15 Western Bedroom Design Ideas & Decor Guide

Embark on an exciting adventure exploring a truly American interior design style. Outdoor rodeos, lofty dim saloons, sun-kissed ranches, and Native American adobe houses have landed their charm and uniqueness in the modern take on olden designs.

Renovating your bedroom in an Old West style can get genuinely creative. Whether you love rustic charm, boho chic, or simple and elegant designs, you’ll surely find the right fit for yourself. So, grab your lasso and your spirit of adventure for a design expedition to the West.

How to Style a Western Bedroom

Western-themed style is easy to achieve when you follow basic principles and incorporate distinctly Western accents:

1. Colors. The Western room color palette is rich and heavily gravitates to earthy natural tones. Try brown, honey, black, or gray as the base, trimming them with hues of navy blue, green, terracotta, or cream. Southwestern style is inspired by the colors of the desert — rusty red, sunny yellow, and sky blue — all based on a crisp white backdrop, which is perfect for reflecting the heat in the desert.

2. Patterns and motives. The patterns and motifs are abundant and vary from cowboy-inspired ideas, such as cowhide prints, steer skulls, horses, cowboy hats, and saddles to traditional tribal patterns, like arrows, feathers, floral prints, or solar symbols. Popular themes include pines, oaks, lakes or rivers, moose, bears, and wolves to demonstrate a connection to nature.

3. Furniture and decor. Coarse-textured, rough materials are a perfect match for Western bedroom decor. Uncured wood, tough leather, animal hides and skins, forged metal, rough stone, antlers and horns, and woven textiles contribute to cultivating the style.

Western bedroom furniture makes its way into beds, nightstands, dressers, end tables, and matching accessories. Their size and shape can vary but they should be comfortable and practical above all else. Balance heavier, chunkier pieces, like a leather sofa or a log bed with brightly-colored area rugs or patterned throws. Generally, look for furniture pieces with curves and arches that will add light and movement to your Western-style bedroom.

Here are some great finds to help you decorate a Western bedroom in 2024:

Western Bedroom Decor Finds to Shop
  1. Quality small cow print rug to throw below your bed or on a chair;
  2. 22″ tall and 27″ wide steer skull bust wall decor;
  3. Rustic stag horn design mirror;
  4. Fire Horse – print on canvas;
  5. Western-style lamp with feather tree scene;
  6. Themed buffalo pillow;
  7. Quilt from Paseoroad Southwestern bedding collection;
  8. Barn door switch covers;
  9. Chic Western cowhide bench (If you want a cheaper end of bed bench alternative, check this one on Amazon);
  10. Custom wood wall art by Wood Mosaic Artist Jordan Fry Taylor @painted.mtn.mare

Now, when you know the main features of the Western bedroom, see them in action and get inspiration from some of the best design ideas.

Western Bedroom Design Ideas

1. Rustic Accent Wall. An accent faux concrete wall is the perfect match for a Western master bedroom. A rough-hewn wall evokes the cumbersome buildings cowboys used to frequent. Soften the space with colors drawn from nature, such as burnt umber, sandy brown, or the light brown of a wheat field.

Modern Western Bedroom Ideas

via @cowboycasita

2. Outstanding Wall Decorations. It’s hard to imagine a Western bedroom without a steer skull of some sort. If you don’t fancy a natural skull, go for a picture, a replica, or a painting. It will make a strong visual impact in a rustic Western bedroom.

Western Bedroom with Hats as Wall Decor

via @thefergfarm

Western bedding set and artwork complete the look. A saddle blanket at the end of your bed is not only comfy, but it can add a splash of color!

Bedroom Design with Scull and Western Bedding

via @thefergfarm

3. Embrace Rustic Western Style. Rough and natural in appearance, rustic western decor features beautiful wooden floors, exposed beams, heavy wooden furniture, and several throw pillows in deep colors. Custom-made furniture pieces or flea market finds will make your interior unique.

