors. Calm sage greens really pop against the pink backdrop.

22. Green and Pink Country Bedroom. Note the use of pink and floral pattern curtains for a wall behind the bedhead. This creates an illusion of a four-poster bed without actually having one.

23. Eave Bedroom with a Bold Pink Wall. The task to incorporate hot pink into a bedroom design has left designers puzzled. Color blocking and a soft shade above to tone down the intense pink wall stripe has become a perfect solution.

24. Cobalt Blue and Pink Bedroom. Adding pink or coral room decor and bedding is a splendid way to style a deep blue bedroom. This sleep space is elegant and full of personality.

25. Pink Walls and White Accents. White molding and false fireplace mantel can make perfect counterpoints if you color bedroom walls pink. Gold is another shade that makes a perfect match with pink.

26. Antique Bedroom with Light Pink Walls. If you own an old country house, a soft pink paint for the walls can really make wooden furniture and artwork stand out.

27. Contrasting Pink and Turquoise Bedroom. Tired of muted pink bedroom ideas? Check out this rose pink and turquoise room design. The green panels and bedding make a cool contrast with the bright pink headboard and the matching pink drapes.

28. Soft Pink Bedroom Accents. Do you have a neutral guest bedroom that seems to lack something? Adding removable wall decals to introduce other shades into your design may change it all.

29. Velvet Pink Headboard. Pink bedrooms do not always feature pink walls. This pink headboard definitely sets the tone for the entire room.

30. Pink Bed Sets. New bedding is such an easy way to add pink room vibes to your bedroom. Better yet if you have a light shell pink headboard to set off the color.

Even though there are so many different shades of pink to experiment with, soft, cool tones work best to create a calm atmosphere in your sleep space. Whether you opt for an accent wall, muted pink wall color, or a pink bed, a pop of color will make your bedroom bloom!