15 Small Home Gym Ideas for Smart Fitness Lovers

Limited home space isn’t a convincing excuse for skipping your workouts, really. In addition, creating a workout space in a small home is perfectly possible. An aesthetically pleasing, functional home gym will help you meet your fitness goals without leaving your home. You already know what I mean, right? Today, we’ll explore 15 amazing small home gym ideas you’ll definitely want to recreate.

1. Maximize Home Space with a Finished Basement. If you have some spare square footage in your finished basement, why not use it as a workout room? Actually, basements are the best solution for a home gym. There’s no furniture you could accidentally bump into, plus no one will ever get annoyed with your aerobic dance workouts that can make ceilings shake.

This gorgeous home gym looks incredibly stylish – nothing odd, just a perfect paneled accent wall, the core gym equipment, and a mirror.

Small Home Gym Ideas Finished Basement

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2. Create a Cool Home Gym Area in an Unfinished Basement. Unfinished basements can make a home gym setup terrific fun and total pleasure if you’re an interior design buff. It’s like a blank sheet to which you can add virtually everything you wish.

This basement space features an industrial-style ceiling that served as a starting point for creating a bright, individual design. The urban theme continues in the stunning graffiti wall art and artificial grass wall imitating a green urban space.

Small Home Gym Ideas Unfinished Basement

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3. Reserve a Nook in Your Bedroom. Your home gym doesn’t have to occupy an entire room – a small nook in the bedroom can suffice to accommodate your home gym equipment. In addition, there are high chances your bedroom is in close proximity to the bathroom, making a workout area here highly convenient.

Small Home Gym Ideas Bedroom

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4. Designate a Part of Your Living Room or Den as a Workout Area. Even in a small apartment, the living room is usually bigger than other rooms, making it possible to allocate a small space for yoga sessions or strength training there. The same applies to the den – this space is supposed for indulging in your most favored activities, so if you love being active and fit, why not create a workout nook here?

In this photo, you can see a perfectly minimalist version of a home gym that you can easily recreate. A stylish large mirror, an ultra-modern dumbbell rack for free weights, and some storage baskets combine into a splendid look.

Small Home Workout Zone

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5. Repurpose Rooms that You Hardly Ever Use. If you crave a full-fledged home gym to thoroughly delight in your daily workout routine, consider rooms that are underutilized. There are chances that you can spare a guest bedroom or a dining room you use only for holiday meals.

A whole room is sure to accommodate all your workout equipment, and ample floor space will be quite enough for your online aerobic dance class too. In addition, you can add a storage unit to store your equipment and display some cute knick-knacks.

Restyling Small Room for a Home Gym

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6. Exercise in a Hallway. If you focus more on upper body strength and a pull-up bar is your most used and loved equipment, a workout area in the hallway could be your way to go. It won’t take up much room and will serve you as a vivid reminder about your daily exercise routine.

Make sure your vertical home gym fits into your overall home design – choose matching colors and textures. A Swedish ladder with a statement black pull-up bar and wooden elements combines so well with this home’s nice floors.

Small Home Gym Ideas Hallway

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7. Try Compact and Portable Workout Gear. Keeping a good form doesn’t always mean using bulky workout stuff. Instead, you can use resistance bands, stability balls, jump ropes, and other equipment that doesn’t really take up much space. You can also check out HYGEAR: they offer high-grade portable equipment and an app with personal workout plans.

Add a comfy yoga mat, and you’ll get a home gym that can be easily set up anywhere in your house or apartment. And if it happens that you miss an exercise bike or weight bench, you can always drop by your local gym.

Small Home Gym Ideas Living Room

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8. Make Kid’s Wall Bar Work for the Whole Family. While wall bars are often found in kids’ rooms, adults can use them for nailing their daily fitness goals, too. In addition, your little ones will be happy to have you in their room and get into the habit of exercising easier by watching you. Of course, you can bring other exercise equipment, but don’t forget to hide it away unless it’s safe for kids.

Home Workout Using Wall Bar

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9. Consider Garage Redesign. A larger garage with some extra space can easily accommodate a small home gym like this. A multifunctional home gym station and a couple of weights are often enough for a decent workout. For that cool super powers vibe, get some inspirational wall art – your favorite superheroes or just a meaningful quote in graffiti – you choose it!

Small Home Garage Gym

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10. Have a Second Look at Your Small Garage. Small garages also make cool home gyms, you just need to approach them in a bit different way – by leveraging vertical space. Take a look at this awesome garage gym: a wall-mounted pull-up bar is high enough to drive the car under, while the folding squat is all about space efficiency.

Wall Mounted Workout Gear for Small Garage

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11. Your Mudroom May Have Enough Room for Workouts. If your mudroom is blessed with some unused footage, this is the sign! You can set up your home gym in the mudroom. Still, remember that this area is the first room your visitors see, so make sure it looks as good as the rest of your home.

Go for style solutions that align with your home’s overall vibe, but don’t shy away from making eye-catching accents like this awesome accent wall dominated by motivational quotes.

Small Home Gym Ideas Mudroom

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12. Set Up a Backyard Home Gym. Workout feels a thousand times better in the fresh air! So, while the weather allows you, transform your backyard patio into an open-air home gym by adding a muscle-making machine to it. Or, if there’s enough space, you can arrange an open-air yoga studio on your deck and invite your yoga buddies (with their yoga mats of course) for an out-of-this-world yoga session.

Deck Backyard Gym Workout

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13. Workout on the Covered Porch. Why not set up your own home gym on the porch of your house? You’ll enjoy plenty of fresh air and a roof above your head in case it rains. Everything you need is to bring your equipment and, optionally, make your porch feel like a cool gym by placing a poster with inspirational words to help you focus on your workout.

Patio Home Gym on a Budget

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14. Build an Outdoor Room for Exercising. If no room in your house can provide enough space for your dream home gym, you can build an exercise room in the garden. Style it as you wish – incorporate a bold urban design or inject a spa-like vibe into your workout space. Before starting the construction, plan everything carefully: what kind of equipment you’ll use and how much space it will take to ensure your gym can accommodate it all. Of course, don’t forget about a storage unit for smaller items.

Backyard Shed Home Gym

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15. In the Apartment, Balcony May Work Fine Too. Smaller apartments often make it challenging to set up a workout area. But they often have balconies! A balcony can be easily transformed into a small home gym – you can either place a workout machine in there or get away with a yoga mat and portable equipment.

Balcony Workout Idea for Small Spaces

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Small home gyms can go a long way toward keeping you fit and active at home. With such a variety of options – from a nook in the living room to a separate building in the garden – it’s easy to find the best solution for your dream workout area, even if you’re somewhat limited in space.