Southwestern Style Carved Wood Bed and Bedside Tables

via @ursulastrailofturquoise

4. Boho Western Style. A creamy-white wall and immaculate white bed linens create a buoyant scene in this master bedroom. Patterned throw pillows placed on top add dimension to the interior and a bohemian influence to the look.

Boho Western Bedroom Design

via @fivehappymealspls

5. Signature Patterns. Gorgeous woven textiles inspired by traditional Native American tribal patterns and color schemes are a signature feature of Western-themed designs. Both authentic and contemporary interpretations are a great complement to the interior.

Small Bedroom with Western Decor

via @kershnercustomsilver

Cowgirl Bedroom Design

via @kershnercustomsilver

6. Accent Colors. Off-white walls make it easy to transform the mood of the space with accessories and decor. The Midnight blue geometric design of the bedding and the vintage chest of drawers remind us of night skies in the desert, and the pumpkin orange of the bed throw and picture frames brings light and fun into this cowgirl theme bedroom.

Modern Southwestern Master Bedroom

via @designersbrew

7. Wood Mosaic Wall Decor. A common trend in Western bedrooms is their wooden furniture. Get a bed with a matching nightstand and pair them with comforter sets that create a rustic feel, quintessential for the Western look. A custom-made wood mosaic is a statement addition.

Rustic Western Bedroom with Patterned Bedding and Wall Decor

via @painted.mtn.mare

8. Ranch Aesthetic. Employing a uniform white and brown palette, this design takes things a step further with a variety of textures and flower arrangements. Distressed wood is a paramount accent, used in many different ways from end tables to headboards.

Ranch Style Master Bedroom Design

via @cowboycasita

Distressed Wood Headboard for Ranch Bedroom Design

via @cowboycasita

9. Cowhide Rug. Untrimmed and organically shaped, a natural cowhide rug is another integral element of Western-themed bedrooms. High-quality vegan options grant the same level of comfort and style.

Moody Bedroom with Green Accent Wall and Cowhide Area Rug

via @thekinseyhomestead

10. A Mix of Boho and Southwestern. Neutral and subtle, this Southwestern decor is about faded rustic charm, with soft shades of terracotta all over the space and an abundance of plantings. A white fluffy sheepskin rug adds boho flair to the space.

South Western Bedroom Styled in White and Brown Tones

via @cowgirlmagazine

11. Bold Prints. This Western bedspread is a perfect accessory to give any room a Western vibe. Simple curtains produced from coarse linen can add whimsy to the space when boasting a supporting print.

Western Bedroom Bedside Table Decor and Curtain Ideas

via @paseoroad

12. Modern Western Bedroom. The modern Western style will appeal to people who want to merge some modern touches with the traditional Western decor. Create a western atmosphere through the use of themed blankets, area rugs and cowboy-themed accessories. Dark accent wall can help these stand out.

Modern Bedroom with Western Decor Elements

via @bobbyjoelliott

White Bedroom with Southwestern Style Elements

via @bobbyjoelliott

13. Statement Light Fixture. To really make a statement, choose a chandelier fashioned from antlers for lodge-style living. Together with the slanted wooden ceiling, it adds an organic accent to the otherwise contemporary space.

Cabin Style Bedroom with Planked Walls and Antlers Chandelier

via @chasereynoldsewald

14. Small Changes. Don’t underestimate the impact that Western-themed patterns can make on your small bedroom design! This quilt set and throw pillows are dreamy yet elegant and match the DIY wall decor perfectly.

DIY Wester Style Pattern Wall Decor Idea

via @fifth_wheels_rock_literally

15. Appropriate Vanity Table. This dressing table is full of personality and charm and matches the bedroom design perfectly. Add visual interest by incorporating a gild-framed mirror and vintage trinkets.

Western Bedroom Dressing Table Idea

via @transpecosmama

It doesn’t matter if you’re already in tune with the Western decor principles or you’re just beginning to fall in love with the style, these ideas can help you add a bit of Western decor to your home or transform the entire home into a cowboy’s haven.